Where to get money - 57 ways to find money (in Examples)

Where to get money - 57 ways to find money (in Examples)

Where to get money - 57 ways to find money (in Examples)

A large selection of options where to borrow money, free of charge or with payment today. Options without interest, no refusals, on debt or on the card.

Banks noted a strong increase in demand for loan products. People began to borrow money more often to paycheck. Against this background, the question “ where can you find money ” is especially acute .

There are over 50 options where you can get money. You can always get out of the situation and find where to get money.


Where do people find money

Where to borrow money

Where to get money if all banks and microloans refuse

Where to find money for free

Provide a service for instant payment

More ways to get money

Find and sell things

Start DIY production

Many, many other possibilities

Freelance earnings in 1 day


Where do people find money

Conventionally, methods of obtaining money can be divided into types:



Take money for free.

Receive benefits from the state, if it is due for one reason or another;

Sell ​​something;

Rent out property;

Find piecework jobs with fast pay.

The first method answers the question of where to get money urgently. It is worth remembering that they will need to be given away. In most cases, with interest.

Borrowing is not a way to get rich, but rather help in a difficult financial situation. Or a way to quickly realize your desires.

It is preferable to make money, then you will not have to borrow.

As life shows, for the implementation of the second type of money production, the first is often needed. Here is such an axiom.

The main thing is to grasp the idea - there are real ways to find money.

Where to borrow money

Apply for a loan

You can borrow money from a bank. You can take money from the bank by applying for a cash loan or a credit card. Banks love debt-free clients with good credit history. In the case of cash, the interest for using borrowed funds will be higher.

The person will have to return more money than he will receive. But at the same time, you can get a lot of money at a time. The loan is usually issued for a period not exceeding 7 years. The interest rate is 10-20% . Banks claim that the loan amount can reach 5,000,000 rubles, but in fact they give much less. Banks usually issue large sums on the security of some property.

This year, the leaders in issuing loans to the population are:

Sberbank (loans to individuals - RUB 21,154,439 million);

VTB (loans to individuals - 10,631,238 million rubles);

Gazprombank (loans to individuals - 4,866,673 million rubles).

In the case of a credit card, a person will not be able to receive a lot of cash at once, but the overpayment for using other people's money will be less. Credit cards have an interest-free period, at which time you do not have to pay for using other people's funds. The interest-free period can be up to 100 days.

The interest rate for using a loan reaches 20-25% . There is a minimum required payment every month. The term for full repayment of credit card debt can be stretched over many years.

According to the ratings, the best credit cards of the year are:

Platinum card from Tinkoff Bank;

" 100 days without interest " from Alfa-Bank;

« The MTS Cashback » from MTS Bank.


Banks often refuse people with bad credit history. In this case, you can contact a microfinance organization. The so-called " quick money ". This method answers the question of where to get money on the card urgently. The principle of obtaining is similar to granting a loan.

Approval comes within 5-10 minutes . Money is credited immediately to a personal card or internet wallet. Loans of this kind are short-term, they are issued for 7 - 30 days . Interest rate 300% per annum.

This is not a typo, but at such a colossal percentage, you can quickly get money.

Alexey Krichevsky, an expert at the Academy of Finance and Investment Management, draws attention to the fact that banks, due to a cut in the key rate, more often refuse loans to people, so the population often turns to MFOs for large amounts.

Many MFIs work 24 hours a day, they review applications in one day and transfer money quickly after signing the contract. Money can be transferred to a card of any payment system or an electronic wallet.

The MFI provides money for a short period, usually no more than three months. At the same time, some microfinance institutions have an interest-free term.

According to popular ratings, the best microfinance organizations are:

Zaymer (zaymer.ru). The leader in issuing loans in the Russian Federation, gives the first loan for free;

MoneyMan (moneyman.ru). The organization also gives the first loan free of charge;

Ekapusta (ekapusta.com). The first loan is free.

Microloans are usually used when a loan is refused. They do not pay attention to your credit history, and are ready to give money to everyone without refusal.

The disadvantages of this method are high interest rates, small loan amounts (no more than 100,000 thousand rubles), and a short loan term. Large fines are charged for late payments.

Now they are practicing the first loan at 0%. If you are looking for where you can urgently take money, you can take advantage of this promotion.

Where to get money if all banks and microloans refuse

In Russia, they began to practice the issuance of a loan to an unfamiliar private person. The procedure is called P2P ( Person to Person ). Here you can urgently take money for your needs. To do this, on special exchanges:




Lenders and borrowers are registered. The intermediary (site administration) acts as the guarantor of the transaction and is responsible for the safety and honesty of the loan. The percentage at which lenders are willing to give money depends on the status of the borrower. In any case, this amount will be lower than the interest on a loan or microloan. This is explained by the absence of expenses on the part of the lender: taxes, utility bills, staff maintenance, renting premises, and so on.

For a lender, P2P is a way to make money, since the income exceeds the amount that can be obtained by putting money on a deposit.

For a P2P borrower - a way to quickly find money in difficult times.

Borrow from friends against a receipt

If all banks and microloans refuse, then you can consider borrowing money from friends.

But it is better to borrow money against a receipt. The receipt must indicate the amount of the debt and the schedule for the return of funds. A big plus of this method is the absence of interest, as is the case with credit money. Another plus is that money can be received without a card. At the same time, in order to maintain good friendly relations, it is better to return the money within a predetermined period.

