How to make money on the Internet without investments: 64+ ways (Examples)

How to make money on the Internet without investment for a beginner
How to make money on the Internet (pixabay20)

How to make money on the Internet without investment / make money online and experience right now - ways to make money / make money online, types of remote work for beginners. Where to look for work, freelance in examples, make money online.

Freelancers in Russia earn over RUB 220,000,000 per year . According to Natalya Loktyukhina , professor at the Academy of Labor and Social Relations , about 6 million people in Russia switched to remote work in 2020 alone. The total number of active remote workers is growing not only because of new hires, but because many remain online. According to the report Emerging Jobs Report on Linkedin, the US distant work previously seen as an added bonus, but is now gaining priority candidates. This is especially true of the "millennials" who now make up the majority of the workforce.

The income of a freelancer if he works independently depends only on his professionalism and the speed of completing tasks and is limited by the number of hours per day. The advantages of freelancing have increased after the introduction of the law on self-employed, when income can be legalized for a small amount of tax.

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How to make money on the Internet without investment for a beginner

make money online

The most primitive ways to make money on the Internet without investment

How can you make money on the Internet without investments from scratch

Earnings without investment - vacancies and examples

Freelance exchange for earnings

Where to make money on the Internet without investments

What you need to make money without investment and where to start


Some interesting facts


There is no more need to go to an unloved job, endure picky bosses and wake up before sunrise. Working for yourself on the Internet, you can set any schedule.

There is no more need to hustle in public transport and spend money on travel, because this cost item comes out more in a year than you can imagine. Working from home will save that money and be able to spend it on more important things for yourself and your family.

Here your diploma is completely unimportant, whether you have reached the age of majority, in which university you studied. The main thing is the ability and desire to work and earn money. Now, for many, remote work via the Internet is not only a source of income, but a real chance, without experience and investments, to start doing a promising business.

Consider the options on what you can make money on the Internet without investing a beginner from scratch.

How to make money on the Internet without investment for a beginner / make money online

In fact, there are plenty of ways to make money online for every taste and ability. Consider the most non-standard examples of earning money by selling your freelance services. All these ways to make money on the Internet without investments can be found on the Kwork freelance exchange .

  1. Removing the background in Adobe Photoshop . Service price: 300-500 rubles.
  2. Personal psychologist . Listen to a person's life problems, possibly support, give advice. Service price: 1000-1500 rubles.
  3. Rhymed ads . The volume is 500-700 characters without spaces. Rhymed texts are easily perceived by ear, this will increase sales and customer coverage. Such advertising can be used for: banners, magazines and brochures, advertisements on sites and in groups.
  4. Naming . Work on creating sonorous, memorable names for a brand, company, product or service. Service price: 3000-7000 rubles. We ourselves used this service when creating a new project.
  5. Creation of icons for games . We discuss sketches with the client and draw icons in Adobe Photoshop.
  6. Photo processing for websites, online stores . We are looking for clients and offer services for processing photos in Photoshop and other editors, we discuss the style and wishes of the client.
  7. Create a cover preview for a YouTube video . Price of one unique cover: from 500 rubles.
  8. Write a script for a YouTube video . Service price: from 500 rubles.
  9. Write text for instagram post (personal blogs and commercial accounts) to order. Price per 1000 characters: from 1000 rubles.
  10. Announcer . Sound informational texts for videos, audiobooks, presentations, promotions. Scoring in different languages ​​is more expensive. Price up to 5 minutes: from 300 rubles. Price up to 5 minutes, in a foreign language: from 800 rubles.
  11. Create videos in Doodle style . The main thing is creativity. The price of the finished video in 60 seconds: from 3000 rubles.
  12. Shooting video testimonials . It's simple, you record a commercial with your participation, where you recommend purchasing the customer's product. The price of a video from 60 seconds: from 1,500 rubles.

Let's consider ways how to make money on the Internet without investments right now.


Despite the availability of text recognition programs, typing remains a popular service. Reprinting handwritten text from a photograph or scanned image, highlighting paragraphs, eliminating logical and grammatical errors, typing formulas in the appropriate editor is a good opportunity to make some money on the Internet without investment.

A fast print speed is important when performing a job.

Resources for finding jobs:

  • Freelance exchanges (there will be a huge list below).
  • is the largest electronic archive. Pay from the work. With an 8 hour working day, the earnings are 6,000-15,000 rubles. Someone received more, payment on the principle "as you drown, so you burst."
  • On there are many operator vacancies at home without communicating with clients. Tariffs for entering a field of 1-7 characters 0.3-0.5 rubles.

Cashback from purchases in online stores

How to make money on the Internet
Cashback (pixabay20)
You can save on purchases not only during the sales period, but also by making them through special applications using affiliate links. The amount of savings (income) depends on the costs. The advantage of this method is cashback not only from buying things, but products.

The largest popular apps are and , with a return rate of 0.65-11.5 and 1.5-5.0, respectively.

Popular offers, with information about discounts on Foodil , InShopper , Together cheaper . The essence of applications and earnings is the same - you buy products with increased cashback and scan a receipt from the store. Accrual principle - for scanning a check 1-3 rubles, cashback from 3 to 250 rubles, for certain types of goods up to 63%.

