How to make money on Tik Tok: 20 Ways (in examples) and Profitability

make money on TikTok:
Is it possible to make money on TikTok, how much does TikTok pay for 1 million views and how else do people make money on TikTok - earning schemes and profitability.

The social network TikTok , which appeared in 2016, was perceived for the first year as an entertainment platform on which you can watch funny videos and nothing more. Today, more than 800 million users from all over the world are registered in the application. Moreover, the social network is used not only for entertainment, but also for making money.

In 2021, a column with the richest Tiktokers appeared in Forbes. The leader of the Russian rating is Rakhim Abramov (22 years old) with an income of 10.47 million rubles . The second place was taken by Dina Saeva (21 years old) - 4.93 million rubles. Third - Alexey Savko (23 years old) with an income of 4.81 million rubles.

Young people are direct proof that creativity can be monetized. Even on social media. Now you will learn how to make money in Tik Tok, how much income you can count on and what is in trend now. Everything in order.


How to make money in TikTok

Making money on short videos on a social network is not a fiction or deception. Today, TikTok monetization is a common option for obtaining additional and even basic income.

TikTok has already surpassed Instagram and YouTube in terms of the number of users.

The cost of one commercial for large Tiktokers is constantly growing. Within 1-2 years, the price of one publication in the profile of a millionaire blogger will exceed the mark of 1 million rubles. So now it is not too late to start recording videos and collecting subscriptions.

High-quality content is the main element of earning money. Before making money in Tik Tok, you must:

Determine your direction (training, humor, dancing, life hacks);
Work on the quality of the video (low-quality videos rarely go to the top);
Build an audience (preferably in a natural way, if this option does not suit you - you can buy real subscribers for money).
Only after completing the profile, you can think about its monetization. It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of how many subscribers they earn in Tik Tok. The fact is that the social network does not pay money for subscribed users.

The main income comes from advertising, broadcasts, integrations. At the same time, a paid broadcast can be carried out even with 1000 subscribers.

Now let's talk in more detail about specific ways to make money in TikTok.

1. Advertising profiles of other people
Advertising is the main source of income for large TikTokers. The essence of advertising earnings is simple: a blogger shoots a video, marks the advertiser's profile and receives his fee. Such advertising helps advertisers expand their audience and attract new subscribers. The result is an increase in the price tag of their own services.

Usually, other users independently contact Tiktokers from whom they want to buy advertising. But you can also search for customers / performers through third-party services of the exchange:,, . Bloggers of various levels put up proposals here. TikTok exchanges have several advantages:

A wide range of offers . Bloggers of any age, gender, place of residence can publish proposals on the sites.
Accurate statistics . The services integrate user data into their profiles. On the site, you can get accurate information about how many subscribers the blogger has subscribed to, how many likes he has, etc.
A user with any number of subscribers can submit their ad to the TikTok exchange. The cost of an advertising video for novice bloggers starts from 300-500 rubles. The more subscribers and the more interesting the content, the higher the price of one ad integration.

For example, one advertisement from Dina Saeva will cost the advertiser at least 260,000 rubles.
You can advertise other people in your profile an unlimited number of times. Therefore, for more earnings, it is recommended to publish your offers on several TikTok exchanges at once. You can use groups on social networks and direct communication with potential advertisers ( cold / warm distribution of offers ).

2. Paid maintenance of other accounts
Many bloggers who have already promoted their profile on Instagram or other social network are aware of the need to promote on TikTok. But dealing with multiple pages at the same time is difficult. Therefore, bloggers often delegate work. They are willing to pay users who will:

Maintain a profile on Tik Tok : regularly add content, edit videos, participate in challenges on behalf of a blogger;
Help with content : write scripts for videos, prepare technical specifications for videographers, photographers;
Promote your profile : look for promotion channels, attract a new audience.
TikToke can work in two directions: content manager and administrator. The first is responsible only for content (scripts, video editing, preparation of technical specifications). The administrator completely replaces the blogger and performs all actions on his behalf (up to communication with potential advertisers).

Such a scheme of earnings can bring at least 15,000 rubles. from one account (large bloggers pay their personal assistants from RUB 50,000).
An administrator or content manager can manage multiple accounts at the same time.

3. Earning money from songs
Do not forget that TikTok was created for young creative people. And musicians are no exception. Many videos shot for the same song make users want to listen to it in its entirety. As a result, there is an increase in the recognition of only gaining popularity of singers and musical groups.

Little-known musicians are ready to pay TikTokers for videos recorded with new songs from 200-300 rubles. It is difficult to say exactly how many Tik Tok subscribers are needed to make money using this method. Songs can be promoted by bloggers with both 15 and 150 thousand subscriptions. The only difference will be in the cost of one video.