Borrowing money from friends is one of the easiest ways to get money quickly. You do not need to collect documents, finding a place for a loan will also not take time.

The downside of this method is the loan amount. As a rule, friends lend small amounts, up to the salary, so to speak. A larger amount will take effort to find. Most likely you will have to borrow from several friends.

The most unpleasant thing about this type of loan is the explanation. I don't want to tell all the circumstances, but I have to ...

For many, sympathetic or judgmental views are a deterrent to borrowing, and they turn into microloans.

In order to do without a loan and not feel obligated, it is recommended to give an amount larger than the debt. For using money. This point can be discussed during the loan procedure. This way, your friend will be sure of the deal.

Always repay your debt on time.

If the situation suggests otherwise, warn your friend ahead of time. This will save you from reproach and loss of friendship. The lender can simply count on this amount in his affairs. Then you have to over-borrow.

Loan from an employer

You can also ask your employer for a loan. If the employer is not a state-owned enterprise, he can formalize a loan without interest or negotiate in a friendly way. The employer is the place to get money quickly.

If the loan is formalized, the borrower has a material benefit from an interest-free loan. With this benefit, you will have to pay personal income tax . The amount of material benefits is calculated using the following formula:

Material benefit = Loan amount x 2/3 of the key rate (effective on the last day of the month) x loan duration in days: number of days in a year.

The employer is a tax agent who must himself withhold personal income tax from material benefits. However, there are times when the employer does not withhold personal income tax, but transfers information about the loan to the tax service. In this case, the tax office calculates penalties for late taxes paid. However, even if personal income tax and penalties are paid, a loan from an employer is more profitable than a loan from a bank or MFO.

If the employer is created by the state, it may include a trade union organization. A member of a trade union organization can apply to a trade union for payment of material assistance. It is better to indicate the reasons why the employee needs money. Such a reason may be the birth of a child or the death of a close relative, preparation of a child for school or the need to buy expensive medicines, an upcoming operation, and so on.

Loan from relatives

The father's house is the only place where you can take money for free, but of course, it is always better to return it. Such a loan is usually issued without interest. The difference is that relatives are more willing to give money. Provided you have a good reputation. It is easier to approach relatives with your question.

Parents tend to forgive debts. But this does not mean that a loan from relatives should be abused. Think they have a hard time getting money either.

If all banks and microloans refuse, then there is nothing left but to make money yourself. This method is the most real. And here you can make profit more than once. Earning is the most troublesome and difficult to achieve income. A number of qualities are required here - intelligence, hard work, optimism, charisma, and so on. Do not be discouraged and think that this is " not about me ." Everyone can find a job to their liking and make money on it.

There are quick and one-time ways to make money :

Take a survey;

Provide service;

Sell ​​a thing;

Use the services of a pawnshop;

Pledge the car;

Hand over waste paper, glass containers;

Sell ​​hair;

Take part in talk shows;

Take part in a science experiment.

All one-time ways of earning can be transferred to the category of regular ones.

Where to get money for business

Many legal entities are ready to give loans to small businesses. Loans for financing marketplace providers are very popular. In this case, the payment for loans goes according to the schedule directly from the trading platform. For this purpose, you can take up to 10,000,000 rubles at 1.4% per annum. This is one of the minimum interest for the use of borrowed funds. You can also get a loan for the execution of a specific agreement concluded under 44-FZ or 223-FZ at 2.3-2.5% per annum. Such loans are issued by the following organizations:

Papa Finance (papafinance.ru);

V partners capital group (vpcg.ru);

Financial House - (financedom24.ru).

If you are planning to start a more technologically complex business than a buy and sell business , you can try to find a business angel  or a management company - a person or organization that will invest money at an early stage of development.

A business angel or a management company can be found at angellist.angellist.ru . But you need to understand that people give an initial contribution to business development for a reason. In the future, they will claim part of the profits received by the company.

Where to find money for free

where to get money

There is also a way to get money. If you need money on a regular basis, you should not rely on it. But you can try. What if luck smiles on you?

Get a grand

This payment is understood as gratuitous assistance for the development of business or socially significant actions. There are grants from the state or private.

There are many regional programs to support agriculture. The amount of grants can reach 30 million rubles . The state supports not only large firms, but also individual families - private farmers. An important condition: the subsidy must lead to the emergence of a new enterprise or the expansion of an old one.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the regional portals of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2019, over 2,000 farmers received grants to support their farms. In 2020, the ministry allocated about 2.7 billion rubles to support 1,100 farmers and 85 cooperatives.

Donate blood for money

In Russia, you can become a blood donor. Every citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 18 can donate blood.

Donation can be paid or free, in the latter case, the donor is entitled to compensation for food. As compensation for meals, 1,212 rubles are given . You can donate plasma, erythrocytes, platelets or whole blood. Payment and breaks between donations depend on what the donor donates.

Plasma and red blood cells can be donated once every 14 days, but no more than 20 times a year for plasma and 10 times for red blood cells. The interval between donations of erythrocytes should be from 60 to 180 days, depending on the volume of cells taken.

You can find out where to donate blood at your local blood transfusion center or specialized hospitals associated with blood diseases. In Moscow, more information can be found on the official website of Moscow government services mos.ru/otvet-zdorovie/kak-stat-donorom-krovi .

For donating whole blood, they pay at least 1,800 rubles, for plasma - 3,372 rubles, for platelets - 7,860 rubles, for 400 grams of erythrocytes - 5,616 rubles.

