How Is To Choose The Domain Correctly?

Very much the great value has a domain name of a site. Learn more here how correctly to choose the domain and to extract from this a maximum advantage.

The majority of readers have the site in which they are not limited by anybody and anything, and can make what they like and to work in the pleasure. It is simply remarkable, after all each of us – the person, by whom it is advanced is what to tell to associates. And the Internet grants such unique possibility for dialogue without borders and visible censorship, than it is necessary to take advantage.

The most pleasant that the toolkit for such self-expression is by default free, if only you do not apply for all the best (traffic cost we do not take into account, but also it in most cases is free). Really, all use free e-mail, as well as a free hosting, and also a number of other accompanying services – very few people find it shameful.

Another matter is that a fleeting hobby develops in due course into a hobby, sometimes in the real passion, and even small business. Not at all, of course, but rather at many. And here comes time to reap the fruits of illegibility in a choice of means, the error supposed by people, it is universal at the very beginning of the big way. What error do we usually make?

Yes, everything is simple – at acquisition by a site difficultly to foresee, how much it is serious, that is why usually anybody especially and is not puzzled with a choice of a place of its placing. All is given practically on will of a case – the person has come across a free server, has seen that there are many places, support of scripts, any additional services are offered, and he as lodged here. He was justified, has acquired communications, and has become attached to a familiar spot. Has got into catalogues, search systems, has acquired attendance and became rather popular. And that’s all, now hoster can do with our owner of the site everything what he wants.

Why does it happen? For one simple reason: a site without the traffic – anything, a pity small group of files on the magnetic carrier. And the traffic is fastened at all on a site as that, and its domain name. The paradox consists that the owner of a resource in this case has no rights on the name of the own site – it belongs to hoster. Here also it is necessary to suffer all mockeries only not to begin all anew…

So, if the person uses a hosting of the provider (by the way, the wide-spread scheme), it can change suddenly the tariffs, inflates the price, requires payment for the traffic above permitted standard, exceeding the quota of server space. And it is not very comfortable to change the provider, let even another one has more attractive tariffs. You without any arguments lose the site with all operating time!

You want or not, but from such dependence, I even would tell, servitude, it is necessary to leave. If the Internet is a part of your life, and especially if you receive any material advantage from employment by web mastering, it is necessary to take the traffic under the complete personal control. It is destiny.

The only thing that for this purpose it is necessary to make is to reserve behind yourself a domain name. It is not adhered to a certain hosting, and you are henceforth free in the choice of a server place. Moreover, your resource acquires individuality as its domain name reflects now site subjects, and it is already possible to conduct any reasonable brand policy. Good luck!

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Search Google and other search engines. Visit social networks and have a look on the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and join the online discussion. All this will help you to build up a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real chance to make a wise and nicely balanced decision.


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