Summoners War: Hundred Years' War', Hong Jin-ho, knee appearance digital entertainment production

Data provided - Com2uS

Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-jun) has released the first video of a digital entertainment based on the new Summoners War: Hundred Years' War (hereinafter referred to as Hundred Years' War).

Hundred Years' War is a new real-time strategy battle with both high strategy and thrilling combat action based on Summoners War IP. After its release on the 29th of last month, it has been loved by many global game fans and is showing even results all over the world.

Com2uS produced a digital entertainment video titled 'Counters: Hundred Years Military Academy' to inform game fans of various information and play tips about the Hundred Years' War in a fun format.

For this entertainment, former pro gamers such as Jin-ho Hong and Knee, who participated in the'World 100 Invitational', a pre-launch event for the Hundred Years War, and famous influencers such as Zee-Kon and Beorg appeared. Caster Seung-heon Seung-hun appears as the moderator and progresses through various entertainment-type quizzes and games with the performers to improve the playing skills of the Hundred Years' War.

In Episode 1, released on the 29th, the moderators and performers showed off their excellent talk and chemistry, making a big laugh.

Com2uS plans to release a total of three videos every Saturday through the Hundred Years' War official YouTube channel , starting with the first episode .

On the other hand, Hundred Years' War is a game in which a deck is composed of monsters in the Summoner's War worldview to engage in real-time battles, providing the thrill of battle through differentiated content such as counter skills and summoner spells. For more information on the game, see the Official Cafecan be checked through