Home Business Ideas: 135+ Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

Home Business Ideas: 135+ Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

Interesting and relevant business ideas at home with minimal investment. Home business ideas for men and women, examples of how you can make money at home.

Home business ideas can vary. You can open your own business with minimal risks and investments, or you can collect start-up capital and choose costly, but more profitable niches.

With the help of the article, you can find interesting options for your own business for an apartment, private house, home business idea in a small town or countryside.

The article also contains tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and a list of things that can be produced and sold at home.


Home business ideas

Home Business Ideas for Men

Home business for women

Business ideas at home without investment or at minimal cost

What to do in a private house to make money

Business ideas at home in the city: a selection of relevant options

Business ideas in the countryside at home

What can be produced at home and sold

Tips for Beginning Businessmen

Home business ideas

A small home business is not a bad idea that will help improve your material well-being. It is not necessary to have impressive capital to open your own store, organize an eco-farm or home production of goods.

The main thing in this business is to find an idea that you can successfully implement. Focus on customer demand, your talent and ability, and do not forget about product / service promotion.

Before looking for cash for small home business ideas, create a list. Evaluate whether you can implement your plans, analyze your competitors and target audience. Do not postpone starting a business, otherwise you may " burn out ". Immediately start looking for money to bring your idea to life.

+ Just want to say that a home business is different in terms of sales. Therefore, be prepared for the active use of instagram, ads on all possible sites. Start a channel on YouTube, TikTok and all popular social networks. Be sure your competitors are there too, and if not all, then this will be your advantage.

Home Business Ideas for Men

You need to try to promote what you do well. This is especially true if you plan to make good money from your home business. Here are the best home business ideas for men:

Idea number 1. Furniture manufacture

The idea is in the TOP business ideas at home for men. You can create custom-made furniture in a private house or garage. This startup is from the category of a business idea for a home with investments, since you need to purchase special carpentry tools and supplies. The expected income from the business is 100-150 thousand rubles per month .

Gavin Monroe's business idea
Gavin Monroe's business idea

Interesting : the Englishman Gavin Monroe decided to create creative " living " furniture. He founded a company to grow tree seedlings in an unconventional way. Simultaneously with the planting of plants, a frame was placed on the ground. Trunks and branches of trees entwined it, and as a result, unique environmentally friendly interior items were obtained. The income from home for a furniture grower has reached several tens of thousands of euros per month.

In the world of interior design, concrete furniture, solid wood tables with epoxy resin inserts, children's stools with deer antlers and bunny ears in the Scandinavian style are especially popular.

Idea number 2. Ceramic tile

Spanish handcrafted tiles are priced at $ 150-300 per square meter. You can independently establish such a production at home, using any utility room for this purpose (you can make tiles in a garage, private house, shed).

To make pottery, you need glaze and clay. The process of creating tile blanks can be done manually (mixing raw materials, casting molds, painting). But for firing you need a furnace.

Example : a mini-workshop for the production of custom-made tiles is already operating in Yekaterinburg. At the start, the organizers of the business spent 700 thousand rubles . Today, the monthly income of the shop reaches 200-250 thousand rubles .

Idea number 3. Household appliances repair service

Rent a small room with an area of ​​3x4 meters, open an individual entrepreneur and offer clients repair services. You can hire an employee. The start-up capital is low - up to 30 thousand rubles ( rent + tool + consumables ).

Tip : do not be afraid to take on any technique, be it a smartphone, watch or coffee machine. There are many tutorial videos on assembling / disassembling specific models. When you have accumulated a customer base, we recommend buying electrical spare parts or going directly to manufacturing plants to expand your business. Combine repairs and parts trading and you get double the benefits.

Idea number 4. Worm farm or worm business

I wanted to show photos of ads, but I think that not everyone will like these photos), so read on.

Breeding annelids can make good money. Requires a small room of 10-20 sq. M., Wooden boxes and black earth. For breeding, a special type of annelids is suitable - the Californian worm or the prospector.

Fallen leaves, potato peelings, paper and tree bark are used as food for living creatures. Earning options - selling individuals to the " All for Fishing " store , selling vermicompost to farmers (used as fertilizer), selling young animals to start-up vermi-farmers.

The net profit of a small vermi farm located in a rented premises is 60-70 thousand rubles a month . The payback period of the project is 9-12 months.

Idea number 5. Making garden figures

In the garage or utility room, you can organize a workshop to create wooden garden figures.

The initial investment is 40-50 thousand rubles, since you will have to purchase carpentry tools and equipment.

Such a business is suitable for those who have artistic taste and woodworking skills. Show your creativity, and then you can earn from 50 to 150 thousand rubles a month .

Idea number 6. Eco-leather products

A great business idea for men who like to craft various products from eco-leather.

You can produce business card holders, wallets, document covers from scratch, or you can expand the range and make bags, briefcases and items of clothing.

It will take about 100 thousand rubles to launch such a business, and the payback will come in 6 months. Profit - about 80 thousand rubles per month.

Idea number 7. Making casts of hands and feet

Another home based business for men. It will take you about 25 thousand rubles to buy materials and advertising at the beginning of this business at home, the profit can reach about 15 thousand rubles a month.

The payback of the business is two months. Your clients will be newly minted parents who want to immortalize the size of the legs of their beloved children.

Idea number 8. Antique shop at home

Not the most popular business, which only a few can master. Buying coins, old gramophone records, sewing machines, porcelain figurines, stamps and old books, you can make good money on resale to collectors.

Estimate the approximate cost of things on Avito, learn English and try to enter foreign trading platforms. On one sale, you can earn both 1 thousand rubles and 100 thousand rubles.

