TOP 186 Business Ideas with minimal investment (+ Examples) from Zero

TOP 186 Business Ideas with minimal investment
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Business that does not require large investments is becoming more and more important. It is not necessary to have big savings to open, and income can exceed all expectations. If you have the desire and perseverance, as well as ideas for a business with minimal investment, you already have most of what it takes to be successful.

The Subway company , which is known all over the world, was opened with only $ 1000 initial investment, and today it is a multi-billion dollar business.

From the article you will learn how to open a business with minimal investment. You can implement your business in the format of a store, garage, start a business without leaving your home, or organize it on the Internet. Ideas are suitable for men and women, people who live in small or large cities, as well as all those who want to realize themselves in the world of small business.


TOP list of Business Ideas with minimal investment

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Below you will find many ideas and examples. The earnings and prices are taken from real examples, but they will still be conditional, since prices in different regions will differ. Also, you should understand that each idea can be developed, and not used only as it is.

TOP list of Business Ideas with minimal investment

Choosing which business to open for profit can be very difficult. Pay attention to ideas that will definitely find their buyer or client. The most profitable and interesting business ideas from scratch with minimal investment:


Dropshipping is a way to make money on resale and the most relevant business today with minimal investment.

Here's the gist : a supplier offers a list of products at wholesale prices.

You choose a product, make a mark-up and look for customers who are ready to purchase this product at that price. After that you receive the money, take the percentage and give the supplier the customer's contacts, as well as the rest of the payment. The supplier independently sends the goods to the buyer.

Example : you sell a product for 2 thousand rubles, while its cost is 800 rubles.

Taking into account the supplier's commission (let's say this is 200 rubles from the sale), you will receive a thousand rubles in net profit for one product.

Dropshipping earnings can go up to $ 300 per day. At the initial stage, you can earn 15-20 thousand rubles with investments of 3-5 thousand (for a domain and website advertising). Well, a real example - From 0 to a turnover of $ 800,000 in 20 years:

Sale of goods from China

You can buy goods in China at low prices and sell them in your country. Now this business is popular in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The scheme is simple - you order goods from China on AliExpress ( and similar ones ) and sell them in your own physical store or on an Internet site.

You can wind up on such goods from 50 to 300% , which will allow you to get a good profit.

With an initial investment of 50 thousand rubles, you can earn the same, but already in a month. Products can be sold wholesale and retail. Distribution channels can be wide, because, as a rule, these are inexpensive goods + at a discount.

See how much is sold on Instagram, in Vkontakte groups and other social networks. Simultaneously with sales, you can start maintaining a channel about how to make money by attracting a new audience, on which you can also make money.

Consulting business

TOP business ideas with minimal investment continues the consulting business. Payment in the field is highly dependent on the niche and can start from a thousand rubles, and end in tens of thousands for one consultation. For example , you work for a tax office, and many people would like to receive tax advice anonymously or without leaving home. You can get 20-30 thousand rubles a month in business, but you need to invest a little - about 5-10 thousand rubles for website launch and promotion.

ConsultingFor example, Mikhail Shakin gives advice on website promotion on the Internet via Skype for 20 thousand rubles. Someone might think that this is a lot and people do not pay for this, but this is not so. Moreover, such consultations pay off, it is checked. After all, people are ready to invest in their business to make it work even better.

The initial investment is only in your knowledge and skills. The spheres can be as follows:

  • Psychology;
  • Love and relationships;
  • Proper nutrition and weight loss;
  • Advertising and promotion;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Programming and computer assistance.

To find customers, you can promote your ads on social media and thematic areas. With large flows, there is a prospect of scaling directions and hiring consultants.

Resale of things on Avito

Reselling things on message boards on the Internet is a great option for a small business idea with minimal investment and a quick payback.

This business differs from dropshipping in that you do not cooperate with suppliers, but buy, sell and deliver goods on your own, and you are also limited to only one site - Avito. But this does not mean that you cannot make money on this site.

For example, in such a large city as Krasnoyarsk, you can earn about 30 thousand rubles a month on resale, and in St. Petersburg and Moscow these amounts are higher - up to 50 thousand rubles a month at the initial stage, and this is not the limit. You don't need to invest a lot here - you buy things or sell your own, it will take you about 20-30 thousand rubles to start a business.

Let's say you purchased 500 mobile phone cases from the Chinese Aliexpress website at an average price of 50 rubles. On Avito, this product can be sold from 200 to 500 rubles apiece. Even if you set the lowest price, you will earn 100 thousand rubles on this batch. Net profit - 50 thousand .

Clothes that change color

The idea of ​​a business with minimal investment, which is not yet relevant in Russia and the CIS countries, but is already finding its buyers in Europe. It is better to do such a business in large cities, while there is still no competition there.

The idea is to produce clothes that change color under the influence of environmental factors (moisture, light, temperature). The basis of the material is ordinary fabrics, clothes change color thanks to special dyes.

To create a business, you need simple specialized equipment - for example, a sublimation printer, as well as dyes, which cost about 20 thousand rubles on Chinese marketplaces.

One ready-made T-shirt will cost about 2-3 thousand rubles. If you sell 30 T-shirts a month, you will earn from 60 to 90 thousand rubles. There is an option to save on renting premises - you can sell products on Instagram, and advertise through the Vkontakte group or on Facebook.

Production and installation of biofireplaces

Bio-fireplace is a decorative and heating device with a live flame that runs on environmentally friendly bioethanol.

Small business ideas with minimal investment can bring a good income, this also applies to the business of manufacturing biofireplaces. According to Yandex statistics, the phrase “buy biofireplace” is searched for in a search engine more than 20 thousand times a month, which means that this service is in demand.

Initial investment in the business is 20-30 thousand rubles. You will spend this money on a glass cutter, blowtorch, electrical equipment, as well as other tools and materials.

Example : a built-in biofireplace under the order can cost from 30 to 70 thousand rubles. If you complete at least 2 orders per month, you can earn at least 60 thousand, maximum - 140 thousand rubles. This amount will immediately cover the start-up costs of the business.

Vending business

The vending business is especially popular. This is an automated trade that takes place without the participation of a seller and is carried out through special machines.

This business is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it is enough for you to rent 1 sq.m. to accommodate a vending machine, and secondly, you do not need to hire personnel.

Vending business

You can sell anything you want - coffee or tea, nuts and chips, chocolate bars, ice cream, shoe covers, contact lenses and consumables for them.

How much you need to invest : the cost of 1 machine reaches 200 thousand rubles, but you can find an option for 100 or less. The benefit here is significant - from one car you can earn 50-60 thousand rubles a month.

Breeding of thoroughbred animals

People who love pets are very interested in unusual and beautiful breeds. They are looking for where to get a kitten or puppy on specialized message boards on the Internet. Often they choose private breeders, because the prices in specialized nurseries are very high.

You can breed cats or dogs at home, but if the business is established and you have a lot of pets, you need to build an aviary for them - this is an idea for expanding the business, at the initial stages you can get by with an apartment.

