15 Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories (New Update 2021)


Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
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Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories

When living life, sometimes you feel tired, bored, and even almost give up. However, there are many ways you can do to restore your spirits. One of them is reading a real life inspirational story which you can read in full below.

Are you looking for a way to restore your fading spirit that is plagued by life's problems? In addition to reading motivation words, you can do listening to various inspirational real life stories to make you excited again.

Through these stories, you can take life lessons that motivate you. Here, you will read about the struggles of successful people who are not easy. It takes determination, courage, and determination to achieve that success.

Especially for those of you who complain a little when you face trials, some of these inspirational real life stories will also make you aware to always be grateful. Because out there, there are still many people who are not as fortunate as you.

Not only that, here are also stories about humanity that touch and make you feel touched. Hopefully after reading the story, it can change you for the better.

You can't wait to read these inspirational real life stories, right? Then just take a look at the full story below. Happy reading, yes!

1. Stephen Hawking's Inspirational Real-Life Story

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Wikimedia Commons

"Stephen Hawking is a scientist from England who was born on January 8, 1942 to Frank and Isobel Hawking. He is the first of four children who grew up in the City of St. Alban, London. Even though during his life he was known as a very intelligent person, but when he was a child he was known as a lazy student.

However, that changed when he got to know Dikran Tahta who was his mathematics teacher. Hawking really admired Mr. Throne because it can make boring math lessons fun. It was also from his teacher that he was inspired to become a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University.

"Starting with a love for mathematics, he studied diligently to achieve his goals. With Mr.'s help Tahta, he also succeeded in assembling a computer using mechanical parts of clocks, old telephone wiring boards, and many other recycled components. Cool?

Seeing the intelligence of the child, his parents also advised Stephen to study at Oxford. Even though he really liked mathematics, at the university he majored in Physics and Chemistry because there was no Mathematics department there. He also managed to enter the University of Oxford in 1959, when he was only 17 years old.

After graduating from Oxford, Stephen then continued his education by majoring in cosmology at Cambridge University. Unfortunately, when he was 21 years old, he was diagnosed with Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a disease that weakens muscles and impairs brain function. The doctor also said that his remaining life may not be long.

After receiving the diagnosis, he became depressed and felt that his life was no longer useful. But, with the support of the people around him, he managed to overcome it all. Even though he lives in a wheelchair with all his limitations, he is able to produce many works for the advancement of science. One of them is the Big Bang Theory."

From the inspirational stories of real life figures from this world, you can learn to trust your own mental powers and thoughts. Stephen Hawking does not make his illness an obstacle to not doing what he wants. This actually made him even more enthusiastic to do more for many people.

If he who has limitations can do great things, of course you can do the same. You don't have to do big things for all of humanity, just doing good deeds for those around you is good.

2. Caring for Sick Parents

"Qianqian is a three year old girl from Ruzhou, Henan Province, China. While the children of his age are having fun playing, this toddler has to take care of his mother, Wang Huixian, who is paralyzed. The mother could no longer walk after becoming a hit-and-run victim.

Maybe in your mind you are wondering where the father or relatives are and why they have the heart to let such a small child take care of their mother alone. It turned out that Qianqian's grandmother and grandfather had passed away, while his father, who was divorced from his mother, had gone somewhere.

Just like adults who take care of sick people, Qianqian also fetches food and feeds the mother, gives her a drink, and even throws her dirt. This condition made Wang Huixian cry. He actually couldn't bear to let his daughter do these things for him, but he had no other choice.

Luckily there was someone who recorded Qianqian's story and shared it on social media. The video then went viral and many netizens were moved to help the poor boy. The results of the donations collected were used for Wang's surgery to recover quickly and Qianqian could live a normal life like children his age."

Do you still remember what things you often did when you were three years old? Maybe not, but most kids that age spend their time playing. Unfortunately, Qianqian couldn't enjoy this. While his peers spend time playing, he instead has to take care of his sick mother.

What lessons can you learn from this inspiring true life story? One of them is to always be grateful for what you have, especially if you still have complete and healthy parents.

3. The Life of Oprah Winfrey's Inspirational True Story

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Instagram Oprah

"Oprah Gail Winfrey or better known as Oprah Winfrey is a successful presenter and businessman in the United States. He was born on January 29, 1954 to Vernon Winfrey and Vernita Lee.