4. Monetizing live broadcasts through advertising
The first thing that comes to mind when answering the question of how to make money in TikTok for a beginner is broadcasts. You can start a live stream after at least 1000 users subscribe to the profile. If on Instagram broadcasts are entertaining and are used to interact with the audience, then on Tik-Tok this is one of the main types of income for novice bloggers.

There are two ways to monetize live broadcasts: product advertising and donations.

The first option for monetizing live broadcasts is advertising goods and services. You can promote both your offers (for example, if you sell handmade soap or record tracks to order), and advertisers' products. For such advertising to be effective, several rules must be followed:

Unobtrusiveness . Advertising should be natural. If we are talking about the same handmade soap store, then the advertisement can be built in the form of an overview of a new line of products. Tiktoker's task is to interest viewers and unobtrusively offer them to use the advertised service or buy a product.
Openness . On the air, viewers can ask any questions they are interested in. They must be answered as honestly as possible. It is not worth answering the question "How much does it cost?" The more outspoken the host of the broadcast, the better the attitude of users towards him.
Such rules apply when advertising both your product and the advertiser's product.

You can also search for companies that are ready to entrust you with promoting their product on the air for money on TikTok exchanges or directly on a social network. In the latter case, you can search for profiles by geolocation or hashtag. The first commercial broadcasts can be carried out through barter: advertising from you, and free products from the advertiser.

5. Earnings on donations live
The second option, how you can make money in Tik Tok on live broadcasts, is collecting donations. It is worth understanding here in more detail….

Donates are an internal virtual currency. Any user can buy from 100 coins (for 75 rubles) and use them for gifts (stickers) for live broadcasters. The author of the broadcast receives stickers to his account and can withdraw 80% of their value (these are donations). The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10 .

Broadcasting to receive donations is a common way of earning money among foreign tiktokers. On the domestic market of entertainment content, it is just beginning to gain popularity.

Users are ready to send stickers to authors for interesting reviews, funny broadcasts, and useful tips. Bloggers who broadcast online games earn the most from donations.

For example, Meng Lei (a resident of China) simply streamed his game on his smartphone on TikTok. As a result, the user broke the record for the number of viewers, collecting more than 22 million people in the broadcast. For this game, Meng Lei received many stickers, which he later exchanged for $ 167,000 .

Channel subscribers Profit per ether (minimum), RUB
1000-5000 800
5000-10,000 4000
10,000-50,000 8000
50,000+ 40,000
The peculiarity of making money on donations is the lack of sense in cheating. It is simply pointless to broadcast from 5000 winding users. Tiktokers with a live audience who are interested in the blogger's activities and are ready to give him paid stickers are earning on donations.

6. Taking orders for original greetings
how to make money in tik tok

Today it is impossible to surprise a birthday person in another city / country with an ordinary video postcard. But creative users have found a way out of this situation - they order congratulations from tiktokers, allowing bloggers to make good money on short videos.

To start accepting applications for congratulations, you just need to give a corresponding announcement through hashtags, for example: # congratulations to a friend, # congratulations to Ukraine, # funny congratulations, etc. A user interested in this service can find you using these marks.

Further, the matter remains small - to come up with a plot of the video, record it and publish it (it is not necessary to celebrate the birthday person, but for an additional fee, you can).

Video congratulations go well in the form :

Personal songs (in the genre of Semyon Slepakov);
Poems, ditties (you don't have to be a poet for this, rhyme selection services will help you);
Funny videos ("This guy was one of those", "Sanya is not necessary").
Each tiktoker has their own unique style of greetings. Someone creates interesting slideshows, someone - composes vulgar poems. If you haven't found your style yet, check it out from other bloggers.

You can find a video of congratulations by the above hashtags. It is not necessary to completely copy the topics of other users (otherwise why would customers contact you). Better to be inspired by interesting videos and create something of your own.

Even a beginner with 1000 subscribers can start making money on video congratulations. In this case, the maximum cost of one video is 500 rubles . Larger amounts, how much you can earn on TikTok on congratulations, start with 10 thousand subscribers.

An interesting video on how else you can make money in TikTok from scratch:

7. Integration of your business
You can use TikTok as an additional platform for promoting your business. For example, the main page of a veterinary clinic is registered on Instagram. On behalf of the company, TikTok publishes funny videos with animals.

Enthusiastic users go to the profile from which viral videos are published, find a link on Instagram and, after clicking on it, get to the page of the veterinary clinic.

