The trajectory that became an action game,'Falcom×CLE Asia Live' on the 28th

On the 28th, Nihon Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment held a special broadcast announcing the release of the Korean and Traditional Chinese versions of 'The Legend of Heroes' and 'The Trajectory of Nayuta: Kai'. The MC was hosted by'Tachibana Shinnosuke' who played the role of'Yousis Alvarea','Kondo Toshihiro' of Nippon Falcom, and'Chen Wenwen' of CLE.

  • Occasion: Falcom×CLE Asia Live
  • Date: May 28, 2021 (Fri) 21:00 start
  • Contents: Yeo's Trajectory / Nayuta's Trajectory Kai Korean version release information

  • ■ Greetings and existing title information

    First, Shinnosuke Tachibana's voice actor and MC greeted him first. Next, CLE CEO Chen Wenwen delivered a greeting, and Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo delivered a greeting. First, with the information on the existing titles, the fact that the Nintendo Switch version of Trail 1 and Island 2 will be released on July 8 / August 5, and the Nintendo Switch/PC version of Trail of Start will be released on August 27. forwarded one more time.

    In addition, a corner was held to introduce the characters of the trajectory series that the voice actor'Tachibana Shinnosuke' took on. The leading characters are'Yousis Alvarea' and'Freddy', the assistant role. Yousis is a character from Trajectory of the Island, playing the role of an assistant to Rin, and Freddie is a student known as a geek who loves to cook.

    ▲ Yousis and Freddie are characters with a lot of different tendencies

    The trajectory series ported to the Nintendo Switch and PC this time is characterized by the fact that exclusive costumes and items that were sold for a fee on the PS4 version are included in the game from the beginning. The trajectory of the beginning is also included in the'Summer Vacation with Jiwon' DLC and'To the Beyond the Dream' provided as a patch.

    In addition, the 'White Knight' DLC, the reverse costume of 『C』, a character hidden in the veil of the Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) port of 'The Trace of the Beginning of the Legend of Heroes', will be provided as a first-time and early purchase privilege. According to the words of CEO Chen Wenwen, in the main story, it was a black outfit, but it was requested in the sense that it would be nice to give it a different color, and the Kondo representative left a feeling that'there seems to be a character from a different game'.

    As for the Korean version of the Steam version of Island's Trajectory 4, we received requests from many users, but once again announced that development is being delayed than expected. He said that the release date will be delivered once more when the details are decided. In addition, he expressed his intention to try to release various transplants as quickly as possible, including the pending 'Ys 9: Monstrum Knox'.

    ▲ Trajectory of the Island 4 PC version delayed for release in autumn

    ▲ The new costume of 『C』, where the white costume gives a twisting charm

    ■ 'Nayuta's Trace: Kai Korean Version', to be released in the fall

    In 2012,'Nayuta's Trajectory', an action RPG game that did not have the title of'Legend of Heroes' and an side story of the trajectory series, was remastered and returned to'Nayuta's Trajectory: Kai', and the Korean version was first released on this broadcast. The release date is scheduled for the fall of 2021, and the same'complete soundtrack' as in Japan will be provided as an initial bonus.

    Nayuta's Trajectory: Kai is a redeveloped work based on PS4 from the title released on the PSP. It responds to 60fps frames, upgraded from the PSP version to HD quality, as well as newly prepared character illustrations and illustrations for event members to further enhance the production output. made it Also, it is one of the characteristics that the BGM and UI included in the work have been improved to match the PS4.

    ▲ Introduction of main characters

    ▲ I drew a new illustration for the PSP

    Representative Kondo left an impression on this work, "I will tell you the same story as in the time of Janor Doo in Tokyo, but this title was created by combining the development know-how of the IS series and the development know-how of the trajectory series."

    In addition, CEO Chen said, "There is a lot of desire for Asian users, so we are going to localize it in an Asian language for the first time." He said, "Like the trajectory of the beginning, there is a demand to release it simultaneously with Japan, so I tried as much as possible, but I tried to make a good work. It takes time to do so, so you'll wait a little bit, but I hope you'll be happy for the fall release."

    ▲ Nayuta's Trajectory: Kai Korean Version PV

    ▲ The complete soundtrack is also provided, so be sure to purchase the first edition.

    ■'The Hero's Legend of Women's Trajectory Korean Version', released in winter

    The latest work in the trajectory series that everyone has been waiting for,'The Hero's Legend, The Trajectory of Women' is also scheduled to be officially released in Korean. Yeoui, the first in the series to introduce action battles, is scheduled to be released in the winter of 2021.

    The heroic legend Yeo’s trajectory is performed on the stage that appears in the trajectory series, the'Kalbad Republic', which forms a double wall with the Erebonian Empire, and the protagonist is also a behind-the-scenes solver with a job called'Spreegun'. It will show its charm. Of particular note is that it is a system that combines'action battles' and'turn-based battles', and is characterized by the ability to switch between action and turn-based at any time.

    ▲ New maps made with the new engine and

    ▲ Characters that give a different feeling than before

    CEO Chen said, “We are working hard on the production, but as the CEO of Kondo explained a little while ago, the characters will also change and the skills and proper nouns will all change. Because of this, the know-how accumulated through many titles over the past 8 years has disappeared, and the He said, "I heard the news that the amount of text is more than the trajectory of the beginning." CEO of Kondo also said, "It seems that it will be difficult to transplant or localize from a technical point of view."

    ▲ Combat system that can switch between action and turn-based

    ▲ New characters that appeared just a while ago were re-introduced.

    ■ Undisclosed information on 'The Woman's Trace'

    ▲ A lot of secrets were hidden in the illustration that was first released as a limited edition special

    In this broadcast, information that was not disclosed to other media was also disclosed. At the beginning of the trajectory, an illustration that was released for exclusive use was shown, and people around him also began by revealing the news that there is a possibility to appear in the main story. First, it was revealed that the blonde man on the right and the woman looking back are characters from the novel 'Jack the Gambler' that appeared in 'Traces of the Sky' 10 years ago. In addition, we released screenshots appearing in Yeoui's trajectory.

    He also focused on the man looking back from a distance. A new screenshot was released, revealing that the character in question was 'Chao Li', who appeared immediately in the previous work, the trajectory of the beginning. In addition, regardless of the illustration, a new character that appeared in the past works, 'Kirika Louran', was released. Kirika Lowran also appeared for the first time in Trajectory of the Sky, and after that, her fate was unknown, but it was announced that she appeared in Trajectory of the Woman.

    ▲ One of them is a familiar novel,'Gambler Jack'

    ▲ In the work, of course,'Jack' and'Day' appearing

    ▲'Chao Li', a bar that appeared once in the previous work

    ▲ And 'Kirika Lowran', which appears after a long time, will also appear.

    After the end of the broadcast, Kondo said, "We are pleased to deliver the news of the release of Yeoui, the second half of the series, and thank you to the users who have supported the series for 15 years." I don't think it will end on the side."

    CEO Chen said, "I'm glad that Nayuta's trajectory and the trajectory of the woman were released safely. It was thanks to the support of Kondo CEO and Nihon Falcom that we were able to provide so many titles, and with the support and support of users, we have come this far. I was able to." He said, "Even if the trajectory of a woman does not end with one work, I want to support the title of Nihon Falcom."

    Finally, MC Tachibana said, "I like Falcom's work, but as a single gamer, I was really happy to hear that the development team puts great effort into trying out a variety of new things to create good titles." Please call me."

    ▲ Finally, the broadcast ended after greeting.