Some more home business ideas for men :

  1. Production of bricks and foam blocks.
  2. Transparent self-leveling floors.
  3. Beekeeping.
  4. Scrap metal collection point.
  5. Manufacture of barbecues and grills.
  6. Anti-freeze production.
  7. Making bread from tandoor.
  8. Carpentry workshop.

Home business for women

business ideas at home without investment

A woman can be not only a homemaker, but also a business woman. She is great at sewing, knitting, making crafts and decorations, cooking delicious food. Your skills can kick in if you build your customer base. Home business for women:

Idea # 1: Crafts to order

For those who have the ability to create pleasant trinkets with their own hands, it's time to think about choosing the right direction for handmade . Especially popular among buyers are:

  • Original figurines, especially symbols of the coming year;
  • Jewelry made of beads, stones, artificial flowers;
  • Wallets, reticules, leather pencil cases;
  • Dolls;
  • Icons;
  • Metrics for newborns;
  • New Year's toys;
  • Keychains, talismans.

Recently, Russian women have been inspired by Blythe dolls. To customize the toy, you will spend only 3 thousand rubles. You will have to buy a doll (on Aliexpress on sale days it costs 1000 rubles), paints, false eyelashes and scraps of fabric. Watch the video on how to change the face of a doll, sew clothes for her, do themed makeup and prepare stylized jewelry.

The time to complete the work is 5-7 days. You can sell such a doll for at least 20 thousand rubles.

If you think this is a dubious idea, then know that the first Barbie doll was created by an ordinary housewife Ruth Handler in the garage. The woman decided to give the figure of the doll a feminine form. Ruth named her creation after her daughter.


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Idea # 2: Making soap and bespoke cosmetics

In the last 5 years, a fashion for everything natural has appeared in Russia. Many people began to eat farm products and use organic cosmetics.

To meet this demand, they can be offered goods of their own production. Proven Ideas:

  • Natural soap;
  • Shugaring pastes;
  • Creams for different skin types;
  • Paraben-free shampoos;
  • Lotions for rubbing the skin.

All of these home-made cosmetics production ideas can be successfully implemented with minimal cost. For example, to get soap, you need to buy glycerin, oils, pigments and interesting shapes. For all this, you will spend a maximum of 5 thousand rubles. The output is 200 bars of soap, each of which is sold on average for 150 rubles. The received income of a housewife is 25 thousand rubles a month .

Important: it is not difficult to make soap or make natural cosmetics, it is much more difficult to properly promote it.

To make business ideas at home with minimal investment pay off, organize advertising on social networks and on marketplaces. Try to brand your cosmetics by creating unique packaging for them.

Idea # 3: Floristry, candy bouquets

Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

It is not necessary to take floristry courses in order to learn how to create beautiful flower arrangements. It is enough to watch a couple of videos, arm yourself with flowers, wrapping paper, ribbons and other decor and start creating masterpieces by pre-order.

The approximate monthly budget is 15 thousand rubles. The expected income is 30 thousand rubles.

There is also a home business idea for beginners: bouquets of sweets, food or toys, original design of gift boxes, cards with dried flowers. Perfect for a girl or a woman on maternity leave.

The advantage of this type of business lies in the fact that you work to order. Disadvantage: high earnings can be obtained on the eve of September 1, March 8, New Year, February 23 and Teacher's Day.

Idea # 4: Custom Cakes

You can delight with delicious food not only loved ones and loved ones, but also residents of your city. Get involved in making custom-made cakes, cupcakes, sweets and sweets.

It will not be superfluous to learn how to decorate baked goods.

Try reaching out to party agencies that run candy bars and outing catering. The approximate monthly income from home is 50-100 thousand rubles.

Idea # 5: Knitting

Women who know how to knit can make good money selling warm wool or cashmere sweaters and cardigans.

One sweater takes 6-7 skeins of thread on average. The cost of 1 skein of cashmere yarn will cost an average of 300 rubles. Consequently, the cost of a sweater, pullover, golf, knitted coat is 2,100-3,000 rubles.

The production time for one knitted product by hand is a week. The profitability level reaches 100%. Thus, in 1 month you can earn 15 thousand rubles .

Idea # 6. Children's goods rental

If you have a large family, there are probably a lot of children's things at home. Do not take them to the basement or immediately sell them for a penny. Arrange the rental of goods. The most popular are car seats, changing tables, beds, walkers, and feeding tables.

Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

Interesting : a few years ago, Maria Popova founded her own business for the rental of children's furniture and toys. Initially, the girl had only 3 customers and 20 rental positions. Later, the business woman created her own website, expanded the list of properties offered for rent to 300 items and began to earn 50-70 thousand rubles a month , depending on the season.

Idea # 7. Manicure studio at home

Another way to earn money for a girl quickly and well. To organize a business, you will have to buy consumables (varnishes, gels, powders, brushes, stamps, glitters), a fraser for processing nail plates and cuticles, as well as a UV lamp for drying the coating.

Preliminary expenses - 7 thousand rubles. The price of 1 manicure is 800 rubles. If you have 60 clients a month, you can earn 48 thousand rubles .

Advice : success in business largely depends on your artistic taste, manicure technique and promotion of the page on social networks. Remember, in terms of advertising, word of mouth has worked well in this case . Therefore, always make quality coverage and dump a little when setting prices.

Idea # 8. Dumplings at home

Approximate costs at the start - 80 thousand rubles, payback - 4 months. Small business, but profitable. Already in the first months of doing business, you can earn about 20 thousand rubles on it. The total amount depends on the scale of production and customers.

