54+ Business ideas in the Garage (services, production), Machines and Examples

what to do in the garage to make money
Business ideas

What kind of business you can open in a garage - ideas for men, examples of profitability and investments, ideas for a mini garage business for beginners.

The prevailing idea of ​​what a successful business is often gets in the way of starting it. Many people think that for this they need to have solid capital and rent an office, so they prefer not to even think about the details, but just go to work in this very office.

But a small business can be started with very little investment, the main thing is the idea. It is often enough to use what is at hand. One of the most interesting assets for starting a business is a garage.

Many big stories in the West began with him: the Apple corporation was born in a garage in 1976, and now it is a real monster with a capitalization of trillions of dollars. Amazon was also founded in the garage - it started by selling books, and Google - and the garage was not even the property of the founders, it was rented out along with the apartment. Thus, a small business can become the first step towards a company with hundreds of thousands of employees.

We have our own traditions of business in garages, dating back to Soviet times: in the 80s, many spacious garages were built, and later it turned out that they were very convenient to use as workshops. In the 90s, many garage cooperatives appeared, because many factories closed, and the business in the garage for the men who previously worked for them turned out to be the only way to feed the family.

And so it happened : in some regions, up to a quarter of the working-age population is involved in the "garage business". Interestingly, now it is not only former workers who run it, it turned out that business ideas in the garage can be very diverse, up to growing snails, and bring a good income.

The more unusual an occupation is chosen, the less competition is, so that if demand can be met, the business will flourish.


What to do in the garage to make money

Garage Business: Ideas for Men

Garage business with minimal investment

Ideas for production

Garage business machines

Garage business ideas without investment

Garage business ideas for beginners


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What to do in the garage to make money

The most natural direction for a garage business has to do with cars. Interior upholstery, tire fitting, vinyl wrapping, painting, spare parts sales, car wash, airbrushing studio - these are just a few of the options for what to do in the garage to make money. If one of the niches related to cars is still vacant, first of all it is worth considering how to occupy it. Almost all of them are potentially highly profitable, although many require significant investments.

But most often they are already taken, then you need to look for something else. And the next obvious options are the store and the rental point. You can sell a variety of things in the garage, but the location is important - it is difficult to compete with ordinary stores because of it. Therefore, it is worth choosing goods that are unusual - those for which they can go especially to you, like antiques or skins.

The most popular rental products : bicycles, camping equipment, children's clothes, equipment and tools. You can build a business on any of these goods, and a garage will be a good help for him. You can also go into production: it requires investments in machines and tools, as well as knowledge of technology, but it can also bring excellent income. You can produce a variety of goods: furniture, souvenirs, building mixtures, nails, bricks, paving stones - depending on what the demand is greater.

Есть и много других вариантов как открыть бизнес в гараже: некоторые оборудуют тренажёрные залы, шашлычные и кондитерские, коптят мясо и рыбу, заводят кур, устраивают кафе или даже сауны – была бы фантазия, а способ заработать всегда найдётся. Чем больше средств вы можете вложить в дело, тем больше возможностей будет, но вместе с этим повышаются и риски. Бизнес в гараже с минимальными вложениями или совсем без них тоже можно начать – самые интересные варианты ещё будут рассмотрены подробно.

Garage Business: Ideas for Men

what to do in the garage to make money
Business ideas

First of all, there are ideas for men, which involve substantial expenditures on preparation. Capital-intensive options offer advantages: they can be potentially the most profitable, least demanding of your time, easy to implement, or you have no competition - and sometimes they combine several of these advantages at once.

Important : our country is large and the standard of living in different regions differs markedly, as well as prices. Therefore, further averaged figures will be given.

A store

The garage can simply be turned into a store. You will need to equip it, make a sign and provide advertising, register, and if you trade in the winter, insulate the premises.

Draw up a business plan and assess in advance whether the garage is conveniently located - how busy it is, how close to transport interchanges.

Usually the location is not ideal, but if you open a store with not the most ordinary goods, this is not so important. It is only necessary that the garage does not stand completely on the outskirts, where no one will go.

The total cost of opening a store can range from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles, depending on whether you need insulation, what product you will be selling, how much advertising is required. The payback period is up to a year.

