The latest in the trajectory series, the Korean version of'The Hero's Legend of the Woman', released in winter 2021

Clouded Leopard Entertainment (CEO: Chen Wenwen) will release the Korean version of ``The Hero's Legend of the Woman's Trajectory,'' the latest work in the trajectory series developed by Nihon Falcom Co., Ltd. (CEO: Toshihiro Kondo) in the winter of 2021.

The trajectory of the heroic legend is at the end of the blue sky, and what is seen beyond the single ray of light is the land of dawn, 『Kalbad Republic』 as the stage. A multi-ethnic country, which is boiled by an unprecedented boom brought about by post-war compensation, is shaken by the political unrest caused by the immigration problem and the bold political reforms of the new president. From the corners of the capital of such a huge country, the "weird quest" that flew to the young man living as a "back-world solver (Spregun)" eventually develops into a situation that shakes the whole of Carlbad.

A battle system that has evolved from the original trajectory series by combining the unique elements of the 6th generation tactical orb “Xipha” in speedy battles that smoothly switch from field battles to command-type turn-based battles by introducing a seamless system. Hired.

In addition, a'topic' system that creates an advantageous situation as a solution to the back world by using the theme obtained from street communication as a negotiating material, and various statuses by changing the three attributes unique to the character ``Low/Gray/Chaos'' depending on the play style. It is equipped with various original elements that make use of the stage of Yeoui's trajectory, such as a'alignment' system that affects joint battles, hostile forces, and even the development of scenarios.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding, the latest information related to the trajectory of the legendary heroine, the trajectory series that Nippon Falcom draws with richer expressive power using its new engine, can be found on ' CLE's official Twitter '.