There is only one drawback of this method of promoting a business - the lack of geotagging. If you provide services in a specific city, then advertising them through Tik Tok is unlikely to bring the desired result.

8. Increasing traffic to other social networks
how to make money in tik tok on views and likes

TikTok is focused on publishing 15-second videos. It is difficult to fully reflect any questions in them. Therefore, many bloggers run full-fledged channels on YouTube, and on TikTok they only lure new viewers.

For this, short videos with an unfinished effect are published. The interested subscriber will go to the YouTube channel and, if he likes the full-fledged video, subscribe to it. Further, the matter remains with the monetization of YouTube ( through the same advertising or payments of the service itself ).

9. Advertising and provision of their services
When the number of subscribers in TikTok exceeds the mark of 15-20 thousand users, you can move on to providing your services to brands. Trademarks are ready to pay bloggers from 1000 rubles for one advertising publication. Tiktokers with an audience of 50 thousand people or more can advertise goods and services at a price of 3-5 thousand per commercial.

Large bloggers earn 100-200 thousand from one integration. In this case, payment can be taken both for the published video, and for the number of views. The second option is suitable for users with high reach.

Before you can make money in Tik Tok by providing your advertising services, you need to get at least 15 thousand subscribers. After that, you can start looking for potential customers:

Form a USP (unique trading application) that you will send to clients . The message must contain information about the profile statistics (number of views, likes, comments), the direction of the videos being shot.
Select companies to advertise and send them a message offering your services . It is better to search for potential customers in other social networks: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook. Choose brands whose product matches the theme of your TikTok. If you are dancing, you can advertise energy drinks or sportswear. But it is not very correct to display an advertisement for a new bakery in the profile of a PP-slender woman.
Discuss the terms of cooperation and post ads . There are usually 15-20 responses per 100 mailings. Of these, only 30% lead to further cooperation. If you see that a brand is interested in your services, immediately call its representative, offer to discuss details, etc.
In addition to explicit advertising of products and goods, hidden advertising of brands is often used by tiktokers. A small emblem on a T-shirt, the constant presence of some kind of drink in the frame, the frequent use of a certain brand of cream on the air - all this also applies to advertising methods. In some cases, the collaboration between brands and bloggers ends with an ambassador.

When advertising brand products and services, the main thing is not to get carried away. Frequent posting of commercials is a good way to make money on Tik Tok even with 10 thousand subscribers. But a large amount of advertising will make the account commercial, which can lead to the loss of a significant portion of the audience.

10. Ambassador
Ambassador is the same advertising for the products of a brand.

But only on a long-term basis. The brand regularly provides the blogger with its products for free and additionally pays for advertising. In this case, the tiktoker receives a double reward: money and a free product.

You can only become an ambassador of a brand if you have a well-promoted account. You must have at least 100,000 subscribers. If you have reached this mark, you can safely offer cooperation based on a constant presentation of goods.

In the initial stages, offers can be sent to local brands that you regularly use (for example, food delivery in your city or a flower boutique). You can also offer ambassadorship to brands whose products you advertise on an irregular basis.

11. Collaboration with other TikTokers
how much can you earn per tick tok

Another option on how to make money in Tik Tok from scratch is to collaborate with other TikTokers. If you already have 10 thousand subscribers, you can make a commercial offer to bloggers with 5-7 thousand subscribers. Collaborations consist in joint filming of videos (you can do this remotely) and tagging a blogger.

Collaborative videos help users grow their subscribers so they can begin to monetize their creative work in the future. The disadvantage of collaboration is the low cost.

In this case, there is a mutual PR (i.e. subscribers of the advertised blogger will also see your profile), so the advertised TikToker is unlikely to agree to pay a large amount for such a promotion.

12. Earnings on promotion
Promotion of Tik-Tok is a demanded service. It is offered by hundreds of sites and applications. You can launch such a service yourself. But this will take a lot of free time and programming knowledge (if you want to create a full-fledged application for promoting Tik-Tok channels).

Closed chats are considered a profitable method of earning money on promotion. They work according to the standard scheme:

The founder of the future chat creates it in the form of a separate profile, group or dialog box (in Telegram, Instagram, Vkontakte) and actively sends invitations to a paid entry into the chat to novice but active TikTok users.
Users who are interested in joining an activity chat pay to enter it. After receiving payment, the founder opens access to the Tiktoker chat.
Users in the chat are actively behaving on each other's pages, watching new videos, leaving comments.
Activity chat is similar to Like Time. To get likes and views, the user needs to like and watch the videos of other participants in the conversation.

