How to make money while sitting at home - 67 options for working from home

What to do at home in order to earn - options and ways to earn money at home, as well as ideas for women and men how to make money while sitting at home with your own hands.

How to make money while sitting at home
working from home

A few years ago, a third of London's private organizations operated from physical offices, but the 2020 pandemic, amid technological advances, has changed the usual business environment. Earning money without leaving home is now part of the concept of the world of the future for 95% of the population.

Finding a decent job in the office is more difficult than on the Internet, so why not try to make money at home. After all, it is possible that there will be something to do in your specialty, or you will be able to get a new profession, new knowledge.

Teleworking from home may not differ significantly from what is real for lawyers, educators, doctors, designers, journalists, and even trainers. + A new interesting profession or occupation can be mastered.

If you had to look for what to do at home in order to make money, then you are in the right place, as below we will list all possible options for how to make money at home in various areas and directions.

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68 Ways to Make Money While Sitting at Home



How to make money while sitting at home over the Internet

How to make money at home with your own hands - ideas for women

How to make money at home with your own hands - ideas for men

How to make money while sitting at home with animals

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How to make money while sitting at home doing services for animals

How to make money at home on plants

Where and how to find a job at home

Where and with whom is it better not to work?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

67 Ways to Make Money While Sitting at Home


1. Paid product packaging

This is work from home with your hands without the Internet. Most manufacturing and trading companies require a bulk packaging service for products and goods.

Such work is often used by students, housewives and even retirees.

You can pack anything - seeds, buttons, medicines, souvenirs, stationery, cosmetics, small electrical goods, furniture accessories and more.

Labor brings in about 12,000-25,000 rubles . per month. The amount of earnings depends on the volumes performed, the quality of the packaging and the responsibility of the authorities.

Do not agree to make any prepayment - this work does not require a start-up investment for the employee.

The occupation is in high demand. You can find a job on any job search site, for example,,,, .

2. Remote operator of the Call-center

A call center operator advises people on a service or product from a company. The specialist calls up potential clients himself, and also receives calls from them. You can do this right from home.

For this work, you need to be sociable, have a competent speech, stress resistance, study all the necessary information about the company and its activities.

Before making money at home as an operator, you need to prepare a computer, tablet, smartphone, headset or headphones with a microphone.

Operators' salaries range from RUB 900 to RUB 4,000. a day . You can adjust the schedule yourself. Jobs are often opened in different companies.

Companies that have their own call center constantly need additional employees. Especially when production loads increase, it is advantageous not to expand the staff, but to keep a hired worker working remotely.

Average monthly earnings will be from 30,000 to 60,000 rubles . But this is not the limit, since the total amount often depends on the result, and official work can have a free schedule.

For effective work, you do not need to take special training courses. The operator must have a pleasant voice, resistance to stress, endurance to work for several hours in a row.

3. Printing of photo albums, photo books

Printing photos of family, friends, and events can feel like an original gift or memorabilia. A beautiful cover, designed pages outwardly resemble an expensive glossy magazine. To do this, you need to master a special program-constructor or online constructor, as well as develop skills within 1-2 weeks.

In this business, you do not need to invest large sums to start. You can send the produced photobooks by courier delivery or using postal services.

The level of earnings can be approximately estimated in the amount of 20-40 thousand rubles / month. and more. It is both a creative and easy way to make money at home.

4. Dispatching services remotely

Most transport companies, banking organizations, trading corporations, medical, developmental or psychological centers require special dispatching services. Unlike the Call center operator, the dispatcher does not advise or advise, but keeps records and manages the activities of other people.

Such earnings will average 50-80 thousand rubles / month.

Some companies provide training and you can get a job there remotely.

5. Online babysitting services

A relatively new remote profession - online nanny, will appeal to lovers of children. You need to study not with one child, but with a group of children. The age of babies is 3-8 years. Duration of classes - 1-2 hours. Price per hour of entertainment and pedagogical work - at least 550 rubles . The total monthly earnings depends on the number of orders.

The nanny sings, tells fairy tales, funny poems, stories, plays with children, gives assignments, entertains them and conducts developmental activities.

You can find clients through the HeadHunter website, Yandex Services, Avito, in VKontakte groups, and even on Odnoklassniki.

6. Beauty services

At home, you can provide the services of a beautician, hairdresser, make-up artist, manicurist, pedicure, eyebrow tattoo artist. Opening a salon will be expensive at first. To make the reception of clients convenient for everyone, you need to allocate a separate room and equip it with everything you need.

The amount of income depends on the flow of clients and the type of service. The average salary of a specialist only in manicure is from 30 to 40 thousand rubles per month .

A lot of investments will not be required here, but it is necessary to have special equipment, tools, knowledge and skills.

When placing ads, advertisements, you need to demonstrate sketches of finished works. It's always best to have a portfolio ready.

7. Consultation with a doctor

A consultation via Skype for a mammologist, physiotherapist, gynecologist, beautician ... costs about 1,800 rubles . A consultation with a psychologist via Skype costs 2,500 rubles . In Ukraine, a consultation with a neurologist via Skype costs from UAH 240 .

If you are a certified doctor and are able to at least partially solve the patient's problem by communicating with him via Skype, then why refuse such an opportunity.

There will definitely be patients, now not everyone wants to visit hospitals, because the issue is not always an acute one.

8. Hairdresser at home

By posting ads on social networks, on marketplaces and online message boards, you can get many customers who are more convenient to serve at home.

Earnings can be adjusted by yourself. Freelancers in this area receive from 800 rubles. for one haircut, from 2000 - 3000 rubles. for highlighting, hair coloring or hair extensions.


9. Production of products for domestic cats and cats

More than half of Russians keep cats or cats in their homes. Scratching posts, beds, soft fabric houses, tunnels, playgrounds - these are the main types of products that can be made for the vast pet market. You can sell in large quantities through special stores, sites, social groups, message boards on the Internet.