The minimum investment is from 20 thousand rubles. You can pay off your business within 4 months, and after that you can easily receive at least 40 thousand rubles every month.

Let's take a business example. Persian kittens with pedigree cost 8-10 thousand rubles. If you buy two kittens of different sexes, you will pay about 20 thousand for them. When the kittens grow up and give birth, you can also earn up to 10 thousand rubles from each kitten.

Stress Relief Room

New business ideas: a destructible room or stress relief room. Stress is an integral part of life and is not always handled by a psychologist, massage, or yoga. Your clients will be people who prefer to vent their emotions rather than control them.

You can set up a business in a semi-basement room with good sound insulation. The main thing is to warn the landlord what it will be used for.

The costs of launching the project are minimal - about 15 thousand rubles . The costs will go to the purchase of specialized sledgehammers, hammers or bits, protection kits, as well as fake or broken equipment that visitors will destroy.

With a stable demand, this business can be recouped in the first month. If you take the minimum 500 rubles per session, then if you have only 100 visitors per month, you can earn 50 thousand rubles. Examples of ready-made business in Moscow:

  • Beat the dishes ( ) - 350 rubles per ticket.
  • D'ebosh  ( ) - from 7 to 30 thousand rubles per ticket.
  • PUNCH IT! ( ) - from 1 to 18 thousand rubles per ticket.
  • MyDestroy ( ) - from 1,500 to 15,500 rubles per ticket.


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Quick Date Club

Dating sites have a bad reputation and dating agencies are too serious. All of this puts express dating in a winning position. Interesting statistics: about 100 such meetings are held in New York every month. This dating format is becoming popular in Russia, Belarus and many other CIS countries.

There is no need for serious investments at the start - only 10 thousand rubles are required.

This amount includes the rent of a cafe, anti-cafe or a small banquet hall for several hours, as well as the purchase of equipment - for example, a microphone and office supplies that will be used at the event.

This amount can be recaptured in the first month of work. Suppose you are going to date twice a month and charge 500 rubles from visitors for a ticket. Group - 20 people (10 men and 10 women). So you can earn 40 thousand rubles a month.

Open air cinema

Conventional cinemas are in demand, but are already starting to go out of fashion. New trends are long-forgotten formats.

You can open an open-air cinema in Moscow, in St. Petersburg or in the regions, this format will be in demand everywhere and will attract fans of cinema and new entertainment. The cinema can be located outside the city, near shopping centers, in parks and even on the roofs of houses.

If you rent equipment and spend money on advertising, you can keep within 15 thousand rubles. The average cost of a check from a car is 400 rubles. Even taking a small site for 20 cars, you can earn 8 thousand rubles from one event .

If you only arrange sessions on weekends, you will be able to earn 64 thousand rubles a month . This is a very good result, which not all small business ideas can offer with minimal investment and quick payback.

Manufacturing of seals and stamps

Profitable business in the format of large and medium cities. Your potential clients will be aspiring entrepreneurs and organizations registering as an LLC.

Initial business costs - up to 90 thousand rubles . For business, you need equipment, a computer and a printer, as well as various consumables. If there is free space at home, there is no need to rent an office.

The cost of producing one print is about 15 rubles, and in case of resale, this figure already reaches 150-700 rubles per unit. If you sell at least 100 stamps a month, you will earn 70 thousand rubles , but this is far from the limit.

School of creativity

A person is constantly on the lookout for hobbies and new learning opportunities. A great idea for a big or small town, this is a creativity school for kids and adults.

You can teach children yourself. You can organize a business on the basis of an art school class, a creative workshop or a coworking center.

Example: polymer clay modeling school. The cost of organizing classes is about 10 thousand rubles, excluding the rental of premises. You can take from 3 to 5 thousand rubles per month per person. If you recruit two groups of 10 people, you can earn at least 60 thousand rubles a month .

Other relevant business ideas with minimal investment: training in working with epoxy resin, cutting and sewing courses, financial literacy lessons, art school for adults.

Shop of nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are a quick and healthy snack, and a good way to make money. Such a store requires a very small space, you can even organize an "island" in a large shopping complex.

You can open a business in a university or school building, in an office center, next to your potential buyers. Business investments - 80 thousand rubles for products and rent (depends on the size of the store).

The average mark-up on nuts and dried fruits is 40% to 100% . Already in the first month, you can earn about 40 thousand rubles in your business, if the store is located in a walk-through and very advantageous place.

Production and sale of homemade food

When looking for a profitable business idea with minimal investment, pay attention to this niche. Equipment for home food production is available to everyone - home production can be organized at minimal cost, so this niche is very attractive for entrepreneurs.

A great example of a business is making cakes at home. Initial investment - 30 thousand rubles for kitchen utensils and food. The markup for goods can reach 200-300%.

Example : if you sell 15 cakes a month at a price of 3 thousand rubles, you will earn 45 thousand rubles. You can advertise your business on a page in your social networks.

Other real business ideas with minimal investment related to cooking and selling food:

Food related business ideas

No. Business Investments Profit Payback

one Dumplings 10 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 2 months

2 Production of kozinak and bread 25 thousand rubles 50 thousand rubles 1 month

3 Making Healthy Bars and Protein Cookies 30 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 2 months

four Making and selling popcorn 16 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2 months

five Growing champignons at home 40 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2-3 months

6 Sale of gingerbread houses 20 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 1 month

7 Sale of ready-made Korean salads 60 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 4 months

eight Hot corn sale 80 thousand rubles 50 thousand rubles 2 months

nine Detox juices and smoothies 50 thousand rubles 25 thousand rubles 2 months

10 Sale of cotton candy 40 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2-3 months

eleven Gongong waffles 70 thousand rubles 45 thousand rubles 2-3 months

Business ideas with minimal investment for beginners

You don't need to have certain skills to start your own business. This can be done not only by experienced entrepreneurs, but also by beginners. The following business ideas for beginners with minimal investment will help you choose a niche according to your interests and opportunities:

Board Game Tournaments

The essence of the business is as follows: you agree with an ordinary cafe or anti-cafe that once a week you will arrange paid tournaments in various board games. You can take different fees per move - from 100 to 500 rubles per person, depending on the interest of the audience, and divide the total income in half between the cafe and you.

Suppose you will play games 3 times a month, the ticket price is 400 rubles. If you can attract 30 people to the event, you will receive 36 thousand rubles a month.

An example of a business is Playloft GaGa ( ), organized on the basis of a board games store. The loft charges a per-minute fee for its events - from 2 rubles per minute, but also offers to buy season tickets.

Flower hostel

The idea of ​​what business is profitable to open this year with minimal investment. When people go on vacation or on a business trip, they put their pets in special hotels.

But there are also many people who are ready to give flowers in pots for overexposure . You can make money on this - at the start you need to spend about 3 thousand rubles on racks for storing flowers, pots and other accessories.

