Added Kazuha from Inazuma, released a special broadcast for version 1.6 of ‘Own Shin’

Data provided-Mihoyo

MiHoYo Restricted is an open world activity RPG created by the company,'Wonshin', refreshed 1.6'Summer! island? Experience!' is declared on the 28th that it will be refreshed on June ninth. 

In this update, another character'Kazha' brought into the world around there, and Jin and Barbara's first outfits will be added. 

In the new season, players should utilize the tide boat to help Kle, who gets a letter from the ''Dodoo Incredible Evil presence Lord,'' taking steps to grab Kle's companion Dodoko, and visit the Dodo Realm covered up in the archipelago over the ocean. 

On your excursion to discover the Dodo Realm, you will confront an assortment of difficulties, including a battle against'puppet fighter' with components of wind and ice, and you can get assets and products that can reinforce the new four-star Todoko storybook. 

The recently added'Kazha' manages a one-gave blade of the breeze component, and can deliver extra basic harm that responds when joined with components like water, fire, ice, and lightning. Simultaneously, enacting the advancement quality can add a buff to the essential harm reward of colleagues. 

'Kazha' voyages with'Bukdu' and her Southern Cross armada in another fundamental story drank mission, giving you signs on the most proficient method to get to your old neighborhood, Inazuma during the mission. 

Also, among the course ensembles, Jin's Fantasy of Ocean Breeze can be bought at the store, and Barbara's Sparkling Concerto can be gotten free of charge through occasions. 

Furthermore, to improve the interactivity climate, a capacity to welcome the client's character to remain in the'secular pot' is added, and the characters remaining in the pot will keep on getting good experience focuses as per their tribal positions. 

For more data about the 1.6 update of'Wonshin', you can look at the authority bistro or official YouTube.

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