In addition to dumplings, other semi-finished products can be produced - dumplings, khinkali, homemade meat and vegetable cutlets. You can do it on maternity leave, on vacation or as additional income.

Home business for women can also be like this :

  • Manufacturing of aromatic essential oils.
  • Home shop selling spices.
  • Making original bow ties and ties.
  • Making shoes with removable tops.
  • Manufacture and sale of anti-stress toys.
  • Sewing dressing gowns from natural chintz.
  • Drawing mehendi at home (temporary tattoo).
  • Eyelash extension and other cosmetic services.

Business ideas at home without investment or at minimal cost

small home business ideas

A home business with minimal investment and a quick payback is exactly what will help you not to depend on dusty office services. You work for yourself, do not conflict with colleagues and bosses.

Try to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Get creative, do quality things and use all kinds of channels to promote your goods / services to the maximum.


Dropshipping is about finding a supplier of clothing, footwear, and various home goods. Your task is to agree with the supplier so that he makes a timely shipment to the buyer. You do not need to store items for resale with you. The only thing that is required is to place advertisements and collect customer orders.

The most popular form of settlement for a dropshipping scheme is prepayment or full payment to the card. Dropshippers rarely send goods with cash on delivery, because if they refuse the goods, they risk spending money on delivery.

The profit from each purchase and sale transaction is low - 500-800 rubles. Therefore, to get an average monthly income in Russia, you need to sell 80-90 units of products.

Production and sale of brooms

This startup belongs to the category of a business idea at home without investment, because you don't have to break the branches for a birch broom and tie them properly. Those who are going to sell brooms for the home need to sow the sorghum garden during the period when the soil warms up to +10 degrees.

The culture is not whimsical to care for, does not require frequent watering and weeding.

In order for you to get the raw materials suitable for the production of brooms, you need to plant sorghum seeds not infrequently and not thickly. Expenses - 1-2 thousand rubles. On the market, a solid broom for cleaning a room costs 500 rubles, and a birch broom for a steam room - 250-300 rubles. To earn 50 thousand rubles, you need to sell 100-120 brooms per month.

Interior paintings

Recently, it has been fashionable to decorate the interior with unique oil or acrylic paintings. You don't need to have artistic talent for this.

  • Costs for 1 painting: oil paints (2000 rubles), canvas (800 rubles), brushes, spatulas, pushers and palettes for mixing paints (500 rubles).

A life hack for those who can't draw : download the picture on the Internet, take the canvas and picture to the print shop, and then just carefully paint the drawing along the contours. You can sell one painting for 50-60 thousand rubles . The main thing is to choose the right theme and choose paints, taking into account the running colors of the interior.

Yandex.Zen maintenance

You create your channel on Yandex and fill it with interesting articles. If you do not buy articles on the copywriting exchange, but show your writing talent, over time you will be able to make money without any investment.

Expenses in case of buying articles - $ 100-200 per month. Some authors receive on the site 50-60 thousand rubles a month for maintaining 1 channel. One person can easily manage 2-3 channels.

It is noteworthy : to promote the channel at the initial stages, you will have to post 1 article per day. Later, you can reduce the volume (it is enough to cook the material 2 times a week).

Personal nutritionist

"Personal nutritionist" from the category of "business ideas at home without investment" is a good way to make money. Start a small business by promoting a page on social networks.

Launch interesting weight loss posts, get people to subscribe to your group / channel. Set the fee - 1-2 thousand rubles per course. Create a menu for every day, show short videos on how to prepare meals.

Develop a set of body shaping exercises and broadcast live online. To start such a business, you will need: a laptop, a 4K camera, products for preparing diet food. If at least 30 people from all over the region or the Russian Federation participate in weight loss courses, your earnings will be 60 thousand rubles per month.

Getting dogs and cats

Success in this business is guaranteed if you acquire a purebred dog or cat with a pedigree. Of course, your pet should be treated like a friend. Caring for the offspring for the first three months is an insignificant cost, because your pet will feed the cubs with breast milk.

Before the sale, you need to prepare documents and vaccinate animals. On average, this will take no more than 10 thousand rubles.

You can sell Yorkshire Terrier puppies (easily kept in an apartment) for 35-50 thousand rubles.

Resale of rubber shoe covers

In bad weather we all want extra protection from getting our feet wet. Someone manages to put ordinary plastic bags on shoes or boots. But the ingenious Chinese have come up with shoe covers. They quickly put on their feet and look presentable. The cost of one pair of such a novelty is only 2-3 dollars.

You buy goods on Aliexpress, set a 200% markup on each pair and get a good profit. If you manage to sell 100 pairs of cases in a month, you will make a profit of $ 300. Since this product has just appeared in the vastness of the Russian Federation, there is a high probability of an increase in demand for it.

We trade glowing paint

Home business ideas in the city are often associated with the resale of goods. Glowing paint can be offered to children, artists and decorators. The Chinese website Aliexpress offers an extensive product color palette. Buy popular colors of dyes and resell products with a 30-40% mark-up.

3D manicure

This startup option is suitable for those who do manicure. Offer the girls of your city a quick and beautiful design of marigolds using a special printer.

The cost of the equipment with which the manicure will be performed varies in the range of 30-40 thousand rubles. With an established clientele, the payback period of the project will be 1-2 months.

Resale defrost boards

Many of us have probably faced the need to urgently defrost meat. You can organize the melting of water in meat using a special defrosting board. This is a home business with minimal investment and quick payback.

The cost of purchasing a product is $ 10. Trade margin - 100% .


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Decorative candles

Business that can be easily done in a residential building, in an apartment. You can open such a business if you have a creative streak and a desire to capitalize on your talents. Investments in business are minimal - about 10 thousand rubles, you can earn 40 thousand rubles a month from the production of candles .