Rental point

Another easy way to start a garage business is to rent a car. Near parks, rental services for bicycles, segways, gyro scooters, children's electric cars can be in great demand.

Yes, even in winter, the rental point can remain open: rent skis, sledges and other ammunition for recreation.

Investments - about 200,000 rubles, monthly income - 100,000, that is, such a business pays off very quickly if the garage is well located.

Car painting salon

In large cities, the competition is too high, but for smaller cities, the idea of ​​opening such a salon can be very lucrative. In addition to the painting itself, all related services should be provided in it - cleaning, grinding, and so on.

Everything needs to be learned, purchased equipment, and assistants will not interfere. Opening costs are 1.5 million or more . On the other hand, the business will also bring in a good amount: these investments can be recouped in one and a half to two years.

Sale of garage furniture

business ideas
business ideas

The usual image of a garage as a nondescript room, where something that was not useful in others is sent, is replaced by a new one - now they often try to furnish garages comfortably, and there is special furniture for them.

What is best for the garage furniture trade but a garage! In it, you can immediately see how it will look. You can also open a website to present the entire assortment, and invite everyone to come and see the furniture of interest. Opening costs - from 1 million , payback period - a year.

Making garden sculptures

If you have artistic taste and skills, you can start making garden sculptures in your garage.

The demand for them is growing, so if a niche is still free in your city, it is worth taking it up quickly.

A garage is a good place to store equipment, tools, and the sculptures themselves.

The cost of equipment, arrangement and the first consumables will amount to 250,000 . It is possible that the business will pay off for quite a long time - a year and a half, but there are good growth prospects: at first it is better to deal with simpler figures and sell them with a small margin, but with a set of experience you can take on more complex and expensive ones.

Restoration of old cars

Why else use a garage if not for cars! In this case - for old, vintage cars. There are two options: you can work on the order of the owner of such a car, or you can buy them yourself, restore and bring them to their best shape, and then sell them.

In the first case, almost no investment is required, but in the second, you can make a big profit - restored cars are sometimes sold at times more expensive.

Styrofoam processing

Most of the spheres of application of foam in the case of the garage business should not be touched upon - it is enough to dwell on the decorative one. Foam figurines are in great demand, so the machine will not be idle, and its cost (about 200,000) will pay off in less than six months. You need to show imagination and skill, as well as develop a competent promotion plan.

Dog breeding

If you love dogs and own a patio next to the garage, you can breed them. It is enough to enclose the courtyard with a fence so that they can frolic there, and re-equip the garage itself. After that, it remains only to choose the breed for which there is a demand.

The main investment is in the purchase of dogs for breeding, so the numbers will greatly depend on the breed.

The investment pays off from the very first litter.

You can earn quite good money on this: for example, for a Yorkshire terrier puppy about 20 thousand rubles, a Labrador - 30, a husky - 50.


It will take a lot of paperwork, but the costs are relatively low - about 100,000 will be spent on equipment for beer production, raw materials and various accessories. If we compare business ideas for production in a garage, this one is one of the most undemanding.

Everything can be quickly bought, installed and started production - if no one else is doing this in your city or district, it's time to master a niche, because this business can pay off in just 3-4 months.

You can make not only beer, but also other alcoholic beverages - for example, wine is especially important for the southern regions.

Manufacturing of window frames made of wood

Handmade window frames are in great demand if they are of high quality, but for this you need to invest in machines - you will have to spend from 500,000 to 1 million rubles.

It will take a year and a half to recoup this money in good conditions, but competition in this area is often high, so be sure to carefully study who in your or neighboring cities is already dealing with wooden windows.

Potentially, such a mini-business in the garage can only bring in 80,000 monthly net profit.

Stained glass production

The demand for stained-glass windows is high due to the active construction of cottages, so for those with artistic flair, and even better skills in working on stained-glass windows, doing them is a great option. The costs will depend on the chosen equipment, the minimum will have to be about 300,000 rubles. This amount can be recouped in 6-10 months, and then it's time to think about buying more advanced equipment and hiring assistants.

The profitability of such a workshop can grow dramatically over time, up to 100,000 per month. If you are ready to open a small production in the garage, then stained glass windows will be one of the most profitable options.