Transcribing audio or video clips

How to make money on the Internet
Video clips (Pixabay20)
Listening to audio clips or watching videos and translating them into text is called transcription and this is a good way to make money online without the investment. Additionally, you can use applications that slow down speech to keep up with transcribing at an average typing speed. The content of the material varies from university lectures to speeches at scientific conferences. Payment - 5-8 rubles a minute, videos 5 - 60 minutes.

You can find a task at,, .

Selling brains and skills

How to make money on the Internet
If you are an expert in certain issues or subjects of the school curriculum, perhaps you are ready to provide assistance to students of vocational schools and universities - make money on this. Students actively use services to assist with homework, course and degree projects, as well as tutoring in specific subjects. Everything that is taught beautifully and interestingly will be in demand - baking pasta, playing the guitar, yoga, etc.

It is really possible to make money on the Internet without investing in resources:


The amount of earnings depends on the rating and reputation. For example, a newcomer will never be assigned a diploma at the correspondence course, at least 20 times respond to an order. When the reputation is acquired, or even better, help administrators 2-3 times with urgent improvements on the work of the "unfortunate performer" and then the income will start to grow. A newcomer's earnings per day are not more than 300 rubles, an author with an excellent reputation is 1,000 - 1,500 and more.

Rewriting and copywriting

Copywriting is writing articles, texts, advertising brochures, slogans, selling and SEO publications. For example, this article was also written with the help of copywriters.

A beginner gets from 25-50 rubles. for 1000 characters without spaces, but if you have an education and you have found a customer according to your knowledge profile, then the price can start from 100 rubles for 1000 characters without spaces (sbp). Over time and experience, the cost can grow to 250-400 rubles per 1000 sbp. This is honest work on the Internet without investments and deception with the prospect of growth, since such largest sites as Yandex, Rambler, Mail, Meduza, Lenta and others - all texts on them are written by copywriters. Useful article about making money on copywriting .

Job search sites:

  • ETXT
  • Advego
  • Workhard
  • CopyLancer
  • TextSale

Design of profiles on social media pages, design of avatars

How to make money on the Internet
Design avatar (pixabay20)
Headers or general page designs are in demand and people are willing to pay 100-10,000. Fotoshop skills, which can be acquired by watching videos on YouTube.

Source of orders, where to make money on the Internet without investment:;

Account promotion and sale, targeting specialist or SMM specialist

Social networks are a source of income, but to start making money, the page is promoted: they attract subscribers, increase activity, order advertising. Bloggers with a large number of subscribers hire an SMM specialist to publish posts, reply to comments, conduct interactions, design a feed, etc.

Payment for the management of a beginner specialist 5,000-7,000 rubles. per month, audit 2,500, targeting 7,000 - 10,000. You can promote many accounts at the same time.

Online store manager

Mastering a new profession is real earnings without investments for beginners.


  • Consulting clients on the assortment or quality of goods by chat or e-mail;
  • Maintaining a CRM system, processing orders and accompanying delivery to the consumer;
  • Distribution of advertising information.

Source of work - job sites, freelance exchanges.

Calling customers

It involves calling the "cold" base for the purpose of selling or attracting for service, filling out a report on the work done. For example, vacancies periodically appear on the Tinkoff Bank website. Mandatory requirement: silence during work - no sounds of the washing machine and children's cries, distraction to household chores.

Job search sites:


Chatting on forums

Assignments can be of 2 types, communication to increase activity or activity for the founder. In the first case, they require writing provocative comments, causing a heated discussion, in the second, maintaining a conversation, writing comments, if possible, from different accounts.

Payment depending on the volume of work 3,000 - 5,000 rubles / month. The tasks are interesting, and if the blog topic matches your hobbies, you will be able to combine business with pleasure.


How to make money on the Internet
Checking the quality of the search engine. With knowledge of English - Google, without knowledge of the language - Yandex. The essence of the work is to check, when entering certain combinations of words, the result issued by the system: the answer fully matches the request, partially or does not match, etc.

Placing ads, filling directories

Placing ads on free resources, filling directories of legal entities is a rather monotonous activity, but it is paid.

For example, filling out 1 card on the reference site is 10 rubles, only about 120 free resources. The time it takes to complete the task is determined by yourself.


You can write a book and invite specialized resources to upload it. The cost of reading is 99-120 rubles, if the work is successful in 6 months the income can reach 10,000 rubles.

Resources:,,,,, .

Signal sale

An inscription with the name and surname or nickname of the customer on a sheet of paper in the hands of a star or on a part of the body of a girl / young man. The price depends on the content.

Many suggestions on Kwork .

Photo processing

Possession of special processing programs, for example, Photoshop will allow you to take projects to prepare a portfolio for sites or as an assistant to a photographer who does not have enough time for such work. There are tasks on all freelance exchanges.

Video editing

Necessary skills in video editing, overlaying sound and special effects, animation. Beautiful and bright videos are popular with bloggers, often jobs are posted by companies that use them for advertising projects.

Work is on Kwork and .


Pleasant tone of voice and clear speech, the ability to change the key and express emotions by voice - upload audio clips to freelance sites. As an assignment, there are: voice acting for a video or radio clip, video lessons, courses for distance learning. The price depends on the customer - 500 rubles. minute.

Earnings from T-shirt design

You can upload pictures or a design mockup to the resource for free and get money for every T-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt sold. Get money for the design offer of,, .