But the competition is very strong here, so you should come up with something really interesting. For example, candles of an unusual shape.

Flower hostel

The idea of ​​a home business is this: people bring pots and pots for storage, and you take care of the plants and charge for it. The main thing is to comply with temperature requirements, humidity levels and other recommendations for the content.

There are no large investments at the start, and you can get profit from the first month. On a flower hostel, you can earn about 10 thousand a month.

Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

You can easily purchase all these products on Aliexpress. But to save on purchases, it is advisable to purchase small consignments of goods at Alibaba. You will have to agree in writing with the supplier and pay for the goods in advance.

What to do in a private house to make money

What to do in a private house to make money: if you have a country house or a private house, you have good prospects for earning money, especially in terms of agriculture. Interesting ideas for a business in a rural house:

We organize a photo zone at home

We organize a photo zone at home

In private houses with modern design, you can organize a photo studio. Under the photo zone, select a spacious room with a panoramic window, buy original furniture and interior items. Create a cozy indoor environment.

For example, for the new year, place a decorative fireplace against the wall, put a Christmas tree next to it, and spread a shaggy white rug on the floor. Rent out the premises to photographers for 1000 rubles / hour or conduct photo sessions yourself.

For every holiday or season, you can redesign a corner or a room.

An investment of 30-50 thousand rubles will pay off in 3-4 months, while stylish interior items will always decorate your home.

Livestock mini farm

Ideas for a mini home business. You can breed any animals: rabbits, quails, pigs, turkeys, bulls, sheep. Of course, caring for animals is a lot of work that requires free time and investment from you.

For example, to open a poultry farm, you will have to accumulate 50-90 thousand rubles. The payback period of the project for the sale of eggs, poultry meat and live poultry (young animals) is 7-18 months of the year. Business prospects - access to restaurants and cafes of the nearest city.

Advice: choose a taxation system typical for agricultural enterprises - unified agricultural tax with a flat rate of 6%. A prerequisite for this type of taxation is that 70% of the income is made up of own production.

Plant growing

A profitable business in a private house with a land plot is crop production. You can grow seedlings for sale, vegetables in greenhouses, flowers (violets or roses), fruit trees.

You can sell products not only on the market. Try creating a social media group and offering potential buyers free door-to-door delivery.

Breeding fish, crayfish

To implement this idea for a business in a rural house, an initial investment is required. We'll have to dig a piece of water (rates or pool).

Those who plan to breed sterlet or sturgeon need to purchase special equipment for saturating the air with oxygen. To breed crayfish, you will need a large pool with an area of ​​at least 30 sq. m.

A good profit of 200 thousand rubles a month can be earned by selling fish, crayfish and caviar.


A small cheese dairy is a home business in a village . Such a household belongs to a full cycle enterprise. The farmer keeps cows and goats, and from the milk obtained he makes cheese, which matures in a cool room, for example, in the basement.

To promote a cheese product you need:

  • Take original designed photos of cheese heads and slices;
  • Send your offer to restaurants in the nearest city;
  • Create a page on social networks;
  • Offer goods to neighbors.

It is known that you can cook cheese in a regular saucepan. Once you have a clientele, increase production. At this stage, you need to buy a press, molds, large vats for boiling milk.

The cost of natural homemade cheese is 1.2 or 1.5 times higher than the cost of store cheese. The expected income from a mini-cheese dairy is 100-200 thousand rubles per month.


Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

Florarium is a cute houseplant in a special glass vessel, used to decorate the interior. The cost of starting a business is about 75 thousand rubles. The cost of one piece is about 900 rubles, and they are sold at retail from 2 thousand rubles. In a month on business you can earn from 30 to 70 thousand rubles .

To work comfortably, you will need a lot of free space, so it is better to organize a business in a private house so that you can allocate a separate room and organize a workshop there.

Window blinds production

Other business ideas for a home with investments: production of window blinds. The initial investment is about 150 thousand rubles, this money will go to a machine that can be placed in the garage, in the basement or on your site.

If you establish sales channels and organize your business correctly, you can make good money. Initial investments will pay off within a few months.

Manufacturing of seals and stamps

Another idea of ​​what to do in a private home to make money. The starting budget is 150 thousand rubles. This amount will be needed to purchase a printer, computer, special equipment and various consumables. You can earn an average of 50-100 thousand rubles a month on this business, which is a pretty good profit.

Production of souvenir badges

Souvenir badges are products for advertising agencies or ordinary buyers who use products as accessories. Investments - from 50 to 80 thousand rubles, you can make custom badges or choose your own unique designs.

What you need for your business: a rolling machine, badge blanks, lavsan film, a computer with a printer, and printing paper. Making badges will bring 30-50 thousand rubles of net profit per month.

Growing bonsai at home

Bonsai are beautiful miniature trees that are very expensive and are used for interior decoration. At the start, you will have to spend about 30 thousand rubles in this small home business, most of it will go to equipment and seedlings.

If you establish a flow of customers, you can recoup your business in one month. The profit in the home business of growing bonsai will be about 30 thousand rubles.

Wood carving

At the initial stage, you can keep within 30 thousand rubles, this amount will be spent on the purchase of equipment - these are special knives, chisels, cutters, files, jigsaws, a hammer.

The monthly profit will be small, but stable - about 10 thousand rubles, which will fully recoup the business in three months after launch.

A small workshop can be set up to produce souvenirs, and a garage or barn can be used to create pieces of furniture or decor.