Suppose you will take flowers for storage for 200 rubles per day. If you have 30 clients a month, each of whom left their flowers for 5 days (on average), you will earn 30 thousand rubles. Not a bad idea for a side job.

Boxes with surprises

Small or large city, village or village - people love to give gifts everywhere, but it is very difficult to choose what to give on their own. You can collect special boxes with ready-made gift sets, wrap them beautifully and sell them.

The initial investment is about 20 thousand rubles, and from the first month you can reach an income of 10-15 thousand. Suppose, on average, one box with gifts costs 1,500 rubles. If you have only 10 clients a month, you can already earn 15 thousand rubles .

A good business idea for girls or guys looking to start their own business. You can sell boxes through the Vkontakte group. You can customize targeted ads based on the age, gender of your potential customers, and the region you live in.


Another minimal investment business idea related to flowers. The florarium is a closed glass container designed to contain plants and is also a very popular interior decoration item.

One florarium will cost about a thousand rubles at a cost, and you can sell hand-made compositions for 2 thousand or more. If you sell 20 items a month, you can earn 40 thousand rubles.

A successful business example is a family of entrepreneurs from Novosibirsk. Daria and Bogdan Vilisovs founded the Grani Decor florarium workshop in 2016 . They started with a few products a month, now they sell 40-50 florariums a month online, most of them through their Instagram account ( ).


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Glass container collection point

In Soviet times, such reception points were common, and the fashion for them is gradually being restored. To open one point of acceptance of glass containers, you will need about 20 thousand, and the profit can reach 60 thousand rubles per month.

First of all, clarify the conditions of factories that accept containers - some do not take bottles of a certain shape, and some factories accept aluminum cans, and you can earn extra money on them.

Delivery of products

The essence of the business is simple - you collect orders, go to the store and buy whatever you need, and then deliver to your door. This business is very popular in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.

At the same time, you can compete with large companies, since you can offer lower prices, and delivery is faster (if you have a personal car). Investments per month - 10 thousand rubles for gasoline, profit - from 500 to 5 thousand per week from one client.

Let's say you launched targeted ads on Vkontakte and found 10 clients . Each of them orders delivery once a week, that is, 4 deliveries per month for each, the average delivery receipt is 700 rubles. Total - 28 thousand rubles of profit .

Delivery of lunches to offices

An idea similar to grocery delivery, but with its own nuances. The "trick" of such a business is that you will prepare delicious meals at home and deliver them to offices.

To open a business for the delivery of meals, you will need about 30 thousand rubles - this money will be spent on the purchase of groceries and modern kitchen equipment.

The cost of one lunch can be different - from 400 to 700 rubles. If you have 20 orders a month, you will earn on average 11 thousand rubles, but dinners are usually ordered by the whole office, and this is completely different money. To find clients, you can create a page on the Internet.

Selling sunglasses

Such business ideas from scratch with minimal investment are good because the product you are going to sell is very relevant. Glasses are a necessary accessory during the summer, they are used by everyone - both children and adults.

They are also usually bought for the season, and they tend to break. Business investments here are quite small - about 55 thousand rubles for opening a new outlet. Net income - 50 thousand per month. But you can also sell on the Internet, through Instagram.

Examples of Instagram businesses: Ochki Boutique ( ), Ne Botan Sunglasses ( ).

Tours of abandoned buildings

There are many interesting places in Russia. Often, tourists and residents want to get to know the city from the other side and see unique objects. You can become a guide to abandoned buildings.

It will turn out to open a business with a minimum investment of 20 thousand rubles - this amount will be spent on equipment, flashlights and other equipment.

The exact profit depends on the number of members in the group. For example, if you organize 3 outings per month in groups of 5 people and charge 800 rubles for participation, you can earn 12 thousand rubles .

Flower tent

Flower business with minimal investment

You can sell flowers at any time of the year, but a business organized on the eve of the holidays will be more profitable. Investments, if you want to open a tent - 40 thousand rubles; to sell flowers from a car or a temporarily organized tray, you will need up to 10 thousand rubles.

On holidays, selling flowers can earn you from 50 thousand rubles in a few days, which makes the idea very profitable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Oxygen bar

You can place a point in the "island" format in a shopping center, where there is a large concentration of solvent customers. Launching this business with minimal investment and quick payback will require 50 thousand rubles, which includes the rental and purchase of equipment for making cocktails.

It is very simple to do this - in the composition of such a cocktail, juice and foam, which is obtained from a special powder. If the point is a checkpoint, you can earn up to $ 50,000 in business . rubles and recoup the investment in a month.

Hand-made mugs and t-shirts

A demanded service that turns an ordinary mug or T-shirt into an original gift. Investments - up to 10 thousand rubles, this money will go to special paint for fabrics and for mugs.

With a cost price of 50 rubles, you can sell a mug for 200. Selling 100 mugs a month will bring you 20 thousand rubles a month.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you can go into professional mug and T-shirt printing. From the equipment you will need a computer, a color printer and heat presses, their cost is from 70 to 100 thousand rubles.

Street attractions

An example is the "drunken log" attraction. One model costs about 5-7 thousand rubles, but is in great demand. The task is to hold the log with one hand for a certain amount of time, but there is a catch - the log has a crossbar that rotates and makes the task difficult.

Participation price - from 50 to 150 rubles. The creators of such attractions earn an average of 20-30 thousand rubles a day. Other best low-investment business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs include a drunk bike, horizontal bar, or trampolines.

Shooting gallery

In-demand entertainment in cities of all sizes. If you place a shooting gallery in a park, on the embankment or in a resort area, you can make good money and quickly recoup your business.

The cost of launching a pneumatic-type shooting gallery is 100 thousand rubles, most of which will be spent on the purchase of equipment. With a profit of 60 thousand rubles, this amount will pay off in a few months.

Sale of balloons

Business expenses at the initial stage - up to 60 thousand rubles. Income per month can reach 40 thousand, the main thing is to find a suitable place of sale. It should be located in a walk-through area such as shopping malls, playrooms, or city events.

You can also arrange for the sale of balloons online with a home delivery function, then you will not spend money on renting premises. Business examples:

  1. "Sharikov" ( ) in St. Petersburg.
  2. "Duremarket" ( duremarket.rf ), which also deals with draws, Krasnodar.
  3. "Shar38" ( shar38.rf ), Irkutsk.


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Commission shop

A good idea for business development for those who do not have a lot of experience in entrepreneurship. The approximate budget for opening a store is 50 thousand rubles, the money will be used to rent premises, promote and purchase the necessary equipment.

The average percentage of commission markup on the price is 20%. If the store sells for 20 thousand rubles a day, you can earn 70-80 thousand rubles a month.


This is the ability to create beautiful shapes from balloons. It is enough for business if you know how to make 15-30 best-selling compositions - arches, flowers, hearts, garlands. You can start this business from scratch - get an order, buy balls, make a composition and hand over the order. To go further and purchase the necessary materials for the future, 15 thousand rubles will be needed.

