How to become a successful and wealthy person - 24 steps

How to become a successful and wealthy person - 24 steps, How to start and 10 laws

How to become a successful and wealthy person - 24 steps

Why and How people become rich and successful are examples of what millionaires and psychologists say about this, where to start to become a successful person in life.

In their search for a happy life, people often wonder how to become a successful person. For everyone, success is something definite. For some - their own business and money. Someone thinks that he has achieved success because he started a family. But all these people are united by one sign - the desire for success and the desire to " catch luck by the tail ."

In this article, you will learn how people become successful, as well as what is needed for this. You will find books for self-development, typical mistakes of the poor, laws of wealth and recommendations of millionaires who have already achieved success and are ready to share their experiences. All this will help you understand how to become successful and find your personal happiness.

How people become successful

There are people who achieve incredible success in life, using only luck, while others work on themselves and overcome various difficulties in life. Several stories of how people become rich and successful:

McDonald's founder Ray Kroc opened the first establishment only after 52 years. To launch this project, he mortgaged the last thing he had - a house. He was not afraid to take risks, and such activity brought him a multimillion-dollar fortune and fame all over the world.

Women's story about how to become successful from scratch. Hannah Schumann with a severe diagnosis (cancer) did not give up. In her sixties, she founded dances for women, and later created her own courses on kinetic consciousness. Her new purpose in life was so strong that the disease gave up and receded. And this is a vivid indicator that the world needs her and her work.

The youngest Russian businessman who got into the domestic Forbes is the manufacturer of architectural models Nikolai Saganenko . He was only 19 years old when he got into the world famous magazine.

Evgenia Stepanova , who has worked as an engineer all her life, suddenly realized that she liked to dive from a tower. At 60 years old, she became the world champion in diving.

The famous singer Andrea Bocelli is blind, but this did not stop him from becoming a star at 34.

The famous actor with a height of 134 centimeters is popular all over the world. Many people know Peter Dinklage for his role as Tyrion Lannister on the TV show Game of Thrones .

Smiling Winnie Harlow with obvious skin imperfections has become a global model. Vitiligo disease did not become an obstacle to Vinnie's path to success.

Another telling story of how successful people became successful. Once Ian Kum , the creator of the WhatsApp messenger, came to America and began to eat with coupons.

But he believed in his business, and this belief helped him become rich. Qom now owns over $ 7 billion.

The most famous Russian banker twice suffered high-profile bankruptcies, but broke into the market again with a more successful product. Today this is the most famous representative of the Forbes list - Oleg Tinkov .

Thomas Edison was extremely persistent, he was defeated several thousand times until he invented his famous light bulb.

When you start a new business, the question is not whether it will work out, but when exactly it will work out.

What it takes to be successful

To succeed in a particular business, you must have certain knowledge, skills and abilities. But this does not mean that for this you need, for example, to have several formations - someone who does not have it at all can achieve success.

Qualities of a successful person

how to become rich and successful from scratch

To achieve personal or financial happiness, you need to work on the following qualities that will help you become successful and wealthy from scratch:

1. Perseverance. An important quality of a rich person. Such people learn lessons even when they fail. There will be many falls on the difficult path to a dream, but this is not a reason to quit what you love.

2. Hard work. A successful person likes to work hard to achieve certain goals. Work gives him pleasure, because with each completed task he brings him closer to the global goal.

3. Discipline. Even the most thoughtful and successful plan will not be realized if the person shirks the execution of small tasks. Discipline is another component of success that will help you move faster towards your goal.

4. Activity. Many people are thinking about how to stop being lazy and start taking action. This requires such a quality as activity. If a person cannot bring himself to start realizing his plans, his dreams will remain dreams.

5. Patience. People who became rich and successful didn't do it on their first try. Success is the result of long and hard work and does not come overnight.

6. Enterprise. Instead of a thousand excuses, an enterprising person starts looking for opportunities. Such people do not succumb to difficulties, which means that more often than others they achieve what they want.

7. Sociability. In the process of achieving success, you will interact with new people. Moving forward often involves communicating with colleagues, clients, partners, or even friends.

Time management

Time management is a technology for organizing time and increasing the efficiency of its use. You must understand what you should give up in favor of other, more useful activities. Many successful people have a daily schedule - they are always busy, and even rest is included in their daily routine.