Behind her success, this woman had to experience many bitter events that made her the strong person she is today. Her parents divorced and made Oprah have to live with her grandmother. When living with her grandmother, little Oprah was educated so hard. However, thanks to this strict upbringing, he was able to speak and dare to appear in front of many people even though he was only three years old.

When he was six years old, Oprah returned to live with her mother who had remarried. Even so, her life did not improve too much because her mother was busy working from morning to night, so she felt she didn't get much love. In order to attract his mother's attention, he often runs away from home.

To make matters worse, Oprah was sexually abused when she was nine years old. This terrible thing happened for several years and got her pregnant at the age of 14. Carrying such a heavy psychological burden, she struggled to deliver the baby. Unfortunately, the baby was only able to survive for two weeks.

Oprah's turning point occurred when she lived with her father, Vernon. His father's assertive and disciplined personality scared him so much that he was determined to change his life for the better. The change was certainly not easy, but with determination, he was finally able to do it .

Not only being an outstanding student at school , Oprah also managed to get a scholarship to continue her studies. Due to his excellent public speaking skills, he was able to start his career as a news anchor on a local radio at the age of 17. Not only that, he was then drawn to become a news anchor on a local TV station and became the youngest black woman presenter there.

In 1984, he hosted his own talk show, AM Chicago, which made him even more famous in America. Two years later, she started her new talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, which airs in 126 countries."

Oprah's past is not easy. However, this did not dampen his intention to become a better person. In fact, you can see for yourself that now he is a presenter who is not only famous in America, but all over the world.

Through this inspirational story from the real life of successful people, you can learn a lesson that your life will not end just because of a dark past. With a note, you don't continue to fall down and regret it, but have to get up and be ready to welcome a new future. It's not easy, but if you have a strong determination, a way will be opened.

4. Hair Freezes for Going to School

"Wang Fuman is a child from Shaotong City, Yunan Province, China. Entering the beginning of 2018, the city temperature began to cool and reached -9ยบ C. Even so, she still carried out her activities, namely going to school.

Because he covered a distance of 4.5 kilometers, this boy had to get up early in the morning to get to school on time. He walked the long distance by walking for an hour. There are no special clothes that are used to warm her tiny body, except for a worn coat.

Arriving at school, Wang Fuman was laughed at by his friends because his hair had frozen. At first glance, he is like an adorable cartoon character . His photo went viral online and netizens called him 'Snowflake Boy'.

Behind the viral story, it is known that Wang is a child from a poor family. This can be seen from the clothes he is wearing. He also said that he only had three jackets.

Her parents went to the city to work so that it required her to live with her grandmother and sister. Their daily life is far from proper, every day the Wang family can only eat vegetables or leaves that can be found around their house.

The story touched many netizens' hearts and help came to Wang's family. Not only that, it is also a blessing for other residents who also have the same conditions, considering that this area is indeed a poor neighborhood.

His goal is so simple, he wants to continue going to school so he can become a police officer and catch criminals. Citizens also pray that Wang can realize his dreams."

What was on your mind after reading the inspiring real life stories this student could give? For those who like to be lazy about going to school or skipping class, it will definitely make you rethink your actions. The facilities you have are more complete, but you are still lazy to go to school.

Well, you better use the facilities that you get from your parents properly. Because out there, there are still many children who are not as fortunate and have a decent life like you.

5. Children of Becak Workers Become Lecturers

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Instagram raeni-raeni

"In 2014, a photo of a graduate being escorted by a pedicab driver suddenly went viral on social media . The graduate was named Raeni and the pedicab driver who brought it was Mugiono, her father.

Raeni does come from a poor family. The father is just a pedicab driver with an irregular income. In addition to making ends meet, his father also works as a school caretaker with a salary of only Rp.450,000 per month. The family's mediocre financial condition does not necessarily discourage Raeni, she continues to never give up on pursuing her dreams.

This woman who is known for being intelligent is eager to change the fate of her family for the better. By joining the Bidik Misi scholarship, he succeeded in becoming one of the students of the Accounting Education Department at the Semarang State University. Not wanting to waste the opportunity he had been given, Raeni was active in studying and continued to excel, even having received a perfect grade point.