You can earn 15-20 thousand rubles a month from aerodesign. Example: large orders for decoration of holidays can cost 10 thousand rubles or more. If you have 3 such orders per month, you can already earn 30 thousand rubles.

Organization of rap battles

Rap Battle is an event that attracts active youth. To organize such an event, you need to find several rappers who will be ready to take part, negotiate a venue with a club or bar, and also advertise on the Internet.

Benefit for everyone - you earn on admission tickets, the club makes a cash register for drinks, and rappers are gaining popularity. Example: event 2 times a month, entrance ticket - at least 200 rubles. If you have 50 visitors at each battle, you will earn 20 thousand rubles a month.

An example of a successful business is Versus Battle , which was created in 2013 by Alexander "Restorator" Timartsev . Since 2015, Versus Battle has been the most viewed battleground on YouTube, and its creators are now earning millions of rubles from advertising contacts.

Production of eco-friendly avosek

A great idea to start a business with minimal investment, especially now when environmental friendliness is in trend. People are abandoning the use of plastic and looking for an alternative.

Such a business as the production of avosek does not require serious investments. To start a business, at the initial stage you will need about 15 thousand rubles. A hand-made product can cost from 300 rubles and more. If you sell 100 avosek, you will earn 30 thousand rubles a month .

Fire show organization

Business investments are small - 5-10 thousand rubles for equipment. You should also hire actors who are proficient in this technique if you are not ready to perform on your own.

Your clients will be people who organize parties, weddings, anniversaries, big city events and other celebrations. For a performance of 5 minutes, you can earn 10-15 thousand rubles. Five performances a month - and you came out on an income of 50 thousand rubles .

Small business ideas with minimal investment for a small town

Business can be successful not only in large cities - there are great purchasing power, but a high level of competition. If you live in the provinces, you can also start a profitable business. Small business ideas with minimal investment for small towns:

Design studio

An interesting idea is to create your own banner design studio. They are needed everywhere - on websites, in mailings, in promotions, and even on billboards. You can put together a team of 2-3 competent designers and work according to the 70/30 principle (one part for designers, the other for you as a mediator).

Initial expenses - 5-10 thousand rubles per month for website launch and advertising. Example: the development of a billboard design costs from 2 to 6 thousand rubles. If you have at least 15 orders per month, you will earn at least 30 thousand rubles .

Dry cleaning of carpets at home or with collection

The service is relevant for small cities, as in large cities dry cleaners and large firms are engaged in such work. To organize a business, you will have to spend 20-30 thousand, which will go to equipment, and every month you will also spend about 3 thousand rubles on advertising and consumables.

Suppose you charge 5,000 rubles for cleaning a large carpet. Five orders a month - and 25 thousand in your pocket. Plus 10-15 thousand for small orders and additional services ( getting rid of odors, disinfection, bleaching ).

In addition, there is another informative and interesting video on the topic:

Sale of kvass

It is possible to organize a summer business in a village or in a small town where there is no competition. In the first case, you can sell the drink in bottles, in the second - in a special barrel at points around the city.

Initial costs are 5-10 thousand rubles for the village and 40-60 thousand rubles for the city. The cost of 1 liter of kvass for bottling on the street is 80 rubles on average. In hot weather, you can earn 5-10 thousand rubles a day selling kvass .

Portraits to order

A portrait from a photo is a very popular gift for family and friends, and there is little competition in small towns. If you are good at drawing, you can do such portraits yourself, but you can find an artist and share the profit with him, looking for clients and promoting a business.

Initial investment in business - up to 10 thousand rubles for inventory. On average, the cost of one portrait reaches 3 thousand rubles. Twenty orders a month will bring you 60 thousand rubles.

Chess Club

Chess, checkers club and other similar interesting business ideas with minimal investment have low competition and low initial investment, but a quick payback. A great idea for a small town or village where there are few entertainment and educational facilities.

Investments - up to 30 thousand rubles. Profit - about 15 thousand rubles, this is membership fees, season tickets, organizing tournaments and conducting training courses. To earn this amount, you need to attract 10 people and take 1,500 rubles from them. per month.

Dot photocopy and print

A well-located photocopy point can quickly make a good profit. The cost of organizing a business is about 40 thousand rubles.

It will take some time to achieve a net profit, especially in a small town , but stable demand can provide a profit of 20 thousand rubles per month. At this rate, the payback of a photocopy and print point will be 2-3 months.

Elderly Care Firm

Caregivers or senior caregivers may by law not have a medical degree. This opens up some pretty good opportunities if you are considering new business ideas.

The average cost of an hour of work is from 300 to 700 rubles. If you have 10 nurses in your staff, each of them works 8 hours a day, at the minimum rate you will receive 24 thousand rubles a week. The monthly income, deducting the salaries of female workers, is about 50 thousand rubles.

Mini real estate agency

The essence of making money is this - you search for ads on city sites and message boards, sellers and buyers, after which you become an intermediary in their deal. The costs here are minimal - you can spend money on your own website, or you can work without it.

Even in a crisis, people buy apartments. Suppose that in a month you helped to sell only one apartment worth 2 million rubles. Even if you take a commission of 3%, you will have 180 thousand rubles per trade. And if you sell 2 apartments, this amount will be different - 360 thousand rubles.

Sale of draft milk

A good idea for a village, village or small town. Not everyone has their own farm, but such a product as milk is necessary for everyone. For the start, you can buy a transportable barrel of 500 liters, it will cost about 60 thousand rubles.

Milk is bought from farmers for 15-20 rubles per liter, and it is sold at a higher price - 40-50 rubles. You can get 5-10 thousand rubles and more per day at such a point. Of the minuses - you need to get a certificate for the products, of the pluses - the business is very profitable.

Bike rent

There is too much competition in large cities, and therefore this business should be considered for small cities. Bicycles or four-wheeled bicycles can be rented.

Initial investments - 60 thousand rubles for rent, purchase of bicycles, as well as their maintenance. If the rental point is located in a passageway, the net income in the season can be about 40-50 thousand rubles per month.

Shoe repair and key making

Shoe repair and key making are services that will always be relevant. Everything you need to open a mini-business in a small town - an area of ​​5 square meters, several shelves, tools and skills in this area (or an employee with such skills).

A good idea for a small city where there is still no strong competition. The start-up capital for a business is 80 thousand rubles, the profit per month can be 35 thousand and more.

Making gazebos

An up-to-date and fast-payback business, especially in a low-competition environment. You can make gazebos yourself or assemble a team of builders. Business will need equipment and tools, as well as consumables - tiles, screws, logs and boards.

The cost of one gazebo is on average 40 thousand, the cost of a finished one is about 80 thousand. Having 5 orders per month, you can receive 120 thousand rubles .


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Visiting puppet theater

New ideas in the field of children's entertainment are becoming more interesting and profitable. Decorations and dolls can be created independently or to order, or you can purchase them on popular marketplaces - Ozone, Wildberries or Aliexpress.

Investments in business at the initial stage - about 10-15 thousand rubles. One hour-long event can cost 2 thousand rubles or more. 20 performances per month - 40 thousand rubles of benefit.