Time spent without a specific goal separates you from achieving your goal every minute. Useless trips to the club, hours of sitting on social networks - all this is detrimental to your well-being.

Investing in yourself

One more thing that it takes to become successful. This is not about finances, but about investing resources in self-development. It's never too late to learn at any age. Read more literature, watch documentaries and motivational programs. You may be interested in studying the biography of famous millionaires. Your consciousness and thinking will change for the better with every book you read.

Example: Elizabeth Holmes was 19 when she started a blood test processing company. Even as a child, Elizabeth showed an increased interest in learning, but did not stop developing in adulthood, practicing 12 hours a day. Ultimately, her fortune exceeded 5 billion rubles, and Theranos employs more than 500 people.

To distract from the text, watch an interesting short video:

Budget control

Financial literacy is what it takes to be successful. Every rich person knows how to handle their finances. Spending money left and right will never lead you to success. Good financial management and hard work on goals is what is needed.

Keep a budget, keep track of every waste, and accept that you may need to save money at first. Within a few weeks, you will realize that many unnecessary expenses could be avoided. This will take you another important step on the road to wealth.

Leaving your comfort zone

How to become a successful person from scratch: get out of your comfort zone, that is, your usual life and a well-established way of life. Sometimes this lack of activity and a state of rest does not allow a person to fully develop. Of course, getting out of your comfort zone is stressful, but you won't be successful if you're afraid to overcome your fears.

Sometimes you have to fight not only with yourself, but also with other people, defending your position, but believe me, it's worth it.

Source of passive income

Every millionaire has a source of passive income. Poor people work for money, but not very big ones. The rich make money work and gradually increase their wealth. Sometimes such an increase can occur by itself, without human intervention.

Example: George Soros, a major American financier, increased his budget through smart investment. Despite the fact that his fortune reaches $ 24.5 billion, he does not stop there and continues to develop and invest.

How to become a wealthy and successful person

how people get rich and successful

There is no unique way to create a business in a short time and make millions of dollars, find a loving family or respect from a team, but there is a small list that will help you understand where to start in order to become successful. In general terms, the strategy for achieving the goal looks like this:

Clarification of actual needs

Make a wish list. Remember what you wanted in childhood, what you like to watch, what you wanted to try for a long time. Connect motivation - for this you need to look at the desired goal and imagine that it has already been achieved. This is one of the important exercises that will help activate your resources.

The next challenge is to separate desires from needs. Take any wish from the list and scan it. Ask yourself why you need this. It is important to catch the image forming in the head. For example, you want to buy an expensive car or a fur coat. This is your desire. But you also want to be noticed by other people for a fashionable new thing - this is a necessity.

With the help of this technique, you will get rid of false and other people's goals, and then you will find your individual one. When the list is finalized, calculate what need is repeated how many times in all desires. Write down the needs below and put in front of the number of its repetition. A high number indicates a need that is urgent for you. This is what you need.

Working out internal obstacles

The next step if you want to be more successful in your career. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Visually, it will look like a page with two columns. Usually people find a lot of negative moments in themselves, so the graph with minuses is often longer. If the column with the minuses is too unsightly, and the pluses are not enough, then you devalue yourself.

Sometimes in your face you are devalued by your mother, grandmother, father, teacher, educator. They were the ones who told you what was written in negative terms - lazy, clumsy, stupid, and so on. Take a close look at your cons. Find in them what you have already heard about yourself many times in childhood. These are the anchors that keep you from moving in life.

Now pay attention to the positive aspects of your personality. To work out the merits, remember your achievements. Any victories and successes are suitable here. Personal, educational, professional. Think in detail about each year that brought vivid memories. Any achievement always carries with it an acute joyful emotion. You just need to remember when it happened to you and what preceded it.

Under each achievement, add your qualities and traits that made it happen.

For example: he organized his own circle - initiative, courage, openness, and so on. When all the victories have been worked out, simply transfer your discovered resources to the list of pluses.

On the list of positives, list additional benefits. Anything. Wonderful, charming, diligent, quick learner, curious. Look for synonyms, develop your vocabulary.