For example, if you make only one scratching posts, then you can earn 15,000 rubles or more per month . For example, the price of one scratching post for kittens with a height of 70 cm (small platform, stand, entwined with thick twine) is 800-1500 rubles. or higher :

10. Manufacture and sale of business boards

A business board is an entertaining device for children, designed to develop hand motility, logic, and the ability to learn new things in kids. You can attach various objects to the structure, complete tasks, decorate the board, following a specific topic or exercise.

Crafting requires materials, knowledge and skills. The price of one model is 1500-3000 rubles. The cost depends on the size of the product, the fullness of its functionality.

11. Manufacture and sale of farm products

They earn money on their own vegetable garden, gardening, greenhouses, beekeeping. You can sell vegetables, fruits, berries, cultivated mushrooms, pickles, canned goods, flowers, honey.

You can have a full income on growing meat breeds of animals and birds, livestock products - eggs, milk, butter, cheese. The market is overflowing with synthetic, GMO and chemical-based food products.

Eco-friendly products are increasing in price every day. The amount of income depends on the volume of production of farm products and sales.

For example, growing "Veshenok" mushrooms alone can earn about 100-120 thousand rubles a month.

12. Manufacture of gift baskets

They make gift baskets that are filled with sweets, balls of decorative yarn, soft miniature toys, sets of expensive alcohol, cigars, souvenirs, and something else interesting.

Weaving baskets is optional and can be purchased from artisans. Selling one such basket can be one and a half to two times more expensive than the purchase cost of filling it.

The amount of earnings is 30-60 thousand rubles / month . Sales can be made through gift shops, flower shops, use groups in social networks, your own website to promote your business.

13. Production of souvenirs, various hand-made goods

For many, handicraft is a good source of income and a favorite job. They are bought as gifts for loved ones, work colleagues, good friends and just to please themselves. Business requires equipment, tools and regular procurement of production and consumables.

Types of hand-made :

  • Small beautiful handmade things (figurines, Christmas tree decorations);
  • Wardrobe accessories (knitted scarves, woven stoles, gloves);
  • Natural soap;
  • Candles made of pure wax, with the addition of aromas;
  • Jewelry, polymer clay keychains;
  • Pictures from embroidery;
  • Bead miniatures;
  • Drawing pictures;
  • Handbags, backpacks, wallets.

Anything done by hand is always expensive. You can find your customers through various public pages: Instragram, Avito, Yandex Services, Yula, communities on social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki). The cost of the work is different.

A common pricing method used by modern craftsmen and craftswomen is to calculate the cost of production and add the same amount for work. Some set the price more modestly - add 70% of the cost to the cost price . The average earnings of craftsmen are from 30,000 to 60,000 rubles / month. The most active sales of such things on the days before the holidays.

14. Making home fountains

A fountain business can be profitable if you immediately think about the customer base - how and from what to build it. Products are designed to create romance, to bring liveliness to the interior or exterior.

The price of one product depends on the size and complexity of its manufacture. On average - from $ 40-50 per copy.

You can sell via social media. networks or sites - furniture, design, souvenir. Before starting a business, you need to have special skills to properly install pumps, pipes and other fountain parts. During the design and manufacture, there is an opportunity to show all your creativity, talent and different design approaches.

15. Production of bubbles, open-frame chairs

Today, furniture innovations such as soft transforming chairs or doughs are widely popular. They do not have a body and can be easily converted into a sofa. And when you sit down in it, it instantly takes the shape of the body. The fastest selling are those models that look interesting, stylish and unusual.

You can learn how to make such chairs through free master classes posted on YouTube channels. Sewing requires sewing equipment, tools, materials and decor. Income exceeds 200-350% of the unit cost. The price of one chair is from 4000-5000 rubles. And you can spend only 1000 rubles on the purchase of materials.

How to make money while sitting at home over the Internet

You can make money on the Internet while in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe ... your location does not matter, the main thing is access to the network and desire.

16. On axle boxes

Buks are sites that offer to complete tasks for money. There are options to receive money in bucks for: reading letters, browsing sites, registering in games, registering on sites, clicks on advertisements on sites, searching for a site in Google and Yandex, etc. The tasks are simple and do not require skills or training.

Suitable even for a beginner. Having absolutely no knowledge, sitting at home without investments, you can start earning. To withdraw money, you need an electronic wallet (WebMoney, YuMoney, QIWI, Pay Pal or the like), from which you can already withdraw to your details, keeping them secret, for example, a bank account or card. In some cases, it is possible to withdraw to cards and recharge your cell phone.

For example, the Portuguese Bux is Neobux ( ). No knowledge required, pay to view sites. The site pays 100%.

17. Yandex.Toloka

If on boxes you have to mainly deal with such an ignoble thing as cheating, then Toloka ( ), on the contrary, cultivates honesty and high quality content.

Here they pay for completing tasks without experience: checking the correspondence of content and its name, comparing photos, correcting the position of the picture, analyzing the quality of pictures, marking content 18+, and the like.

When you work 4-5 hours a day, $ 250-300 accumulates in a month .

18. On CPA

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a payment model for online advertising that only pays for certain user actions on the advertiser's website. For example, an online store pays you for attracting a customer who has made a registration or purchase, ordering a product, or clicks (less often). Each of these offers is called an offer. You can choose what you want to receive money for, an offer for $ 0.5 for registration or for 3% of the sales amount.

For example, the Shadow Legends affiliate program pays $ 10.5 for registration.

In simple words, how it works : you take a special link to the game and bring the user through these links, he is registered. Everything! The money is yours. If 100 users come through your links, you will receive money for each accepted registration.

You can find CPA offers themselves on such well-known sites as:

  • , which pays partners more than 3 million rubles daily ;
  • - offers that are convenient to sell on social networks;

Consider the ideas of where to get the attracted customers :

  • Promote a group on a social network with a gaming theme . Even a teenager can do it. The idea is to organize a group of your peers, friends, classmates, friends of their friends and place an affiliate link, which will be followed by people interested in the game.