Blood donors are issued a document according to which the employer must provide him with 2 days of vacation at any time during the next calendar year. The day of such leave is paid in the same way as a regular working day.

If you donate blood often for free, you can get the title of " honorary donor ". This title gives its owner various benefits. Honorary donors of Russia are paid annually (the amount of payments changes every year, in 2019 it was 14,149 rubles). The honorary donor of Moscow receives a 50% discount on utility bills and free public transport.

Donate sperm for money

If the question of where to get money on the card is very acute, you can donate your biomaterials. It's about semen . Sperm banks invite men between the ages of 18 and 35. Before surrender, they conduct a free medical examination.

The first delivery of the biomaterial is not paid, if the sperm is of good quality, for each next batch they pay 1800-2000 rubles . You can hand over the material every 3-4 days.

Or here's another example, AltraVita IVF clinic:

Sperm donation

There are many sperm banks in Moscow, they are easy enough to find on the Internet, here is one of them - life-reproduction.ru/reproduktivnye-tehnologii/kriohranenie-oocitov-spermy-embrionov/stat-donorom-spermy .

Payments from the state

There is a limited list of reasons why people can apply for benefits from the state. Benefits are divided into Federal and regional. Some benefits vary by region. The following benefits are now paid in Russia:

Unemployment. To receive benefits, you must contact the labor exchange;

For the poor. This is a regional allowance, which is paid if the official income does not exceed the subsistence level for the region of residence;

Burial allowance;

Childbirth allowance;

Allowance for people caring for disabled citizens;

Benefits for people who have lost their ability to work or breadwinner.

Provide a service for instant payment

A method that does not require preliminary preparation. In essence, you are selling your knowledge and skills. Every day, a million people need help in something and they are ready to pay money for it.

One of the main questions that torments you now is what kind of services? Anything can be here: fix plumbing, mow the lawn, accompany a child, harvest crops, entertainment ...

Distribution of flyers, posting ads

Simple work with payment of 200-300 rubles per hour . An 11 hour shift will cost 2200 - 3300 rubles .

Another great type of part-time job is distributing flyers. This is a piecework job with an hourly rate. Companies are paid about 200-300 rubles per hour, but promoters are rarely ordered for the whole day. With a 2/2 schedule, you can earn 33,000 - 49,500 per month .

If you apply for a job in spring or dry autumn, then work can be viewed as a walk, for which money is also paid. A job as a promoter can be found on the site with vacancies or directly on the website of a company professionally engaged in the selection of such specialists, for example,

Promo Fox - promo-fox.ru;

Advertising Agency Mango - mangoadv.ru;

Re-kla-ma - re-kla-ma.ru.


where can i get money

Another work option that requires permanent performers is the work of a cleaner. This job does not require any special qualifications or skills. You can get a job in a large company or look for one-time orders through different sites.

The advantages of a cleaning company are that they provide a little training, give advice, give out detergents and protect the employee from the fact that the client will refuse to pay for cleaning after cleaning.

Working through the company, the cleaner sees many orders and can take 2 orders per day.

Cleaning companies categorically prohibit employees from offering their services to customers bypassing the company. Nevertheless, many cleaners begin to work through a cleaning company, gradually recruit customers and work with them directly, bypassing the company.

The disadvantage of working through a cleaning company is that it takes a very large commission. For example, a janitor at Qlean gets a little more than 1,500 rubles in hand for cleaning a three-room apartment . She spends about 3-6 hours on this cleaning. In this case, the client pays Qlean 2,500 - 3,000 rubles . The exact amount depends on whether the client has discount promotional codes.

In Russia there are more and more companies providing cleaning services for individuals or legal entities. Here are the most famous ones:

Qlean - qlean.ru;

Ideal house - cleaningrus.ru;

Brownie - domovenok.ru.

The prices for cleaning are quite high - 1500-2000 cleaning of an apartment with an area of ​​up to 60m 2 . The most profitable business in this area is window cleaning. The cost of one sash on one side is 100 rubles. It turns out that by washing one window, you will earn 400 rubles. We calculate how much cleaning a 2-room apartment costs: 1500 - wet cleaning, 1200 - windows. 2700 for three hours of work is a decent pay. We haven't counted the balcony yet!

Food delivery

Another harder job in the open air is a courier delivering food or groceries. Such couriers are constantly recruited by Yandex Food ( eda.yandex.ru ) and Delivery Club ( delivery-club.ru ).

The courier's income can reach 3,200 rubles per day.

But firms have a system of fines, so you need to strictly follow the rules of the company so as not to lose your money. Companies do not provide vehicles for couriers. Therefore, in order to fulfill more orders, it is better to first purchase a scooter or bicycle from your own funds.

From the skills you will need responsibility, and the ability to plan your time.

You can also offer your services on social networks. Place them on the websites of Avito, Yula and advertise in newspapers.

Provision of courier services

For those who want to have a free schedule, work as a courier may be suitable. There are services such as Peshkariki (peshkariki.ru) or Dostavista (dostavista.ru), on which private people place orders, for example, pick up a parcel at point A and deliver it to point B.

Other private people register on the site and can take such orders. If you're lucky, you can take an order that follows the same path that you take every day to work or study. You can take several orders at the same time.

Shipping cost depends on the distance between the final and the starting point. If you deal with deliveries all day long and logistically optimize routes well, you can earn several thousand rubles per day .