Equipment and tourist equipment rental

Events require sound and light equipment, and the garage can be a convenient place to store and rent it. It is quite expensive, so you will need to immediately invest from 500,000 rubles, in general, a full-fledged set of professional equipment can cost several million.

This amount will pay off up to two years, but then you can count on a significant monthly income - about 150,000, and even if half of this amount is spent on hardware upgrades, it’s still not bad, considering that you will hardly spend time.

Alternative option : rental of tourist equipment: tents, camping kits, sleeping bags, boats and the like. Investments and income are usually lower, and if there is enough space in the garage, then you can even combine it with equipment rental.

Tire fitting

When considering what kind of business to do in the garage, you should definitely not forget about tire fitting - if you have enough money. Several machines and tools will be required - in total, all equipment will cost 300,000 rubles. The investments are significant, but the return is high: they will pay off in a year and a half, then in peak months the profit will reach 300,000 reach indicators of 1 million.

Garage business with minimal investment

business ideas

If you are not ready to invest several hundred thousand, it is worth considering business ideas in the garage with minimal investment. By them, here we mean costs up to 100,000, at most 150,000. They can be less profitable or more time consuming compared to those discussed earlier, but it depends on many factors, and sometimes ideas for a garage business with minimal investment turn out to be even more effective.


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Repair of household appliances

If you have " golden hands ", then why not do the repairs right in the garage. You will need tools and legal study - for expensive things you will need to give a guarantee and a little advertising.

The costs for all this are low - usually around 30,000 rubles.

They pay off, if you are really good at it, in less than a month, and then there is a net profit. Repair can be a part-time job in the evenings, and the main occupation - in the second case, there is not so little space for growth, you can improve your skills and do it yourself repairing a variety of things: from kettles to TVs.

Rent of goods for children

Children's products are very expensive and, if you do not need to use them for a long time, it is much more profitable to rent them. Toys, cribs and strollers, clothes, baby chairs - all this is in demand, and if no one nearby has yet guessed to open a rental of children's goods, then filling this niche is an excellent answer to the question of what kind of business can be opened in the garage.

It is advisable that there is a child nearby, and preferably not alone, and you can always ask them before buying whether the children will like the product - you should not rely on your taste in this matter.

The garage needs to be decorated, the first batch of goods to be bought - at least 100,000 rubles will be spent on this. Quite a bit for starting a business - you can recoup the costs in less than six months. And then to expand the assortment and advertise - such a business can bring in the future 40,000 rubles in profit per month.

Manufacturing of ceramics

Do you have access to good natural clay? Why not start making souvenir tableware! Handcrafted ceramics have a lot of connoisseurs, so you won't be left without work, and you don't need to spend a lot: besides clay, you need a potter's wheel, a kiln for firing, nets for molds and paint. All this is quite inexpensive - from 30,000 rubles.

If the business goes well, it will be possible to acquire a more technologically advanced furnace (it will cost 500,000) and start making high-level ceramics. You can earn about 40,000 a month on ordinary ceramics, but if you become a master, you can count on an amount 2-3 times higher.

Growing mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms, champignons, boletus, honey mushrooms - these mushrooms are able to bring a big harvest all year round. To do this, you just need to provide a constant temperature and humidity level in the garage, ventilation, lighting and the necessary soil. Mushrooms grow faster than forest ones, so they yield about once every 5 weeks.

To grow faster, you need to provide conditions - you need equipment. If specialized climatic chambers of a large volume are expensive, then 100,000 rubles will be enough for a garage.

Income - 30,000 rubles per month from 10 square meters, and almost all of this is pure profit.

In recent years, more and more mushrooms have been grown in agro-industrial complexes, but there is still a place in this market - it is enough to choose unusual species.

Dressing of skins

The equipment for it is not too expensive: the entire set can be made to order for about 150,000 rubles. It is also relatively easy to master, although this idea is primarily suggested for those who already know the basics.

You can start with cheap raw materials - rabbit or sheep skins, so as not to incur large losses due to damage, and then move on to more expensive ones. Income from one skin ranges from 1,500 to 5,000, so you can recoup your investment in less than six months, and then earn 80,000 a month.