He maintained this brilliant achievement until he graduated. When she graduated on June 10, 2014, she managed to become the best graduate with a GPA close to perfect, which is 3.96. Of course, this achievement made the parents so grateful and proud of their youngest child.

Not satisfied with that, Raeni also received an LPDP scholarship to continue his Masters education in Birmingham, England. After graduating from his master's degree, he was appointed as a lecturer at his alma mater."

Really touching, isn't it, this inspirational and motivational story from Raeni's real life? Apart from being strong-willed and not easily discouraged, another secret of his success is having good time management. It is known that while studying, he was not only diligent in studying, but also active in organizations and helped his parents.

If you have the same fate as him, don't be discouraged. You must always remember that where there is a will, there will be a way opened for you. The key is not to give up easily because you don't know how close you are to success if you decide to stop halfway through.

6. Real-life Stories of Inspirational Janitor

"As a child, Ashley Dawn Loggins was abandoned by her parents who were drug addicts. She and her older brother then lived with her grandmother and lived barely enough. Never mind wearing proper clothes, to take a shower he has to walk all the way to the city park to get free water.

The suffering increased when friends at school did not help but mocked him for always wearing the same clothes when he went to school. Because of this, he often came home crying.

Seeing this condition, one teacher named Robyn Putnam was moved to help Ashley. Not only does he provide a decent number of clothes, he also suggests Ashley catch up on missing lessons online. Ashley was also given a job as a janitor to help pay for her daily needs. As a janitor, he had to clean all the classrooms before class started.

Initially, Ashley felt ashamed of doing the job because her friends didn't stop making fun of her. Over time, he got used to it and didn't really care about it. After being helped by the teacher and getting a job, his life got better and made him enthusiastic about pursuing education.

Ashley is classified as an outstanding student, the proof is that all of his test results get an A. There, Ashley received a full scholarship and a place to live for the duration of his education."

From this inspiring real-life Ashley story, we can learn not to be embarrassed even though the work we do may be looked down upon by others. It is not easy to think of it as a mere wind. It's just that now you have to be good at sorting out which talk is building and dropping.

Besides, believe that if you have a strong desire, the universe will help you to make it happen. So, don't give up easily, OK!

7. Athletes with disabilities with full achievements

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Instagram nandameish

"Maybe you are not familiar when you hear the name Nanda Mei Sholihah. This woman who is familiarly called Nanda is an athlete from Sragen with physical limitations, which is only half of the right arm. Nanda's condition didn't necessarily make her parents despair, but instead they tried their best for the princess.

Unlike people with disabilities in general who attend special schools, this girl who was born on May 17, 1999 studied in public schools. When she entered kindergarten, a school rejected Nanda because of her physical limitations. Luckily, there are other schools that accept the girl and treat her just like any other normal child so that she is more developed.

When Nanda was in the fifth grade, Karmani, who was the chairman of the National Paralympic Committee (NPC), offered him to become a paralympic athlete in athletics. Although initially feeling doubtful, encouragement from his mother made him make up his mind to try the opportunity.

Enthusiastically and never giving up, Nanda continues to improve his abilities. His efforts have paid off, the proof is that he has won three gold medals at the 2015 ASEAN Para Games in Singapore. In 2017, he also won three gold medals at the ASEAN Para Games held in Malaysia."

This real life story of Nanda might make you aware and grateful for being blessed with complete limbs. Besides, maybe you will feel a little embarrassed. The reason is, even Nanda, who is a disabled person, is able to make the country proud, but you haven't contributed anything.

For those of you who may need motivation to live your life, you can take lessons from Nanda. Even he who has physical limitations is still enthusiastic about living his life, even becoming an accomplished athlete. You don't want to lose, OK!

8. Real Life Inspirational Stories about Life Consciousness

"Shinta is a girl who has a large build. Having a height of 160 cm and a weight of up to 80 kg makes this woman a little insecure. He was even made fun of by friends because of his weight.

At school, there is a handsome boy named Hans who he likes. But because of her weight, she was afraid to chat with the man. As ever, his love story is always one-sided.

