7 Items To Buy That MAKE You Money

7 Items To Buy That MAKE You Money

okay so so what if there was a way for

you to buy something that would end up

making you money off of that thing that

you spent money on it's almost

counterintuitive but there are things

that we can buy they can end up making

us more money or saving us money and

putting us in a better financial

position and since that is the primary

topic of this channel I thought I'd come

out with seven different things that you

could buy that in most cases will end up

making you money over the long run and

look we know the obvious ones like by

rental properties or buy stocks yeah

those are pretty obvious today we're

gonna try to find some different ones

that we don't discuss very often but can

end up putting you in a better financial

position so if you want to see more

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let's talk about the first one which is

security cameras now having security

cameras for your home or your apartment

it can be pretty beneficial it could be

$20 or $30 that you pay for something

like this it can end up saving you a lot

of headache when somebody Rob's your

house at some point in the future and

then hey you can see who it was you can

get all your stuff back right so it's

gonna be an investment that I think is

worth it for most people it also gives

you a little bit more peace of mind but

even more important than that I would

argue is - cameras so get a - camera 20

dollars on Amazon 30 dollars on eBay and

this is going to save you so much

headache I know one of my friends in

college rolled up to a stop sign she

stops at the stop sign this meth head

comes running out flops on top of the

windshield and then topples onto the the

pavement and I think she ended up just

driving away which then that would've

been worse because then that's called a

hit-and-run and then you end up in a lot

of trouble they end up hitting you with

a fat juicy lawsuit and you lose a lot

of money all because you didn't have a

dash camera to prove that this person

jumped on top of your car to try to

include claim some type of insurance

from that call insurance fraud I don't

know if just everybody in Russia has

dash cameras or if this just happens

more often in Russia but somehow I end

up in these like loops of watching

insurance fraud videos on YouTube just

like hours and hours of it I'm pretty

sure that's just because a lot of people

have dash cameras in Russia I think but

either way look it's important it's it's

a little investment that you make and

it's going to save you so much trouble

especially if you get in car accidents

or if there's insurance fraud of any

type or if somebody just keys your car

you're gonna be able to see oh it was

that person because I have my dash

camera right there

You can watch this video if you don't want to read :

it's it's it's gonna be really nice so

another option is solar panels now

there's gonna be three primary factors

that will help you decide whether this

is going to be a good investment or if

it's just gonna be a terrible decision

that you make and then you regret

dropping all that money on solar panels

when you live in Seattle or in

Pittsburgh or Buffalo New York where

it's cloudy more often than it is sunny

probably doesn't make very much sense

there or it probably also doesn't make

sense in place like Oklahoma where the

cost of energy is like eight cents per

kilowatt hour versus if you live in

California and you can also get tax

credits or in a state like Hawaii where

the average cost of energy is well over

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32 cents per kilowatt hour it could make