Now let's think about it . All calculations were made per person. What if you organize a team? Then you will need organizational services, and others will work. Moreover, the income will only increase. With an increase in the number of customers, a certain reputation will be gained. One day the day will come when customers themselves will start looking for you. This is how business starts.

Dog walking

In big cities, people who walk other people's dogs - dog sitters - are in demand . Owners prefer to walk with their dog for at least 30 minutes, and then wash its paws. The lucky ones manage to walk 2-3 dogs at a time. Usually, such a job can be found on a specialized site, a job site or through word of mouth. Sometimes people set up agencies through which dog sitters can be found. Such agencies pay their employees 15,000 - 40,000 rubles per month, depending on the load.


There are many types of work for which new performers are constantly required. For example, taxi companies are recruiting new drivers all the time. You can get a job in a taxi company with or without your own car. If you have your own car, the income per shift will be higher. Income per shift can reach 5,500 rubles, but some of this money will go to gas stations.

There are now 2 large aggregators on the market: Yandex Taxi ( taxi.yandex.ru ) and Citymobil ( city-mobil.ru ). You can connect directly to them or contact intermediaries who connect to the same Yandex Taxi or Citymobil. There are a lot of intermediaries on the market, they differ in terms of connection:

Artax-taxi.com takes a commission of 40 rubles for withdrawing funds and 100 rubles for buying a shift;

Brand-taxi.ru offers 2 payment options: 100 rudders per day or 5% of the total amount of all orders;

Worki.ru/vacancy/gPUBBvB/ takes 3% of the amount of orders.

Caring for the elderly or sick

With a high workload, people often look for a companion for their relatives if they are not able to be alone. For example, with elderly parents. With age, they become forgetful and may forget the way home or leave the gas on. A nurse is hired for such purposes. A day of such work is estimated at 500 rubles.

A nurse with a medical education can get more - from 700 rubles .

Similar vacancies can be found on the following sites: HeadHunter.ru ; SuperJob ; Avito . It will also be possible to post your resume here. Post advertisements for your services in clinics and hospitals.

Baby sitter

This kind of work is more suitable for women. Experience and pedagogical education make it possible to get a good salary. One working day costs from 700 rubles . If there are several children in the family, we can talk about a surcharge.

In order to get a job as a nanny, we recommend contacting a recruiting agency.


A strong half of humanity can get a job as a loader. This type of activity is in demand at a construction site, in transport companies, building stores. Often, payment is made according to hours worked and is 150-200 rubles. In eight hours, you can earn 1200 - 1600 rubles .

Vacancies can be found at HeadHunter.ru; SuperJob; Avito , labor exchange. Advertisements with the search for loaders are pasted at bus stops and printed in newspapers.

More ways to get money

Get money at a pawnshop

Another option for receiving money is to hand over things to a pawnshop.

Keep in mind that you will not receive more than 50% even for a new product. If a defect is found, then 15% is the maximum that you can help out. The advantage of this method is that you will receive the money immediately.

For example, you decide to lay the latest TV set. It was purchased for 100,000 rubles. Not finding defects, the pawnshop employee will offer you a maximum of 50,000 rubles. On average, this amount will be given to you at 0.3% per day . In order to redeem the thing back, you will need to pay interest and the proceeds.


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Usually things can be pawned in a pawnshop for 30 - 60 days. If after that, the item is not redeemed back, the pawnshop has the right to sell it. You can hand over equipment or items made of gold or platinum to a pawnshop. Pawnshops do not accept silver, gilded items, gold leaf, orders and medals.

Rent out a room

If the question of where to find money is urgently urgent, you can consider renting your property.

In big cities, renting an apartment is expensive, many visitors are ready to rent a room or even a bed. The cost of renting a room starts from 10,000 rubles. For a room in good condition near the metro, you can get up to 20,000 rubles. The room can be rented both on a permanent basis, and there for daily rent.

For those who live in a large apartment near the metro, it may be interesting to consider renting out their property and renting someone else's for a lesser amount. An apartment can be rented out entirely for the summer, and you can move out of town yourself.

Here are a few sites that are very popular with people looking to rent a room, apartment or cottage:

Cian.ru - you can rent a room, bed, cottage or apartment for a long time or daily;

Realty.yandex.ru - you can rent a room, apartment or cottage for a long time or daily;

Airbnb.ru - you can rent out an apartment by the day. The main contingent of the site is tourists.

Rent a car

Rent a Car. You can rent a car from a taxi company. Cons - you lose your car, it can be significantly damaged. The pros are stable payments. The rental amount depends on the brand of the car, its year of manufacture and technical condition. For a car of the middle price segment, for example, Kia Rio, you can get 1200-1500 rubles per day.

Now think big. You can buy budget cars and rent them out. For example, you bought a domestic car for 150 thousand. Of course, it is not new, it is not required in a taxi. The daily rent will be 1000 rubles. It turns out that you can earn 30,000 rubles a month. In five months, you will beat off the cost of the car and start making money on it. And if you buy several cars at the same time?

Here is a list of some of the services through which you can rent a car:

Vist-M - ( vist-m.ru/other-services/sdat-svoe-avto );

Auto City - ( gorodavto.su/sdat-avtomobil-v-arendu );

Famile Car 24 - ( familycar24.ru );

A7 rent - ( autoprokat24.ru/sdat-avto-v-arend u);

Carenty.ru - through this site you can rent a car to individuals for a short period.

Rentride.ru is a site for renting a car to other people. The service provides a concierge service who will prepare the car for a new rental instead of the owner.