Business example : Luna Park Theater ( ), St. Petersburg, as well as the Vkontakte group ( ).

Organization of holidays and events

A case for creative and creative people who love to communicate with other people. You can start a business without investment - you invite a photographer, designer and presenter to the team, and the customer pays for their work.

One event can cost 50 thousand rubles. Suppose you divide this amount equally among all team members and get 12 thousand for one event. Five events a month will bring you 60 thousand rubles.

Organization of quests

Quest in reality is an interesting business idea with minimal investment, a game for children and adults, which has gained immense popularity. The main thing is to think over the idea well, it is interesting to implement it and correctly advertise the project.

One game can cost differently, on average it is 2-3 thousand rubles. If you play 30 games a month (at least one game a day), you will already earn 60 thousand.

Business examples:

  • ZonaQuest ( ), Moscow.
  • Panic ( ), Krasnodar.
  • Web ( ), Khabarovsk.
  • Exit ( ), Novosibirsk.

Yoga school

The minimum amount with which you can open a school is 30 thousand rubles, plus here you need to add the monthly rent for the premises and the salary of a yoga specialist. Alternatively, you can organize outdoor activities in the park.

On average, 80 to 200 people attend yoga school per month. A course for one person costs an average of 500 rubles. In total, at least a month you can earn 40 thousand rubles.

Business history: Tatyana Popova , owner of the Mental Fitness Center , started her business from scratch. She took yoga courses and got a job as a teacher.

“At first two people came to the class, but the group grew rapidly. People told their friends and family, and in a year I had fifty people. "

Now Tatiana owns her own center with a good income.

Care of burial sites

Not every person has the time to independently maintain the burial places of relatives in perfect order. Also, people who move to another place of residence will contact you.

The launch costs are small - about 25-30 thousand rubles. The minimum profit with a stable customer flow is 15 thousand rubles per month.

Treatment of the territory from ticks

The TOP business ideas with minimal investment for a small city also includes a business for the treatment of territories from ticks. Municipal companies do not always do this work, or do not have time to meet the demand.

The initial investment in the business will be from 25 thousand rubles. The rate starts from 900 rubles. Even if you have 2 orders per day, you can earn 54 thousand rubles per month, and this is the minimum amount. Let's add a few large orders (5 thousand rubles) - a total of 65 thousand per month .

Coin business

Coin-operated rides are popular with tourists, as they allow you to make a souvenir with your own hands for a small amount. To launch a business project with one coin attraction, you will need 65 thousand rubles.

If there are no more expenses, you can reach a stable profit of 15 thousand rubles. The business will pay off completely in 5 months.

Backpack drinks

The most popular person at major events is the drinks salesman who can get them in an instant right from behind. Investments in the project - about 50 thousand rubles.

With a good workload, you can earn up to 5 thousand rubles a day. The amount per month is 80 thousand. When the project pays off, you can hire new people and send them to different locations, earning even more.

Business ideas in the garage with minimal investment

Business ideas for a garage

You can even organize your own business in a garage - who knows, perhaps in a couple of years a small undertaking for additional income will grow into a company with huge incomes. The main thing is to find a niche that will be of interest to you and your potential customers. Interesting and profitable business ideas in the garage with minimal investment:

Painting of disks of the car with luminous paint. Actual business ideas with minimal investment: painting discs with regular or glowing paint. Costs - 30 thousand rubles. Profit per client - about 10 thousand rubles. With 10 clients a month, you can earn 100 thousand rubles.

Dry fog. This is a technique for removing unpleasant odors in cars and living quarters. At the first stage, about 30 thousand rubles can be invested in the business. The cost of one service for a car is 1500 rubles. 20 clients a month will bring you 30 thousand.

Machine polishing. The costs for the car polishing business are small - 20 thousand. Example: polishing the body costs 4 thousand rubles. From 10 cars a month you can get about 30-40 thousand rubles.

Elimination of cracks from car glass. Glass cracks and scratches are a common problem faced by car enthusiasts. Try to start a business with investments of 50-55 thousand rubles. Business will bring you 60 thousand rubles a month, taking into account the performance of 30 services.

Wood carving. You can keep within 30 thousand. For wood carving, you will need special knives, chisels, files, and other tools. The cost of services may vary. In a month on this business, you can earn up to 100 thousand rubles for several orders.

Car seat covers sewing. Actual business in the format of a big or small city. Project launch - about 80 thousand rubles. The cost of one set is on average 15 thousand rubles. A profitable business that can bring in 100 thousand rubles a month, and this is not the limit.

Production of business boards for toddlers. A business board is a toy that teaches kids to open locks safely, interact with switches and sockets. Like other business ideas in the garage with minimal investment, described in the article, it brings a good income. The cost of one handmade business board can reach 15 thousand rubles.

Renting out the garage. Some car enthusiasts choose to rent rather than buy a parking space. The garage can be used as a workshop, storage room and even a small shop. In Russia, about the same rental prices. For example, in St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk you can rent a garage for 5-10 thousand per month.

Furniture for pets. The initial investment is 10 thousand rubles, and the profit can beat all expectations - on average, it is 40 thousand rubles. A large scratching post or a house for a cat of its own production can cost 5-10 thousand rubles.

Sale of wooden constructors. An up-to-date idea of ​​what business is profitable to open this year with minimal investment. The equipment you need to get started is a chisel, typeface and boring machines. At the very beginning, the entrepreneur will spend about 30 thousand rubles on the production of wooden constructors. The business will pay off in a few months.

Stained glass business. To open a business, you will need: glass and a machine for cutting it, a knife, a roller, a stencil, vintage films and a free space, for example, a garage. Investments - from 10 to 15 thousand, income - from 50 thousand rubles per month. The cost of one handmade stained-glass window is from 2 to 15 thousand rubles.

Production of decorative crushed stone. Colored crushed stone is used to decorate personal plots and aquariums. Investments - from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, income varies from 15 to 20 thousand. You can pay off a business in 1-3 months.

Styrofoam processing. Polyfoam is an easy-to-use and cheap material. The service for its processing will be needed by designers and decorators. The machine and tools will cost you 90-120 thousand rubles. From one product you will receive an average of 100-150 thousand rubles.

Garden figures and decorations. There are garden figurines on the plots of every self-respecting summer resident or owner of a cottage. The cost of a business with minimal startup costs is 65 thousand rubles. Income - 40 thousand rubles per season.

Welding works. Investments in the welding business are about 100 thousand rubles, they will have to be spent on equipment and a set of special clothing. This money can pay off in the first month of work. On average, a beginner specialist will be able to earn 100-150 thousand rubles a month.

Production of eco-sheets. The minimum amount for starting a business is 90 thousand rubles. The minimum profit per season is 30 thousand rubles. The business has a minus - in order to receive constant profit, it will be necessary to use new points of sale and channels of raw materials.