  • Create a group of other topics (tourism, sales), fill it with interesting content and post links from CPA. Sales are paid as a percentage of the check amount, imagine the amounts if you sell cars. This is a real work at home for students and just young people, because it does not require investments and can be combined with a hobby, new acquaintances and pleasant communication. For example, pays 2.25% of the check, for a tour cost of 1500 euros, your commission will be € 33.75. The service offers the most favorable prices, selecting the best and cheapest operators, so making a purchase there is really profitable, that is, attracting real customers is not so difficult.

  • Advertise with tips . Teasers are banner ads that are automatically displayed on sites based on the visitor's search history. It is not difficult to register with Teasernet ( ), Directadvert ( ) or a similar teaser network. You will not be charged for views of your ad, money is withdrawn only for clicking on it. Views can be 100-150 thousand in 2-3 hours, depending on the ad. For 300-500 rubles your ad will be seen by millions of users, there will be effective transitions. In this business, high income comes with experience, but you can also earn an apartment for a year.and faster. It all depends on the amount you spend on traffic. Profit can reach 7-15% elementary, the main thing is to weed out low-quality sites. Take a closer look at this way of making money.

  • Newsletter . If you don't have money, you can create a free blog at least on Blogger ( ) and bring visitors there by mail. This is a kind of padding so that the traffic is of better quality. The blog needs to be created for a specific CPA affiliate program. Next, download the Atomic Mail program or a similar free version for sending letters. And Atomic Email Extractor for collecting mail. Using the program, simply from the pages of social networks (it's easier to start with My World on mail.tu), you can quickly collect thousands of addresses. Then you need to write an interesting letter and send it out. It is better not to give a link to the offer, so you can get into SPAM. This method can be perfected and used in a month.

  • SMS mailing and mailing to messengers . A way of making money suitable for working with CPA in the case of choosing programs with mobile traffic. One of the first ways to attract customers has remained relevant. There are free databases of mobile numbers on the Internet. Download the mobile database, for example, from the website and send SMS through the service, for example, . You can send messages to Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp. Thus, get subscribers or mobile traffic for registration under the chosen paid program in the CPA.

19. Newsletters

Mailing, social networking or messenger mailings today can bring not just additional income, but a full-fledged income. On this, separate profitable services and exchanges are created. Payment is charged for a specific circulation. For a month, you can earn from 50,000 rubles. With full employment, income reaches 3-4 thousand dollars a month, and this is a real fact.

The bottom line is that you create a subscriber base by email, to which you promise to send useful information. For example, subscribe and immediately receive an email with 100 possible ways to make money at home without investment. Next, your letter is automatically sent to the subscriber through the postal service. You can make a series of such letters, and in each one advertise some kind of service through an affiliate program.

Earlier, I was engaged in this type of earnings, as I had a project in which letters were to be sent. When the project was gone, I began to conduct a separate mailing list, attracting new subscribers from social networks, buying advertising in other mailing lists and making mutual promotions (this is when I send someone's letter to my subscriber for free and another person does the same).

Examples of exchanges and services for newsletters:

  • GetResponse;
  • eSputnik;
  • BazaarEmail;
  • SendPulce;
  • ExpertSender;
  • SS - SendSay.

Earning money is not only in the advertising of personal letters. Many people are willing to pay big bucks to get you to send their email to your subscribers. There are special services for finding customers, collecting new subscribers, buying and selling advertising in mailing lists.

I personally can recommend Mikhail Yakovlev ( ), this person can teach you everything from scratch and show you how you can make money on it. He himself has achieved great success in this. The help will not be free, later, when you have a good base, you will simply advertise several of Mikhail's letters for free.

20. Transcription

How to make money at home without experience and skills? Transcription is a set of text from audio and video recordings. For example, you receive a tape recorder, or a video of an interview, and you must record it in text.

You can earn more than 25,000 rubles by transcribing . per month. It all depends on how many orders you manage to collect and execute.

Tariffication - from 14-20 rubles. in 1 minute. When you need to transform a foreign text, then the price rises several times. Orders can be found on Avito, Head Hunter and similar sites.

To exclude an independent search for customers, freelancers get a job in a company where they need permanent specialists with a remote form of work.

21. Paid Surveys

Many companies conduct social and marketing research, and they are willing to pay money to participate in surveys.

for example, the MOBROG service pays 20-120 rubles for each survey. You can do this simple job at home and replenish your budget.

There are also specialized sites for making money by filling out questionnaires and answering questions:

  • (;
  • Ysense (;
  • My Opinion (;
  • Expert opinion (

It is wiser to register everywhere at once and receive orders from everywhere, since there are not so many profiles in total. 70-300 rubles are paid for each.

22. Sale of information: music, books, games, programs

Internet giants that create software do not cover the entire Internet audience; partners are also involved to sell their products.

It is perfectly legal for you to sell software and other intellectual property. You can get 1-50% of the declared value of the goods. These can be courses, programs, etc.

An easy way is to find a partner and create your own CPA offer. So you effortlessly become an intermediary and take your legal interest. That is, now other people will sell your products, receiving a portion of your affiliate commission from you. Methods for finding CPA clients have been described above.

One of the most promising offers is to become a Microsoft partner . You will receive Managed Reseller Incentive for volume licensing purchases and an additional percentage of cloud sales (up to 45%).

23. On social networks

Social networks, as one of the ways to make money at home without investing, without straining too much on your favorite business. A group on a social network can easily be used as a sales platform using CPA, as an intermediary between an online store, and can become a store itself.

For example, many craftsmen make simple ceramics (anyone can do this), but paint them beautifully. Products are sold only on social networks

Please note that not only stars and politicians have thousands of subscribers. For a quick promotion, the account should not be wound up, it needs to be tightened up. This means increasing the number of subscribers in proportion to the amount of interesting content. Then people will start joining themselves exponentially.

A post on a popular account can easily cost $ 1000 , it all depends on the number of subscribers. You yourself can see the numbers of how much they earn on Instagram .

24. Sale of lessons, courses, trainings, master classes

This also includes the category of information business, when you sell not just training, but information, for example, how to buy discounted real estate at auctions.