Business ideas at home in the city: a selection of relevant options

home business ideas for beginnersIdeas for those who live in a small town to start a home business. Try to turn your hobby into a startup that will bring you extra income.

Provide people in your community with services or goods that you can do at home. Resale of goods via the Internet or dropshipping is also a good option, because you do not need to incur additional expenses associated with renting premises and buying equipment.

Own clothing store

Home business ideas with minimal investment - a small home store. Take orders from all over the Russian Federation, and send them by any postal operator.

For such a business to bear fruit, clearly identify the audience you are targeting. Market segmentation is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Kinds of clothes (shoes, winter clothes, accessories, etc.);
  • Consumer income (for customers with a low income level, Chinese goods are suitable, buyers of the middle price segment are interested in high-quality Belarusian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish clothes, and people with high income can be offered goods of European and American production);
  • Sizes (up to size 50, 50+, as well as teenage clothes).

The approximate amount of capital investments for the purchase of goods is 100 thousand rubles. Profit - 60-70 thousand rubles.

Interestingly , according to studies of the online clothing market, the number of online orders increased by 30%. The average check in Russia is 4 thousand rubles. The shops specialize in the following: 60% specialize only in clothing, 20% - in shoes, the remaining 20% ​​- sell both footwear and clothing.

Personal IT project creation

You can launch your website or blog, and after promotion, start making money on advertising. In this case, it is important to choose the right topic: a service aggregator, an information financial portal, a project with life hacks, a culinary site. Investments at the start are low - 30-40 thousand rubles.

Important: remember, an IT project will only bring profit in the long term. You need to work hard on the site for 6-12 months for it to appear in the TOP-20 of search results.

Own online store

Another small home business is your own online store. It will take 20-30 thousand rubles to open and promote it. The purchase of goods will cost 100-200 thousand rubles.

For example, start selling high-spec Chinese smartphones. Of course, you will not be able to compete with large electronics stores such as M-Video, Citylink, Svyaznoy, Eldorado and others. Therefore, you can sell budget smartphones LeEco, Umidigi and others.

The cost of the top LeEco smartphone is $ 100, the margin is $ 30. When you sell 100 smartphones, you can earn $ 3,000. On average, the payback period for such a business is 1-1.5 years .


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Printing images on paper, creating portraits from photos

You can even start printing from your home office. You buy or rent special equipment, post your finished works online, create a landing page or online store.

If you live in a tourist town, consider making souvenirs. You can make good money by applying printed images to key chains, magnets, plates and other souvenirs.

For several years of such a business, under a favorable set of circumstances, your income will reach 1-2 million rubles.

We grow microgreens on a balcony or loggia

You can grow green onions, basil, parsley, criss-salad, buckwheat sprouts, asparagus, and even peas. Care must be taken to create the proper climatic conditions for the growth of the selected crop.

Organize an air ventilation system, buy a germicidal lamp, thermo-hygrometer and plant growth feed. Initial investments - up to 30 thousand rubles.

Harvesting can be done in 1-2 weeks. Potential buyers are people leading a healthy lifestyle, cafes, sports bars, restaurants and shops.


This business is related to hairdressing, only in the role of your client will not be people, but dogs. Groomers make stylish hairstyles for pets, clean their ears, trim their claws, and brush their teeth.

For a startup, you will need a dedicated animal clipper (prices for long-lasting electronics start at $ 150), cosmetics ($ 50), and some tools (up to $ 100).

Initial investments will amount to 20-30 thousand rubles. At first, take clients at home. When you expand your client base, think about renting premises and creating a mini salon.

We make milkshakes, smoothies, freshes

These delicious drinks are popular during the warmer months. You need to purchase:

  • Mixer for whipping milkshakes;
  • Juicer;
  • Ice cream, fruits, syrups.

Do not forget that you will have to spend money on renting a small stall in a place with increased passenger traffic (preferably in a park or by the river) or a counter in the mall. Initial costs - 70-100 thousand rubles. The payback is high. Before implementing a project, it is important to understand that this type of business is seasonal.


Dog sitters are people who walk dogs. Accept online applications from residents of your area, collect pets and go with them for a walk in the forest park area.

Recruit a team to walk (up to 5 animals). If you set a fee for walking dogs at 150 rubles per hour, you can get 1,500 rubles for 2 hours of work.

Mini kindergarten

Women who get along well with children, have a medical or pedagogical education, can organize a small kindergarten for 5-7 people in their city. You will have to invest in the purchase of children's developing games, personal care products, food.

Children not only need to be looked after, but also prepared for them. The monthly fee for such a garden is 20-30 thousand rubles. Profit per month - about 150-200 thousand rubles.

Interesting: home kindergartens are especially popular in the capital and large cities. Parents do not always succeed in placing their children in state kindergartens, and hiring a nanny is not a cheap pleasure. That is why there is always a demand for such services.

You need to register as an individual entrepreneur, check if the premises comply with the sanitary rules and regulations for preschool institutions in residential buildings. If space allows, expand the number of groups to two. Remember, in this case you will have to hire an assistant (additional costs 20-30 thousand rubles).

Set meals with delivery

If you know how to cook delicious homemade food, try making it to order. Offer your services to city leaders or office workers. Create a varied menu (meatball soup, dumplings, cutlet fries, pizza, hot dog, and more).

Over time, you can register as an individual entrepreneur and promote services on your personal website. The average investment is 10-20 thousand rubles per month. Expected profit 40-60 thous . rubles.

Carpet cleaning at home

There is too much competition in big cities, but in small cities you can do this kind of business. Your customers can bring their own carpets to be cleaned. Investments - from 20 to 30 thousand rubles for equipment and consumables.