Stream is a live video broadcast where the streamer comments on his actions. A streamer is a person who broadcasts live on video hosting sites: YouTube, Instagram, Twitch (analogous to YouTube), Mixer, GoodGame, etc. Shows something and communicates with the audience.

Streaming basically means broadcasting the passage of games. You just play and others watch. We have a useful article about this and more about the platform where the most money is earned on it.

But in fact, streams are different: musical, conversational, educational, culinary, everyday, etc.

In fact, there are a lot of directions, and every year only new ones appear. For example, people enjoy watching videos of a streamer eating and whetting others' appetites. After all, you can eat the sponsor's products on camera, in online broadcasts and make money on it.

On culinary streams, they cook live. Many housewives, from their own experience, know that it is not always in step-by-step recipes that they correctly prescribe all the steps for preparing dishes, even the simplest ones, not to mention culinary masterpieces.

  • Quebber has autism. But he conducts conversational streams about ordinary everyday life and receives $ 800-900 per month.
  • The VeRsut gamer earns 200,000 rubles a month.
  • Russian leader in World of Tanks Jove - more than $ 8000 per month.
  • Anastasiya Shpagina is a blogger who, due to the external resemblance to a cartoon character, who calls herself the Flower Fairy. On her streams, with the help of cosmetics, she turns herself into Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, painting world stars on her face. According to statistics from Socialblade, her earnings range from $ 256 to $ 4100 per month.
  • Vanzai is a channel with unusual recipes. For example, a huge 90 kg snickers, or a sandwich weighing 250 kg. Food recipes from popular films are also often repeated. According to statistics from Socialblade, monthly earnings can go up to 173 thousand dollars.
  • Natali Masters knits from yarn live. Gathers 200 - 300 spectators. She has 350 subscribers and gets paid $ 1.85 for each.
  • In order to start making money on streams, you need to think over the topic of streams, it can be either a passing game at the professional level or a creative direction. Online involvement differs from a regular training video on Youtube, the live broadcast itself is important here, so popular streamers are on air every day for many hours.

For example, one of the game streamers became popular only because he fell asleep on the air. 

Online training

Free videos aren't as motivating as a paid course and regular Skype connection. The cost of training remotely is 700-1500 rubles, individual or group on sports grounds 1500 and 500, respectively, for 1 lesson.

Content plan

For large projects and sites where a lot of materials have already been published, the problem of finding new ideas and topics for articles becomes. Also, different projects have goals, for example, publish 10-20 articles a day. To do this, you need a content plan - a ready-made list of topics for articles, so that it is always ready and several weeks in advance.

The services of the content plan are also used by many social media accounts, where it is important to update the feed frequently.

Advantages - a huge amount of interesting information that needs to be processed for compilation, no special SMM skills are needed.

We make money selling photos and videos

There are sites ( microstocks ) where you can upload photos and videos for others to buy. Such services have huge user bases who buy photos for social networks, news sites, blogs, etc. By the way, we also buy there images for covers and post designs.

They work on the principle, you post a photo or video, when a user downloads your file, you get paid.

Photo stocks where you will earn :

  • Shutterstock . The most popular and profitable photo stock. Each month, revenue will grow based on your Shutterstock activity.
  • DepositPhotos . One of the oldest photo stocks, has a huge user base and has earned a good reputation.
  • Dreamstime . This photo bank is well suited for beginners, with a clear and simple interface. Top five in terms of profitability.
  • 123RF . There are no exams. Just upload your photos, prescribe keywords for a quick sale and earn money.
  • Freepik . Another long-liver. For a long time Freepik was free, which attracted its audience. In the middle of 2020, Freepik took the lead, overtook the middle peasants and in terms of earnings approached Shutterstock. Now newly uploaded images start to be bought at once and many times. This photo bank is suitable for both beginners and professional photo stockers.
  • Adobe Stock . Photobank for artists, photographers, illustrators. There is a function of automatic selection of hashtags, which allows you to reduce the time for publishing images. The algorithms of work of Adobe Stock are built in such a way that even beginners had the opportunity to sell their work and earn money.

The most primitive ways to make money on the Internet without investment

How to make money on the Internet

Completing assignments from advertisers

Websites-books are a resource on which tasks are created in order to advertise a product or service, increase the activity and traffic of a site, group, page.

They offer the following ways to make money:

  • Registration on sites, likes and comments on sites and social networks, installing applications on the phone, writing reviews;
  • Viewing ads (surfing);
  • Participation in advertising and entertainment or social testing;
  • Reading advertising mailings.

No qualifications are required to complete the tasks, so the pay is low. The money is credited to the account of your personal account, the work schedule is not set, there are always a lot of tasks. The method can be recommended in order to assess the prospects and own strength of earnings "without obligations", since it is possible to get up to 10,000 rubles for low-skilled labor with a mode of 12 hours a day.

They pay well for clicks in boxes:,,, .

Comments on articles, videos or posts for money, reviews of goods and services

The customer indicates the nature of the comment and its length in characters. After checking the result, the money will be credited to the account.

The amount of payment for a comment is 1.5-20 rubles . When completing the assignment, you need to take into account the nature of the review, and so that it does not look like a customized one. More often they ask neutral comments and / or reviews if the customer's budget is large, positive and negative in a certain ratio.