Until one day, Shinta attended a lesson that she didn't like, namely sports. It's nothing, it's just that when he makes a movement, he feels the place where he is standing on a tremor, which adds to the jokes of his male friends. At that time, Shinta was not feeling well, but still insisted on following the lesson. As a result, he passed out and had to be taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, he discovered that his heart was wrapped in fat. Apparently, his weight jumped to 100 kg. The doctor also advised him to do a diet and regular exercise if he didn't want to lose his life.

Shinta tries to do regular exercise by running around the compound. Unexpectedly, Hans, who lives not far from Shinta's house, was attracted to encourage her. Every afternoon, Hans accompanied him to run around the complex.

Gradually the two of them became close. The two men became lovers long before Shinta even managed to get her ideal weight.

After successfully losing and maintaining her weight, Shinta can take up the profession she had ever wanted, namely to become a model. In addition, he has a permanent job as a secretary in a company."

Through Shinta's inspirational real-life story, you can learn not to feel inferior even though you are overweight. You need to remember that beauty is not only from physical, but also from behavior and personality . However, if you want to lose weight it doesn't matter, the important thing is that you do it for yourself, not just to get a lover.

The story above also teaches you not to be too negligent about your health so you don't get a strong warning like Shinta. Suppose you have a dangerous weight problem like him, there's nothing wrong with dieting for your own good.

9. Viral Spicy Cassava Chips

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Instagram axl29

"Reza Nurhilman is a successful young businessman thanks to his Maicih chips which are viral and are loved by many people. When you see the ad, maybe you are curious to try it. Or are you a big fan of Reza's chips?

Before becoming a successful young entrepreneur like now, the path Reza had to take was not easy. He has run various businesses, ranging from selling fertilizers to electronic products. However, this effort was not successful even though he required a lot of money to continue to college.

Until one day, Reza was invited by his friend to Cimahi to try out delicious spicy chips made by a grandmother. It is true that the spicy pepper chips taste really good, unfortunately the food is less marketed. Finally, he also asked about the chip recipe and asked his grandmother's permission to market it.

With a capital of fifteen million rupiah, Reza started his level of spicy chips business called Maicih. Initially, he only produced 50 packs with variants of spicy levels 1–5 and peddled them by traveling around the village. Not only traveling, he also utilizes social media such as Twitter and Facebook so that his merchandise is increasingly selling.

Uniquely, he creates special jargon when communicating on social media. An example is to describe himself as "mother" and the buyer as "grandson". Resellers of their products also have their own nicknames, namely general. In fact, he also coined a term to describe people who are addicted to their products with the word "tericih-icih". Wow, how creative, huh?

Slowly but surely, Reza's Maicih chips were selling well in the market. From those who only produce 50 packs, then it increases to 2,000 packs per day. Not only could he continue his studies, he also became a young millionaire. The reason is, the turnover of this man from Bandung can reach IDR 30 million per day."

In this digital era, marketing a business is much easier with social media. You can use it to make your business more advanced. Of course, you don't just make it, but you can make it as attractive as possible so that it can attract the attention of social media users. Usually, what is unique and interesting will quickly get the attention of netizens.

In addition, you also need to ensure the quality of the products you make. As long as it's viral but the quality doesn't match, it might not make your business last long. If you are really serious about marketing your business through social media, you can follow Reza's method.

10. Real-Life Inspirational Stories of Caring for a Paralyzed Wife

"Suyatno is an entrepreneur who lives happily with his wife and children. However, the family was subjected to a tough trial. The wife suddenly became paralyzed after giving birth to her fourth child. For two years, his wife's condition did not improve, but it got worse. In fact, the wife has lost the ability to speak and can only communicate with her eyes and smiles.

Even so, Pak Suyatno still took care of his wife patiently. She painstakingly takes care of all her life companion needs, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. Luckily, his place of business is not far from home so he can still take care of his wife and care for his four children.

Until one day, he and his children who had grown up gathered together. Carefully, the eldest son said on behalf of his younger siblings that they were sincere if the father would remarry. After more than 25 years of caring for their mother, the children want their father to enjoy his old age.