Here's a simple example of making money on your course: If you know how to play the guitar, you can record a short course for several lessons and charge a low price. If the buyers are happy and give good reviews, you can continue the series and develop your course.

You can also do it for any profession and skill, for example, sewing, cooking, dancing, self-development ...

You can sell your courses through different social media. networks and trading platforms. Check out Instagram and you will find hundreds of similar offers in every industry. The most promoted info-businessmen manage to earn large sums a month - from several hundred to a million rubles. When selling, one version of the course is served to the audience for free in order to interest and recruit new students, and the second is already being sold.

For example, two guys figured out how to make drawings on clothes and opened their own course ( ), advertising it on Instagram. After a year of launch, the income exceeded 500,000 rubles a month .

25. Paid webinars

Suitable for specialists in their field. If you are a marketer, accountant, psychologist ... you can conduct training paid webinars. There will always be interesting topics for which they agree to pay.

26. Write custom books

Many people have ideas and ideas for books, stories. But there is no time or ability to write. If you have it, you can be a performer of creative ideas from the author of the book - you will need to process, combine and compile, possibly work on video, audio notes, handwritten notes, edit the text, make suggestions.

And after the publication of the finished book, your surname may be co-authored. The price of the work is high - 100-150 thousand on average for 100 pages. The format can be rebuilt and a series of books can be created based on only one author's idea. Then the price will rise several times. You can find such customers through special services. Some of the most popular are or .

27. Copywriting

Another remote computer work at home. The type of activity is suitable not only for philologists and journalists. If you have a competent speech and you are able to express your thoughts - it can be done for money.

Copywriting is writing custom texts.

For example, this article was written for 5315 rubles.

There are a lot of orders for writing articles, because every site needs content. But copywriting can be different, you can write slogans, do naming (come up with names of companies, sites), describe cards with goods, and much more.

Even if you are looking for work from home in Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Belarus, Samara, Krasnoyarsk or elsewhere, you can do copywriting everywhere .

The most famous and largest exchanges, where dozens of new orders appear every minute:

  • eTXT
  • Workhard
  • Advego

They pay for texts by symbols, for example, 100 rubles for 1000 characters without spaces. Beginners work at lower prices, for example, from 35-50 rubles per 1000 sbp. For some, additional earnings from 200 to 500 rubles a day are simply enough. Experienced authors can write articles for $ 40-50.

Translations cost 2-3 times more than copywriting in your native language, which allows you to earn even more.

28. Youtube

Take a look at the Tackle Hello channel ( ) More than 400 thousand subscribers. We will not give the exact figure, but it is more than $ 1000 per month. Think about what you are fond of, maybe it is very interesting and you will have your own subscribers.

30. Creation and maintenance of publics / communities in social networks

This is a great way to make money while sitting at home. Even we once turned to this service for help on another project. For example, there is a site that has a lot of posts that need images, videos, information, descriptions, search engine promotion, and a lot of other work. The site owner cannot keep up with everything and delegates tasks. Maintaining social media pages is one of them.

This is when you compose topics for the next publications of companies.

To maintain a group, community or page in social. network, you need to be able to find information, select images, respond to comments. You can have several different accounts at the same time.

Average earnings can start from 15 to 80 thousand rubles, a lot depends on the time spent, the size of the company and their number.

In addition to maintaining other people's accounts, you can create and popularize your own. Any large account (with a large number of subscribers, followers, members ...) earns a decent amount. If at the initial stage advertisers will not write to you themselves, you can search for orders for placing paid posts on the sites , .

31. Writing term papers, abstracts, diplomas

Part-time job for teachers and educated people. The price for a thesis in Russia is 15,000 - 50,000 rubles . You can search for work through specialized sites for the sale of diploma and term papers, ads or social networks, for example:


You can also write there not only to order, but also to sell on demand. How your work is bought - the money will be credited to the account.

32. Crowd Marketing

Interesting work from home over the Internet. You will need to go to forums and different sites, and write comments with a link to some site. It is these sites that will pay you money.

The bottom line is that if there are many links to a site on the Internet, then Google will decide that this is probably a good resource, since there is so much talk about it, and will raise it in the rankings. Therefore, site owners pay money to be written about everywhere.

Crowd marketing literally translates as crowd marketing , that is, word of mouth. To do this, you just need to communicate on the Internet and leave links to different sites in the comments.

You can even get a job at the well-known crowd agency , where you can earn from 15 to 60 thousand rubles a month sitting at home . There you can also go through free training and get a ready-made list of sites where you can write comments.

Or you can independently post ads and take orders, for example, prices for services on  Kwork :

33. Sports on the Internet conducting classes

After the 2020 pandemic, many coaches migrated online, successfully conducting both individual lessons and with a group. The practice was common at the best of times, but now it's just in trend.

It is cheaper to play sports at home and you do not need to spend time on the road, and under the guidance of a professional, training is most effective. It is also work from home with daily pay.

34. Commentator services

By posting comments on the page on which the product or service being sold is posted, you can attract a large amount of buyers' attention. This marketing method pays off with interest.

Several services where you can get an order:

  • - the average monthly income is about 10-12 thousand rubles, if you work for 2-3 hours every day;
  • - the range of earnings is from 7,000 to 10,000 rubles;
  • - income of 10,000-15,000 rubles.

The average price of one text of 150 characters without spaces can cost from 5 to 15 rubles (sometimes more). You can earn from 300 to 600 rubles per day. All comments must be unique.

35. Freelance exchanges and sites for making money

There are a lot of options for making money at home on the Internet. To search for orders, sell your services and goods , it is best to use specialized sites, for example, freelance exchanges . It is there that thousands of new offers appear every day, and the exchanges themselves can control the honesty of customers, block full amounts for payment at the time of order, which guarantees 100% payment upon completion of work.

There are a lot of sites for making money, there are more than a hundred and even more. In order not to list them all right here, check out our adjacent post  130+ Sites where you can make real money without investment .