The text must be unique, checked on the free resource and correspond to the content under which it is written. No need to write the same type of comments “Cool! I bought it and I'm glad "," Good story! " etc. Semantic meaning and opinion on the merits of what was read or seen. It is easy to write comments where you can use your own experience, do not try to be better, do not use complex words and phrases.

You can complete tasks using boxes, on social networks or aggregators of likes and comments, on freelance exchanges, forums and blogger contests. The most popular resources for commentators and reviews:,, .

Writing real reviews

The essence of making money is to describe everything that is around, what you used when visiting, with relatives or in hotels. The direction is not limited - cosmetics, dishes, toys, underwear, sites for the production of vegetable seeds, sanatoriums, books and even hygiene products. Reviews of 500 characters from 2-40 rubles are paid for .

Resources for making money:, .


You can express your opinion in thematic polls. 1 survey takes 10-30 minutes, the minimum reward is 10 rubles. The amount of income depends on the duration of the survey and their number. You can take surveys on a laptop or stationary PC, as well as on mobile devices.

To increase income, register on several sites and connect the notification of new polls by email, so as not to check sites several times a day.

Popular resources and level of remuneration

Website Price per survey, RUB Comment

  1. 5-50 -
  2. 40 Accrual of remuneration in bonuses, withdrawal is prohibited, only purchase of goods in the online store of the resource
  3. 32 For filling out a questionnaire, bonuses, withdrawal to PayPal, or buying goods in Ozone, Svyaznoy, Wildberries
  4. 30-50 Withdraw to PayPal
  5. 5-250 Accrual in points, exchange for certificates in online stores
  6. 30-50 Withdrawal to PayPal or exchange for Ozone goods
  7. fourteen Withdraw to PayPal
  8. 750 Withdraw to PayPal
  9. 20-100 Withdrawal to Webmoney or mobile phone
  10. 15-50,000 Payout in points and exchange for certificates
  11. 20-100 There are polls for rubles and bonuses
  12. 15-500 Polls for residents of the SN. There is a problem with the withdrawal of money
  13. thirty Payment for the profile in bonuses
  14. 10-400 Polls are available on mobile devices
  15. 50-100 Pay 5 rubles if the answer is refused
  16. 5-100 Available on mobile devices

Watching a video

The simplest task is to watch the video for a certain time or until the end, if you write a comment or like the payment will increase. You can earn 100 rubles per hour


How to make money while sitting at home - 67 options for working from home

How to make good money fast without the Internet - 33 Ways

The reason for the customers is to raise the video in the rating and subsequently make money on advertising. Bots can calculate and block resources.

Pay-per-view resources

Name Reward for viewing, rub

  1. 0.04
  2. one
  3. 2
  4. 0.1-3
  5. 0.04
  6. Individually from the rating
  7. 0.12
  8. 0.015
  9. Individually from the customer

Withdrawals are made to different payment systems and wallets: WebMoney, Qiwi, YuMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, Steam, Payeer, PayPal, Advcash and mobile phone account, to cards of Visa, MasterCard payment systems.

Installing mobile applications

Payment is made for each download and installation of an application or game. Additionally, customers require to complete tasks:

Open the application within a week or on a specific day after installation in the next 7 days;

  • Give a high rating to the review, not less than 4 stars;
  • Spend 30-180 seconds in the application;
  • Leave a seo comment using keywords.

For an hour, if you have a good Internet speed and memory in your phone, you can actually install 30 applications, for which they will pay at least 100 rubles, completing the following tasks another 100. Total income 150-200 rubles. within 60 minutes.

Orders are available for Android and iOs.

Resources for completing tasks

Website Payment for the task, rub. Platform

  1. 2-12 Android
  2. 1-4 Android
  3. 10-5000 bonuses Android and iOs

In 90% of platforms, withdrawal to WebMoney and mobile phone balance. In some - WebMoney, Qiwi, YuMoney, games: Steam, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, World of Tanks, Vkontakte, iTunes cards

Social media assignments

The most common types are:

  • Put "Like";
  • Repost;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Comments under the post;
  • Reaction to Stories.

An important condition for making money is a live profile on any social network, if you want to make money on a "left" profile, first issue it and make several publications. Depending on the number of tasks, income per hour is 50-100 rubles.

List of sites for making money in social networks

Website Payment for tasks, rub. Comment

  1. 0.03-0.5 Available for Android, on the pages for earnings or personal, put the city of Moscow, so that there are many tasks
  3. 3-5 If the conditions are violated, the account is blocked forever
  4. 0.05-0.22 The number of tasks depends on the number of friends / subscribers of the page
  5. 0.05-0.1 Withdrawal of funds 14 days, convenient navigation
  6. 0.2 -
  7. 0.07-0.75 Charges for tasks 7 days after completion, setting up notifications of new orders

Viewing advertisements

On a mobile phone or tablet, you need to follow the link and watch the advertisement. To receive money, you need to install the application. The payment is low - 0.01 rubles per click on the link, which takes no more than 2 seconds. 10-50 videos per day.

The most popular applications are Globus and TapMoney . Payouts in $, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1. Disadvantage - the content looks like spam, and technical support does not give a conclusion about the absence of viruses in it.

"Cash" games

The essence of earning is to install or enter the application without installation and collect bonuses or money by clicking on them, baskets, balls, etc. Payment of 0.4 rubles per click.