Your salary will be about 10-20 thousand rubles per month . It is difficult to do such a business in an apartment; a private house or garage is ideal.

Creation of boxes with surprises

Creation of boxes with surprises

Surprise boxes are ready-made gifts that you collect yourself and sell. Investments in similar business ideas at home for beginners - about 40 thousand rubles.

You will spend about 20 thousand rubles a month on consumables and gifts, the payback period for the business is two months, and the profit is 25 thousand rubles.

To create a business, you do not need to rent premises - you can collect surprises at home and find clients on social networks.

Making postcards from wood

Plain paper postcards are no longer fashionable and not relevant, and therefore it would be a great idea to make beautiful and durable wooden postcards.

At the initial stage, you will need about 50 thousand rubles, the business can be recouped in a few months. Profit - 20-30 thousand rubles per month .

The cost of one postcard is on average 500 rubles, with an individual design it will cost more.

Service options for an urban environment with minimal costs, see the following table:

Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

Business ideas in the countryside at home

Those who live in rural areas should be engaged in crop production, raising poultry, cattle and pigs.

If the nearby plot of land allows you, engage in fish farming. Choose those business options that are close to your liking.

Initial investment and product promotion channels play an important role. Choose those startup projects for which you have at least 70% of the required investment.


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Growing oyster mushrooms

This type of crop production is considered low-cost because to grow mushrooms you will need:

  • Biohumus;
  • Sawdust;
  • Plastic bags;
  • Mushroom substrate.

A barn or basement is chosen as a room. Maintain the right level of humidity, worry about air circulation, and be sure to provide the mushrooms with light. In just a few weeks, you will have your first crop.

Your potential customers are individuals, cafes and restaurants.

Jewelry repair shop

At first glance, it may seem that jewelers are working with expensive metal, precious and semi-precious stones. But it's not always the case. You can create jewelry from copper, aluminum, brass, lead, and other cheap materials.

Buy special tools and equipment (magnifier, teski, muffle furnace, burner, metal). For everything about everything, you will spend no more than 30 thousand rubles.

Interesting: a couple of friends from Yekaterinburg began to engrave inscriptions on aluminum rings. They promote finished products on Instagram.

The buyer can choose several rings that complement each other and create a certain combination of words with meaning (for example, "love you", "expecting a baby", "kiss me"). The price of two rings is low - 600 rubles. So far, girls associate their small business with a hobby that brings income.

Garlic business

To grow garlic, you need several acres of land, minimal knowledge in the field of agronomy and a couple of days of free time. The plant is not whimsical to care for. When organizing sales, try to use the following channels:

  • Sale to individuals;
  • Delivery to supermarkets;
  • Sale in cafes, restaurants;
  • Delivery to enterprises for canning, production of spices.

When you set up large-scale production at home, try to enter the overseas market. Initial costs - up to 50 thousand rubles. The payback period of the project is 6-12 months, depending on how you manage to arrange supplies.

Berry business

Growing strawberries or raspberries is considered more profitable than growing vegetables, herbs, mushrooms. The berry is in great demand among our compatriots, because 50 thousand tons of berries are imported to Russia every year.

Such a business cannot be called low-cost and quick payback. In the first stages, you need to buy strawberry seedlings or raspberry bushes (spending 100 thousand rubles or more).

Every month you will have to incur additional costs in the range of 30 thousand rubles. But in 2-3 years, when the berry bushes grow, you will receive 100-130 thousand rubles of profit per month.

Quail breeding

It is known that the benefits of quail eggs for the human body are high. They contain a lot of protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus. The poultry product is recommended for those who are on a diet or want to recuperate after a serious illness. Sale of eggs and poultry meat is possible in cafes, restaurants, shops, individuals.

To start breeding animals, you need to have 70-100 thousand rubles. The monthly expenses are low - 10 thousand rubles. Planned profit is 20-30 thousand rubles. The payback period for the business is 3-6 months.

Breeding a grape snail

The grape snail is purchased by French restaurants and gourmets. So far, the demand for this product has been satisfied by only 60%, so you can safely take your market share. Cultivation is carried out in 3 ways: indoors, in a specially equipped greenhouse or on an open land plot under the house.

A less costly way of keeping snails is outdoors. You will incur drafts in the amount of no more than 2 thousand rubles per month. When keeping snails indoors, you need to purchase an air humidifier (the required humidity is 85-90%) and thermal mats to maintain the temperature at 22 degrees. In this case, the costs will be 5 thousand rubles / month.

Interesting: snails feed on plants that you can easily find on the outskirts of the village, in the field, in the meadow or in the forest. They use nettle, burdock, willow leaves. Growing snails will bring its results only after 1.5 years. From 1 kg of specimens purchased for breeding, on average, 53 kg of finished products will be obtained.

Corn maze

Let's simulate a situation: you are a farmer who owns several hectares of land near the city. If you decide to plant a field with corn, make a maze out of it and rent it out to leisure agencies. We are sure that the creative staff of such agencies will definitely come up with some kind of quest in the cornfield.

Growing shrimp

Shrimp are bred in tanks where the water temperature does not drop below 22 degrees Celsius. Even if you live in temperate latitudes, you should not immediately discard the idea of ​​such a startup. It is enough to raise money to buy a pool with automatic temperature maintenance. Prices for such equipment start at 30 thousand rubles.

Customers - bars, restaurants, cafes, saunas, private clients, supermarkets. The cost of 1 kg of shrimp meat sold at retail is 1000-1500 rubles.

Tip: try to breed a Malaysian large shrimp, because it reproduces and grows well in Russian climatic conditions. Sexual maturity of the crustacean occurs after 6 months. The sale of large Malaysian shrimp is carried out at a price of 1300-1700 rubles per 1 kg.

