How I Built 5 Income Sources That Make $42,407 Per Month

How I Built 5 Income Sources That Make $42,407 Per Month

I mean four million dollars on Shopify

dropshipping this month click the link

down below alright yeah guys um no I

don't actually even do Shopify not that

everything against it so I think in this

video I'm gonna break down some of my

income sources from last month show you

kind of what's going on I don't know how

many more of these we're gonna do in the

future but I had a lot of people asking

questions about it so I thought we just

go through it and I'll show you guys

kind of breaking down some of the income

sources there's really kind of five

primary ones from the last month I know

just a lot of people are curious about

it and it's definitely weird to talk

about personal finances or like my

personal finances I know this channel is

primarily discussing personal finance

that's the topics of it but talking

about like my specific finances does get

a little bit weird so I think this could

be the last of the sort of income update

videos but it was last year when I made

a video that discussed some of my income

sources of how I was making like seventy

two hundred dollars a month it was

exactly a year ago since then has grown

about six fold in the past twelve months

is that going to continue in the future

I don't know I'm not really planning on

making a whole lot more money than

what's going on right now I'm just kind

of doing this for fun but you know let's

just kind of get into this video and I

hate that I have to say this every time

but I'm not selling you anything there's

no like online courses so you don't to

worry about like just getting like 100

emails per day from Nate O'Brien just

trying to get you to like buy my courses

there's none of that okay so if you want

to see more videos like this make sure

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you find any value in it and let's get

started here alright so let's talk about

the first income source that is not

actually very regular I don't see this

very often but it is one that comes up

from time to time and that is when I

actually sell stocks or securities so as

You can watch this video if you don't want to read :

