'Summoners War', new monsters Yinyangsa, Yokai Warriors updated

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEO Song Byeong-jun) will update the global hit'Summoners War: Arena of the Sky (Summoners War)' and hold a commemorative event to acquire new monsters.

There are two new monsters added through this update:'Emyangsa' and'Yokai Warrior', and both monsters have attractive appearances and powerful skills. 'Yinyangsa', which uses special power with the energy of yin and yang, appears as a five-star monster born in all attributes such as water, fire, wind, light, and darkness. In addition to the attributes, all attributes are summoned as 4-star monsters born.

The two monsters, which were previously revealed through teaser videos and illustrations, attracted many global users' expectations with attractive visuals that emphasized the mysterious and powerful aura at the time of release. In particular, the video released with the recent update also captured the attention of the new monster's colorful and dynamic skill motion.

In commemoration of this update, Com2uS is holding an event that allows more users to use new monsters to enjoy'Summoners War' to acquire a 4-star'Yokai Warrior'.

You can obtain various items by summoning 3-4 star-born monsters or this new monster to accumulate points and achieve a certain value, and you can summon one of the Yokai Warriors of water, fire, and wind attributes when you achieve a cumulative 100 points. have. If you join the battle with the new monster you summoned and grow the monster, you can also receive additional item benefits.

Meanwhile, in'Summoners War', season 4 of the real-time guild occupation war, enjoyed by guild members together with the update, begins. It will be held from March 8 to the end of May, and after the end of the season, a pre-occupation tournament will be held to determine the final winning guild.

For more information on this update and events, you can check out the official cafe of'Summoners War' .

Summoners War

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