Photo studio

A common problem in small towns is there is nowhere to hold a photo session. If yours also has it, maybe it is you who will have to solve it. The garage will have to be refurbished, then this is potentially a suitable place.

Initial costs can be about 100,000 rubles and pay off in half a year, and only then it will be possible to consider purchasing more expensive equipment.

Play equipment

You can do outdoor equipment (swings, slides, and so on) or home (wall bars, dry pools). Depending on the assortment, investments of different amounts in machines will be required - you can start with 150,000 rubles. Such an investment pays off in six months.

Mini smokehouse

Smokers can use the garage as a smoker and start smoking not only for themselves, but also for sale. The equipment is usually already there, so you can start without any investment at all, and over time, think about buying more advanced equipment. It is important to obtain a permit, since we are talking about food products, which means you need to ensure that the garage complies with sanitary standards. The garage must be located at least 300 meters from residential buildings, otherwise there will be no question of any permits.

Smoked products can be sold at 2-3 times more expensive, but it is worth making allowance for shrinkage, in which about a third of the weight is lost. If this becomes your main occupation, and both your smoked meat and poultry and fish will be in demand, then you can earn over 80,000 rubles a month.

Ideas for production

business ideas
business ideas

Not every garage is suitable for production, and not all neighbors will agree to tolerate noise or other inconveniences if they accompany this production. In addition, in most cases, you have to invest seriously - what kind of production can be without investment. But if a profitable mini-production can be launched, then even in the garage you can earn hundreds of thousands a month.

You can do a lot of different things - you cannot tell about all areas, so only a few, especially promising ones, will be considered further. Traditionally, there is a high demand in the construction market, so that a significant part of garage production is associated with it.

Paving stones

Hot selling product, can be sold to construction companies, shops and private clients. You will need 400,000 rubles to buy everything you need, but the paving stones itself can be sold at twice the cost price - and it will still be profitable to buy it from you. You can recoup your investments in less than a year, then get an average of 60,000 profit per month .


One of the most demanded materials, but brick factories are not everywhere. If it is not near you and it is quite expensive to transport bricks to the city, you can start producing them yourself. Equipment costs - from 500,000, payback period - 8-10 months.

Alternative options: concrete, foam blocks, and so on - depending on what the demand is higher.

Artificial marble

If cheap concrete is available to you, it is worth considering starting the production of artificial marble from it. It is used quite widely, so it will not be difficult to find buyers. Initial investment - 250,000, payback period - 8 months.


Like other building materials, it is in high demand. For production, a spacious garage is needed; it is also good to have additional storage facilities for finished products.

  • Start-up costs - 300,000, payback period - up to 10 months.

Nails and screws

Both nails and self-tapping screws during construction are required in very large volumes, if it is actively carried out in your area, it is worth finding out where and how much they are purchased. The production is quite dangerous, but potentially highly profitable .

  • Initial costs - from 500,000, they can be recouped in six months.


business ideas
business ideas

Typical store aquariums aren't always suitable, so a custom-made business can thrive. Equipment costs - 300,000, payback period - 8-10 months. In addition to the main business, fish can be raised.

Windscreen washer fluid

Significant initial investments will be required - from 500,000 rubles, and more often a million, but they can be recouped in less than six months.


The machines and materials for starting work will cost 200,000, they will pay off within 6-8 months, then earn 40,000 a month on keys, and in addition, you can start making locks.

Toilet paper

A good option for what kind of business to open in a garage is if there is a nearby paper processing plant or a recycling base. Equipment for production can be purchased for 800,000, the payback period is one and a half years, and the monthly profit is 80,000.

Irrigation systems

The production of components for irrigation systems does not require large investments - about 100,000 rubles will be enough. Because of this, competition is high, but if you live in an area with a large number of summer cottages and vegetable gardens nearby, and an insufficient supply of irrigation systems, this is a great option.

Бизнес сезонный, за год способен приносить до миллиона прибыли.

Fuel pellets

With the cost of a ton of products at 2,000 rubles, it can be sold at three times the price, and the demand is high, which makes this business very attractive. The main difficulty is finding sufficient volumes of cheap raw materials: waste wood and waste paper, waste from the production of grain and corn, and the like. If there is a source of such raw materials nearby, you can earn up to three million rubles a year in a small garage production - and two of them will be net profit.