Money on the security of a car

There are two ways where you can find money urgently:

Pawn the car at a pawnshop;

Submit PTS (Vehicle Passport);

The first way is where to get money quickly. You drive the car to a pawnshop, you are paid a certain amount of money. Do not forget about the interest and the timing of the payment if you want to return your car.

PTS is the most comfortable way. The car remains with you, the passport for the car - in the credit institution. It's simple - you mortgage the TCP, you are given money in your hands. A car is evaluated by its make, appearance and year of manufacture. In the absence of a PTS, you will not be able to sell your car. The interest for the transaction will have to be paid, as in similar cases.

The calculation is carried out in the same way as in the previous paragraph. Money issued on the security of a car is taxed on average 0.3% per day.

Participate in a talk show

This way of making money is similar to taking surveys. You will be paid money to participate. Your responsibilities will be minimal - clap when told and sit with an interested look.

This type of income is available to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, since talk shows are filmed only there.

400-500 rubles are paid for being on one show . Good money, provided that nothing needs to be done.

You can try yourself for the main role. In this case, earnings will be higher.

Participate in scientific experiments

For participation in scientific or medical experiments, scientists are willing to pay big money. Please note that not all experiments end well. It may require a lengthy recovery that will take more money than you have earned.

On average, the amount of remuneration is 500 rubles . Depending on the significance of the experiment, the amount of money can be increased.

Find and sell things

Sell ​​your own property online

One of the options where you can get a lot of money is to sell your own property. This method sometimes helps to get a lot of money without a loan. If you start a general cleaning, then there will certainly be many things in the apartment that the owners have not used for a long time.

This way of making money kills two birds with one stone - to help out a certain amount of money and get rid of unnecessary things.

Don't try to sell the item for a high price. For the full price, the client will buy it in the store. Buyers are looking for a good discount, rest assured they are familiar with the market price.

The most popular ad platforms:

Avito ( avito.ru ) - the site is visited by more than 35 million people every month;

Yula ( youla.ru );

From hand to hand ( irr.ru ) - the oldest site for selling things;

No junk ( barahla.net );

Flagma - ( flagma.ru ).

You can try to sell things on a social network. For this, there are groups with a characteristic name. For example - " Flea market ", " Give for " and so on.

At the sites, you can sell both working things and non-working equipment for spare parts. Non-working equipment can be sold literally in one or two days. For a broken iphone you can get up to 4,000 rubles . Professional phone recyclers come with spare parts, they quickly make diagnostics and estimate how much they are ready to buy this particular copy for.

Avito keeps statistics on sales:


According to statistics, the best selling products are :

Cell phones;

Winter overalls for children;

Cars for sale;

Children's shoes;

Wedding Dresses.

Care must be taken when using free sites. A lot of scammers are trying to steal other people's money. Do not tell anyone your card number, do not follow the links that come in messages supposedly from the site on which your ad is posted.

Sell ​​antiques

Very good money can be made selling coins and old books. For one ruble, issued in 1997 with a wide edging, you can get 7,000 - 10,000 rubles . And for one ruble of 2003 with a wide edging - 15,000 - 30,000 rubles .

Coins with a wide rim are always in great demand. In addition, connoisseurs are interested in defective coins, for example, with a taste or minting defect.

Commemorative coins can often sell for more than face value. They are minted in small batches, due to which their price grows over time.

Ten ruble coins from the "Cities of Military Glory" series are now sold for 50-200 rubles .

Coins can be sold in a specialized store or site:

Find Coins ( fcoins.ru );

KONROS Group of Companies ( conros.ru );

Raritetus ( raritetus.ru );

Numismatic club "Where I found" ( gdenashel.ru );

Kudashevsky numismatist ( buying monet.rf ).

Many houses have preserved old books from tsarist times. Now the cost of such books can reach 10,000 rubles or more. When determining the price, second-hand booksellers assess the condition of a particular book depending on how it was preserved.

Also second-hand booksellers are interested in some books published in Soviet times. For one volume of the Soviet encyclopedia, you can now help out 50-500 rubles . A volume of a Soviet military encyclopedia costs about 1,500 rubles . At one time, these books were in the homes of many Soviet people. Books can be sold individually or by weight as waste paper.

Here are a few sites where you can sell your books.

Alib.ru is a fairly popular platform for selling books;

Life books ( life-books-m.ru );

Second-hand bookstore ( knigi-kupim.ru );

Knigi-pokupka.ru ;

Starye-knigi.ru .

Hand over waste paper

Surely, this method will make you smile. You have little idea how to go around trash cans in search of empty bottles. You don't need to do this.

First, mess up the apartment. In every home you can find a lot of unclaimed waste paper: old magazines, shabby detective novels, unnecessary newspapers. If there is a child in the house, then these are tons of children's drawings. One kilogram of waste paper costs 3-7 rubles . The price depends on the quality and quantity of the material. Now think about the fact that there are such deposits in every home.

They pay a little less for the delivery of cardboard and other paper products, but it is also much easier to get them. Firms that accept waste paper are often ready to pick up PET packaging (7 rubles per kilogram), stretch film (14 rubles per kilogram), LDPE film (13 rubles / kilogram). Handing over paper and other recyclables helps the environment and replenishes your pocket a bit.

Hand over the container

There are collection points for glass containers. Moreover, you can hand over broken glass.

Aluminum cans can also be taken. Their price is approximately 50 rubles per kilogram.

