√ How to Make Money from the Internet Fast

How to Make Money from the Internet Fast

How to make money from the internet fast . In this day and age, people who want to earn money don't just have to work in the field or in a company, How to Make Money from the Internet Fast. Many ways to make money through the internet even easily and quickly, How to Make Money from the Internet Fast.

Of course this will be very helpful for those who until now do not have a job, or students who are migrating to study in order to get extra money for their daily needs.

No need to work part time in restaurants, gas stations or other physical places. It is enough with a smartphone or laptop in the boarding room, then you have started to be able to earn additional income passively or actively.

By making your own money, you can gradually ease the burden on your parents. Or even if the income earned is already a lot, you can make work on the internet an active job.

That way, you don't have to bother looking for a job when you graduate, you can manage when you want to work and when you want to take a vacation, but the income continues to flow into your personal bank account.

Then, how to make money online? Most young people in Indonesia want instant, which is to get a sufficient amount of income in an instant. For that, we created the following article so you can find out how to get money from the internet fast and ways to make money from home.

How To Earn Money From The Internet For Beginners

For beginners who are not experienced in the internet world, afraid of being cheated about the jobs offered in cyberspace, it is highly recommended to try to make money starting from selling used goods.

Find unused items in your warehouse or room, then clean it and take a photo from a clear angle then upload it and give an interesting caption. You can offer it through OLX if you want to sell COD ( cash on delivery ).

Or you can also offer in e-commerce  such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee or others if you want safer transactions. Anything can be sold, such as used cars, laptops, cellphones, clothes and even children's toys.

How To Get Money From The Internet Without Capital

For those who want to make money from the internet without capital, you can try becoming an online freelancer. Many freelance jobs are offered on the internet such as article writing services for blogs, website creation services, online banner design services and so on.

If you want a job that has nothing to do with IT, you can try to become a reseller of clothes, perfumes, t-shirts or online cosmetics. But of course you have to look for manufacturers who open vacancies for resellers and it's not easy.

In addition, you can also try to become a freelance article writer (content writer) in major media. Currently UC News, Vebma, IDN Times and so on open opportunities for you to write articles so that you can earn extra income.

For those who have social media accounts with a large number of followers, you can also try to become an influencer. If on Instagram they are better known as celebgrams, they usually post photos while holding a product from a company and then the company pays for it.

It's not easy to have hundreds of thousands of followers in a short time, but when you reach it, then you can easily and quickly make money on the internet because advertising offers will always come.

How To Get Money From Apk

Currently, there are also many Android and iOS applications that can be used to make money. The way it works varies. There are those who tell us to fill out surveys, just log in regularly in a week or other simple jobs.

Because there are too many money-making apks, we can't mention them one by one here. Please visit other pages, namely at the link below to be used as a reference for which money-making application you will download.

Some are from Indonesia and some are from abroad. For foreign applications usually use the payment method via Paypal. To make Paypal is actually very easy, you just follow the guidelines listed on the page below.

How To Get Money From Google

The last is how to get money through Google. Maybe some of us still think that Google is just an online search site (search engine). Apparently, through Google we can also make money, you know!

Currently, there are two ways to earn income from Google besides being an employee in his office, namely becoming an Adsense publisher for YouTube and blogs. To get money from Youtube is a bit more difficult because at least you have to have 1,000 subscribers and all videos have been watched at least 4,000 hours of viewing.

But to make money from blogs, both WordPress and Blogger is easier. Getting approval from Google to serve ads on our website doesn't take long as long as it meets the following adsense service requirements .

  • Website content meets the program's policy requirements, namely not to create adult content, gruesome, solicitation of evil, discrimination, spreading illegal products and so on.
  • Completing pages such as About Us, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and so on.
  • Update articles regularly and make sure not to copy from other sites.

In creating a blog, make sure you choose a topic that you are passionate about. Don't force yourself to write what you don't understand. For example, if you like technology, focus on writing a discussion about technology on your blog.

The success of a blog also depends on a domain name that is relevant to the content of the blog. If you are making a website about technology, then you should insert the word techno, cellphone, phone, cellphone, or so on as a brand introduction to blog visitors.

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important things in creating a website. Do not let the ideas you have in mind taken by others. For the problem of costs, don't worry because there are currently many who provide cheap domain promos , one of which is Niagahoster.

If you want to build a Blogger based blog then you just need to buy a domain and integrate it so that the blogspot address changes to .com, .net or .id. But if you want to create a WordPress-based blog, what you need to buy besides a domain is hosting.

For now, niagahoster web hosting is one of the best web hosting in Indonesia with more than 50 thousand customers throughout Indonesia. In addition to offering cheap domain promos, Niagahoster also offers many hosting promos for those who are just starting to build a blog to make money online.

In making a website to register for the Adsense affiliate program, the thing that must be considered is that we must not stop in the middle of the road just because it has not yet received approval from Google. Make sure the blog is at least 1 month old and the number of articles is not less than 20.


That's how to make money from the internet fast, through google, youtube, with android applications, ios, without paypal, dollars, rupiah, for beginners who are not experienced in a very wide virtual world.

I hope this article is helpful for all of us. If it is consistent, it is not impossible that the income obtained from the internet can be an active income so that we no longer need to bother working because of pressure from the company's superiors.