Laser cutting. The cost of a laser cutting machine is 20 thousand rubles, business income is 10-15 thousand rubles. You can also offer customers engraving services, but this will require more expensive equipment (300-400 thousand rubles).

Turning workshop. Another lucrative garage business idea. You can make parts from wood or metal if you have a machine. Investments - 50 thousand rubles, profitability - 20-30 thousand rubles for beginners.

Mini smokehouse. To start a business, you need to purchase an electric or conventional smokehouse, this will cost at least 80 thousand rubles. Income - 30-40 thousand rubles from the products sold.

Glass cutting. Relevant business for big cities, where there is always a demand for glass replacement. The launch cost is 50 thousand rubles, you will spend it on the machine and the first batch of glass. Already finished glass can be sold at a cost of 500 rubles per sq. m.


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Home business ideas with minimal investment

Handmade soap business

Beginners and advanced entrepreneurs often organize a home business - the costs are lower here, since you do not need to spend money on renting premises. If you like this format, you can pick up the following home business ideas with minimal investment:

Handmade soap. The initial costs will be 30 thousand, you will have to pay about 3 thousand rubles a month for business development, but in 2-3 months the business will pay off. One hand-made soap can cost from 200 to 500 rubles. For example, if you sell 100 soaps a month, you will earn 30 thousand rubles.

Printing of three-dimensional sweets. Chocolates and lollipops, cookies and other sweets with an exclusive design. The minimum cost of the equipment is 50 thousand rubles, the cost of food thread is 3 thousand per 1 kg. The markup for the final product can be up to 100%. You can sell sweets in cafes and restaurants, as well as homemade pastry shops.

Making wedding accessories. On organizing a home mini-business, you will spend 20 thousand rubles and 5 thousand rubles a month. For 1 wedding a month you can earn about 5 thousand, and making accessories for 5 weddings will bring you 25 thousand rubles.

Decorative collars. Like other home business ideas with minimal investment, this business requires a small investment - about 15 thousand rubles per month. By selling 10 collars a month, you will earn from 30 to 50 thousand rubles.

Jewelry making. With a budget of 20-40 thousand, you can receive about 10 thousand rubles a month. When the flow of clients grows, you will be able to earn much more - up to 50 thousand rubles per month.

Author's and eco toys. At the start, you will pay about 20 thousand rubles. The profit can be completely different, it all depends on the materials and the flow of customers. One designer toy can cost 5 or 10 thousand rubles.

Production of bath brooms from scratch. Business investments will amount to a maximum of 5 thousand rubles. The cost of one handmade broom reaches a thousand rubles. By selling 50 brooms, you can earn 50 thousand.

Computer repair shop at home. Investments - only in your knowledge and skills, as well as in equipment. With an initial capital of 30-40 thousand, you can earn up to 70 thousand rubles in the capital and 20-30 thousand rubles in the regions.

Making a sling bus at home. Sling beads are a comfortable massager for babies' teeth, as well as an interesting toy for the development of fine motor skills. Investments are as follows: 25 thousand rubles. One product can cost 500-700 rubles. It is quite possible to earn 30-50 thousand rubles in business.

Hand-made notebooks. Notepads and other ideas of a profitable business with minimal investment, related to stationery and scrapbooking, at the initial stage will require about 10-20 thousand investments. Example: if you sell 100 notebooks a month, it will earn you 20 thousand rubles.

Production of bow ties. There is a demand for designer ties, they are worn at costume parties and fashion shows. Initial investments - 28 thousand rubles. Such butterflies cost from 3 to 5 thousand. So, selling only 10 pieces, you will earn from 30 to 50 thousand rubles.

Hand-painted shoes. On hand painting, you can earn about 15 thousand rubles at the beginning of the journey, and you will need to spend a little - on special paints, brushes and other art supplies.

Thematic home video studio. The idea is relevant if you have a free room or space to organize a mini-studio. You can rent a room to photographers and bloggers. Investments - 15-20 thousand, an hour of filming in such a studio usually costs an average of 500 rubles. With 10 clients per month and minimum rates, you can earn 15 thousand per month.

Home hotel for foreigners. Suitable for large cities with a lot of tourists. Foreigners want to learn more about the life of the country they visit, and therefore they settle together with its indigenous inhabitants. Investments - 20-30 thousand for the arrangement of the room, the profit can be different, up to 50 thousand rubles per month from several guests.

Private kindergarten. Investments in business - about 50 thousand rubles, provided that you have a well-equipped room with a good repair. Profit per month from one child - 3-5 thousand rubles. Let's say you are accepting 10 children a month. This will bring you 30 to 5 thousand.

There are also other home business ideas with minimal investment - this is a club of developmental activities for the smallest or "extended" for younger students.

Making fridge magnets. Photo magnets or souvenirs with company logos. Initial investments - 60 thousand rubles. The cost price of a vinyl or actyl magnet is 8-15 rubles, and they can be sold at a price of 100 rubles. If you sell 700 magnets per month, you can earn 30 thousand.

Growing exotic bonsai trees. Bonsai is the art of growing a miniature replica of a real tree. Such interior decorations are very popular not only in the central part of Russia, but also throughout the country.

Growing bonsai trees

Investment cost - 30 thousand rubles. By selling 10 trees, you can earn from 30 to 60 thousand.

Photobook production. Business needs a printer and quality paper. Example: the production of an album will cost you about 500 rubles, and you can sell photobooks for 1-2 thousand rubles per copy. 20 sold photo books will bring you from 20 to 40 thousand rubles.

Production of price tags and plates. The initial costs for a mini-business are about 25 thousand rubles, for this amount you need to buy a simple laptop, printer, laminator and office supplies. Cooperation with 2 large companies can bring 30-40 thousand rubles a month.

Breeding worms. Investments - about 10 thousand rubles, profit - 5 thousand per month. You can set up a large farm or consider the business as an additional income. You can organize a business anywhere, the main thing is that the room is humid and warm.

Other business ideas at home with minimal investment for breeding small animals:

Business ideas with minimal investment for animal breeding

No. Business Investments Profit

one Breeding chickens 40 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles

2 Parrot breeding 10 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles

3 Breeding grape snails 80 thousand rubles 50 thousand rubles

four Breeding turkeys 25 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles

five Breeding mini pigs 60 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles

Small business online

As with home businesses, there are no rental costs in this area. You can do business in the countryside, in cities and towns - the main thing is to have access to the Internet. Even so, online business can be very profitable. Real business ideas with minimal investment on the Internet:

Traffic arbitration. You redirect users from one site to another through ads. Advanced affiliate marketers can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in their business, at the initial stages this amount is much less - 30-35 thousand rubles.

Online courses. Popular topics for online learning are sales, personal care, programming, and foreign languages. You can sell information in blocks to attract more users to the project. People, whose courses are promoted, earn 80-100 thousand per month, and to launch it requires only your knowledge and a website.

School of creativity for the little ones. Music, modeling, painting. Purpose: to create an interesting program for children, best of all in a playful way. Expenses only for advertising on the Internet, income from one student per month - about 5 thousand rubles.