Accept plastic. The price ranges from 8 to 15 rubles per kilogram.

Hand over scrap metal

Metal is considered the most demanded and expensive material. Reception points are successfully earned on it.

Scrap metal collection points are usually located on the outskirts of industrial zones. About 15,500 rubles are paid for a ton of scrap metal. Payment for other materials is slightly higher. For 1 kilogram of aluminum they give 115 rubles , for a cable - 350 rubles , for copper - 460 rubles . Many companies engaged in the reception of scrap metal are ready to come and pick it up themselves, and if necessary, then dismantle the metal.

Having collected 10 kilograms of each type of raw material, you can get 1000 rubles.

Of course, collecting all the trash at home won't make much money. Let's think globally. All points for the collection of materials take it somewhere for further processing. Why not collect raw materials and donate directly. The money there is already completely different.

Do you know where to collect raw materials? Take a car and drive through the villages. Stocky grandmothers will bring you a lot of interesting things ...

Sell ​​hair

Wig firms are ready to buy natural hair. There is still no analogue. The longer the hair, the more you pay for it. For 100 grams of hair up to 35 centimeters long, you can get 5,000 - 8,000 rubles , for hair up to 40 centimeters long - 7,000 - 10,000 rubles , and for 70 centimeters 15,000 - 30,000 rubles .

The exact cost is determined by examining or photographing the hair. Firms do not accept gray hair, dyed or extended hair, or very dark shades. You can sell your hair to the following buyers:

Hair studio ( prodatvolos.com );

4 Hair ( 4hairbay.ru );

Prodayvolosy.rf .

Start DIY production

If you strain a little, then you can definitely find talent in yourself. Someone draws well or knits or sews ... With a little effort, your skills can be sold well. This line of activity is called handmade .

Sewing clothes to order

At all times, women of fashion are ready to pay big money for an original and beautifully fitting thing. If you have the skills of a seamstress, you will not be left without a job. You don't have to look for tailoring orders. Repairing clothes also brings good returns. For example, folding trousers costs around 300 rubles .

It will take about 20 minutes in time. If you have clients, you can earn 1000 rubles per hour.


Beautiful works are in demand. They are readily used as gifts. All genres are popular - you need to navigate where one is appropriate. Urban style works go well at auctions. On the streets, in the park, you can sell landscapes or portraits. Portraits made from photography are in demand.

For one job, they pay at least 1,000 rubles . You can do 2-3 jobs a day.


Beautiful beads, amulets or hair ornaments are a win-win option. There will always be people willing to buy it. You can sell goods using social networks (maintain your page), on the street (in places of their large concentration) or at specialized auctions.

Auction addresses where you can sell finished works:




The price for such products is from 100 rubles to several thousand. If you need money quickly, do simple models. The price for them is suitable for the middle class of consumers, which means that the demand will be high.


The classic way to make money. Seasonal items such as scarves, snoods and hats will always be popular in the author's design. Children's things are being sold well - booties, suits, envelopes for discharge.

For a skillfully performed work, you can gain several thousand rubles . To offer your services, you can use social networks or advertisements, as well as online auctions. The latter are in demand among connoisseurs.

Here they buy a thing not for the purpose of exploitation, but for the purpose of possession, and they are ready to pay a round sum for it. Your task is not only to tie the product, but also to photograph it beautifully. You can place your creations on the portals:





By selling one thing a day, you will earn at least 1000 rubles.

Stuffed Toys

Recently, this direction is gaining momentum. Bears made of roses, cats made of super soft material have become classics of sales. Such works are positioning themselves as piece goods made from environmentally friendly materials.

You can be sure that no toxic filler will be found inside the toy. Young parents enthusiastically buy such toys. The cost of one toy starts from 2000 rubles .

Depending on the size, there is an upper price limit and reaches 10,000 rubles. To market your work, you can use social networks, advertising in children's entertainment and training centers.

Production of children's metrics to order

This can be handprints and feet, a collage of photographs and other cute souvenirs. Such crafts are sold out with a bang. Don't overcharge, make more samples. And thousands of mothers will become your clients.

The average price for such products is 600-1000 rubles . Up to five jobs can be completed per day. The distribution method is identical to soft toys.

Decor items

There is room for action in this way. Everyone will be able to choose a direction for themselves. Experience is not required here, but taste is needed. You can work in two directions - create something new or restore an existing one. In the first version, you can sew decorative pillows, do scrapbooking, quilling, decoupage.

In the process of work, imagination is connected, and the work takes on a unique design look. In the second version, furniture, dishes, unnecessary things are subject to restoration. Ask where to get them? Most people will give them to you for free, you only have to export.

It is possible that in a short time the owner will not recognize his thing. Do not be stingy and donate it. You start the word of mouth that will ensure you have customers.

Decor items have always been highly prized. Such things are often purchased as a gift. For one job, you can get at least 1500-2000 rubles .

Many, many other possibilities

There are 2 popular platforms - YouDo.com and Profi.ru where people post all kinds of tasks. Many of these assignments require no work experience or special knowledge to complete.

