[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

On May 9, Epic Seven declared one significant update alongside the worldwide e-sports contest. The show was very broad, however it was something that would make any individual who has known about Epic Seven investigate it at any rate once. From the improvement of the specific gathering to the difference in the hour of opening the primary substance and the improvement of the work change, the hindrance to passage in the beginning phases, which was viewed as Epic Seven's shortcoming, has been essentially brought down, and from the twilight bond, which everything clients can choose and get from one of the six introductory evening glow legends. Different plans were delivered twice, including an update video and a questions and answers video. 

Epic Seven has shown a wide reach since mid 2021, improving e-sports and games, yet in addition presenting tabletop games, delivering merchandise, and'Ejeong Note', a unique fan administration video project welcoming voice entertainers. In front of the report on the 27th, the initial step of the full-scale improvement, we could hear from Smilegate's MegaPort business director Lee Sang-hoon about Epic Seven's objectives and plans during the current year. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Q. How before long is Epic Seven in front of its third commemoration, how would you feel? 

Most importantly, I'm thankful to the fans who play Epic Seven. I think Epic Seven has had the option to exist as of recently on the grounds that fans play the game, and I think it is acquiring energy to grandstand new substance and occasions. 

Specifically, this year is a by and by significant year as it is feasible to hold a worldwide e-sports-based client celebration that has not many cases in portable RPGs. It is the principal occasion to be held, so there are numerous things that are missing, yet numerous clients appreciate it and feel it advantageous. I will attempt to plan well for the impending last game and finish it effectively. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Q. Since the expansion of the continuous field, hasn't E7WC, a worldwide e-sports rivalry, have been held since April 25? It would have been hard to get ready as time is the time, however I'm interested about the arrangement interaction. When did you begin planning? 

It was set up from December 2020. I figure it is nice to run the contest at the World Field, which clients from everywhere the world appreciate. Among the individuals who applied, the first and second adjusts of the finals were finished subsequent to going through the primer rounds for every worker, and just the finals are left. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Q. Didn't you continue until the second round of the E7WC last, how was the inner response? Additionally, I'm interested to perceive what clients felt in the wake of watching their game. 

Most importantly, I was shocked that such countless clients watched it continuously than I anticipated. To clarify the standards in more detail, in the genuine game, there is a free-van for every one, except in E7WC, the legend free-van is worked as a different principle in which two players each are chosen. According to the perspective of the exhibitors, the concerns will be more profound, yet it appears to be that somewhat more different blends of saints are utilized. Simultaneously, it seems like it is giving another amusing to the current World Field. Also, it was amusing to look at new mixes or saints of incredible specs in fight on the grounds that the exhibitors made a ton of arrangement. 

Q. Ongoing PVP like Continuous Field has profundity unit mixes, yet additionally battles that read the number, however for amateurs, the pressure is serious and the weight is high, so I figure it will be feasible to change different preferences. What are you getting ready to decrease this weight and permit new clients to get to it in any event once? 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Comparable to it, the thought is in progress, yet there is no choice yet. Barring the hardware details, there are numerous thoughts coming out, for example, playing a mode where you can battle utilizing just legends + curios as an occasion. 

Q. On the ninth, I was intrigued with the declaration of a few measures to close the hole among new and returning clients and existing clients. Specifically, it was very astonishing that the initial 5-star moonlight saint was delivered as an occasion boycott. What was the explanation you chosen to open so far? 

As the Epic Seven help stretched, a few twilight saints were added, and availability to each moonlight legend was unavoidably diminished. Thus, despite the fact that it was restricted to the evening glow five-star legends toward the start of the dispatch, we attempted to settle this a piece by permitting you to choose and obtain the saint you need from the inside. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Furthermore, I contemplated whether the clients who began the game interestingly get extra incredible legends while playing partly, they could appreciate the game much more, and it is not difficult to arrive at the proper level. So this time, we added the evening glow relationship framework. 

Q. Furthermore, the trouble was additionally brought down for characters obtained through relationship journeys and occupation change missions, and comfort upgrades were likewise reported, for example, penguins don't consume the saint space. Would i be able to consider it to be an inclination of progressively decreasing the bearing of Epic Seven play in accordance with the new portable game pattern? 

Maybe than continuing as per the new pattern, we attempted to change the adjust and improve comfort as indicated by the circumstance of Epic Seven's substance. This is on the grounds that after over two years of administration, content expanded, cultivating and related components turned out to be more unpredictable, and I imagined that improvement was normally vital. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

The arrangement for 2021 was set up toward the finish of a year ago, and simultaneously, while looking at adding content, we additionally examined which parts of the current components could be improved or brought down the trouble. 

Q. In the declaration on the ninth, new substance such as'Advent'- type sub-story following the collection type sub-story were likewise delivered, like the Knights Helpful PVE Antiquated Legacy. There is by all accounts a ton of groundwork for the previously mentioned accommodation upgrades, different patches, and impending summer occasions. When do you expect the application time? 

The majority of the comfort enhancements will be reflected in the May 27 update. Coming side story and helpful PVE Old Heritage (speculative name) are on the whole getting ready to be delivered inside the second from last quarter. 

