Wow | Earn $717 PER DAY Simply COMMENTING (Make Money Online 2021)

Make Money Online 2021
did you know that you can actually get paid to leave comments without selling anything without having your own website and without any social media followers in this video i will show you guys how you can earn around 700 per day by just commenting now literally anyone can set up this income stream you don't need to make videos of yourself and you don't need any social media following and you actually don't need any social media profile you can make money starting today but it's not as 
easy as it sounds you'll need to spend at least an hour a day typing those comments

if you want to keep making hundreds of dollars per day now just like almost all the other methods i post on this channel this method is 100 free you don't have to pay or deposit any money at all also this method works worldwide so you do not have to go through the trouble of setting up a vpn and all that because this method will work no matter where you are from in this video i will give you a complete and step-by-step tutorial on how you guys can set up this income stream so make sure to pay 
You can watch the video If you don't want to read:
attention to each and every second of this video because i will drop some secret tips and tricks so that you can use this method today to maybe double or even triple your online income but before we start hey guys welcome to the money channel where we teach you how to make money online the simplest way make sure to subscribe to the channel and don't forget to click the notification bell so that whenever we upload a new video on how to make money online you will be updated and you can start to make things happen please give this video a big thumbs up and if you ever have 

any concerns questions or opinions about the video don't be shy and just leave a comment down below now let's get back to the video so to get started i want you guys to head over to this website which is find a forum so you guys can just go ahead and type in into your address bar and hit enter and it will take you to this website right here now what this site is is this is an absolutely free tool that is available worldwide that will allow you to find thousands of different forums from which you can get paid by just commenting on now this method today does not require 

you to go over to these forums and try to sell something or push your affiliate products or whatsoever you're not going to be doing affiliate marketing and we're not going to be pushing people to buy anything but we're still going to be making hundreds of dollars by just leaving simple comments on these forums now in this video this is not the only tool that we will be using there's just one more website for which you need to sign up that will actually pay you to leave comments on all these forums which you can find on but i'll get 

into that later right now i want you guys to go to and now i want you guys to look for this button right here that says categories now i want you guys to just click on it and it will take you to this webpage that will show you all the different types of categories for all the forms on this website so you can see here what niches are available on this website so you can see forum categories you have everything from arts and crafts and books an awful way to health music news computers family tv and movies travel and tourism ramens relationships science and education so any 

niche you can think of you can find it over on this website now what does this page do so just for an example i'm going to show you how you guys can use this page so if i click here where it says dieting and weight loss since that's really big niche that's going to show me that there's loads of different forums with hundreds of thousands of members as you guys can see right here so a lot of people are signing up to those forums and a lot of people are being active on those forums and that's exactly what we need but don't worry because once again we're not gonna be selling anything so you 

guys can just go ahead and go to the categories and you can explore all of these niches and categories you can explore all those forums on this website and i want you to pick your niche so like whatever you're passionate about or just randomly pick some niche if you want to do finance then it's okay just click on finance and find a form inside of the finance niche if you want to do dieting and weight loss just go over to dieting and weight loss and choose your niche and your forum and if you're into sports maybe take some of these and if

you like games then open up one of these so you're free to select whatever you like and that's why this is so easy and completely beginner friendly there's no specific niche or category or forum where you need to go so you can do this on any of these forums from find a forum now what you guys want to do next is just leave the find a forum tab now don't close the tab just open up a new tab because we're going to do another step and then come back to find a forum so i said earlier that we're going to use more than one website for this video so there's one more platform where we will need to 

sign up and that other platform is going to be audible so i want you guys to open up a new tab and then open up google and type in the keywords audible affiliate and then i want you to hit enter now i know what you're thinking right now like hey you just said in the beginning of the video that we're not going to be doing any affiliate marketing like what is this well we're not actually selling anything we're just going to be giving away something for absolutely free and if people actually use this thing that we gave them for absolutely free then we are going to earn money and we can 

potentially earn hundreds of dollars and i'm gonna show you exactly what you need to comment to actually make this work so just follow all the steps and stay tuned until the end of this video if you want to make this work for you otherwise if you just click off this video this will obviously never work for you and you will never make any money from this strategy so just stay patient for a couple of minutes and by the end of the video you will have everything ready to set up and make you hundreds of dollars per day so once you search for audible affiliate on google i want you guys 

to just go ahead and click on the first link like this one right here so once you click on it you'll be sent to this website over here that says audible creator program as you can see the program overview looks like this they have three simple steps to their affiliate program first you'll advertise then drive traffic and finally our favorite step you will earn your commission now what's really special about the audible affiliate program is that we can earn five dollars from people who just sign up for a free trial so that means we won't have to pay 

anything at all we can just try out the website and you will still earn five dollars now for those of you who do not know what audible is well audible is one of the biggest audiobook subscription services available they create original content that can't be found in other places not only do they have book length audible exclusive material they also do six shorter monthly audible originals now audible is a really great website even i use it when i'm still busy but still want to read books so those people who signed up for a free trial
Are very likely to sign up for a gold digital membership so that means there is a high chance that you could earn 10 so now what you want to do is head back over to google now the next step will depend on what niche you've selected now you guys can just choose any type of niche that you are interested in but for the sake of this video i will use the weight loss niche so i'll just head over to google and type in the keywords best weight loss books now once you hit enter google will show you the best books that are related to weight loss now 

what you guys want to do is look for the title of these books and then go back to audible and check if this book is available on there now if a book shows up then that is great we can head over to the next step so just go ahead and grab your affiliate link for this audio book and just go back to find a form and then you can go to the niche that you chose in my case but it's going to be dieting and weight loss so i'm just going to go ahead and click on it right here so i'm just going to look for this button right here that says visit forum and then i'm going to click on it and it will take me to the actual 

forum itself so i can come over here and i can tell them like hey this audrey book really helped me lose weight it was really helpful and i think anyone can benefit from it so if you'd like to check it out guys you can go over here and grab an absolutely free audio book and sign up for a free trial of audible and grab this audiobook for absolutely free and just paste your referral link now since this forum is related to weight loss we are more likely to click on your affiliate link and you do not need to 

worry about getting banned because you are not selling anything we are just giving them a free audiobook so all you have to do now is start commenting and start earning big money into your paypal account and that is the end of the video before we go make sure to subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell so that you will be notified when we post new content on this channel and don't forget to smash that like button and leave a comment down below i'll see you guys in the next video peace
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