Breeding chinchillas

Chinchillas are cute pets, but they are also bought for meat and fur. The minimum investment is from 70 thousand rubles, the profit is about 20 thousand rubles per month. You can also breed cute animals at home, but a private house or rural area with a well-equipped barn or barn is best suited for these purposes.

Breeding chickens

Another great home business in the countryside. The approximate cost of organizing a chicken coop for 100 heads will cost you a maximum of 85 thousand rubles. You will earn about 10 thousand rubles a month selling eggs and carcasses.

As for the premises, for every 20 heads, it will be necessary to build 10 square meters for floor maintenance, so it is better to do this business in a village or village, where there is space and all the conditions.

Growing dried flowers

Your potential clients will be florists, decorators and even jewelers who use dried flowers in their jewelry. You can grow such flowers (lavender, yarrow, immortelles, limoniums) in a greenhouse in the countryside or in your own garden. Then you dry them, some buds can be dyed.

Example : Sergey and Daria Rusakovs together organized a home business for growing dried flowers and making bouquets. They started with a profit of 30 thousand rubles a month, but then they organized large-scale production and earned 7 million rubles a year.

What can be produced at home and sold

small home business
small home business
How you can make money at home with minimal investment: Try making a product at home. Organize the sale via the Internet, do not forget to offer your crafts to friends and acquaintances.

If you implement small business ideas at home, you can get a good income in the range of 20-50 thousand rubles.


If you have a sewing machine at home, start sewing original masks. Organization of sales - via the Internet. In an epidemic, such products are in high demand. Selling profit is 300-400% .


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Business boards

small home business

A business board is an interesting children's toy that allows you to develop fine motor skills of hands and logical thinking in kids. This item is made from improvised means that you can easily find in a hardware store.

The cost of one product on the market or in a children's toy store starts at 1000 rubles, while the cost of a business board is 300-400 rubles. Having made and sold 10 business boards per month, you can earn 70 thousand rubles.

Unique jewelry

Business for mothers on maternity leave and not only. Beautiful handmade necklaces, bracelets, belts and earrings are especially popular.

You can exhibit your work on your personal Instagram profile or on special sites Fair Masters, Handmade info, in-dee.ru (personal mini-site without user fees and commissions).

Clothes prints

To print prints on T-shirts, dresses, pillowcases, a special printer is used, the cost of which starts from 80 thousand rubles. Your potential customers can be young people who want to make their outfits original.

Printed T-shirts are bought by team building organizers, large companies, modeling agencies, educational and training centers. In terms of promotion, it will not hurt to go to ateliers and sewing factories. The payback period is 10 months. The monthly income reaches 30-70 thousand rubles .

Eco toys

Another idea that you can produce at home and sell. Try building an airplane, making a boat in a bottle, or making a dollhouse.

Create crafts from environmentally friendly materials - wood, plywood, yarn, use natural filler.

As a rule, the cost ceiling reaches 10 thousand rubles. The level of profitability is 100-200%.

Unique plants

small home business
Carnivorous plants

A stunning idea that can be realized even in a residential building. You can grow flowers on the balcony / loggia or in a separate room. It is profitable to buy seeds of unique plants on the Chinese website Aliexpress, because there their cost varies in the range of 0.1-3 dollars, depending on the number of seeds and the variety of plants.

Try to purchase original indoor flowers, as they will always be in demand from buyers. Start blogging by posting pictures of flowers.

Clothes for dogs

For smooth-haired dogs, their owners always buy clothes. Of course, not everyone has the money to buy overalls for a York or Bull Terrier from the promoted TM for 100-500 dollars.

Offer an alternative, reducing the declared price several times, create cute booties or knit a stylish vest.

Great idea of ​​what to do at home and make money. The amount of capital investment is not high - 15-20 thousand rubles. The expected profit is 100-200% .

Natural oil

Approximately 1-2% of Russians prefer natural products. Sunflower and other types of oils are regularly consumed by people who practice healthy lifestyle. You can satisfy the needs of this category of the population by offering them natural oil of your own production.

Investments - 30 thousand rubles or more, depending on the volume of production. The cost of environmentally friendly oil reaches 1000-1500 rubles per 1 liter. Many buyers purchase flaxseed, sesame, olive and cedar oils for medicinal purposes. Business benefits reach 100-200%.

Chocolate as a home business

Chocolate is a pleasant delicacy used by children, adults and the elderly alike. Make chocolate at home. Try something original, such as chocolate with peppers, candied fruits, marmalade, dried fruit, ginger, popcorn, and even seaweed.

Capital investments are quite high, since expensive cocoa butter and cocoa powder are used as raw materials.

Initial investment - 40 thousand rubles. Do not forget to get special shapes, paddles, cliches. Use cellophane or paper as packaging. When your business goes uphill, brand your product.

Epoxy resin products

Epoxy resin is used to make chairs, tables, dressers, TV stands, figurines and other pieces of furniture. You need to purchase matte and glossy glue, colored dyes, woodworking and grinding tools, wood. You will have to spend 50-70 thousand rubles on tools and materials. On a standard wooden table with epoxy resin inserts, the price is set at 25 thousand rubles. For a month at home, you can create 7-8 such tables.

Tip: To master the technology of pouring epoxy resin, try to create some kind of figurine. On Aliexpress or Joom, buy a mold ($ 5-7), epoxy and glue ($ 4-10). Home production ideas: an ashtray, a keychain, a soap dish, a pyramid or a ball with a flower. All these products can be safely sold for 10-15 dollars each.