36. Working on Western freelance sites

Selling your work to a specialist designer, programmer, translator abroad can be at least 5 times more expensive than in the CIS. Offered by exchanges: Upwork, Fiverr, Remote Ok, Ruby Now. In the next article you will find  142 foreign websites for making money .

If you are concerned about the question of how to make money at home while you speak English, this is an option for you. Yes, you need to fill out the profile in more detail than on domestic resources. Yes, it's not easy to catch the first customer, but the result is worth it.

Even schoolboy Mikhail X ( parents are not allowed to announce his surname ) from Kiev managed to earn his first $ 200 by creating subtitles in several languages. Misha works for Fiverr. The truth is, you have to withdraw money on your dad's card.

How to make money at home with your own hands - ideas for women

The types of earnings at home do not have fundamental differences between the sexes, but nevertheless, some women find it easier and more attractive.

37. Handmade candles

The production capacity for the production of decorative candles can be increased gradually. For a start, you can make several small batches. They do not have an expiration date anyway. You can sell the first three lots in one or two weeks, using the site "Fair of Masters" (

To do this, you need to purchase wax, dyes, fragrances, herbs and decor details, as well as purchase a subscription to the Fair of Craftsmen - 99 rubles / month. Candle prices are formed depending on the height, thickness, burning time and aroma of the product.

38. Making jewelry: beads, earrings

The work is creative, very suitable for women. At the same "Fair of Masters" the cost of work reaches 10,000 rubles per item.

39. Making traditional items: amulets

Please note that at any fair, any bazaar, market there are sellers of horseshoes for luck, magnets with wishes, brownies, etc. Women and children sometimes cannot be pulled away from such a product. If you have the ability to Needlework - you can use the idea.

Weaving from beads has its own specifics. All products are created on the basis of beads and inexpensive plastic or glass beads. Despite the low cost of materials, works are expensive. If we take Ukraine, then a handmade brooch in the Rosette costs 320-500 hryvnia . Moreover, the materials themselves (beads and beads) cost no more than 30-50 hryvnia .

40. Knitting

Finds his client, in most cases women. After all, I want to have a unique warm thing that perfectly emphasizes the figure. You can knit both socks for sale and children's slippers, but it's not superfluous to find one or two richer clients.

The price of knitted sweaters at PROM reaches 16,500 rubles.

If you have talent and things are really high quality, you need to value yourself with dignity.

41. Sewing carnival costumes, unusual clothes

If patterns for the costume of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus can be found on the Internet, then a sumo warrior costume, which will visually increase the weight of a person by 4 times, will have to be invented independently. Not a bad decision what to do at home to make money.

Carnival costumes are 4-5 times more expensive than dresses and jackets. If you have enough skills, then why not provide this service as well. Your things will always be unique and appreciated more, and the stage always requires new outfits.

42. Embroidery

A nice option for how to make money while sitting at home. At the Sorochinskaya Fair, thousands of embroidered shirts are sold annually at prices ranging from 2,000 rubles (regular for men) to 17,000 (exclusive). Embroidered towels are bought for every wedding. Tourists take the paintings to Europe. They embroider not only threads, but also beads.

If you are engaged in embroidery at a high level, know how to create a picture, an icon, be sure to register a page on the Internet with your work. It will benefit you. In addition, many people sell their products all year round through social media and mail them all over the world.

43. Making paper flowers

A designer artificial bouquet on Avito costs from 300 to 3000 rubles . You can learn how to create a bouquet by following the instructions on YouTube, and you can look for ideas for inspiration on This is a calm and meditative work.

You can sell bouquets to order, but first you need to make a series of bouquets for a photo (portfolio).

44. Handmade cosmetic soap

Handmade soaps are classified as natural cosmetics. Most girls and women today prefer just such a soap. It does not have a draining effect on the skin, it has a large number of nutritional components. This soap has no harmful chemical composition.

For production, you will need to purchase wax, aromatic oils, mineral dyes and other components, as well as decorative paper for packaging design. The average income is from 15,000 rubles per month .

How to make money at home with your own hands - ideas for men

How to earn money while sitting at home for men? There are several examples of ideas that will take hands and time to replenish the family budget.

45. Making paired brooms for a bath

An unpretentious occupation will bring an income of 20-30 thousand rubles / month. , minimum. There is no need for any start-up investments. It is enough to know the places where you can cut the desired branches - birch, oak, conifers.

Big earnings are possible in megacities and cultural and tourist provincial towns, settlements where the bathing tradition is widespread.

To do this, you will need free space for drying the branches (balcony, loggia, attic of the house). Gathering branches at the right time (eg birch in July). A bunch is prepared with twine, strong nylon thread, a sharp knife or a small hatchet.

46. ​​Minting

In the eighties - nineties of the last century, they still minted mainly paintings, these were thin copper canvases with three-dimensional images. There was a fashion for products, they were found in almost every apartment, now it is a rarity.

Contemporaries minted coins with inscriptions, wishes, significant dates and the like. This will sound strange to many, but check out the calculations and examples below.

To implement the idea, you need a simple apparatus: a steel anvil or a mini press. A hammer, stamps (you will have to order) and consumables will also come in handy. Available in aluminum, brass and silver blanks. The very process of minting is disgracefully simple: the workpiece is placed on an anvil in a special depression (so that it does not jump off) and 5-10 blows are made with a hammer, depending on the properties of the workpiece material.

This business has been perfectly mastered in Altai. You can start from scratch or purchase a starter pack from the Siberian Mint or Coin Attraction companies.

If there are a lot of tourists in your region, the city, the investment will pay off in 2 months, then income. Some calculations:

  • Purchase of a press - 15,000 rubles;
  • Flare purchase - 4500-7000 rubles;
  • Design of a stamp for minting - up to 10,000 rubles;
  • Purchase of anvil - 4000-34000 rubles;
  • Sledgehammer - 2100 rubles;
  • Demonstration stand for ready-made coins - 700 rubles;
  • Buying a costume (you can use a traditional or a funny animator) - 3900 rubles;

Total total costs are approximately 68,000 rubles (maximum).

