Magic goods store, update of clothes & furniture for spring

Magic goods store

Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) announced on the 2nd (Tuesday) that the company's own casual and well-made mobile game'Magic Quality Store' has been updated in the coming spring.

This'Magic Boutique' Spring Update introduces two new outfits and one furniture theme to feel the energy of spring in the game. The new outfits are the five-star'Cherry Blossom' and'Blossom Breeze', a pink spring cherry blossom viewing concept that matches the spring. In commemoration of this update, the'Magic Boutique Store' is holding a 10 new costume draw discount event until the 31st, and two limited-time packages are also available to meet goods and items at discounted prices.

The furniture theme of'Blossom Breeze' with the concept of cherry blossoms has also been updated so that not only new clothes but also the store can be decorated more elegantly. This new theme includes more than 5 types of furniture items that interact differently than before. A food truck that gives you coffee and dessert when you click, and a wooden bench where singing animals appear when you sit down add to the fun of the game.

"We have prepared this update to commemorate the first spring with users at the Magic Fashion Store," said Smilegate Megaport's director Jaehoon Jeong. Please, please.”

On the other hand, the Magic Good Store is holding a thank-you event commemorating the 100th day of its launch from the 18th. A 100-day commemorative coupon that anyone can use will be presented as a thank-you event, and you can receive generous items through attendance and bingo missions during the event.

Various videos of the Magic Merchandise Store can be found on the official YouTube channel , and more information about the game can be found in the official community of Magic Merchandise Store .

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