[Review] Burning Crusade Classic approaching, what is the minimum PC specification?

Remasters, reboots, classics, remakes...

these words that gamers use. Fans who love the IP will be happy to say, "The return of masterpieces is always welcome!" In fact, the position of gamers is fully understood when you see that the game is released day and night by changing only the modifier to one IP. Among the games that were re-released for the purpose

of keeping past memories as they are, the game that suits the title of "Oh, this game was really successful" would be'World of Warcraft Classic (hereafter WoW Classic)'. Some predicted that domestic gamers would enjoy it by taking the inconvenience, but the Loch Hola server, called the 1st server, ended the controversy by voicing the enthusiasm of more than 10,000 people.

WoW was a game where the requirements weren't very high before the Darklands expansion pack. Of course, if you lower the resolution and graphics options in Darklands, you can enjoy the game even with low specifications, but WoW before Darklands was able to fully enjoy the raid from the i3 + RX 570 line. Such a good specification (?) is the same for 'Wow Burning Crusade Classic (hereinafter referred to as Buddha Castle Classic)', which is equipped with the engine of the Legion Expansion Pack.

From May 20th, a small pre-patch of Buddha Castle Classic (Sobulseong) was applied, however, there was an environmental problem. The 'graphic card crisis' that has been going on for half a year.

In the past, I would have checked the game environment through mid-range PC parts, but now when I test it with the performance of the RTX 30 series, it is the cake of the picture. We are going to try to check the minimum specifications required for fire-fighting without a graphic card. Currently, the recommended level of graphics card to endure until the graphics card crisis is over is GT1030, which is handled at an average price of 130,000 won. It was released in May of 17, but I feel reluctant because it is not a product to buy at 130,000 won.

▲ Buddha Castle Classic Gazua! I want to shout

▲ The 17 year product is 130,000 won.. When will the graphics card price stabilize?

■ 4 cores and 8 threads or more,'Intel Core i5-11400'

▲ 6-core, 12-thread CPU,'Intel Core i5-11400'

The game test was conducted with'Intel Core i5-11400 (hereinafter referred to as 11400)' with built-in graphics of'Intel UHD 730 Graphics'.

Of course, compared to installing a graphic card separately, configuring one built-in graphic is a bit inferior in terms of performance. The reason for choosing the built-in graphics before the graphics card crisis came was simply that gamers who wanted a mini-tower standard case, or that it supports a specific video codec, can play up to 8k video.

However, unlike some time ago, when'game = graphic card' followed almost as an official, it is not possible to obtain a graphic card at a reasonable price now. I also never imagined that the day would come to mention a CPU with built-in graphics.

To play games without a graphics card, of course, you need a CPU with built-in graphics. One of the features of the 11th generation of Intel released this year is the significant improvement in the integrated graphics performance.

▲ After the Legion Expansion Pack, multi-core has become an important game in WoW! This is also true of the classic

▲ Two options were tested. FHD-Graphics 5 / QHD-Graphics 3

▲ Intel Core i5-11400 product information

■ FHD + Graphics Option 5 (FPS 30 or higher)

▲ Average 56 FPS during field hunting

The trend of MMORPGs these days is to enjoy them on a big monitor. It is delicious to enjoy the vast background in full screen, but it is also great to play games with multiple internet windows turned on when moving or questing, or watching YouTube or dramas while playing games.

The FHD windowed mode has the advantage of being able to play not only games, but also other Internet activities and media viewing. The test was conducted in the order of flight movement, large cities with many users (Orgrimmar), and field hunting. The graphics are set to 'Option 5', which is slightly higher than expected given that it is a typical FHD resolution.

Between the flight movements from the high wind peak to Orgrimmar, the frames averaged 48 FPS. The frame around the auction center of Orgrimmar, a metropolitan city, averaged 49 FPS, and when the user went to the crowded area, the instantaneous frame drop was measured to around 35 FPS. Field hunting was the most stable, and the frame measured while catching 20 monsters was measured at an average of 56 FPS.

It's not to the point where I can't play the game, but it's not an environment I'm personally satisfied with either. This is because, subjectively, 60 FPS should come out to be comfortable. However, it can be said that this option is appropriate for gamers who think that visible graphics are more important than frames.

▲ Average 49 FPS in Orgrimmar

▲ Average 48 FPS during flight movement

■ QHD + Graphics Option 3 (FPS 60 or higher)

▲ Average 67 FPS when flying

Assuming that the monitor is larger than 32 inches, FHD resolution on the full screen is not suitable because all the dots are visible. As the size of monitors used for home use is getting bigger and bigger, a test in QHD resolution was also conducted. Since I raised the resolution, I applied the graphic as'Option 3 (Classic)'.

Although I lowered the graphics option, I was surprised that it boasted a more pleasant environment than FHD + Graphics 5 even though the resolution was raised. The test was conducted in the same order of flight movement, metropolitan area, and field hunting. Measured frames for flying from Highwind Peak to Orgrimmar averaged 67 FPS, averaged 50 FPS in the metropolis of Orgrimmar, and averaged 86 FPS in field hunting.

Since the frame standard that I think is comfortable in my standards is 60FPS, this option is suitable for gamers who want to enjoy the game in QHD.

▲ Average 50 FPS in Orgrimmar

▲ Average 86 FPS during field hunting

■ Finish

▲ Recommendation for a mini PC worth 600,000 won that can be overclocked with memory

Graphics cards are the biggest issue among PC parts, but if you look closely, this is not limited to graphics cards. This is because the prices of all PC components are unstable overall. The 11400, which was used as a test, has been priced up considerably compared to the past, and as of now, the'Intel Core i5-11500', which has better internal graphics performance and better core performance, could be a better choice (21.05. 28)

If you are a gamer who does not plan to purchase an additional graphics card, you may want to consider the AMD 4350G or the new 5000G series (codename Cezanne). However, please note that the 4350G is a 4-core APU, and Cezanne cannot be purchased as a single unit yet.

You can think of a PC with the CPU + GT1030 configuration mentioned in the introduction, but it is somewhat difficult to recommend that gamers who are not interested in PC parts buy GT1030 and sell those parts and buy another graphics card when the supply of graphics cards becomes smooth. . It is possible for those who are interested in IT, too, and it feels a bit irresponsible to introduce to general gamers.

If you are a gamer who is going to return to WoW through sophistication, you can enjoy enough with the built-in graphics installed in Intel's 11th generation. In the future, after the turmoil subsides, you can purchase additional graphics cards that you want, so the upgrade process is smooth. However, high-end content such as raids seems to require a graphics card. In the 11th generation, if you select a motherboard with a B board or higher, memory overclocking is also possible, so if you need to improve performance, please refer to this section as well.

▲ Wow, you said you were doing this in the first place?