Pak Suyatno certainly caught the good intentions of his children, it's just that he would never do that. He never even thought of leaving his wife because for him being able to accompany his wife was more than enough. Moreover, his wife's condition was like that because he gave birth to children who meant so much to him.

Hearing his father's confession, his children suddenly burst into tears. Not only that, it turns out that his wife also cried and stared sadly at the figure she loved so much."

You must have often heard the news of getting married again among artists, right? Even though their wives are still in good health, they still decide to remarry. If he wanted, Pak Suyatno could find another life partner or practice polygamy like these artists. However, he did not do this because of his great love for his wife.

Through this inspirational real life husband and wife story, you can learn about what it means to be faithful. The marriage promise to always be there in joy and sorrow must be implemented because that is a reflection of true love.

11. Warriors of Peace

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Instagram Malala

"Gender equality has indeed been echoed for decades. But in practice, not all women can feel it. One example is girls in Pakistan who are still prohibited from attending education.

Seeing the conditions that are happening in her country, Malala Yousafzai wants to change this situation. In 2009, he wrote anonymously on a blog about the lives of Pakistanis under the threat of the Taliban and also the school ban for girls. Through this blog, he is also active in voicing that women are allowed to go to school.

However, this was discovered by the Taliban so they hunted Malala. On 9 October 2012, the extremist group shot Malala in the head and tortured her. Due to his severe condition, he was then rushed to a hospital in England.

The incident that happened to the woman who was born in 1997 then caught the world's attention and made many people condemn the group's actions. Many people then gave their support for Malala.

On 10 October 2014, Malala was officially awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to promote education for girls. In addition, he is also the youngest UN Peace Ambassador since April 2017."

Indonesian women are fortunate to have RA Kartini who has long fought for women's rights, especially in the field of education. However, not all women can be that lucky, for example, in fact you have read the inspirational real life story above.

To do good is indeed a lot of challenges. However, if you believe that what you are doing will be of use to many people, there is nothing wrong with imitating Malala's courage. Trust me, there will definitely be more people who help you.

12. Real-Life Inspirational Stories of Regret

"This true story is taken from the story of a young mother, let's call her Miss, who regrets that she decided to get married in a hurry. Nona decided to marry her partner when she was just 22 years old. After a year of marriage, the little family got a little angel named Windy.

In fact this happiness did not last long. Stuck in a routine of parenting, Nona also yearns for her freedom. This is exacerbated by the husband who is always busy working so that he feels less attention. Over time, he becomes impatient and often gets angry when he faces his child who is becoming more and more active.

Until one day, Nona met someone through her personal social media account. Starting from the greeting, the lady and the man then had quite an intense conversation. He felt that his life was more colorful because someone was paying attention again. Soon the two decided to meet.

After the meeting, Nona's attitude began to change towards her family. He became increasingly impatient with Windy's attitude and often scolded him. The husband noticed the change and asked if he was feeling stressed or too tired, but Nona said there was nothing to worry about.

The peak of frustration experienced by Nona occurred when the man she knew through social media wanted to see her again. At the same time, Windy became even more spoiled than usual. This made him very angry and scolded the little guy to the point. After his anger subsided, he then left and left Windy alone to sleep in the room.

When she got home, how shocked she was when she found that the child who was hugging her favorite doll was lifeless. The incident was a blow to him and made him so sorry. Since then, Nona promised to never waste her baby in the future."

For those of you who are tired of being asked when to get married and want to rush to get a partner, maybe you can take a lesson from the inspirational real-life story above. Getting married is not a solution so that you are no longer asked about that "sacred" question from your friends or relatives. Even after getting married, later you will continue to be faced with similar questions that are no less upsetting.

Therefore, if you really want to get married later, then do it because you feel ready. Not because of what other people say, especially because of jealousy to see all your friends already married and want to catch up quickly. Because later after marriage, you will not be able to freely enjoy your free time like when you were alone.

13. Teaching Children in the Village

Motivating Real-Life Inspirational Stories
Source: Instagram Socialdesignee

"Ryan Sucipto used to be a boy who was so closed. He never socialized other than at school, which made him feel very lonely. Especially after her parents separated.

One day, Ryan went to the orphanage for the first time. There, he accompanies the children to make origami and asks them to write down his wishes. He was touched when he read the writing of a child who dreams of becoming a useful person so that his other friends don't suffer like him. Those words also changed his life.