you guys probably know if you've been

subscribed to this channel for some time

I do quite a bit of investing and

there's times where I'll buy a bunch of

stocks sell a bunch of stocks maybe

mutual funds ETFs right and so in the

past month in January I did sell quite a

bit of my Facebook shares and I did this

for reasons that we're not gonna get

into too much in depth in this video

because you didn't come to learn about

why I'm not as bullish on Facebook as I

once was but so that was about 2,900 I

think there's 29:59 a total profit from

that and I don't really wreck

nice my gains until I actually sell

stocks or securities and I don't do that

because I don't pay taxes on it until I

actually sell those stocks so yeah that

that was a total profit from that now

keep in mind that this is from many

years of having money in facebook stock

this is a couple years of Facebook stock

growth so I did buy in about 150 dollars

a share sold it for a little bit over

200 so my total profit was like 55 or 60

dollars per share but that was over

multiple years of investing and look I'm

not the best investor like there's


7 Items To Buy That MAKE You Money

there's plenty of times where I lose

money on different companies different

stocks but the markets have been going

up in the past couple of years so

there's sort of this saying that you

could be a monkey in throw darts at a

dartboard and you could have made money

in the past like 10 years from the stock

market so I don't think that in any way

I'm any better of an investor it just

happened that it was a good choice to

buy Facebook stock at the time and I'm

glad that I did sell it and make a

little bit of profit from that so that's

one of the first income sources that I

wanted to share with you if you're

interested in investing I do have a

number of videos on this channel related

to it of course I'm not a financial

advisor I'm just a random dude on the

internet talking to a camera here so

please make your own financial decisions

I'm not a financial advisor guys okay

and so that is the first income source

that I wanted to share with you so my

second income source is something that a

number of people are very much

interested in I get asked this question

all the time and because I have shown in

the past I'll just show you guys now

again and that is YouTube ad revenue

from this specific channel so this is

kind of a weird one because for the

longest time I always just made this

assumption that people on YouTube don't

make very much money you might say one

or two dollars per thousand views and

I've even googled it and you can look up

articles about how youtubers are broke

they work at 7-eleven even though they

have a million subscribers and I can

just tell you that in a lot of cases

that's that's not true I know a number

of youtubers who have 1/2 million or

million subscribers and they're doing

extremely extremely well with their

finances or at least bring any money and

some of them buy like Lamborghinis and

stuff and just blow all their money but

the point here is that I think people on

YouTube kind of make more money than

what people might sort of expect

obviously it depends on the niche

you're in so from YouTube ad revenue

I'll pull this up but it was thirty

thousand four hundred thirty one dollars

and eighty two cents in January alright

so I'll just I'll just quickly quickly

show you here this is the YouTube app

February hasn't actually been as much so

you can see like february i'm can't redo

something looking at it backwards it was

like twenty three thousand dollars or in

the past twenty eight days wait i just

got a hold so you can see it and then if

we look at like january this is the one

that was thirty thousand and if you look

at the month before that in december it

was twenty four thousand so yeah so so

it definitely fluctuates it's been going

down a little bit just because february

hasn't been as good of a month as

january was partially because i was on

vacation partially just because i

haven't put out as many videos and it

you kind of see that effect going

forward so in january i only put out i

think four or five videos so that's why

so far my february revenue has been down

because it's kind of reliant on the

videos that i put out the month before

now january was along your month there's

31 days so might be lower in february

but okay couple things going on here

first of all this is a really good month

for my channel this isn't always what

happens sometimes it's it's less than

this by 50% or more

but look from this it looks strange

because you see $30,000 from 2.9 million

views that just sounds off it just

sounds weird but let me explain this

because i think a lot of people just

sort of don't think about the fact that

there are so many companies now dumping

billions of dollars into youtube ads so

for example on my videos i make money

every time that you watch an ad before

video starts during a video maybe I'll

just place one right here or something

and then after a video ads my play every

time an ad plays I get fifty five

percent of that revenue YouTube takes

forty five percent last year YouTube

made nineteen billion dollars from

YouTube ads okay I didn't make 19

billion I made a hell of a lot less than

that trust me I wouldn't be making these

videos if I did make 19 billion so look

here's the point

companies ten years ago when people

thought about you know maybe you make a

dollar two dollars per thousand views on

YouTube companies weren't putting that

much money into ads online they were

still using billboards radio ads

magazines TV commercials on on cable

television and I think just in the past

ten years there's been such a shift in

where companies are dumping the bulk of

their money so they used to dump it onto

these physical things where I can't

remem I was in a car I was sitting in

the passenger seat I came out the last

time I was looking at billboards reading

billboards who does it anymore people

look at their phones they're on their

phone all the time they're not looking

at billboards or at TV commercials or at

magazines who uses that I don't know I

certainly don't and so because of that

companies are dumping so much more money

onto platforms like YouTube like

Facebook like Instagram rather than

dumping it on to those traditional media

outlets so that's why this ad revenue is

way higher than what I would expect it

to be especially if I was thinking about

this a couple years ago and if you

actually tracked the ad rates over the

past couple of years of my youtube

channel which I've been on YouTube for

about three years now they've been going

up every single year they've been going

up and up and up and up so when I first

started three years ago I was only

making maybe three or four dollars per

thousand views and it's gone up

significantly since then now it also

relies upon the niche that you're in so

for example the niche that I'm in I

talked about money I talked about

finance and guess what there's a hell of

a lot of money in finance think about

banks and how much they are willing to

pay to acquire new customers this is why

banks will offer you a two hundred

dollar account opening bonus you'll see

those those things all over the place

where maybe a brokerage firm offers you

a hundred dollars to sign up for their

brokerage firm that's how much money

they're willing to pay somebody to get a

new customer right and so I'm getting a

piece of that cut because they're

running so many ads on my channel and

they're competing against each other so

I'm just gonna take some random brands

here and say that Ally Bank might be

running ads and maybe say chase JP

Morgan American Express they're all

trying to run ads on my videos right and

so if they're doing that they're bidding

against each other that that's the way

that ads work on YouTube they bid

against each other to get that ad spot

and so they bid each other up to a

certain price point that's why that's

the the analytical response to why the

ad rates are definitely higher than what

some other people might get on YouTube

so some of these days were about let's

see the highest one here was about

thirteen hundred thirteen seventy three

in mid-january and then it kind of

tapered off towards the end I think this

is when I was in Mexico it was just a

tad bit under six hundred dollars in ad

revenue from

this channel now there's a number of

other youtubers who kind of show their

ad revenue as well so if you for some

reason don't believe me you obviously

don't have to nobody's forcing you

through but I think Graham Stefan

Ryan Scribner there's a number of people

there's dozens of people who have kind

of showed their ad revenue and kind of

how those ad rates fluctuate and really