There should be a lot of positive qualities. It will be difficult to make additions at first because you don't have the skill to praise yourself. We'll have to develop it from scratch, because this is the entrance to the country of resources.

Brian Tracy achieved great success in this, as he became a rich and successful person, financially independent, thanks to which he freely shares his thoughts and skills:

Drawing up an action plan

Let's go back to the list with the desires and needs worked out. Select the most pressing needs. Think about the activity in which you can satisfy them most fully. Understand what opportunities you have in different areas of life - family, money, skills, and so on.

Then define the main line of business. Think about what you really need, how far you are ready to go, what really matters to you. Perhaps you want to start your own business or take refresher courses, or maybe make your first big sum of money.

The next step is to make the main decision in accordance with your capabilities and personal values. All negative beliefs and attitudes should be removed here.

Once you've set a goal, find out if the bottom line is worth what you might lose - time, nerves, or money.

If the goal is fantastic or unattainable, there will be no success. You can work as much as you like and perform the same type of actions, but there will be no result. Also, the goal may be quite feasible, but lack of resources or capabilities.

Then you need to work out them and look for sources of their receipt. The realism of the task is determined by the specificity and clarity, clarity and measurability - this is when you clearly understand what needs to be done every day.

The most important thing in achieving a dream is prescribing a clear algorithm of actions, what should go after what. When there is a clear plan, activities are organized by themselves. This is what will help you understand how to become rich and successful from scratch.

First, large steps are described, which are broken down into smaller ones. For example, the goal is to make your own school. This involves renting premises, working out classes, recruiting students, receiving payment, and so on.

Now we divide each task into several additional parts - renting a room is finding an area, contacting realtors, studying the cost, filling in furniture, and so on. Small tasks are split into even smaller ones. All this should be clear and compiled in an accessible manner.

Setting deadlines

Time is a very valuable resource, so it should be used as efficiently as possible. First of all, decide how much time you are willing to spend on achieving your dream. Think about whether this number coincides with how long it will take objectively all the stages of tasks from the drawn up plan.

This list includes work and personal time frames.

For example , let's say you want to reach your goal in 2 months - to open a school. Searching for premises will take a week, recruiting students from one month, developing educational classes - a month. It does not converge, which means that the term is taken incorrectly. You need to allocate time in order to track your progress and control the steps taken.

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Business Ideas

Delineation and allocation of resources

In the arsenal of any living person there are always assets for any achievement. External resources are those, from contact with which we gain strength and energy. These sources include: time, money, support from people (relatives, friends, like-minded people), experience of completed projects, victories, achievements, and so on.

Also, resources can be tangible and intangible. For example - home, technology, things or experience, information, interest, hobbies, etc. Everyone can have a different list of such resources.

Before you start moving towards your goal, you need to assess the conditions for the start - what you already have, what needs to be multiplied, what you will have to work on from scratch.

Example: To start your own company, you need a bank loan, and for a loan, you need a good rating and a reliable bank. To become a famous artist, you must not only be able to draw, but also have money for artistic tools.

Making the goal a reality

You have clarified your needs, worked through your internal barriers, set goals and are ready to move forward on the path to your dream. The next thing you need to do is start working on making your goals a reality. The following methods will help you achieve this and become even more successful:


When doing work, treat yourself as a personal employee. You are the boss and the subordinate. For every action you take, reward yourself with something useful. For laziness, failure to fulfill obligations or missed deadlines - a fine.

Frog method

Start your day with a frog on the advice of global expert in the psychology of success, Brian Tracy. By this he meant the following: in the morning you need to do the most disgusting and unpleasant thing, which you do not want to do at all. The frog method will save you from procrastinating during the day.

Extended working day

Shift your regimen an hour earlier. Waking up earlier than usual can help you do more than usual. An adult needs six to nine hours of sleep. If you sleep for eight hours, then shifting the time by an hour is a completely doable task.

Diary as an assistant

If you're thinking about how to stop being lazy and start taking action, try starting a day planner. Create a schedule for each day, guided by the master plan and the structure of step-by-step actions outlined in it. This simple manipulation will help you plan your day rationally and use your time to good use.

Studying other people's successes

Someone else's experience can help you in your work. Look for founder bios or brand history. It is important that all this exactly corresponds to the global task set by you.