Now let's calculate the monthly expenses:

  • Rent of a place of sale - up to 6,000 rubles;
  • Purchase of new blanks, for one piece - 30-70 rubles;
  • Purchase of new blanks, for 400 pieces - 12,000 rubles;
  • Capsules for ready-made coins, for 200 pieces - 5000 rubles;
  • Seller's salary - 10,000 rubles;
  • Approximately 33,000 rubles.

Total: total costs 100 thousand rubles.

On average, it is possible to sell from 10 to 15 coins per day. The minting costs from 300 rubles, in the example for 800. The average revenue per month is 150 thousand rubles. Net profit may exceed 117,000 rubles . The equipment pays off quickly. The profitability of the business is very high.

47. Making sachets, phyto-pillows

Flax fiber itself is beneficial to the skin. Decorating them with simple embroidery with threads of natural shades will make the product authentic, attractive in a rustic way. The filling of such pillows is medicinal dried herbs, which have a healing etheric effect.

With the help of them, you can carry out aromatherapy every day if you put it under your head. Herbs for pillows include peppermint, St. John's wort, sage, wormwood, thyme, heather, yarrow, eucalyptus and some hops . The level of earnings on the sale of phyto-pillows reaches up to 50,000 rubles . The price of one such pillow is 2000 rubles. Manufacturing time - a couple of hours.

Sewing bags of herbs ( sachets ) can serve as an excellent appendage to increase income from assortment. Sasha can simply lie in open places, then a pleasant aroma will always be in the room. Filling the bags with lavender, wormwood, or tansy will scare away moths in the closet.

48. Artistic wood-carving paintings, sculptures

Adolf Yuriev even created a canal for woodcarving. Cabinetmakers are in short supply, handicrafts replaced with plastic stamped onlays cloned by CNC products.

Only wealthy people can afford to buy handmade woodwork and it is expensive. Therefore, if you are able to carve masks, paintings, make wooden sculptures, you will find your client.

A page with their videos and photos on the Internet will help in the implementation of your work. Wooden sculptures on are sold at a price of UAH 5,000-100,000 .

You can sell your work on any classified site.

49. Manufacturing under the order of devices and equipment: transceivers, metal detectors, incubators.

This is how the father of the co-author of the article earned at home. Even after 4 years, as he was gone, calls continue on past ads.

If you are into electronics, this is the option for you. From the beginning of March to the middle of July, the thermostats for the incubator are scattered, they are in demand. And consumers often choose precisely thermostats assembled by hand by radio amateurs or electricians. They are no worse, but cheaper.

It is very informative, interesting and profitable to assemble transceivers, because we do not produce them. There is no domestic manufacturer. There are mainly models from the USA and Japan on the market. They cost from a thousand dollars.

Radio amateurs buy used equipment and in the end they are not completely satisfied, sometimes even transceivers on lamps give the best quality of communication. In addition, novice radio amateurs with a permission for a range of 160 meters do not want to buy VHF transceivers at all (not everyone has enough funds), they prefer to find an old one for their range, there are few such used stations, and there are plenty of schemes. Especially great for those who subscribed to the magazine "Radio" back in the Soviet Union. There are also the simplest schemes of the most economical metal detectors (can be found on the Internet).

If you are engaged in radio and understand electronics, why focus only on work on the air and competitions, because your knowledge can bring good money and open the way for the young. In addition, antennas can be made for different ranges, the entire antenna will not work, but some elements with assembly later on in place are quite possible.

A 160-meter transceiver costs up to UAH 65,000. Yours will be sold cheaper, even if 4 times. All spare parts can be bought, all schemes are available on the Internet. It is not necessary to collect for all or several bands, it is possible for specific frequencies. Despite the availability of the Internet, this technique is in demand and is expensive. Ask how many radio amateurs there are in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and you will understand everything.

How to make money while sitting at home with animals

50. Breeding dogs

The occupation is more suitable for a private home. After all, you can build enclosures where you can keep several mother dogs with a good pedigree. In Russia, puppies are sold on Avito, small dogs - papillon, maltipu turned out to be especially valuable. Their cost is about 50 thousand rubles . Puppy Welsh Corgi Pembroke - 85 thousand .

51. Aquarium: breeding and sale of fish, snails, algae

This idea will bring you stable income. Even in the apartment it is possible to organize a fish farm. Customers will be pet stores, online pet stores and markets. The cost of an adult diamond Discus reaches $ 250 . And this is not the limit, there are more expensive fish.

It is more difficult to deal with such lucrative fish, but the effort is worth it. If you don't have aquariums yet and just like the idea, then first you have to invest:

  • Aquariums - up to $ 170;
  • Water filters - up to $ 17;
  • Compressors - up to $ 25;
  • Lighting - $ 7 per device;
  • Thermometer - $ 5;
  • Thermostat - $ 3;
  • Auto feeder - up to $ 20.

To begin with, you buy 10 aquariums, in 3-4 you place 4-6 adults each, the rest of the aquariums will be used for growing fry. One female hatches up to 100 fry at a time. Imagine the profitability of your business. An active business with placing ads on the Internet, cooperation with pet stores allows you to sell about 200 young fish per month at a price of $ 3-4 for one thing. Income $ 600-800 per month.

The lesson is suitable even on maternity leave at home. No need to languish at the computer, no need to try at the stove. The usual care of fish, looking at the beautiful, dreaming the best, making plans for the future and making money.

52. Breeding newts, frogs, turtles, snakes, snakes

  • A dish of one snake costs 11,000 rubles . For breeding snakes, it is necessary to create conditions, the business is better suited to those who are looking for something to do in a private house to make money.

  • Turtles : land turtles cost from 4000 rubles, aquarium turtles from 5500. Turtles live for 25 years or more. They are reproductive most of their lives. An aquarium turtle at home lays from 6 to 22 eggs. Turtles mate all year round, and eggs are laid more often from February to May. Remember that you need steam to breed your turtles.