Mostly people are looking for a one-time job here, here are some examples:

Help load and unload the car, for this people are ready to pay from 1,500 rubles;

Collect furniture - from 3000 rubles;

Write a term paper - from 2500 rubles (you can find a list of sites for selling your term papers, essays, diploma and other works in the next interesting article - 130+ Sites where you can Earn real money without investment );

Solve a problem in mathematics / chemistry / physics - from 500 rubles;

To work as a nanny part-time - from 5000 rubles;

To work as a nurse on a part-time basis - from 3,000 rubles;

Work as a handyman - from 3000 rubles;

Hang a cornice - from 3000 rubles;

Install a new mixer - from 2000 rubles;

Connect a washing machine or dishwasher - from 2000 rubles;

To fix a washing machine or dishwasher - from 2500 rubles;

Pull up on mathematics / physics / chemistry - from 1000 rubles per hour;

Photographing - from 5000 rubles;

To fix a computer - from 2000 rubles.

There are different payment terms at the sites: by subscription or one-time. Which option to choose depends only on the performer.

Freelance earnings in 1 day

One of the most popular topics is piecework wages online, regardless of location.

Axle boxes

Websites position themselves as platforms where you can get money for completing tasks. They pay very little on such sites, but completing tasks can be combined with some other activity. For example, a phone operator may well be clicking on an advertisement while doing their main job. The tasks on the sites are different, but they all do not require intellectual work:

Viewing advertisements , payment from 2 to 15 kopecks for an advertising video. After watching the video, you need to solve the captcha;

Visiting the site with transitions on it, payment from 30 kopecks to 15 rubles;

Join the Vkontakte group and not leave it from 50 kopecks to 3 rubles;

Repost the record in the social network from 50 kopecks to 3 rubles.

To accomplish these tasks, people often create fake social media accounts. Despite the small prices, the sites are popular.

All sites for active advertising are arranged in the same way, but the prices for certain tasks may differ slightly. The most popular platforms for active advertising:

Seo-fast ( seo-fast.ru );

SEO sprint ( seosprint.net );

WMMail ( wmmail.ru );

Seo last ( seo-last.com );

Profitcentr ( profitcentr.com ).

With active work on such sites, you can earn up to 500 rubles a day . Withdrawal of earned funds is carried out to a mobile phone account or electronic wallets.


This is writing texts for money. For example, this article was written with the help of several authors for a total amount of more than 4000 rubles. Every site needs content - articles about everything. They are written by copywriters for money.

Customers for writing texts for money can be found on special exchanges:




From the skills you will need perseverance, attentiveness, literacy and the ability to express your thoughts. Deep knowledge of the language, and not necessarily only Russian, is required.

The average level of payment is 100 rubles per 1000 characters. It turns out that for one page of A4 text you can get up to 380 rubles. The time spent writing the text individually. Someone can do it in 30 minutes, and someone in 2 hours.

The topic of the text can be selected from the proposed ones.

Testing mobile offers

The work consists in downloading mobile applications, testing the functionality and convenience of the interface. Even a schoolboy can do it. Actions take no more than five minutes. Payment from 7 rubles per application.

Sometimes you need to write a review about a downloaded mobile application. Payment for such tasks will be in the region of 20-30 rubles .

There are tasks with the need to repeatedly enter the application. Or reach a certain level in the game. This kind of work takes more time. The payment is higher - up to 100 rubles per task. You can find such orders on the sites:

Profittask  ( profittask.com )

RayMoney  ( raymoney.ru )

VipIp  ( vipip.ru )

WebIp  ( web-ip.ru )

Aviso  ( aviso.bz )

Earnings on social networks

The simplest form of earnings. Anyone can handle it. Its essence is to boost the popularity of posts, pages or communities.

You will be required to like, write a comment, or join a group. To start activities, you need to register on the exchanges: Vktarget, Forumok, QComment, V-like .

The advantages are stable daily income and speed of execution. Such tasks are good to perform on the road.

Waste time becomes a way to earn extra money.


The bottom line is writing reviews for all kinds of products and services. Money is paid for the review itself or for the fact that it is useful to another user. The income is minimal, but stable. Provided that you actively support your account, it is equal to from 5 to 100 rubles per review.

In Russia, there are 2 popular sites with recalls that regularly pay money to their authors. These are Otzovik ( otzovik.com ) and irecomend ( irecommend.ru ).

Websites pay money to post a review. For reviews placed in the categories: appliances and hotels, they pay more than for reviews about cosmetics.

Some users write a lot of reviews on the films they have watched and earn money from it. Reviews of films and performances are often viewed and generate income for their author for a long time. The best reviews go to the main page of the project. After the review hits the main page, the author's rating grows, the project starts paying more for viewing his reviews. For a beginner, the fee for 1 review of the review is 6-8 kopecks , depending on the category of the review. But not all views are paid.

On the Feedback, the money earned can be transferred to the Webmoney wallet. The transfer amount is not less than 100 rubles.

Fee for reviews

Working on such projects helps not only to make money, but also to start writing better.

Take a survey

One of the easiest and most well-paid ways to make money. You can take the survey remotely or in person. The first option is paid several times less. From its advantages: time and money are not wasted on the road.

To participate in surveys, you will need to register on the sites:


Ipsos i-Say;


Based on your personal data, you will be offered questionnaires to fill out. The average price for one survey is 20-70 rubles . The time required for one questionnaire is 10-30 minutes. By completing 3 surveys per day, you can earn 150 rubles . 4500 rubles will run up in a month . And this is lying on the couch. Not bad, right?

Surveys that require in-person attendance pay well. From 1500-3000 rubles per application . The polling time is from 1 to 2-3 hours. Additionally, you need to take into account the travel time. To participate in surveys with a personal presence, it is necessary to monitor advertisements on the Internet and in newspapers. The disadvantage is that not all cities conduct such surveys. Basically, this applies to Moscow and other large cities.