Not recommended as the time spent does not correlate with the reward received.

"Field work

Quests are literally irrelevant to agriculture. The main types are to find information, take pictures of objects or buildings, etc.

Websites for making money in the "fields"

Name Task price, rub. Information 80-120 Android and iOS from 6 Low pay

Captcha input

The easiest income from a phone or a desktop PC. Task - you get an image with letters and numbers, you must rewrite them with text. This is to confirm that the user is not a robot. The minimum payment is from 0.01-0.03 rubles.

Income level on captcha input

Website Payment for 1 entry, rub. Features of the 0.01-0.35 Higher rates and more work at night Payment in $. Depends on the complexity of the task For a certain number of completed tasks, prices increase, range 2-25% - - 0.6 $ / 1000 captcha High pay, user-friendly interface, tasks may be missing

How can you make money on the Internet without investments from scratch

For a novice worker, exchanges with the simplest tasks are suitable. Websites where you can make money:

Amazon Mechanical Turk ( ) is a platform from Amazon with a variety of simple tasks.

Myiyo ( ) - A questionnaire popular not only in Russia, but all over the world. Payment - 50-60 rubles per survey. Lots of surveys with decent rates. ( ) - Service where you can make money on the Internet by taking surveys. Payment - 15-50 rubles per survey. 50 rubles bonus for daily visits.

VkTarget ( ) - A reliable platform where you need to complete tasks on social networks, for example: add to friends, like, etc. The platform allows you to work with four accounts and, accordingly, earn more.

Socialpublic ( ) - If you don't know how to do anything at all or just decided to make money on the Internet, this exchange is for you. The simplest tasks for surfing sites. Different complexity of tasks.

AdBTC Top ( ) - Service for earning bitcoins through surfing sites. Viewing advertisements for 20-60 seconds, for which the buks charges a part of the cryptocurrency. The units of account are satoshi, which are part of bitcoin. Payment - an average of 50-80 satoshi for viewing ads for one site.

Internet Survey ( ) - A resource offering a paid survey. Answer questions and earn money.

Bestliker ( ) - We put likes, subscribe to people, join groups and communities on social networks. There are bonus coins and daily lotteries. There is a lot of work, the main thing is not to be lazy.

Prospero ( ) - You can make money on likes, writing reviews, reposts, comments, etc. a lot of simple and different tasks.

ForumOK ( ) is a microtask exchange for promoting sites, brands, communities and accounts on Instagram, VK, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channels.

Survey Harbor ( ) - Making money from surveys easily . Payment - an average of 30-40 rubles. for the survey.

Expert opinion ( ) - Questionnaire platform. If you fill out the profile completely, bonuses will be awarded. There is not much work, but it pays well.

CashBox ( ) - Simple tasks: watching videos on Youtube, downloading mobile applications based on Android and IOS, surfing on social networks, the more live accounts you have, the higher your earnings

After registering on these exchanges and services, carefully fill in your personal data in order to get more high-paying tasks and customer confidence. To have more work and earnings, you can register on several platforms and monitor the arrival of new tasks.

Earnings without investment - vacancies and examples

Freelance - (from the English. Free) relationship between the customer and the contractor without concluding an employment contract, providing for remote work . The location of the contractor does not matter, communications and work results are transmitted via the Internet.

A freelancer independently determines the cost of his work and the time to complete it. Services can be provided as an individual or individual entrepreneur.

Advertisements are placed on the exchanges for search:

  • Realtors for the selection of real estate;
  • Specialists in tender support;
  • Programmers for installing and configuring EDS;
  • Personnel officers for the development of job descriptions;
  • Safety engineers to prepare a package of labor protection documents, outsource reporting;
  • Civil engineers and estimators for engineering work;
  • Technologists to fill out declarations of product conformity;
  • Marketers, HR specialists for consulting and training;
  • Lawyers to assist and conduct cases in court;
  • Singers and composers;
  • Handymen and assistants to perform routine work.

The level of income depends on the capabilities of the performer. For a large project you can get 50,000, for a one-time order 1,000 rubles a day.

For example, an outsourced accountant, working at home, takes several companies at 15,000 for each, and labor protection without a technical component of 2,000 for a quarterly report. The number of clients is 5-10 people per month or quarter.

Consulting. We earn from our life experience

First you need to figure out what consulting is. Without going into details, consulting is consulting. Consulting specialists are engaged in advising clients on a fairly wide range of issues, from consulting on starting a business, and ending with international relations.

Anyone can make money on consulting. It is not necessary to have a higher education, to be well versed in the topic, to have your own experience. The client can hire you as a specialist in a wide variety of areas of life, up to choosing a car before buying, if he does not understand them.

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, IT professional, programmer, blogger, or any other specialist, people are willing to pay for your expertise. And with the right presentation of your knowledge, you can very successfully develop your consulting practice.

Architect. Work at home

This is one of those professions that allows you to work from home in a comfortable environment. For architects who have never worked remotely, the question immediately arises of how to organize this type of income and whether it will be able to bring decent wages.

In fact, this is a rather demanded profession, so you will find a job quickly, and earnings will be more than in the office.

To search for customers, you need to register on specialized exchanges, and look for a project suitable for you. There is always a lot of work on exchanges and platforms, it remains to choose the most "sweet" projects for payment.