Garage business machines

Among the most common machines in garages are a turning and drilling machine, a workbench, and a welding machine. All machines for business in the garage will not be considered further: there are too many options and priority was given to those that provide low competition when there is demand.

Hydraulic Forging Press

business ideas
business ideas

It can be used to turn a garage into a small forge and make dozens of different products. Forging, cutting, drawing, sheet and metal stamping - all this is in demand and well paid. But this business is fraught with fire, therefore, materials that are not fire-hazardous should be used to decorate the garage, and it should be at least 10 meters from residential buildings.

A simple press costs from 100,000 rubles, and some craftsmen even make it themselves. If the business goes well, then the investment will pay off very quickly, even if you need to spend money on finishing the garage. More serious machines cost from 500,000, but they can be recouped in a year. A good blacksmith's monthly income exceeds 100,000.

Corn tube extruder

An unusual business for a garage in a small town - may allow you to occupy an empty niche, but it is worth remembering about the difficulties of obtaining permits for food production. The production process itself using an extruder is very simple, and ice cream or various fillings can be poured into the tubes.

Цена на экструдер начинается всего от 60 000средняя прибыль за месяц может составлять 20 000. При этом производство трубочек не займёт много времени, так что его можно совмещать с другими занятиями.

Leather embossing machine

Walls in apartments, as well as cafes, restaurants and nightclubs are finished with embossed leather panels. If you have access to design agencies, such a machine costing about 200,000 can be recouped in six months and then receive only net profit from 50,000 every month.

Extruder for the production of tiles and roof tiles

business ideas
business ideas

The demand for both tiles and shingles is quite high, but it is not produced everywhere. Due to the cost of the extruder of 500,000 - 800,000, this idea is abandoned by many of those who start a garage business. If you are ready to spend that kind of money, then the investment will pay off in a year and a half, then you can earn 70,000.

Metal sponge making machine

The main plus is the low cost of the device, a Chinese machine can be purchased for 70,000. It is at the expense of the price that these are very attractive machines for small businesses in the garage. Sponges are also inexpensive, but they can be produced in considerable quantities. If we manage to agree with the stores on wholesale supplies, then the profit can reach 30,000 per month.

Wood splitter

business ideas
business ideas

Стоит от 70 000 и окупается очень быстро: за два месяца если сразу же найдутся клиенты. Если вы живёте в частном доме и поблизости много отапливаемых дровами домов, насчёт спроса можно не беспокоиться: расфасованные и полностью готовые дрова раскупаются даже с серьёзной наценкой. Бизнес сезонный, за год может приносить около 500 000.

Charcoal kiln

It can be a good addition to a wood splitter - some of the firewood can then be turned into charcoal, for which there is also considerable demand. While firewood is purchased for houses and cottages, most of the coal goes to catering establishments. A stove costs from 100,000, in a season it pays off in a month. You can earn 600,000 per year on it.

Garage business ideas without investment

Garage business ideas without investment
business ideas

It is possible to start a business even without costs - this is the most difficult thing, and the range of options is very narrow, and yet a business in a garage without investment is possible.

Renting out a garage

If you don't need a garage yet, and you don't want to do anything in it, then you can simply rent it out. No investments, and there is usually demand, although not in all cities. Yes, and it is not necessary to rent it out specifically for a car, it can also be used as a warehouse, this is also often in high demand. Earnings are not high - about 5,000 rubles a month, but you don't need to do anything.

Storage point

Another way to use usable space for the lazy or too busy: if the garage is spacious enough, it is enough to equip it with shelves and shelves to store other people's things in it.

Those who wish in the big city will certainly find: in apartments there is often not enough space for things that should be useful, but are not needed right now. And if the renovation has begun ... There are no costs at all or they are minimal, so they pay off from the first or second client.

Average earnings are 50,000 per year and, unlike rentals, you can use your garage.

Sewing hammocks

There are more and more hammocks in the yards, and the process of making them is quite simple. You will need a sewing machine, table and raw materials. With your hand filled, you can start making hammocks with decorations and braid.