Many companies are willing to pay money for people to participate in opinion polls. Previously, telephone calls were popular, now they have moved to the Internet. There are a lot of survey sites, but not every site has surveys available for passing right now. It is better to choose 2-3 sites and work on them than to catch profiles on all available resources.

A system of preliminary selection of respondents operates on all sites when passing large surveys. A person is asked 3-10 questions on which it becomes clear whether he is suitable for research or not.

If a person is not suitable for filling out the questionnaire completely, he will not be credited for passing the preliminary selection. An exception is made only by the site Questionnaire - ( anketka.ru/ru/points_history ). For passing the preliminary selection, the Questionnaire charges 5 rubles. At the same time, there are not many polls on the Questionnaire, therefore, in order to earn the minimum amount for withdrawal, you will have to wait at least a month.


Here are a few more survey sites:

InternetOpros ( internetopros.ru/private );

Toluna ( ru.toluna.com );

YouThink ( youthink.io );

Expert opinion ( expertnoemnenie.ru );

Survey harbor ( surveyharbor.com );

Mr survey ( mr-survey.ru );


Another focus of this type of earnings is tutoring. The specialist takes at least 500 rubles per hour. You can earn up to 4 thousand rubles a day. And if you take two students at a time?

There are special exchanges for tutors:




The tutor does not always have a higher education. Often this method is used by students of the last year.

Cooking money

Another way to get money is by selling recipes with photos or videos. There are specialized sites on which anyone can register, then he can upload any recipes there, preferably with good quality photos. On some sites, the topic of the recipe must be agreed with the administration in advance.

A prerequisite is that the recipes must be completely unique. You can not take photos from other sites or engage in retyping text. However, the idea behind the recipe may not be unique.

Payment depends on the specific site. Some sites pay to post the recipe, some don't. Some sites pay to view recipes.

Patee (patee.ru/about/partnership) - the site pays only for viewing recipes by users with a premium subscription. Each recipe must contain at least 13 photographs;

2eda (2eda.ru/contact/kak_zarabotat_na_receptakh) - the site pays 200 rubles for a recipe with 4 photos;

We eat sweet (sladko-em.ru/rabota-rerajterom-v-internete) - the site pays 70 rubles for recipes for multicooker. The administrator issues a technical assignment according to which it is necessary to prepare a dish;

FindFood (findfood.ru/recept/rules) - the fee for a recipe with photographs is 60 rubles, for a video recipe - 100 rubles;

Spoon (lozhka.su/presents.php#fragment-1) - the amount of the recipe fee depends on the complexity, but does not exceed 45 rubles;

Webspoon (webspoon.ru/main/earn) - pays 100 -150 rubles for a prescription;

W-say (w-say.ru/page/payrecipe) - 500 rubles for 10 recipes;

Soup (sypchik.ru/zarabotok-dlya-kulinarov) - 70 rubles per recipe;

Multi-cooking (multi-varca.ru/content/platim-za-recepty) - 100 rubles per recipe for a multicooker. The site administration provides additional payments for good recipes;

Cooking sushi at home (gotovim-sushi-doma.ru/novosti-bloga/platim-za-vashi-recepty-yaponskoj-kuxni) - the site pays 250 rubles for recipes of Japanese cuisine.

Selling knowledge

Courses can be created and delivered remotely. Thousands of people are willing to study, but they do not have enough time. Distance learning removes these limitations. The cost of such courses is not less than 5,000 rubles. Even one student is able to bring a good amount of income.

Another variation is to sell already created courses, seminars or trainings. The money is not the same here, but the time is not wasted on training. Figuratively speaking, you become an intermediary between the teacher and the student. The author of the courses is ready to pay 10-15% for their sale. At the minimum cost of the course, one student can earn 500-750 rubles .

Advertisements of this kind are placed on social networks, on the labor exchange, on the Internet, in the newspaper. You can print ads and post them in educational institutions, at bus stops, at residential entrances.


Tip # 1

Do not be intimidated by the difficulties that you will encounter at the beginning of the journey. They are all surmountable. The main thing is perseverance and work.

Tip # 2

Do not pay attention to the skeptical views of friends, you are on the right track. Everything new is met at first by misunderstanding and rejection. We live in an age of consumption. With the right presentation, you can sell everything - from handmade to your own knowledge and skills.

Tip # 3

Don't be lazy. How much labor you put in, so much profit will turn out. And remember, there is no big easy money.

Tip # 4

In case you took money at interest, you must strictly adhere to the payment schedule. Breaking the schedule can incur severe fines that will have to be paid.

Tip # 5

You should not take up copyright if you are not confident in your abilities or exhibit photos on photo stocks if they are of poor quality. At the same time, if you love taking pictures, you should start creating pictures for the stock photo in order to get a good permanent income.

Tip # 6

Compare different sites, choose the one that suits you best.


Finding a place where to get money is not difficult. The main thing is to correctly assess your strengths and capabilities. Banks and MFIs are places where you can borrow money. MFOs work without refusals, this is a place where you can find money urgently, but you will have to pay for this by overpaying the interest on the loan.

If you want to get money without a return, then you should pay attention to the numerous sites on the Internet to make money or sell something you don't need.

In large cities, you can find a one-time job on the bulletin board. People constantly need helpers in this or that kind of activity. Those who want to work will not be left without work.

There are many ways to make money. In order to earn money, you need to move. A rolling stone gathers no moss.