  • Frogs : if frogs are bred in a private house for slaughter, then the cost of 1 kg of the finished product is 2 euros. If you breed aquarium frogs, then this can be an addition to the breeding of aquarium fish. Lesson for an amateur. The price of frogs is from 800 to 6500 rubles .

53. Breeding butterflies. You can practice in an apartment


  • We are assembling an insectarium - a device like an aquarium with a thermal relay, the temperature inside is 24-26 ° C (you need a thermal relay), humidity is up to 80%, we organize a shelf for laying the pupae.
  • We buy dolls - 50 rubles 1 piece. Sold in hundreds.
  • We place the pupae in the insectarium and wait 1-2 weeks and the butterfly is ready.
  • We place the finished butterfly in a container and store in a cool place until sale, before releasing it, heat it up a little.

A live butterfly will cost an average of 300 rubles.

54. Breeding cats

Do not forget that cats and dogs live in 25% of city apartments, not to mention country houses and cottages. New breeds will be in special demand, exotic, for example, hypoallergenic cats are sold from 1 to 4 thousand dollars.

55. Breeding guinea pigs, hamsters

Rats, pigs, hamsters are bred exponentially quickly. The main thing is to have time to find clients and engage in selection, breeding pets of a unique color. So, the blue rat is in greater demand than the white one. In Russia, animals can be sold on Avito.

For example, a blue rat costs from 1000 rubles. This simple lesson will suit both grandmother and schoolchildren.

56. Breeding canaries, parrots

Wavy, zhapo, kakapo, etc. are all in demand. A macaw parrot costs from 80 thousand rubles. If you have a parrot, you can buy him a pair, and he will earn money both for his food and for the owners to enjoy.

This is the case when hobby can be combined with business. Birds for sale on classified sites. In a private house, you can breed purebred pigeons: low maintenance / feeding costs, reproduce well, are in demand.

57. Breeding rare animals and birds for sale

Foxes, raccoons, rabbits - are sold on ad sites in the animals section. The price of a small raccoon on OLX is 8 thousand hryvnia. This is a very interesting activity for a private home.

In addition to the animals themselves, conditions and calculation of costs and profits are necessary. In any case, if you have a couple of animals, they can generate income.

How to make money while sitting at home doing services for animals

58. Hotel for animals

When the owners leave or the house is being renovated, the animal must be left under supervision. The best option is a hotel. The price for overexposing dogs and cats starts from 300 rubles per day .

If you live in a private house, you can generally organize a zoo hotel, build aviaries under a canopy or in an empty, heated room (if any) and accept animals. The service is offered on the classifieds website. Rather, occupy a niche in your city.

59. Grooming dogs and cats

In Moscow, a dog's haircut costs from 1400 rubles and services are offered by more than 900 specialists. So the scheme works exactly. If you know how to tidy up an animal and live in a small town, why not take a niche.

The first handsome men can be cut at a discount with the condition of the opportunity to post photos on social networks, portfolio, ads.

60. Sewing or selling funny clothes for pets

Most pet owners treat them like their children. Therefore, they will always be interested in original clothes for their favorites.

You can sew or knit goods yourself if you know how to do it perfectly. But there are much simpler options - to buy fashionable models on Aliexpress, Wilberries or other large marketplaces.

The sales profit depends on the purchase prices. On average, earnings can range from 30,000 rubles / month . To open your own mini-studio at home, you need a small start-up capital. For a start, 20-25 thousand rubles may be enough.

61. Cultivation of feed and bait: bloodworms, grasshoppers

In 2017, an insect breeding farm was opened in Belarus. The farmer's dream of feeding crickets to Belarusians is a little embarrassing. But insects are needed for objective reasons. They feed on snakes, snakes, frogs, chameleons. They are necessary for catching river fish and as aquarium food.

At the moment, crickets are sold as a food product canned and frozen. If you have a space and inspiration, you can equip it and try to practice. Suitable for a private house.

62. Home Zoo

A contact mini zoo at home is a great idea for a small business. If there are conditions in a private house, you can build enclosures for raccoons, bunnies and chanterelles. They are not difficult to purchase online.

Invite clients through social networks, create a page, advertise. Many will want to come with children or just relieve stress. If you truly love animals, your increase can grow into a small business of your own.

The feature of the zoo can be communication with an animal, the ability to pet, take a picture. The cost of a ticket to such a zoo may not be big - 200 rubles . Why not? Much more interesting than taking a child to a cartoon. Look, the ad sites already have invitations to such zoos.

63. Walking, cat-sitter, dog-sitter

It is possible to professionally walk dogs, take care of domestic cats, ferrets or parrots for good money. You can do this in your free time from the main work, or switch completely to the cat-sitter, dog-sitter.

It is necessary not only to feed, clean up after the pets, play with them, but some will also need to be walked (concerns dogs). On average, those who look after pets earn up to 60 thousand rubles .

64. Making aquariums

Glass, glue and corners are easy to purchase in a store, on the market, on the Internet with delivery. You will need:

  • A set of plexiglass 10 mm for the aquarium;
  • Adhesive sealant for one aquarium;
  • A set of corners for side glass (can be done without corners).

On the background, you can glue a picture with algae or a sunken ship, etc. The skill must be brought to perfection so that the aquariums are beautiful and do not leak. Sell ​​over the Internet (pet stores, ads) in the markets, according to friends. You may not get rich too much, but there will be some extra income.

How to make money at home on plants

65. Growing and breeding home flowers

Seedlings, tubers, bulbs of indoor plants are always in demand. It is enough to study the relevant sections of the ad sites. Indoor plants on Avito: Calluna vulgaris Beauty-Ladies Agneta - 690 rubles and this is the smallest price for the simplest flower.

If you are passionate about flowers, you have the conditions for a greenhouse in a private house, then why not make a business out of a hobby. Both pleasant and profitable. Easily market plants through ads and social media.