The main advantages of this business – практически нет затрат и необходимости долго разбираться с технологией. Заработать на гамаках можно неплохо, особенно в первое время, пока ими не обзаведутся все желающие в ближайшей округе – а затем разнообразить ассортимент чем-то ещё.

There are many promising options, but the skills will remain with you. You can earn 50,000 a month on hammocks.

Carpet cleaning

Business ideas in the Garage
Business ideas

You will need a car for transporting carpets, as well as cleaning products - in a word, this investment in the business will hardly have to be made at first. The service is quite popular, because carpets are available not only in apartments, but also in offices - there is no one to clean them there.

Со временем можно вложиться, докупить оборудование и работать эффективнее. Доход от такого бизнеса в первое время невелик, но, если развивать его, можно выйти на хорошие цифры – порядка 50 000 прибыли в месяц.

Wood carving and woodwork shop

If you have discovered a talent for making wood products, and even more so if this is your hobby, you should think about how to make money on it. The garage can be converted into a workshop and shop. At first, you can do without investments altogether, and then gradually expand the range of products produced and buy more advanced tools.

You can make chess and other board games, boxes, dishes and so on. It is not necessary to limit yourself only to your own products - if there is enough space in the garage, you can at the same time start trading with strangers. This craft will bring in about 40,000 a month, and if you also use the garage as a store, then the income can be doubled.

Пошив карнавальных костюмов

The main competitors in this area will be the Chinese - their costumes are cheap, so you won't be able to compete in prices and you will need to take quality. The second important advantage is the deadlines, sometimes they are tight, and rather than waiting for the suit to come from China, people are often willing to overpay. Therefore, usually costumes are made both to order and "in reserve", in case someone needs a ready-made one.

The main plus is that from the acquisitions only sewing accessories are needed, and if they already exist, then no investment is required at all. You can earn from several thousand rubles for a simple suit to several tens of thousands for a complex one - which means that the total earnings per month will depend only on your skills and performance.

Making things for animals

Gone are the days when a pet only had a bowl: houses, scratching posts, sun beds, carrying bags, toys - the demand for such things is growing rapidly. If your city does not yet have garage workshops for their production, and you have always managed well with a saw and a jigsaw, making items for animals is a very interesting option.

You can sell products to pet stores or directly to buyers - and at the same time you can sell other people's goods for animals in the garage, making additional profit. Income from the manufacture of things for animals can be 60,000 thousand per month.


If this is your hobby, then consider turning it into a business. The garage is great for this, and you can decorate furniture, musical instruments, dishes and other interior items. There are practically no costs, the income will depend on your skills: craftsmen earn 100,000 or more, a strong mid-level artisan can count on 50,000.

Garage business ideas for beginners

Not all interesting ideas have enough space in the previous sections, but it is worth telling briefly about the rest. There are no ideas that are too complicated or expensive to implement and require experience in business, all presented are suitable for beginners.

Покраска щебня

Purchase of ordinary crushed stone in bulk and painting it. Painted crushed stone can be sold 3-4 times more expensive than usual.

  • Starting costs: 70,000 rubles.
  • Profit per month: 35,000.
  • Период окупаемости: 2 месяца.

Outdoor advertising production

Banners, signs, labels made of self-adhesive film - there is a constant demand for all this, and the equipment for production is compact enough to be placed in a garage.

  • Затраты: 100 000 – 400 000 в зависимости от ассортимента.
  • Profit per month: 30,000 - 50,000.
  • Payback period: up to 10 months.

Sewing curtains

You need a professional sewing machine and skills - or workers with them. You can also sew covers and bedspreads, machines can be installed and 2-3 if there is a demand and the area allows.

  • Затраты: 100 000.
  • Profit per month: 30,000 from one sewing machine.
  • Payback period: 4 months.

Making handmade soap

  • Cost: only for components.
  • Profit per month: 25,000; you can additionally earn money on natural cosmetics.

Photo printing on PVC tiles and panels

  • Costs: 60,000.
  • Profit per month: 30,000.
  • Payback period: up to 3 months.