Blogging. You can start a blog and make money from ads and views. Once promoted, you will have the opportunity to blog multiple blogs, buy articles, or blog on your own. Bloggers receive an average of 50 thousand rubles per month.

Affiliate Marketing. You promote other people's products and get a percentage of the sale. The income can be different and directly depends on the number of transactions. Professionals earn more than 100 thousand rubles a month on this business.

ideas for business with minimal investment

Shop on the social network Instagram. You can also open a home business with minimal costs on social networks. Spending - only for advertising and the purchase of goods (can be purchased in China). Promoted stores bring 50 thousand rubles a month and even more.

Promotion of Instagram accounts. Registration and promotion of accounts in a popular social network. All investments are only in your knowledge or in the creation of a website if you plan to create a small promotion studio. You can get paid for such work in different ways - from 10 to 50 thousand rubles (at the initial stage).

Buying and selling domain names. The bottom line is that you buy addresses on the Internet and resell them. Example: In 2009, the domain name went for $ 16 million. The business is profitable, but it can take a long time to get profitable.

Development of mobile applications. You can receive money through subscriptions, ads, paid features, and in-app purchases. The budget will amount to an average of 80 thousand rubles for specialists - programmers, designers and copywriters.

Example of earnings : a simple iSteam application that simulates fogged glass on a phone screen for $ 0.99, earned over $ 100,000 in 1 month.

Launch a podcast. Podcasts are digital audio or video files distributed to subscribers. Expenses - about 30 thousand rubles for equipment. Income from subscriptions, donations or advertising. At the initial stages, it is 10-15 thousand rubles per month.

SEO consulting. An SEO specialist analyzes sites and gives recommendations on what to do with the resource to get more visitors. You can organize a studio with several specialists and offer similar services. The costs are minimal - about 30 thousand for the website and salary, income - 50 thousand rubles a month or more.

Mini copywriting studio. Organize your own agency to write custom texts. Expenses - about 15 thousand, which will be spent on website creation and advertising. You can split the profit from customers in half with the team, or you can set a percentage. Profit in the first months of work - 20-30 thousand rubles.

Online store. Selling goods online is profitable, but investment is needed here - it will take you about 30-50 thousand rubles to build an online store. But, if you make good advertising and offer customers high-quality and inexpensive goods, you can "recoup" this money in the first month of work. Interesting business ideas with minimal investment:

Goods for profitable resale

No. Product Business investment Cheat

one Stickers and decals 5 thousand rubles 200-300%

2 Bijouterie 10-15 thousand rubles up to 300%

3 Pet supplies 20-30 thousand rubles 100-150%

four Korean cosmetics 10-15 thousand rubles 40-50%

five Souvenirs and gifts 30-40 thousand rubles up to 200%

6 Smart backpacks 50-60 thousand rubles 100%


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Business ideas for men with minimal costs

Both men and women can be actively involved in business, but there are areas that are more suitable for one gender or another. We present to your attention profitable and interesting business ideas for men with minimal costs:

  1. Diagnostics of cars before sale. 400-700 rubles for one trip, while the net profit will be 50-90%. Investments - buying a chip that connects to the car, it costs 500-800 rubles.
  2. Husband for an hour. You complete small tasks for reward. You can get 15-20 thousand rubles a month on this, and if you create a small company, 40-50 thousand.
  3. Installation of gates for summer cottages. Costs - 70 thousand, you will spend about 40 thousand rubles a month. Monthly income - from 60 thousand. Such a business idea for men with minimal costs will pay off in 2-3 months.
  4. Roof laying and repair. It will take about 30 thousand rubles with expenses of 10-13 thousand per month (in the season). Profit - 60 thousand rubles, payback - two months.
  5. Furniture collection business. Investments in business are minimal - 20 thousand rubles for the purchase of a tool. As a result, this amount can be recaptured in the first month of work.
  6. Installation of split systems. Split systems are installed in private apartments, offices and businesses. You need to invest in business about 40 thousand rubles, income per month - 60 thousand rubles.
  7. Fireplace masonry. There are private residential buildings in any city, and their owners order fireplaces in their homes. Initial investment - 45 thousand rubles, minimum income - 25 thousand rubles.
  8. Installation of solar collectors. Investments - 20 thousand at the beginning + 3 thousand per month. Business earnings - from 15 thousand per client.
  9. Production and installation of greenhouses and greenhouses. A profitable business idea for a dacha cooperative or a village. During the season, the profit can reach 70 thousand rubles. Costs - 40-45 thousand. The business will pay off on average in a month.
  10. Bath or furniture restoration. Investments - 15 thousand for consumables and tools, profit - 30 thousand rubles per month, but it all depends on the flow of customers and orders.
  11. Installation of stretch ceilings. Business investments - up to 100 thousand rubles, but these funds will pay off already in the first month of work. If you have at least 10 orders, you can reach 200 thousand rubles per month.
  12. Manufacture of steering wheel tables for cars. You will need to invest 80 thousand rubles, the profit will be 20 thousand rubles. The payback period is 4 months.
  13. Organization of a sports section. For example, a football or boxing club. Costs - 50 thousand rubles, profit - 20 thousand rubles per month.
  14. Collection agency. The cost of starting a business is at least 50 thousand rubles, income - from 20-30 thousand per month.
  15. Driving teacher. People who want to learn to drive a car turn to private drivers before entering a driving school. Expenses - about 20 thousand rubles, profit - 10-15 thousand in the first month.
  16. Auto assistant. Towing and transporting damaged or faulty vehicles. Initial investment - 50 thousand rubles, minimum income - 10-15 thousand rubles.
  17. Organization of "turnkey" transfers. Investments - 20-30 thousand rubles, profit - 50 thousand rubles per month.
  18. Creation of garden paths from wood. Investments - 30 thousand rubles, profit - up to 40 thousand per month.
  19. Products from bottles, tires and slippers. Investments - 5-10 thousand rubles, income - 3-5 thousand per month at the initial stage.
  20. Creation of leather accessories for men. The cost of making one bag is about 3-5 thousand rubles. You can sell such an accessory for 10-15 thousand rubles.