Do-it-yourself phyto-pillows or bags

It's a good idea what can be produced at home and sold. Phyto-pillows are pleasant talismans with medicinal properties. You can do the collection of medicinal herbs that act as a filler for sachets on your own. Your task is to come up with an original style, decorate finished products with embroidery, threads, dried flowers.

Business organization expenses - 2-5 thousand rubles. The profit that you can get in a month is 30-60 thousand rubles.

Sewing of personalized blankets, handkerchiefs, metric embroidery

After the birth of a baby, parents often purchase personalized accessories - blankets, envelopes for discharge, baptismal tansy, handkerchiefs, bibs, as well as commemorative plaques with embroidered or printed metrics.

You can make good money from sewing and handicrafts. Display photos of finished products on marketplaces and social networks as examples of your work and collect individual orders for tailoring.

Cat scratching posts

45% of the residents of apartment buildings have cats. Pet owners are interested in buying claws and pet houses. The technology for creating a scratching post is very simple: you will need a string, a wooden frame, a stable base. The cost of the product does not exceed 500 rubles. The selling price of the finished product starts from 1000 rubles.

Important: not only cat owners can be considered as potential customers, but also pet shops, kennels, veterinary pharmacies. Make a quality, sustainable product. Information about a good product will quickly spread among the friends and acquaintances of your customers. This way you can increase sales up to 20-30 units per month.

Dishes you can eat

Edible tableware is a new trend in the restaurant business that came to us from the West. Show your culinary talents and create baked goods in the form of cups, spoons, plates. With a similar product, it is advisable to go out to cafes and restaurants.

You can try selling these baked goods online. Remember that the shelf life of the product is short, which means that you need to create unique culinary masterpieces by prior order.


Armchairs-bags began to be used in the design of modern interiors. They don't take up much space. They can be easily transferred to any location (balcony, lounge area, children's room or home gym). You need to purchase a thick fabric for sewing. As a filler, inexpensive materials are most often used - polystyrene or polypropylene in the form of balls. The cost of the product is 1.5 thousand rubles. The profitability will be 70-90%.

Interesting: the first pear-shaped frameless armchair was created in 1968 by Italian designers. Unique furniture was delivered to the conveyor of the Zanotta factory. Customers liked it so much that it became a symbol of the design era of the mid-twentieth century.

Bears made of flowers

Unfortunately, this type of merchandise is seasonal, but you can opt for this business if you are thinking of something to do at home.

Lovely bears, decorated with rosebuds, diverge beautifully before February 14 and March 8. You will spend no more than 20 thousand rubles for the purchase of materials.

Selling finished products you can earn 60-100 thousand rubles.

Sewing car covers

You can start such a business from your apartment; it is important to have a reliable overlock machine for leather or eco-leather. It is enough to complete an order for your friends or relatives several times for free, and you will receive templates for a specific car brand.

Place your ad on marketplaces and service aggregators and wait for customers to appear. Initial investment - 50-80 thousand rubles (purchase of a sewing machine, leather / dermantine). The payback period reaches 3-6 months.

Sewing eco-bags

The idea of ​​eco-bags appeared on the wave of fashion for naturalness. Some people refuse to use cellophane bags. Offer them stylish shopping bags or cloth bags. You will spend 5 thousand rubles a month on natural fabrics.

Having made and sold 30 bags, you can earn 30-60 thousand rubles.

The following selection of original things that can be created and sold around the world via the Internet:

Small Business Ideas with Minimum Investment

You can bring any of your ideas for the production of goods to life. Remember, products will be purchased if they differ from others in originality, functionality and durability.

Tips for Beginning Businessmen

Starting your own business from scratch is not at all difficult. But in any business there are always pitfalls that are difficult for a beginner to predict. Follow the advice of businessmen, and you will definitely get the maximum benefit from the implementation of your plans.

Tip # 1. We develop a business plan

Where to start a home business: Any event should follow a plan. Show on paper whether the business will be successful. Analyze competitors, research potential buyers, be sure to calculate the expected profit and payback period of the project.

Tip # 2. Focus on product quality

How You Can Make Money at Home: For a business to flourish, you must produce or sell a quality product.

Tip # 3. Isolate yourself

Make it clear to your family members that you do not need to be distracted while you work. If living conditions permit, allocate a separate room for work.

Tip # 4. Conduct test sales

You should not immediately purchase a large batch of raw materials or goods. Conduct test sales and assess what the business prospects will be like.

Tip # 5. Run ads

Each product / service is promoted in its own way. Depending on the target audience, advertising can be launched on the Internet, newspapers, transport. Trading platforms, Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook are perfect for reselling goods.

Tip # 6. We register a business

Even the production of goods at home needs to be legalized over time. Sooner or later, in order to expand, you will have to offer the client a contract for the provision of services or go to the supply of a legal entity. It is not possible to do this without registration.

Tip # 7. Don't forget about development

Improve production, reach new suppliers, analyze competitors and increase production. Consider hiring employees when you realize you can't do it alone.

Tip # 8. Always plan your time

It may seem that you absolutely do not need a daily planner or calendar on your phone. In practice, however, you need to rationally plan your time. Use Google Calendar or download a special application for your phone.


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To start a small business, you need original or realizable home business ideas, start-up capital, and free time. To implement ideas for the production and resale of goods, crop production, livestock breeding, and the provision of services, $ 100-1000 is quite enough, it is not necessary to have a huge amount of money.

We hope our TOP home business ideas will give you the right thoughts. For a startup to be successful, do not forget about product / service promotion and service improvement. Over time, register a business, which will help you enter the sale of goods or the provision of services to legal entities.