Shift-up publishes digital limited edition with NFT applied to new work'G. Gong.

Materials provided - Shift Up

Shift Up (CEO Kim Hyung-tae)'s new limited edition can be kept as 'NFT' (Non Fungible Token).

In commemoration of the release of the story game ``The Situation She Had to Go to the Duke's (He. Gong. Company)'', Shiftup announced on the 31st that it will issue a limited quantity to NFT and donate a portion of the sales proceeds.

The new work'G. Gong. Company' to be published by NFT is an interactive story game that changes the story according to the user's choice.It was produced by VINO Studio under Shift Up and started official service on the 28th.

ShiftUp Vice President Joo-Hwan Lee said, “The concept of limited editions and first editions from the days of early publications and package games was revived with the concept of ‘digital limited edition’ in 2021 using NFT. I hope that the circumstances that I had to go to will bring fresh joy to users.”

Details regarding the issuance and purchase of the NFT limited edition of 'G.G.P.' will be revealed soon.