does depend on the videos I've had

videos that have literally made me over

twenty thousand dollars from a million

views and then I have other ones that

have gotten over a million views that

only made me three or four thousand

dollars it really just depends on the

content that you're putting out the

title of it for example any video that I

put out related to minimalism doesn't

get that much money I don't make much

money from minimalist videos and that's

because who would want to run ads

against a minimalist video where in the

video I literally tell people to stop

buying stuff right nobody wants to run

ads on that and so that's why from my

minimalist apartment video going off the

top of my head I think I probably only

made maybe four maybe five thousand

dollars from one and a half million

views versus other ones where I talk

about money more that are going to make

a lot more money from those ads now a

couple things that I want to bring up

here first of all look I'm not in any

way talented or special or smart and so

the point here that I want to make is

that if I can do this anybody can do

this and I literally mean that because a

couple years ago when I started this

channel and you can go pack

i I don't want you to go back and look

at my old videos because most of them

are actually deleted but if you go back

and look at my early videos they were

absolutely horrendous they were terrible

I couldn't put two sentences together

and so over time I just kind of get

better at speaking and learning how to

talk and communicate with people I'm a

big time introvert I'm not a natural

speaker I think if I took an IQ test

I would hopefully maybe score 100 which

would be average but then again I guess

stupid people don't know that they're

stupid so I don't know where I'd score

but I hope that I would be at least

average but my point here is that I

literally like there's nothing about me

that's that's smarter than anybody else

so the point here is that if I can do it

anybody can do it and also I noticed one

thing that I was kind of nervous about

starting a channel in the beginning

because I thought you know people aren't

going to take me seriously I was 18 when

I started my channel I'm 21 now and I

thought who the hell is gonna take an 18

year old Siri

when he talks about personal finance

when he talks about saving money or how

to invest and I was kind of nervous

about that but I said you know what

let's just put out videos anyway and I

realized that most comments are

generally pretty good I would say for

every 100 good comments I'll get one bad

comment where someone will just say

something really really mean but usually

kind of funny actually it cracks me up a

lot of times but look so if you're

concerned about anything like your

reservations about like putting yourself

out there on the internet I would argue

to just go for it I think it's fun

it's definitely kind of fun like when

you bump into somebody who watches your

videos and they like what you do or you

get messages from people who just say

like how much your content has helped

them it's definitely a great feeling and

I don't regret any of that so I think

that's enough from the YouTube side of

it from the ad revenue side of it but

let's talk about some other revenue

sources here and the next source of

revenue is from affiliates and sponsors

now look I can't take you into the exact

details of this hopefully you can

understand I've signed contracts with

companies so I can't go into detail on

like the exact earnings from this but I

can tell you that it was over $8,000

from affiliates and from sponsors this

is something I've been dropping a lot

lately I haven't been doing a lot of

affiliates or a lot of sponsors and I

just do that because I don't really like

to recommend a lot of products so for

example brands and companies they will

offer to pay me money

for mentioning them in a video or

sometimes you'll see that I will leave a

link to certain products or things down

below in the description so if you click

them on the the read more or you click

on the description button there down

below on this video you'll see maybe

I'll put a couple links one follow me on

Instagram and another maybe for like get

up 1.75 percent interest with this bank

account when you click on that link and

then you sign up for that bank account I

might get a kickback of say $100 or $150

for every time somebody signs up for an

account like that so you can just kind

of do the math there that if you get

$100 per sign up and you're getting

hundreds or thousands of people to sign

up for it through that link it can

definitely add up so it's sort of the

separate affiliate marketing revenue

source and sponsor source that comes

from these videos and it's definitely

something that's nice to have to sort of

diversify a little bit so that I'm not

reliant on

revenue specifically because there's

something called the ad pocalypse which

has happened in the past and it might

happen in the future where brands don't

put as much money onto YouTube ads for

whatever reason there's a number of them

so kind of this affiliate revenue or the

sponsor routes or nicely go as well to

kind of diversify but with all that said

it is still kind of all reliant on my

YouTube channel at the moment so it's

not the best it's not the best having

all these sources reliant on this

specific channel there's a couple more

here that I wanted to discuss that we

could really bring up here they're not

massive income sources but I think this

is something that anybody can do with

you know if you have five dollars or if

you have no desire to create a personal

brand or make videos or anything it's

something that people can do so one of

those is from dividends so I've talked

about dividend stocks on this channel

before in the past

so from dividend payments I think was

about seventy one dollars in the past

month from dividends so companies will

pay dividends or essentially this little

like bonus think of it as four for

investing into those companies so if you

buy coca-cola stock or you buy Apple

stock they'll have these little

dividends that might be a dollar two

dollars three dollars that they might

give you every three months every

quarter for just kind of owning the

stock as like a little thank-you or a

piece of the revenue that they're kind

of giving you for you for owning that

stock okay let's wait to think about it

and I actually have videos on dividend

stocks so if you're interested I'll try

to remember I usually forget this but

I'll try to remember to link a video

maybe like up here or down below

probably down below in the description

if you want to learn about how to start

making money from dividend stock and

then the final one here that is bringing

some money it's just from bank account

interest I think this is kind of a


it's one of the safest routes to go it's

insured by the government so for example

I get about 1.7 percent interest on my

bank account through online savings

accounts right and so from this it's

about one hundred fifty dollars a month

at the moment and obviously fluctuates

depending on how much cash I have in

certain accounts but what's nice from

this is that it kind of is sort of like

inflation protection so 1.7 percent it

protects me against inflation it's gonna

be a couple thousand dollars a year i

would argue that i'm kind of cash heavy

at the moment just because i'm looking

for new investments new places to put my

money at the moment which i

no problem with holding a little bit of

cash at certain times when you want to

kind of really think about where to put

your money next so that's something else

that kind of just keeps up with

inflation but because I do pay taxes on

it I do count it as income so those are

my income sources I think between all of

them they add up to a little bit over

$42,000 from this past month I'm gonna

be honest going forward I don't know if

we're gonna do these these these income

update videos in the future just because

it's been can it's been getting kind of

weird talking about income personal

income on this channel you know I think

it's a little bit different when it was

like a lot lower and the channel is

smaller now it's just kind of personal

and I think it does feel a bit we're

talking about like revenue and income

and everything related to that so this

might be the last time that we're doing

this specific video but maintenance this

channel is primarily based on personal

finance and helping people kind of save

more money invest more money just put

themselves in a better financial

position will always be discussing those

topics in the future so if you haven't

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