Translations. We translate text and earn

Only 50% know one of the foreign languages ​​in the category "I translate with a dictionary", and 25 can read and talk calmly, 15 have specialized education and can perform services for the translation of documents or literature. The price depends on the rarity of the language and the volume of the text, on average 1 page of typewritten text is 500 rubles.

Most people are sure that such a job requires a diploma or a crust. They are partly right, for a high-quality assignment, you need to undergo training or courses, but if you know a foreign language at a sufficient level, you can safely proceed to this type of work, because the customer will not check your diploma, he is interested in a high-quality result.

This type of earnings is gaining popularity and demand on labor exchanges, especially in Russia, where it is often necessary to translate foreign content for numerous sites.

How to make a good translation :

  • To make a high-quality translation, you need to understand the topic of the article and know the essence.
  • When translating, it is imperative to preserve the accuracy and style of the translated text.
  • Use grammar and spelling checkers.
  • Despite the fact that you are making a translation from another language, the finished text should always be checked for uniqueness.

The cost of translation depends on the language. Starting price from 300 rubles per 1000 characters. Translations from rare languages ​​- Korean, Danish, Norwegian and others are especially appreciated, the cost of such a translation is from 800 rubles per 1000 characters, and the more difficult the translation, the higher the wages. If you are a beginner, you should not overcharge the translation price, at the lowest translation prices you can earn $ 300 . Plus, having a low initial cost will help you build your customer base faster. Professional translators earn over $ 2000 a month making remote text translation their main income.

Accounting department

An experienced accountant gets paid for a wide range of services:

  • Online consultations on tax systems;
  • Optimization of taxation;
  • Preparation of reports for the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate and statistics bodies;
  • Registration and liquidation of a legal entity;
  • Maintaining personnel and accounting records.

Accountants with experience in submitting reports of pawnshops to the Central Bank are popular.

The cost of services for individual entrepreneurs is 10,000 rubles. per month, LLC - 15,000-25,000, consultations from 5,000.

SMM specialist

Those who are engaged in the development of social networks. Having mastered this profession, you will always have a flow of customers. And with the turnover that TikTok or Instagram is gaining, one can only assume that the demand for SMM specialists will only grow.

An SMM specialist can find work on job sites, freelance exchanges, or word of mouth. Having found several projects, your income will be from $ 500 to $ 2500. And if you are a very creative person, your income will quickly grow to $ 7000.

SEO specialist

The essence of the work is to attract organic traffic from search engines. Such a profession requires you to know a lot of information for effective earnings, and in this profession you can constantly develop, since the work is interesting.

It is believed that this profession has exhausted itself. They say that everything is now decided by the purchased advertising. But practice shows that SEO works. This is a stable income.

Reputation Management Specialist

Apart from the aforementioned two professions, it is possible to separate SERM specialists. The job is to manage online reputation, as well as protect brands and personas. If you show high results, you will earn quite well and quickly.

You will also need to monitor reviews by keywords and tags on social networks. Communicate with people and change their opinion about a brand or person using prepared scripts. This profession is highly regarded in the market and can be earned from $ 3000.

PPC Specialist

The job is to attract purchased traffic (targeted advertising). You need to be able to work with such tools as: Facebook Ads, Google Key Planner, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager . The specialist's responsibilities also include choosing an audience and advertisements, creating semantics, setting up remarketing and planning a budget.

Competent targeting experts and context tuners have always been worth their weight in gold, so study PPC for high income. On average, you can earn $ 200-300 by leading one (!) Client. But if you make an effort to find clients, as well as develop your knowledge, then you can really reach an income of $ 5000-8000 per month while at home.

Freelance exchange for earnings

Popular exchanges offer a variety of work on the Internet without investment and deception:

  • Weblancer ( ) - tasks for performers from Russia and the CIS countries, loyal to performers, user-friendly interface. The level of earnings is average. But it rises depending on the personal rating.
  • Kwork  is a hypermarket of orders for all professions and directions. The rating system has been developed, the exchange commission is 20%. The disadvantage is high competition, it is difficult to find an order, always on the client's side, a biased assessment of the situation, when a negative rating is received, it cannot be restored, just delete and create a new one with different data. Pros - quick withdrawal of funds, free registration and the ability to take any order.
  • Work-zilla ( ) - a large number of tasks, no competition. Newbies find clients easily. A variety of orders, sorting of goods, filling in cards in an online store, dialing a database, etc. The disadvantage is the registration fee.
  • ( ) is an exchange where you can find work in ten directions. The disadvantage is a pro-account, to respond to all tasks is paid.
  • Fiverr ( ) - Freelance marketplace for advertisers, internet marketers, sound editors, designers and more. The minimum payment for your services is $ 5. A significant advantage is that there is no need to constantly monitor new orders, customers leave orders themselves.
  • Dribbble ( ) - The service is tailored for game designers, digital artists and interface masters. Here customers look at the portfolio, it needs to be filled as completely as possible after registration. In the right column, there is a switch between remote and location-based operation.
  • FlexJobs ( ) - 55 job topics, full-time, freelance, and private upload. FlexJobs employees browse hundreds of official employers' pages, providing contractors with only verified offers. It is really possible for a beginner to make money on the Internet without investing.
  • The Muse ( ) - The service stands out from the competition with its attractive design. A good platform for brand designers, illustrators, UX designers. One of the sections of the site is called “Work from home”. The minimum payment for your services is $ 8.
  • Guru ( ) - Admins , translators, web developers are in demand. Architects and engineers can also easily find jobs. In 2020, the exchange paid its employees $ 250 million. Here you will find the answer to how to make money on the Internet without investments right now.
  • Working Nomads ( ) - Here you can send an email with a selection of suitable work for every taste. You can work quickly and well, via a PC or via a telephone.
  • Upwork ( ) - A lot of work in the field of mobile technologies, web animation, photo and video processing, marketers, programmers, copywriters. There are a lot of customers and work, everyone will find something of their own.
  • Freelancer ( ) - On this freelance exchange, you will find ways to make money without investing money on the Internet. New tasks on Freelancer, appear every few minutes, there is enough work for everyone. It is convenient to work through mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • Freelancermap ( ) - There is a lot of work here for those who know how to use 2D and 3D graphics. There are also other vacancies with decent wages. Really make money on the Internet without investment.
  • Remotive ( ) - The service is developing rapidly, and with it - the interest from companies and job seekers. Decent earnings from marketing, design, copywriting and more. You can work from home, even as a teenager.
  • AngelList ( ) - The resource is just developing, but has promising and interesting vacancies. Now the company has several thousand startups that need skilled hands.
  • Skillbridge ( ) - Platform for specialized freelancers. Narrow niches are well paid. There are jobs for financial analysts, email marketing experts and many more. Profitable projects with serious customers often fall out.
  • Remote Ok ( ) - Where to make money on the Internet without investment knows Remote Ok, a freelance exchange with hot and diverse vacancies.
  • Bunny Inc ( ) - Service for creative and talented beginners and professionals. Writing jobs, designers and translators will find thousands of vacancies here every day. Only trusted companies and employers.
  • Voice 123 ( ) - The site offers voiceover jobs. You can get additional reviews by becoming a premium user.
  • Mashable Job Board ( ) - A platform for digital professionals. Many employers and a lot of work. We register and look for a dream job.
  • NYCastings ( ) - This service is a database of movie vacancies. Cameramen, directors, lighting specialists and editors will find work for themselves here.
  • Computer Assistant ( ) - Service provides IT services for companies and customers in America and parts of Canada.
  • Weblancer ( ) - A well-known and proven freelance exchange. You can find a job for every taste: graphics and photography, layout, web development. In some places, the site is paid, there are both free tasks and paid ones, you need to understand this right away. Payment in dollars.

Where to make money on the Internet without investments

Earning money on exchanges and websites attracts several thousand people every day. To make the income a reality, you need to determine the skills: copywriting, programming, web design, etc. and choose the site that suits you.

“ I want to make money on the Internet without investments ” - if you, more and more often, think about it, here is one of the most important advice - do not quit freelancing before the first withdrawal of money. Only at this stage will it be difficult. Further, this type of earnings will bring income from 70 thousand rubles with an employment of 6-7 hours.

Now let's take a look at the proven sites that will bring you a good income at home:


Advego is considered one of the best sites for copywriters in Russia. Immediately after a simple registration, you can earn your first money. You earn by writing texts for money. There are other jobs on the site, but they are less common. For example, leave a comment on social networks, write a review, translate text, and the like. The site has been tested over the years and is a reliable source of income. Income from 1000 rubles per day, for 2-3 hours of work.


Another convenient and lively site for making money. The assignments are mainly for copywriters. Simple and intuitive interface. Your work is paid, only in rubles (no cu as on Advego). The customer pays the commission, the contractor receives the entire amount specified in the working conditions.

Yandex.Toloka (

The site pays money for performing simple tasks, for example, assessing the visual quality of the pictures, whether there are 18+ in the screenshots or images, to evaluate the publication, etc. The service belongs to Yandex, so there will definitely not be any problems with the withdrawal of money. No investment required. We register on the site and immediately get access to the tasks.

IRecommend (

What a beginner can make money on the Internet without investments from scratch is on reviews. On the IRecommend website, you can leave reviews on anything and get real money for it, this is the easiest way to make money on the Internet. You can earn 3-4 thousand a month, this is certainly not much, but as a side job it will do quite well.

Otzovik (

We also write reviews on products and services, earn on viewing your reviews.

E-generator (

On this site, contests and tenders are published, for example, to come up with a name for a new product, a script for a video or a slogan. If your idea is chosen, you get paid. These are tasks for creative people who can make money on their imagination.

The same operating principle as in the E-generator differs only in the interface design.

All Passed (

Here they pay money for completing school and student assignments of varying complexity. For example, help with the preparation of essays, theses, solving problems and tests.

Text (

The site offers work to copywriters. Quick and easy registration, fill out the profile and get to work. For completing the profile, you will receive additional points to the rating. There is a lot of work on the site. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rubles. On this site, a good and free system for checking the text for uniqueness.

Nyamkin (

The site offers to make money by publishing step-by-step recipes with photos. 150 rubles for each recipe you publish.

AdvertApp (

A site with tasks for installing applications on the phone, you also need to write reviews about applications.

Sale text (

Site for freelancers. Here you can sell your "essay" on a free topic.