Business ideas for women with minimal investment

Women are also active in business in various fields. And this is not only a business related to beauty and women's health, but also many other interesting ideas. Profitable business ideas for women with minimal investment:

  1. Wife for an hour. By organizing a small studio for the provision of cleaning, cooking and babysitting services, you will invest 10-15 thousand and can receive about 50 thousand rubles a month. You can also conduct activities on your own, without investment.
  2. Beauty salon at home. It can be shugaring, eyelash extensions, eyebrows. The costs will be about 5-10 thousand rubles, and the profit in the field of beauty reaches 40-50 thousand rubles.
  3. Drawing mehendi (temporary tattoos). The minimum investment is 5 thousand rubles, the profit is from 20 thousand rubles in the summer season.
  4. Knitting and embroidery. At the beginning, you will need to pay about 30 thousand rubles for the purchase of tools. Net business income - from 15 to 30 thousand rubles.
  5. Needlework from wool. Continues the best business ideas with minimal investment for women and girls. Money for the launch - 30 thousand rubles, income - from 20 to 50 thousand.
  6. Making yarn at home. Business start-up - 60 thousand rubles, profitability - 25 thousand rubles per month. Business payback - 2-3 months.
  7. Sewing bed linen. A profitable idea for girls. Business costs here are significant - 50 thousand rubles, but a good income in the first month - 40 thousand rubles.
  8. Fabric slings for carrying babies. With an investment of 30 thousand rubles, you can get 30-40 thousand monthly from your business.
  9. Manufacturing of phyto-pillows. Investments in the amount of 20-25 thousand rubles with a minimum profit of 9 thousand will be recouped in two and a half months.
  10. Making bouquets of fruits or soft toys. Another popular service. Business investments - about 5 thousand rubles, estimated income - 30 thousand at the first stages.
  11. Delivery of diapers per month. The costs of starting a business are minimal, especially if you already have a car. Investments - 11 thousand, and you can recoup them already in the first month of work.
  12. Children's sleep consultant. The minimum investment is 40 thousand rubles (advertising, website launch and training). Profit - 10 thousand rubles per month, payback - 4-5 months.
  13. Car monitor. The task of the baby monitor is to take and pick up the child, as well as sit with him for several hours. Minimum costs - 30 thousand rubles, profit - 20 thousand rubles.
  14. Manufacture of cosmetics. An interesting business for creative girls. Investments - 46 thousand rubles, profit - 15 thousand rubles per month.
  15. Make-up and make-up courses. Investments - at least 30 thousand rubles. You can earn 10-15 thousand on such a business at the initial stage. The payback period is 2 months.
  16. Brow bar. Mini-salon for eyebrow correction. Investments - up to 80 thousand, profit - 30-40 thousand rubles. Business payback - 2-3 months.
  17. Grooming salon for dogs at home. Investments - in advertising and tools, this is about 30 thousand, plus about 15 thousand for training the profession. The profit can reach 40 thousand per month.
  18. Clothing repair studio. Another great business idea for women. Expenses - for tools, it is about 15 thousand rubles. Profit - 5-10 thousand rubles if you run a business at home.
  19. Site of culinary recipes. Investments - about 5 thousand rubles to create a website, as well as the time that will have to be spent on promoting the resource. On site advertising, you can earn an average of 50 thousand rubles per month.
  20. Growing flowers for sale. Expenses - 20-30 thousand rubles. Income - 15-20 thousand rubles after the first month of work.

More ideas for a profitable business with minimal investment

Business in a garage, at home, or on the Internet is not all you can think of if you are serious about becoming a small entrepreneur. There are other profitable and interesting business ideas with minimal investment, but good income:

Business ideas with minimal investment

No. Business Investments Profit Payback

  • one Making casts of hands and feet 20 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2 months
  • 2 Business on graffiti offices 50 thousand rubles 25 thousand rubles 2 month
  • 3 Washing windows in commercial premises 15 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • four Padding of furniture 60 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2 month
  • five Theatrical city excursions 40 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 2-3 months
  • 6 Manufacture and sale of helium candles 80 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 5 months
  • 7 Catering (organization of banquets at offsite events) 50 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2 months
  • eight Making Christmas toys 30 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2 months
  • nine Tool rental 20 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • 10 Autoselection (assistance in buying used cars) 10 thousand rubles 25 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • eleven Production of frameless furniture 10 thousand rubles 40 thousand rubles 1 month
  • 12 Making mirror tiles 8-10 thousand rubles 25 thousand rubles 1 month
  • 13 Making aquariums 50 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2 months
  • fourteen Small point selling shawarma 70 thousand rubles 40-50 thousand rubles 2 months
  • fifteen Mobile device repair workshop 20 thousand rubles 40 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • sixteen Delivery of flowers and fruit baskets 10 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • 17 Water delivery service 60 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2 months
  • eighteen Production of frameless furniture 10 thousand rubles 40 thousand rubles 1 month
  • nineteen Making ceramic dishes 40 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 2 months
  • twenty Small stall with vegetables and fruits 15-20 thousand rubles 30-40 thousand rubles 1 month
  • 21 Balloon and bag printing 40 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2-3 months
  • 22 Survival courses 70 thousand rubles 40 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • 23 On-site cleaning 30 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 1-2 months
  • 24 Opening of a mini-studio 70 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2-3 months
  • 25 Balloon delivery 20 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 1 month
  • 26 Landscaping and landscaping 20 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 1 month
  • 27 Room aromatization 30 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2-3 months
  • 28 Growing vegetables and herbs 80 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 3-4 months
  • 29 Courier service 30 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2 months
  • thirty Service for the selection and delivery of gifts 10 thousand rubles 20 thousand rubles 2 months
  • 31 Rent of chocolate fountains 50 thousand rubles 60 thousand rubles 1 month
  • 32 Face painting studio 30 thousand rubles 15 thousand rubles 2 months
  • 33 Rent of tennis tables 60 thousand rubles 30 thousand rubles 2 months
  • 34 Snow removal 60 thousand rubles 100 thousand rubles 2-3 months

Tips for beginners

It will be difficult for any person who does not have experience in a particular area at the initial stage. But, if you have a desire and interesting business ideas for beginners with minimal investment, you can become successful and realize yourself in entrepreneurship. And the following tips will help you with this:

The great Steve Jobs said that it is impossible to achieve great results by doing an unloved business. There is a risk of quitting the business if things do not go as you expect, which means that you only need to choose your favorite business.

Business advice from Steve Jobs

You can have a perfectly organized business, but you won’t get money if you don’t have clients. That is why you should focus not only on the area that is interesting and understandable to you, but also on the number of potential customers, because they will use your services or goods.

It doesn't matter if you choose a business idea for women with minimal investment or a man's business, a big metropolis or a small city, the main thing is the right business organization. Briefly, it looks like this :

  • Definition of ideas, goals and objectives of the business;
  • Drawing up a business plan, including the budget and expenses for the case;
  • Recruiting staff (if required), choosing a place to rent;
  • Business start-up;
  • Receiving a profit.

Don't be afraid to come up with new business ideas, even in a competitive environment. A prime example: Sokol COFFEE coffee shop , which is located in St. Petersburg. This is a standard coffee shop, but even those who don't really like the drink visit it. And all because of the "trick" of the business - the staff of the coffee shop has artists who draw portraits of customers on glasses while the coffee is being prepared. People take pictures of mini-masterpieces and tag the coffee shop on social media, which is good for the business.

Do not forget to formally register your business, for example, to register as a self-employed or sole proprietor. This will help you avoid problems with the law in the future.


The ideas described in the article will definitely help you organize the most relevant business today with minimal investment, which will bring a stable income. Choose a niche wisely, which is primarily of interest to you and your potential audience, do not forget about learning new things and self-development, and you will be successful in absolutely any business field.