Manufacture of wooden toys

Competition in this segment is low, and demand is stable. If you have an artistic taste and woodworking skills, this is a cheap option to start your own business.

  • Costs: 30,000.
  • Profit per month: 30,000, strong seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Пошив чехлов для мебели

  • Costs: 250,000.
  • Profit per month: 40,000.
  • Payback period: up to 10 months.

Производство жалюзи

For some species, special equipment is not needed at all, but over time it will be possible to purchase it and expand the range.

  • Costs: 30,000.
  • Profit per month: 30,000.

Mini typography

  • Costs: from 500,000.
  • Profit per month: 80,000.
  • Payback period: up to a year.

Weaving accessories from a vine

  • Cost: only for components.
  • Profit per month: 30,000.

Magnet making

Magnets are especially relevant in tourist cities, but there are enough buyers even without tourists.

  • Costs: 150,000.
  • Profit per month: 25,000.
  • Payback period: up to 8 months.

Bicycle repair

The idea works best in large cities, where the population has a lot of bicycles.

  • Costs: 100,000.
  • Profit per month: 40,000.
  • Payback period: 3 months.

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The first step is to assess the pros and cons of running a garage business.

Pros :

  1. No need to pay rent;
  2. For many activities, the conditions are quite comfortable;
  3. You can get by with minimal investment;
  4. There is an opportunity to make good money, and eventually expand your business;
  5. Freedom of action - you yourself will plan your schedule;
  6. The ability to do the business to which you are disposed.


  • It is difficult to obtain permits from the sanitary-epidemiological service and the fire inspection, if they are required;
  • For some types of business, you will have to get the consent of your neighbors;
  • Garages are often poorly located;
  • There is a chance of demolition.

How to determine the direction

If the problems did not frighten you, then the first thing to do is to study the situation: what is missing and what are you willing to buy. The most important rule for starting a business is that areas in which competition is very low or not at all are preferred. If you live in a city with a population of 100,000 - 300,000 people, then you have both a sufficiently large market and fertile ground for looking for such a business. In larger cities, someone is involved in almost everyone, but you can still find a promising direction.

On the other hand, if no one is doing something, perhaps the reason is not that no one guessed, but in the pitfalls, so you should find out everything in advance. Well-trodden paths often become safer, provided that there is still enough space in the niche you want to join. This is the most important thing: so many attempts to start a garage business have failed due to the fact that proper exploration was not carried out, and it turned out that the products or services produced were simply not needed.

If the garage is well located : the place is convenient for access and there are crowded centers nearby, then you can implement a very wide range of ideas. But if the garage is somewhere in the suburbs and it takes a long time to get to it, this changes the matter - an idea is needed that will work even in these conditions. You certainly shouldn't expect that you can just open an auto parts store and many buyers will come to your place.

Как вести подготовку к началу бизнеса

First, you need to plan everything well: what will be the initial costs and then monthly, what will be the dynamics of income and when will it pay off, will you need to register and hire assistants. It is imperative to think over a promotion strategy and distribution of goods.

After that, it is worthwhile to start preparing the garage. It all depends on what kind of business you decide to start. Among the stages of preparation can be insulation, wiring communications, repairs, equipping with the necessary equipment.

Что делать с регистрацией

A business in a garage can be registered as an LLC or an individual entrepreneur. It's safer this way, but often "garage entrepreneurs" choose not to. Much depends on the type of activity - in some cases it is impossible to work without permission from the authorities, in others you can do without them, at least at first.

But if you already have regular customers and your business brings a stable profit, it is still worth registering. A garage must meet a number of requirements in order to be inspected by an architect, and other permits may be required depending on the area of ​​activity.

How to deal with taxation

After registration, you will have to pay taxes. For the garage business, UTII or STS are usually used. You can use several systems at once, if it is more profitable, but tax accounting will need to be kept separately.


There are many ways you can turn your garage into a lucrative asset.

Think about which of these ideas are closer to you and are in demand where you live, for which you have enough funds. If you do not like these ideas, you can come up with something of your own - each locality has its own specifics, so you know better on the spot.

A business in a garage, even at the very beginning, is able to bring enough money for a comfortable life, and at the same time not take too much time - and if it is developed correctly, it can become much larger and more profitable.