The task of the founder is to form a group of TikTokers with approximately equal statistics and make sure that each user fulfills the conditions of the chat. The cost of entering such a conversation starts at 150 rubles. The average number of users in a chat is 20-30 people. At the same time, the entrance to the group of activity of large TikTokers (from 100,000 subscribers) is several thousand rubles.

The founder can create an unlimited number of chats on various platforms. If you can’t cope with the verification of compliance with the rules of the conversation participants, hire a manager.

Video about how much TikTok pays for views and how it is more profitable to work with it:

13. Earnings on affiliate programs
There are no internal affiliate programs in Tik Tok. But you can make money on affiliate programs - with the help of CPA networks. As an example: and The essence of making money on third-party offers is simple: a tiktoker registers in the CPA network, chooses one of the available promotional materials, publishes it on his social network and receives money for users performing targeted actions:

Visiting the promoted site;
Purchase of goods in a promoted store;
Registration on the site;
Filling out the contact form;
Webinar registration, etc.
The cost of each project is set individually by its owner. On average, the price of one click on a link is 10-15 rubles. But you cannot try to use bots to cheat transitions or other targeted actions. CPA quickly recognize such deception and block webmasters' accounts.

The difficulty of making money on affiliate programs lies in the fact that you cannot post a direct link to another resource in TikTok. Therefore, before you can make money in tick tok on views of offer offers, you need to indicate your other social networks in your profile (Instagram, Vkontakte) and already in them register a link that the subscriber should follow.

14. Selling interesting videos
You can make money on TikTok without investments without promoting your account. If you shoot talented videos, are always aware of trends and are good at editing, you can sell videos through special stock sites.

For example, microstock Shutterstock sells 15-second videos for $ 30-100 . Typical videos made with a phone are cheaper (no more than $ 15).

15. Participation in brand challenges
Brands often launch challenges to increase their awareness and promote their products. They are distributed by large bloggers (over 100,000 subscribers). Usually companies go out to TikTokers on their own. Participants are selected according to several criteria:

Age, geolocation;
Audience type;
Account statistics.
You can also offer participation in challenges on your own through a hashtag search. For one published video, you can earn from 5000 rubles.

+5 ways of semi-passive earnings on Tik Tok
Once upon a time only bloggers made money on Instagram. Now this platform provides work for millions of users: SMM specialists, content managers, targetologists, etc. In TikTok, the demand for such assistants is only gaining momentum.

If you do not want to develop a personal profile on a social network and are interested in whether it is possible to make money on TikTok without creative content, occupy one of the available niches, develop professional skills and help TikTokers promote their pages, getting a well-deserved salary for this.

16. TikTok Target Engineer
TikTok, following Instagram, launched internal targeted advertising. Its configuration is done directly in the application through a personal profile. Most bloggers rely on a specialist to target. You can become one too.

A targeting specialist in TikTok can earn from 20,000 rubles. per month. At the same time, there is no limit to earnings - it all depends on how many advertising campaigns you can run at the same time.

The targetologist's tasks include:

Analysis of the target audience (determination of the portrait of a potential subscriber).
Setting up advertising (in TikTok there are only a few criteria: gender, geography, type of user OS and type of Internet connection).
Tracking the metrics (studying the effectiveness of the launched program, adjusting the next promotions).
The advantage of targeting in TikTok is its simple control system. If on Instagram for the correct setup of the promotion it is necessary to open a business profile on Facebook, then in Tik Tok all actions are performed from the user's account. This site is perfect for beginners.

17. SMM promotion
Account promotion is the main component of high income. Therefore, all tiktokers necessarily hire a sms-manager who helps them to promote the pages. Such a specialist should:

Develop a content plan, generate ideas for videos, prepare scripts and technical specifications for performers (editors, photographers);
Work with the analysis of the audience, determine its actual needs;
Create promotion schemes, determine where and how to earn subscribers in Tik Tok at the moment;
Participate in promoting your account, look for bloggers for advertising, in the absence of a targetologist, set up promotions manually.
Each SMM-specialist forms a list of his duties independently. The salary of such an assistant starts at 30,000 rubles. At the same time, the smm-specialist can sell his services separately: only the analysis of the target audience, the development of a content plan, the creation of technical specifications, etc.

18. Editor
Editing is another service that many tiktokers need. Not everyone manages to master programs for creating cool video effects on their own. Large bloggers do not need this at all - it is easier for them to save their time and effort by providing the installation to a specialist.

You don't have to have a powerful PC and professional software to become a good editor. You can edit the video from your phone. The main thing is to follow trends and be aware of what effects users will want right now.

For one edited video, you can get from 200 to 2000 rubles. It all depends on the popularity of the blogger and the complexity of the task.