New environment

Go to networking meetings, make acquaintances. Make yourself business cards to hand out there. The expression “Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are” works in real life.


The goal should be such that money plays the role of an auxiliary tool in it. This kind of rethinking is essential in order to be smart about your finances. When they are considered the main dream, then when they appear in any quantity, the brain believes that the goal has already been achieved.

All stages of the strategy are equally important and necessary for the implementation of the plan. In this interesting and exciting process, you need to continue to develop, establish other areas of life and acquire new skills.

Wealth laws

how to become a successful person

The laws of wealth do not provide a complete understanding or a unique way to become successful that suits absolutely every person. These laws will help you tune in the right mood, find your own path, strive to get rid of laziness and self-development.

#one. The law of subliminal statements

Our wealth is an accurate reflection of our own beliefs about money. In other words, each person has as much as he estimates himself. If you think that a salary of 30 thousand rubles is enough for you, then you will receive exactly that much. Not sure if you will get a bonus this month - you will not get one.

Try to understand the internal settings to remove these restrictions.

Big projects like Facebook, Google and Microsoft were often born in apartments or garages. Only hard work and faith in themselves led the founders of corporations to millions in income.

# 2. The Law of All-Consuming Desire

The law sounds like this - "if you want to become successful, do everything to achieve the goal." To achieve what you want, you need to sacrifice something. People express their desires incorrectly.

You should not use the subjunctive mood "would", in this case you will not be able to achieve your goals. Charge yourself and those around you with your own enthusiasm, burn with your desires, do not give up on them.

But here it is also important to build a system of priorities - first, health, family ties and decency, and only then the achievement of well-being.

# 3. The Law of Clarity of Intent

You need to be clear about how much money you need and why. Getting money just for the sake of money is the wrong approach. Your main goal should be in line with the mission of life in general. Specify your own needs - this will help you achieve what you want in a shorter time frame.

For example , Steve Jobs wanted everyone on the planet to be able to use high-quality and comfortable electronic devices. This prompted him to create Apple, which later brought him billions.

#four. The Law of a Thoughtful Plan

Making a plan will help you become more successful in your career, be more successful, and make more money. It should be clearly defined with the timing and specific actions that need to be done to achieve the task. Perhaps you will need to change something in life in order to change it for the better.

Example : you want to move to another city. This is a goal for which you definitely need to make a plan - quit your current job, find housing in the destination city, close all debts, buy tickets, pack your things and much, much more.

#five. The Law of Perseverance

If you run into problems and setbacks, don't give up halfway. Any failure is a small stepping stone on the path to success. Try not to dwell on the mistakes you made, concentrate on what was done right.

Analyze the mistakes and think again where to start in order to be successful. This will help you succeed in the future.

# 6. Special knowledge law

To preserve and increase capital, you need to have special knowledge. If you want to develop in a field that you do not know or you do not have professional knowledge in it, use the services of consultants. In this case, do not forget to include in the program for achieving the goal the payment for the services of such consultants or the purchase of knowledge (educational courses, lectures).

# 7. The Law of Confidence

How to become successful in life: First of all, believe in yourself and your strength. This will be a good help in the struggle for the dream. If a person is confident in his project, everything around him helps him.

Example : Walt Disney's large family was poor. But from an early age, the boy believed that his work would become popular and find recognition. And so it happened, and the Disney brand was ranked 13th among the most influential in the world.

#eight. The law of honesty

Be extremely honest with yourself and others as you move towards success. People who have become rich through fraud or deception end up at the bottom of the trough. You need to do business honestly, it will relieve you of unnecessary stress, loss of resources and legal responsibility.

#nine. Cost Control Law

An important skill of wealthy people is budget management. This should be learned if you want to get rich. At the same time, it does not always matter how much a person earns, much more important is how much he spends.

The level of wealth is determined by a person's ability to live on the means that he has.

Calculate your expenses in such a way as to leave a part for satisfaction of desires and future development - by investing in yourself, you will get much more in the future.

#10. Charity law

People who have become rich and successful recommend doing charity work. But this does not mean that one should serve beggars on the street, it is better to provide assistance in kind - with goods or free services.

