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trust us this country's got something for everyone welcome to mojo travels and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 destinations in germany for 2021.

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we're limiting ourselves to 10

destinations for the sake of efficiency

but know that this list is just

scratching the surface of everything

this country has to offer

number 10 bomb back we begin our german

highlight reel in the bavarian town of

bombach in upper franconia

on the river regnitz this historic town

spans seven hilltops

each of which is topped with a church if

that sounds like something out of a

medieval fantasy realm

brace yourself because that's just the

tip of the iceberg of bomback's old

world charms

the town dates back to the 9th century

ce if not earlier

and its long history can be felt

everywhere you look

somehow bomback has managed to avoid

having its character marred with the

addition of contemporary structures

which are

all but non-existent while bomber as a


is painfully charming its crowning jewel

is the aalstadt

or old town while exploring the

picturesque town which is often referred

to as franconian rome be sure to sample

baumbach's distinctive brew

a smoked beer number nine

cologne germany's fourth largest city by


colon doesn't always make the itinerary

on shorter trips

but it really should be made a priority

as it's bursting at the scenes with


and historic attractions the obvious

highlight is the famous cologne

cathedral which stands as an

awe-inspiring example of gothic


but there are also medieval churches and

a number of museums to explore

if you're interested in perfume the

farina fragrance museum will provide a

crash course in the history of the

city's namesake

o de colon add to that cologne's vibrant


eclectic architecture including notably

modern structures

and the local brew kush and you've got a

uniquely balanced

destination cologne also makes for a

great home base for exploring the


an area of land bordering the rhine

river characterized by its beautiful

landscape and

charming villages number eight


optetalber another franconian gem

rottenborg's somewhat wordy full name

translates to red fortress above the


like bombay this bavarian walled city

overlooking the tauber river earns its


on our list because of its extremely

well-preserved historic buildings

as you walk the streets of waltenburg

you can help it feel as if you've been

transported back to medieval times

just with all of life's modern

conveniences coming along for the ride

a small town best appreciated when

aimlessly wandering

hotenbulk is a good place to do your

christmas shopping regardless of the

time of year

home to a beloved christmas market with

over 500 years of history the town's


ties with the yuletide holiday is such

that there are store-selling

christmas-related products

year-round there's even a christmas


regardless of whether you celebrate the

holiday or not however hottenburg objet

albert is sure to inspire awe with its

simple beauty and charming atmosphere

number 7. mines when many people think

of germany

beer is typically the first beverage

that comes to mind but germany is also

amazing for wine

and so is maine's the capital and

largest city of the rhineland-palatinate


maine's sits at the juncture where the

main and rhine rivers meet

the city is of roman origin and dates

all the way back to the first century


it's worth a trip to maine's for its

history alone even if the majority of

the historical buildings were destroyed

in world war ii

but the main draw nowadays is wine

maine's is the enophile capital of


with wine growing practices dating back

to the time of roman rule

the city is located in the rhein-hessen

area germany's largest

and most celebrated wine region so

whether you want to tour vineyards or

simply sample the local offerings you're

truly spoiled for choice

number six traisden a city that was

decimated during the second world war

dresden certainly bounced back with

style before bombs reduced much of it to

rubble the city was known for its

opulent construction

and wealth of art and today thanks to

extensive restoration efforts and new


it shines bright anew the capital city

of saxony state brysden is considered a

major hub of german culture and art

some of the city's most notable museums

and collections include new and old

masters galleries and the green vault

the latter is the largest known

collection of treasure in all of europe

and is full of precious gems

jewelry and artwork made of various

valuable materials

it's among the world's oldest museums

but one needn't be a lover of the arts


appreciate treisden the city as a whole

is absolutely stunning

and the abundance of green spaces paired

with its location along the elba river

make it a pleasure to explore number


rugen when you start fantasizing about

taking a trip to germany

what are some of the mental images that

come to mind no matter how long we give


something tells us that the beach is

unlikely to come up

popular with locals and their european

neighbors but often overlooked by

international travelers germany's rugen

island makes for a dreamy getaway

located along the pomeranian coast it's

the country's largest island and boasts

a wide variety of activities and


in addition to the resorts water sports

and beaches specific highlights include

yasmund national park

which is famous for its towering chalk

lifts and the architectural sites

like rausvik castle because the

coastline is hundreds of miles long

it's easy to find a quiet slice of

paradise to call your own

even during peak season like we said

germany has really got a bit of

everything number four the black forest

we've described a number of destinations

as fairy tale like today

and germany's relationship with fairy

tales runs far deeper than the


two of germany's most famous sons the

brothers grimm collected and published

many of the most popular fairy tales

known today in fact those with a passion

for such stories can follow the german

fairy tale route which spans

370 miles and stops at various locations

relating to the work and careers of the

brothers grimm

if you really want to get to the root of

german folklore however

you have to venture into the ancient

black forest

encompassing just under 100 square miles

of land in the german southwest

this massive densely wooded mountainous

area has given birth to countless folk


legends and myths you don't need to

believe such things however to be

carried away by the magical atmosphere

of the black forest

whether you're hiking amidst the story

trees driving the country roads or

exploring one of the area's small towns

or villages the black forest

makes for an inspiring destination

number 3.

munich here in the bavarian capital


and modernity make for an unlikely but

undeniably happy marriage

the biggest event on the calendar is the

city's world-renowned oktoberfest

which consistently attracts upwards of 6

million thirsty visitors to partake in

the festivities

but the fact that roughly 70 million

people visit the city annually stands as

a testament to the year-round appeal of


the city's famous brewing traditions

make it a mecca of sorts for beer lovers

and home brewers

who are sure to want to extend their

stay there are simply too many beer

halls and beer gardens to cover in a

single trip

but for all the beer being consumed

munich is equally known as a city of the


the residence all the new pinakote and

the glyptotake

house some of the most popular exhibits

and galleries

but the city has museums covering a wide

range of subjects

including a dedicated bmw museum plus

there's no better place to try the many

traditional bavarian dishes

number 2. nyschfeinstein also located in

bavarian germany

towering over the small town of huen

schwanngau this epic 19th century castle

needs to be seen in person to be


built in the romanesque revival style

neischweinstein was erected at the

command of king ludwig ii of bavaria

built to honor iconic composer richard

wagner whom the king held in the highest


and considered a friend built atop the

ruins of a medieval castle

neischweinstein took 17 years to

complete and grew

increasingly elaborate over the course

of its construction

but it's hard to argue with the results

the castle has since been visited by


60 million people with an average of

about 1.3 million annual tourists in

recent years

we're sorry to bring our subject back to

fairy tales again but there's a fun bit

of trivia about this castle that's just

too fun to leave out

cinderella's castle at disney world

pulls from a number of real world

structures for its inspiration

but neischweinstein castle served as the

central and most

direct model number 1. berlin

germany's capital city might seem like

an obvious choice for our top entry but

it lives up to the hype quite frankly

there's so much to say about berlin it's

hard to do the city justice in a single


the city has numerous museums historic

sites and attractions

with highlights including blonden wool

gate the remnants of the berlin wall

and museum island which is an entire

complex of museums

while berlin makes for both a

historically and culturally fascinating


it's equally a vibrant modern metropolis

the city is on the cutting edge of


cool fostendam is a shopaholics dream

come true

if you visit during the holiday season

the christmas markets transform the city

into a winter wonderland

and then there's the nightlife no city

knows how to party into the wee

hours of the morning quite like berlin

add to that the culinary scene and

you've got a city that knows how to


every itch do you agree with our picks

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