Buddy Crush, freshman Jenna added

Data provided - Com2uS

Com2uS (CEO Jae-joon Song) released new characters and updated new contents in the new fantasy golf game'Buddy Crush'.

'Buddy Crush', a casual fantasy golf game, is loved by many for its colorful contents and attractive characters, and through this update, a new character will be introduced for the first time since the game's release.

The freshman'Jenny' is an image of a'best student in science' who is immersed in magic skill research, and is expected to capture the hearts of users with a different charm from the existing characters.

Com2uth has released a cinematic video of the freshman'Jenny' in commemoration of the new character update, and will hold a participation event to get a quiz after watching the video. Users can check the quiz questions through YouTube posts, and a 'water gun emoticon' is provided as a gift to all correct answers.

There is also a new competition content that allows you to compete with other clubs in cooperation with club members. The new content 'Club Challenge' is conducted in a way that matches through 1:1 matching between clubs, and after playing courses in various regions, the club that occupies more regions wins the final victory.

Meanwhile, 'Buddy Crush' is holding various events to commemorate this update. First, you can participate in the'Jenny Admissions Commemorative Web Event', which runs until the 22nd of next month, and receive rewards after completing the mission, and the'Continuous Attendance Event' and'Jenny Costume Certification Event', which provide limited costumes, are also held.

For more information on new updates and events for'Buddy Crush', see'Buddy Crush' official cafe.can be checked through