Q. A few huge scope refreshes have been made up until this point, and different capacities have been added, yet there are numerous suppositions among clients that there is by all accounts little change in the spaces identified with enslavement and Muragora. Albeit the improvement plan was referenced once on the ninth, I'm interested if there is space for additional improvement thereafter. 

The facts confirm that oppression is the fundamental substance for gear securing, so it is hard to roll out quick improvements. In the first place, things that can improve the details of obtained hardware have been added alongside the substance, and likewise, we are attempting to get higher-spec gear in future substance. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Meragora was already ready to secure 27-28 through participation and play each month, however raised it to the degree of 34-36. Thusly, it has been improved so the ability of at any rate one legend can be reinforced to +15 without extra charging. This part is being checked consistently and considering strengthening measures. 

Q. Nowadays, there are recordings about selecting voice entertainers in different games and questions and answers, yet in Epic Seven, did the Ejeongnote Ep1 video with Jo Kyung-sook with the voice entertainers get a decent reaction from clients? I'm interested on the off chance that you are intending to proceed with this further. Provided that this is true, how frequently is the transfer term? 

You reacted a great deal to Ep.1 of'Ejeong Note'. Ep.2 is now shooting and altering. There is no ordinary transfer plan yet, yet I might want to proceed with this venture by enlisting individuals identified with Epic Seven. 

Q. Are portable games as of late delivering forms upgraded for PC? In the questions and answers on the ninth, it was said that the need of advancement isn't high, however I might want you to clarify it in more detail. Or on the other hand, I keep thinking about whether you are thinking about options, for example, refreshing the application player improvement as a middle of the road cycle. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Since Epic Seven was created with a motor streamlined for portable, a considerable amount of changes are needed to deliver the rendition to PC. Maybe than improving in a particular execution climate, for example, an application player, we are ceaselessly upgrading so the game can be played easily in the general execution climate. 

Q. I began raising money for a table game Kickstarter in January and I was intrigued, yet I'm interested about how much work has been done at this point. Other than that, they say they are setting up extra products, yet I need to inquire as to whether they will be paid as an occasion or will be formally sold as in the past. Furthermore, workmanship quality and delineation quality have been perceived by clients from previously. Do you have any designs to deliver artbooks, and so on? 

On account of table games, clients showed dangerous reactions to the degree that they surpassed the objective financing sum inside an hour of beginning the kickstarter raising money. I simply need to thank you for your advantage. Presently, Kickstarter speaks with clients and creates, and is meaning to be formally delivered in mid 2022. An authority Korean rendition is additionally delivered for homegrown fans. 

Artbooks, and so forth are being talked about, and no issue have been affirmed.

Q. Since a year ago, have you made different endeavors for advancement, for example, effectively facilitating occasions welcoming YouTubers and decorations? Also, presently E7WC is going full bore. Then, what are new arrangements or plans? 

There is as yet the E7WC last, so we are zeroing in on completing it well. E7WC is wanting to continue again at a comparative time one year from now. Likewise, in the second 50% of the year, we are talking about inside how to hold a more occasion like occasion like the World Field or Invitational. 

Q. The third commemoration will be drawing closer soon, however are there any extra arrangements other than the enormous scope update? What else is Epic Seven focusing on this year? 

A few updates reported on May 27th will be in progress. We are finding a way the main ways to improve the determination summons and relationship journeys referenced above, improve the conditions for work changes, and change the circumstance of opening significant substance, so new clients can get to Epic Seven all the more without any problem. What's more, the twilight bond, which everything clients can browse among the six starting evening glow saints, 5 stars, will likewise be applied from May 27th. In the event that you have all the Twilight Legends, you can get them for 10 Galactic Coins. Also, a few accommodation refreshes are required to be applied generally on the 27th. 

[Interview] Epic Seven foretelling changes from e-sports to 5 stars in the moonlight

Moreover, in 2021, a few significant updates, for example, the Knights PVE, and Scene 4 and Shinsu Sustaining, were declared in the appearance substory. The current year's Epic is pointed toward making Epic Seven more pleasant to clients who have effectively played Epic Seven by steadily completing this, and permitting more clients to encounter the fun of Epic Seven through dynamic advertising. This is Seven's objective. 

Q. Ultimately, kindly say something to the clients who are getting a charge out of Epic Seven. 

As referenced before, I figure Epic Seven can exist on the grounds that there are clients who play Epic Seven, and I simply much obliged. Epic Seven is a game that actually does not have a ton, yet I believe it's unquestionably going a positive way. During the time spent doing as such, we are continually listening with the goal that the criticism from clients can be reflected however much as could reasonably be expected. 

Eventually, clients, designers, and administration organizations believe that friendship for Epic Seven is a local area with a shared factor. An expression of consolation and an expression of help from clients is an extraordinary solidarity to our Epic Seven group. Later on, we will keep on endeavoring to remunerate better substance and occasions. It isn't sufficient, however I trust you have faith in our Epic Seven group and backing you.

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