Types of plants that bring good income:

  • Predatory insects - 10, 15, 20 thousand rubles. for the start, about 50-100 thousand rubles. average income;
  • Decorative succulents - 17-25 thousand rubles. to start a business, the average earnings are 40-50 thousand rubles;
  • Salad greens (dill, parsley, lettuce, cilantro, arugula, spinach, sorrel, onions) - to begin with, you will need about 8-10 thousand rubles. for the purchase of seeds, soil and containers for a small volume of products, earnings at the start will be approximately 20-35 thousand rubles;
  • Indoor flowers - the starting capital depends on the planned volume, varieties and varieties of plants, due to the large assortment, you can earn from 30-40 thousand rubles. and more.

Customers can be looked for already at the stage of seed germination. It is better to first go to flower shops, participate in fairs, look for sales through special sites.

66. Growing florariums

Florariums are miniature gardens. They can be open and closed (under the dome). The peculiarity of such products is to be an element of interior decor.

People order and buy such beauty to decorate their homes, as a gift to their friends, relatives, boss or work colleague.

The cost of one object depends on its size, design and filling with specific types of plants. Average price - from 5000 rubles.

67. Growing carnivorous plants

These are unique plants that can be an expensive and exclusive gift. A small initial capital of 10 thousand rubles can bring from 15 to 20 thousand per month. Are you still looking for what business is profitable now ?

Predatory plants feed on small insects, midges, flies. The price of one flycatcher is 1500-2800 rubles. Their seeds will cost 200-300 rubles. for a few pieces. For business, you will need to allocate space, create comfortable conditions for plants, purchase the right number of pots and suitable soil.

68. Production of greenhouses

This idea of ​​earning money is suitable for those who live in a private home and have a small area to work. The cost of creating a greenhouse may not exceed 3-4 thousand rubles, while its sales value is from 15-25 thousand.

To get good customer reviews, repeat orders and reputation, it's best to start working with quality materials right away.

Despite the fact that this is a seasonal job, in the warm months you can earn 60-110 thousand rubles a month.

Where and how to find a job at home

Where to sell your services and products:

  • - Unique handicrafts or antiques;
  • - place an ad and sell anything;
  • - suitable for Ukraine, sell your crafts, goods, offer services;
  • - analogue for Russia;
  • - handmade goods;
  • - easy implementation of almost any product;
  • - worldwide sales;
  • - gives you the opportunity to sell your handicrafts, handicrafts in Belarus.

You can find a job without the Internet, there were many examples of services and classes above, but one way or another, if you promote yourself on your own without getting a job at a company, you will need to advertise, post examples of work, photos. It is advisable to do this on a large scale in order to create the very impression that you are in demand.

Where and with whom is it better not to work?

Typing captcha

This is the input of numbers and letters from the picture. The pay for such work will be very low, you are unlikely to earn more than $ 40-50 per month. This work is done in undeveloped countries.

Installing applications for money

Offered by sites: Apperwall, AdvertApp, AppBonus, AppCent and many others. In some cases, you only need to install the application, in others, install it for 5-7 days, there are tasks to put 5 stars and write a review.

The payment is very low, and you will also constantly overload your phone, which in one way or another has its own resource. There is no career growth and no opportunity to earn more than there is. Payment is calculated in cents and it is difficult to earn more than 40-50 dollars.

Automatic surfing

It is better if you have access to several computers that are online all the time. You need to install a special program (agent) or application for the browser, which will work in stealth mode and surf. It will not be possible to reach an average salary, but will gather to pay for communications. High risks of being banned from the provider, catching a virus. Paying for electricity reduces profits to almost zero, since initially the work is also paid in cents.

Hard work

If some work is difficult, incomprehensible or unpleasant for you, then you should not do it. In this case, you will not achieve high results and you will not get pleasure. It is better to find yourself a job that can have prospects, even if they are small. This will give you an incentive to grow and develop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Making money at home is convenient. The foreground here is saving money, time, as well as creating comfortable conditions at will. These are not all the pros to discover when making money at home.

Benefits of remote work :

  1. No link between work and place of residence . Work anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Whenever you move, it is enough to take a computer with you, “take” work with you. You don't have to look for a new job. There are freelancers who specifically choose other countries where it is cheaper to live than in Russia.
  2. The freedom to independently distribute your working time , plan and create a schedule, adjust the workload, set goals and objectives for yourself.
  3. Work in comfortable conditions - a pleasant home environment, you can be in comfortable clothes all day, create a workspace - at your discretion.
  4. Relief from stress on the part of bosses and hostility from colleagues. No one will interfere with focusing on order fulfillment.
  5. Saving - no need to allocate amounts from the family budget for the purchase of travel tickets, breakfasts, dinners, frequent updating of wardrobe. There is no need to allocate part of the salary for gifts to colleagues at work.
  6. Save time - no need to get up at 6-7 in the morning, be on the road to the office for an hour and a half every day, constantly face the problem of being late for work, lunch breaks are arranged at any time.
  7. Various family and household chores are always under control . There is no one to ask for leave from work, so that, for example, in the middle of the week to go to the dentist or to settle any issues with documents. You don't have to spend days off for cleaning the house or solving various family matters.
  8. Vacation at any convenient time for the period that you want, as far as the financial component allows.

Nobody actively influences the personal attitude towards working life. Failure is seen as an experience that will help improve performance in the future. Professional growth will depend only on your own efforts and efforts, and not on the opinion of your immediate boss.

Disadvantages of remote work :

  • You will have to look for orders and customers yourself.
  • You need to be ready for self-promotion.
  • The need for tough self-discipline. In order not to disrupt deadlines (fulfill orders on time), monitor quality and negotiate with customers in a timely manner, you need to be a self-organized person.
  • In the beginning, earnings may be low and inconsistent.
  • Lack of social benefits, stable contributions to the Pension Fund, and receiving bonuses. Sick leave, sick leave or compensation.
  • A secluded lifestyle. Socially active people cannot withstand working in a confined space for a long time, without constantly communicating with people. All communications will be limited to phone calls, online correspondence or short Skype conversations.
  • Working from home is the work of the future. Why rent an office when you can create a virtual one in two clicks. Why waste time on the road when you can see a person online. Even if you have a real job, you need to learn to work at home. This will open up new, previously unknown prospects and generate income.