a lot more sense so factoring those

three things how much Sun do you get do

you have a roof in the first place and

also how much does energy cost in your

area and so factor all those in also

including the tax benefits and see

whether or not it's going to be worth it

for you now the one thing I really like

about this is that it has that self

self-sufficiency sort of idea behind it

which means that hey if we have another

energy crisis like the 1970s again and

suddenly we have all these problems with

securing fossil fuels for some reason

and somebody cuts us off and and and

suddenly the price of oil and the price

of energy goes up dramatically

dramatically drastically then you might

just be hey you know I got my

electricity over here with my solar

panels feeling pretty good and also

feeling you know a little bit eco

friendly on the side so the third one

here that I wanted to discuss you know

I've never really made a full video

about this because it tends to get sort

of a bad rap from a number of people and

for good reasons because there are some

pretty skinny scummy things going on in

this industry but that's actually

cryptocurrency so I've sort of come

around on this a little bit for

cryptocurrency I don't dump all of my

money into cryptocurrency

but I do own some Bitcoin I do own a

couple of different currencies but not

extremely sizable mass because it is

still pretty risky but if you just look

at the average price of Bitcoin compared

to say in the stock market in just 2020

you can see that it has far outperformed

the stock market especially when we have

turbulent economic times like we do at

the moment having some Bitcoin it does

help alleviate some some levels of

stress that I have about the current

society that we live in and the current

money system and fiat currencies and and

so only the link to coinbase down below

I think they're they're not

sponsoring this video technically but I

think if you sign up through the link

below you'll get like $10 and free

Bitcoin if you invest $100 into

cryptocurrency with coinbase which I

would argue is the most reputable place

to buy or sell cryptocurrency so I'll

leave that link down below but let's

let's keep going on with the video I do

put a small percentage of my assets into

something like cryptocurrency which can

help sort of diversify some of your

assets of course just be aware there's a

lot of risk involved all right another

one is having a tool box buying tools

and equipment in general it's gonna save

you money I I still don't understand how

some people don't know the difference

between a hammer and a screwdriver like

like they're you know I'm not hating on

anybody but if you want to save some

money and you want to get a better

financial position then just consider

becoming a little bit more handy with

the things around you if your dishwasher

breaks maybe learn how to fix it if your

car breaks down maybe try to learn how

to fix it or at least take a couple of

steps to learn how to fix it instead of

taking it to the mechanic or instantly

just calling the plumber because you

have a leaky pipe which you could easily

just fix by just tightening it and you

end up spending like $200 to get the

plumber out there there's a lot of

things that people just do that it's

it's a big waste of money so become a

little bit more handy learn some things

I got a toolbox when I was in college my

sophomore year it was like $20 I

probably oughta from Walmart for

literally $20 and it saved me a ton of


that I would have otherwise spent by

having to call people to get people to

fix stuff all the time

okay so so this next one is is just a

journal I mean this probably cost me

fifteen or twenty dollars I get a new

one every year but this can make you so

much more money I I know it's it's just

some paper but so many people don't

write anything down anymore these days

especially and I find that writing

things down dumping my thoughts my my

ideas if you're looking to make more


write down business ideas talk about

your finances start to really really

dump some different ideas and your

thoughts down on paper and then you can

look back on it over time

now I actually found that something like

this really does help me make a lot more

money because especially sometimes in my

life when maybe my ideas start to go off

into the wrong path or I start to you

know prioritize things in life that I

should not be prioritizing and then I

start to go back and I read through the

that I wrote down years ago and I

remember hey you know this is what I'm

really doing this is really my plan this

is what I want to be in so writing

things down man I'm telling you it helps

so much journaling I think I'm gonna

make a separate video about this if you

want to see a separate video about

journaling my strategy for that how I do

it and how it really does help me leave

a comment down below and then upload

that comment for other people if you

want to see it because I'm not gonna

make it if people don't want to watch it

but if you do please please let me know

because I would like to talk about it

okay so this next one it's it's not

going to be for everyone but there are

some people out there that I think could

actually benefit from this financially

and that's by buying a fan like a like a

10 or 15 dollar fan from Walmart and

using that instead of cooling your

entire house with an air conditioner

with a central cooling system that might

cost you two hundred and forty five

dollars per month to cool a 1200 square

foot house I think that data comes from

realtor.com but cooling a house with air

conditioning can actually be really

really expensive it takes up a lot of

energy not only is it kind of banned

from the environment because you're just

consuming a ton of energy but it's also

really not necessary in my opinion based

off of where I live I mean in

Philadelphia it gets to about 89 degrees

as a high in July which is pretty hot

and it's pretty humid but even at that I

mean for the first 18 years of my life

we didn't have air conditioners in our

house we just used fans and I don't know

if that was because my parents were

trying to save money I think it was just

because they just didn't like air

conditioners but eventually you just get

used to it and you never really kind of

noticed the heat I use air conditioners

now at the moment but it's still

something that can save you a lot of

money if you really wanted to do that

just start using fans instead of air

conditioners because they really can

rack up an electricity bill very very

much all right so there's another one

that we could think about that you know

it's once again not going to apply to

everyone but artwork in some cases can

retain its value very very well now not

all artwork I mean my artwork from tenth

grade art class I mean my mom doesn't

even want to she'll probably throw it

out and there's some things that just

are absolutely horrendous but then

there's other artwork like hey let's say

you got a Picasso painting in your

bathroom you're just like taking a dump

every day you're looking at it and

thinking how much money do you think

this is worth I can tell you that some

artwork has appreciated much

quicker it much faster than something

like the stock market over the course of

many decades it really depends on the

artist and honestly you're probably

going to already have to have a sizable

amount of money or just know that

someone's truly up-and-coming as an

artist and that they're gonna make it

really big so it's it's probably not

overall a great investment to just

invest into artwork but if you're really

selective about it it could maintain or

retain its value over a period of time

it it really does depend so that's why

we're gonna leave a big fat juicy

question mark at the end of this one

because hey it's a little bit risky and

then the final one is buying some seeds

I mean just go on to a website buy some

seeds and then plant a garden this

summer I mean we're in May right now

it's a perfect time to plant stuff maybe

I'm a little bit biased because I was

just weird growing up and I just grew

stuff for fun like I didn't have friends

I would just grow stuff like this

pumpkin and that was that was what I did

in my free time but so maybe I'm a

little bit biased but hey just start a

garden you're not only gonna save some

money but if you wanted to you could

also sell that produce and make money

off of that I know a lot of people who

do that in my local area and they make a

decent amount of money you know come

August when they start selling all of

their vegetables and it's just kind of a

great thing to do I think it's pretty

therapeutic honestly just pulling weeds

in your garden all day but yeah that's

that's that's the video so thanks for

watching let me know if you want to see

that journaling video because I I will

make it if you guys want to see it but

yeah so thank you I'll say everybody

next time