A site where you can sell your services, for example: working with texts, creating banners or logos, helping with websites, working with images, videos and audio. Kwork is a service that you are ready to offer to a customer. For successful sales and attracting buyers, it is imperative to write a competent and detailed description of the services offered. The description needs to hook the buyer so that he turns to you.

What you need to make money without investment and where to start

Now you know about many ways to make money while sitting at home . You just have to choose the one that suits you. It's better to start with the understanding that a good, decent income, or the income you dream about, is completely up to you, the more you work, the more you earn.

If you have absolutely no experience at all, you will be able to make money surfing social networks, but it is unlikely that your earnings will be able to become the main income.

Remember, the easier the job, the less pay for it, no one will pay millions for work that even a child can do. You need to constantly work on yourself in order to improve your skills and take on more "expensive" tasks. Good internet money is not for the lazy!

Before starting work, carry out preparatory measures:

  1. Remove all unnecessary from your laptop or PC, close unnecessary tabs, shortcuts - free up space.
  2. If necessary, you can perform tasks in parallel on your smartphone.
  3. Register an electronic wallet WebMoney or YuMoney.
  4. Define your niche and after monitoring several ways, devote yourself to 2-5 resources, attend free seminars.

High-quality preparation and morale will help a beginner to make money on the Internet without investments


The topic of remote work is gaining more and more popularity every day. But the main thing is that there is money on the Internet.

Register on several exchanges, sites or services presented above in the article. Especially if it's surfing on social networks. So you can find and complete more interesting tasks. Try different types of earnings.

Also, do not cheat with the portfolio, attributing someone else's work to yourself in order to take a profitable order. You simply can, fail and earn a bad reputation, lower your rating. You need to soberly assess your capabilities and skills, but do not let this list limit you.

Always show yourself honestly with your customers, you took the task - be sure to bring it to its logical end and submit it within the agreed time frame, then your efforts will pay off well, and the number of customers will increase, and the income will grow.

If in the text of the assignment, you are asked to make an advance payment under some strange pretext - this is fraud and deception.

Don't try to keep up with several rabbits at the same time. Took a task (writing an article, translating text, etc.) into work, then do it. This will make it easier for you to concentrate, especially if you are just learning to write.

To get a stable income and increase it, a few more practical tips:

  1. Turn on the notification of new tasks or set aside a certain time to complete tasks in each of them during the day. Applications available from a mobile are very convenient to make money on the way to work or study in public transport.
  2. Fill out the form completely, indicate as much information about yourself as possible. In this case, there will be much more tasks than users without data or with a half-filled card.
  3. Visit sites not only through the phone, but also on a PC, as it is faster and more convenient to work in them.
  4. If you prefer copywriting, read more to draw attention to the writing style of other artists, and also read free books to "pump" and improve skills.
  5. Never invest your own money. The exception is the Workzilla site, where the price of the tasks will allow you to quickly recoup your investment. Remember any earnings — your income and suggestions for “guarantees,” “postage,” and so on. send to the blacklist and report to the resource administrator.
  6. Execute orders efficiently and quickly to find regular customers.
  7. Never switch to messengers and other communication formats, except for exchanges, even if they promise "golden mountains" due to savings on commissions. " There are many unscrupulous customers who, having received a completed task, will not pay for the work. The exchange will not be able to help in solving the situation, since the deception will occur outside its borders. As a last resort, demand the conclusion of a contract. Then take risks.
  8. To search for a customer, use not only online platforms for freelancers, but also post ads and resumes on Avito, Yula,
  9. Remember that working over the Internet, completing tasks requires adherence to a work schedule. Many people install special programs that record the amount of time spent at the computer, distractions, etc. Therefore, even sitting on the couch with a laptop, remember that remote work is a discipline and responsibility on which reputation and earnings depend.

Some interesting facts

One fine day, Jason Sadler was browsing online job offers and got so inspired that he sold his upper body to advertise. Every day he wears different T-shirts and T-shirts with the logos of advertising companies. When he started his business, the cost of his services started at $ 1 on January 1st and $ 365 on December 31st. He made over $ 60,000 in a year. Jason also had to hire people because there were a lot of people who wanted to use his services. It turns out you don't need to be a professional athlete or a star to make money from advertising.

The computer game Second Life , thanks to which a simple teacher Eileen Gref became the first person to earn $ 1 million in virtual reality. The Chinese woman bought real estate consisting of pixels, refined it and rented it out. Already in mid-2006, the girl possessed the first, real million, but she did not stop there. Continuing to actively buy houses and lots in other online games, Eileen started her own company and hired employees as virtual realtors.

Brian Jones , founder of Red Rider Leg Lamps, decided to create floor lamps in the shape of a woman's leg. For a long time, Brian ignored the ridicule of friends and parents. By all means, the young guy continued to believe in his idea, in 2020 the annual income of the company, which has been on the market for more than 15 years, amounted to $ 1 million.

The experience of these people proves that, first of all, always believe in yourself, your idea, your success.


Praise yourself and we congratulate you too if you have read up to this point and considered ways to make money sitting at home and without investment.

The article indicates the minimum amount of earnings, but their limit is not limited. Anyone can have a part-time job or a main activity - an expert in the profession, a schoolboy, a student, a mother on maternity leave, or a pensioner. Verified personally.