Ryan then realized his hope by visiting a village in the Tangerang area and teaching the children there art lessons in 2015. For four weeks, he did this alone because he had not found people who were willing to help. But increasingly, many of his friends were moved to help.

In 2018, the community, which was named Social Designee, already had 1,200 volunteers and taught in 18 villages in the Greater Jakarta area. This community has a focus on teaching children about art, such as drawing and coloring. The children's work will later be used as book covers or key chains for sale. Later, the results obtained will also be used for community activities again."

What comes to your mind after reading this inspirational true life story? This story might move your heart to help others, like what Ryan did.

If you find it hard to work alone, you can do it together with friends so that it becomes lighter and more fun. After your preparation is done, you can go directly to the community to help them. Ryan can do it, you can do it too.

14. Inspirational True Story of Jack Ma's Life

"Jack Ma was born on September 10, 1964 in Hangzhou Province. This man went through a difficult childhood because he came from an underprivileged family. He also racked his brain so he could become a successful person.

When he was 12 years old, Jack Ma tried to learn English on his own by listening to radio broadcasts. Not only that, every day he goes to the West Lake District to meet foreign tourists and offers to be a free guide so he can practice English. This was done for about eight years.

When he enrolled in college, Jack Ma was rejected many times by the university of his choice. However, he did not give up until finally he was accepted at the Hangzhou Teachers Institute in 1988. Unfortunately, after graduating, he was also rejected many times when submitting job applications. He later became an English teacher with a small salary at a university.

In 1995, Jack Ma decided to go to America as a translator. There, he met a friend who introduced him to the internet. When searching about China on the internet, he couldn't find the information at all. Therefore, he returned to his home country and created a company that served website creation services called China Pages.

The business run by Jack Ma is arguably quite successful. In 1998, he worked in a department handling online product sales under the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, in 1999, he decided to quit the job.

After that, he gathered several friends who could be invited to work together to create an online shopping company, Alibaba. Although at first none of the other companies wanted to work together, thanks to persistence and hard work, it grew well. In fact, these technology companies are able to compete with other giant companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft."

Who doesn't know Jack Ma? The man from China is a billionaire and owner of a large e-commerce site , Alibaba. From this inspiring real life story of Jack Ma, you take a lesson, which is not to give up. Jack Ma was rejected several times from the university he wanted, he also experienced many rejections when applying for jobs. But, he didn't just give up, he even kept trying to make his dream come true.

Are you currently disappointed because you have experienced the same thing? If so, it's best not to wallow for too long in your disappointment. You can be rejected on small things because you are prepared to do big things.

15. Adopt Children with Special Needs

"Li Huanmei is a janitor at a hospital in China. In 2001, he found a baby in the hallway of a hospital whose parents had just abandoned it. Because he didn't have the heart, he finally brought the baby home.

Huanmei realized that if a baby is abandoned , it is  likely that she has a congenital disease that is difficult to cure. Sure enough, the baby girl, named Zhao Likun, actually suffered from cerebral palsy. In fact, he could not even drink milk .

Knowing this, Huanmei's relatives suggested leaving the baby alone. They felt that Huanmei's mediocre financial condition might not be enough to take good care of her. However, Huanmei and her husband, Zhao Yuchun, were determined to take care of Likun.

Dozens of years have passed, Likun has not shown significant changes. Just to eat, one of the pairs has to chew it first because Likun cannot chew. The Huanmei and Zhao couple couldn't even go together because Likun needed attention all the time. Even so, the couple painstakingly cared for their adopted child."

When you see the crime shows that are increasingly rampant on TV, you may think that there are no longer good people out there. However, your outlook may change after reading the brief inspirational true story about life above.

Indeed, people like Huanmei and Yuchun are hard to find, when a proverb is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But at least, from this story you can take a lesson. Keep doing good even though it's small because your actions will mean a lot to the people you help. If you can't find a good person, then be a good person.

Which Real-Life Inspirational Stories That Motivate You?

Are you satisfied with reading the 15 inspirational stories taken from real life above? Hopefully after reading these stories, you will be more motivated to be successful like them. If they can, so can you, of course.