19. Operator
You can earn money on Tik Tok as an operator. Typically, these professionals are hired by brands and bloggers who are not satisfied with the video quality of a regular smartphone. Operators shoot videos on professional or semi-professional equipment. Payment for their services is made hourly.

The cost of 60 minutes of shooting varies from 300 to 3000 rubles, depending on the skills of the specialist.

You can offer operator services directly to Tiktokers (by selecting bloggers by hashtags with geolocation) or through message boards (here, although rarely, there are offers to record short videos).

20. Earnings in TikTok on likes, views, comments
Each user can receive income from their Tik Tok account, regardless of the number of subscribers and profile topics. It's about making money with likes, comments, views. To do this, you only need a profile on a social network and registration on a service / application that offers tasks:
In this case, the instruction for earning is as simple as possible: you register on the service to increase likes, perform simple tasks (views, comments, subscriptions) and make a profit.

There is only one drawback - low cost. The price of a subscription or a like does not exceed 1 rub. To earn at least 100 rubles. you will have to view at least 200 profiles / publications per day.

A similar option, how to make money on TikTok on likes, can only be used as a side job. It is suitable for schoolchildren who want to earn extra money for personal expenses.

How much do TikTok users earn?
Most users with a well-promoted TikTok account make money on advertising. This is one of the highest paid methods of earning money, which allows you to be creative and support the main theme of your blog. Advertisers are willing to pay Tiktokers several thousand dollars for a good ad.

It is difficult to determine exactly how much bloggers are paid per tick. It all depends on the number of subscribers, the activity of the Tiktoker, the direction of his videos. As an example, consider 5 bloggers who do not hide how much they earn in Tik Tok on advertising:

How much do they earn in TikTok
Name Age Number of subscribers Income
Alexey Savko 23 6.5 million 4.81 million
Julia Gavrilina eighteen 7.2 million 3.32 million
Valya Carnival eighteen 9.1 million 3.21 million
Kirill and Artem Verzakov 23 6.9 million 2.56 million
Diana Astaire twenty 6.5 million 1.44 million

The table contains data on how much TikTok earns per month for a millionaire blogger. As for novice TikTokers, it is impossible to collect statistics here. Some users manage to earn from 100 thousand rubles with only 10 thousand subscribers. At the same time, there are also profiles with a large number of subscribers and lower earnings. This usually indicates a cheat abuse.

You can check the approximate earnings of any tiktoker yourself using the mafluence online calculator ( ). In the window, just enter the name of the profile, the statistics of which you are interested in.

Tips for beginner bloggers
If you consider yourself a creative person, are not afraid of the camera and are ready to develop in the direction of blogging - feel free to open TikTok for yourself. This platform allows you not only to share your creativity, but also to make good money on it. But before you can make money in Tik Tok on views and likes, you must:

Determine the direction, genre of videos
Your content must be unique or interesting. Primitive videos that appear in every second profile are unlikely to bring income.

Get the first thousand live subscribers
Do not get carried away with cheating. If you want to monetize your account, then use only live subscribers. To become recommendations and become more popular, participate in challenges (you can find relevant ones by the hashtag challenge), shoot funny videos on hot topics, repeat videos from trends.

Design other social networks and connect them
On TikTok, the user will not be able to get detailed information about you. Therefore, do not be lazy to arrange Instagram or another social network and connect it to your TikTok channel.

When all the organizational points are completed, there is only one thing left - to create original and engaging content. Remember, the system doesn't work like YouTube. Here it is impossible to answer the question of how much TikTok pays for 1 million views, because the social network does not pay money at all. Therefore, endlessly winding up subscribers and views is simply pointless.

You can make money on Tik Tok only naturally: by gradually developing your account, filming interesting content and constantly offering your services (advertising in your profile) to other bloggers, brands, shops. The last point is extremely important.

Do not be afraid of numerous mailings to potential advertisers. Perhaps at the moment they are in dire need of your services, but they simply do not know about them. The more letters you send, the higher the chance of getting at least one positive answer.

Monetizing your TikTok profile is a godsend for creative people. This social network allows you to do what you love and make good money on it. At the same time, you can get income on the service in several ways. The choice is only yours.

TikTok's advantage for young bloggers is little competition. This social network is just beginning to develop in the CIS countries. This is due to the fact that many marketers take it lightly. Once upon a time, the same attitude was towards Instagram. Today it is the most popular social network of photo content in the world.

Do not miss the chance to become a famous person in TikTok. Don't be afraid to create an account, shoot funny videos, or partner with small companies. All this can bring you a very good income in the future. If in doubt, open the TikTok rating in Forbes. If these people succeed, you will succeed.