Example : John Rockefeller , one of the richest people in the world, started doing charity work in his youth. He gave 10% of his income to those in need, in the end this amount was already millions of dollars. The law of charity says: "everything that has been sincerely given will return many times."

The main mistakes of poor people

The main mistakes of the poor thinking - by studying them, you can understand how to become a successful person in life, without stumbling and following your plan:

Rich people are not afraid to take risks, while the poor remain in their comfort zone, constantly worrying and abandoning promising projects.

The poor blame fate, others, or external circumstances for their failures. The rich look for the cause of their problems in themselves and their actions.

A similar situation with victories - the poor believe that they have achieved success in some business by chance, the rich know - this was the result of their hard work.

The poor live by daydreaming and thinking about the past, while the rich look ahead and set goals for the future.

Poor people think of themselves based on the opinions of others and earn money to create an image and impress others. The rich do not listen to what others have to say about them, they are confident and make decisions deliberately.

The poor are more sympathetic to others. How to Become a Successful Person from Scratch: Overcomplaining with other people prevents you from developing on your own. You shouldn't feel sorry for people, you need to help them if you have the means - for example, to do charity work.

Poor people are used to thinking narrowly. They think about what they will do tomorrow or in a month, the rich make goals and plans for the year ahead.

Millionaire recommendations

These tips will help you understand how successful people became successful and what a person needs to do to be successful.

First and foremost, you need to love your business, not the money it brings. “The only path to genuine satisfaction is through work that you consider outstanding. And the only way to make your work outstanding is through your love for what you do, ”said Steve Jobs , founder of Apple.

Another quote on how to become a successful person by doing what you love: “The most important thing in business is to concentrate on creating something important. I was just working on what I would like to use myself, ” Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook.

“I was able to achieve such financial success because my goal was never, for one minute, money.” - Oprah Winfrey , business tycoon.

Another fun video is advice from Billionaire Dan Peña:

Successful people are hardworking and enjoy their work. Quote from Google co-founder Larry Page : “We worked on our search engine 24 hours a day. Inspiration alone is not enough for success. It is 90% work up to the seventh sweat. "

"Change your thinking and your life will change." So said Brian Tracy , a renowned American writer who has sold over 82 million of his books. All of them were on the topic of self-development and personal growth.

Be sure to believe in your work. Evan Spiegel , CEO of Snap Inc., refused to sell Facebook's business, and so justified his decision: “Few people in the world manage to build the kind of business that we have created. I think it would be wrong to trade it for short-term gain. "

You need to be prepared for any development of events - both success and failure. “The chance comes very rarely, but you must always be ready for it. When gold pours from the sky, you should have a bucket, not a thimble. ”- Warren Buffett , owner of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation.

Self-development books

As already mentioned, self-development is essential if you want to be successful in your personal or professional life. Books written by successful authors with stunning careers behind them and millions of dollars in their pockets will help you with this. Below we will tell you what you can study for self-development in your free time.

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad

This bestselling book will not tell you how to become rich and successful and make a million without leaving your apartment. In it you will find a real life example that will infect you, motivate and make you change for the better. The author of the book, Robert Kiyosaki, is an American entrepreneur, investor, financial columnist and multimillion-dollar fortune-teller who talks about his life experiences and ways to achieve success in the book.

Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

A personal growth book named TIME as one of the 25 most influential business books. Each chapter in it focuses on one skill, and each of them will help you become better, more effective, and also achieve success in any area - professional or personal. Book author Stephen Covey , a leadership and life management consultant, has made tremendous contributions to American governance.

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

One of the best-selling books in history, revealing the secrets of success and wealth, as well as many practical tips. The book's author Napoleon Hill is one of the founders of the modern self-help genre, literature on self-development, and also one of the great writers about success.

Napolene Hill, "The Law of Success"

Another work of Napoleon Hill. The book contains a detailed plan of action to overcome internal problems and achieve positive results. The reader will be able to understand why they become successful and how it can be done.

George Clayson, The Richest Man in Babylon

A unique book that lets the reader into the world of personal finance. Tips on how to become a wealthy and successful person will help you achieve material and personal well-being. The author of the book, founder of a mapping company and writer George Clayson is convinced that in order to fulfill all your ideas and desires, you need to use the principles of personal finance management. They are presented in the book.

The book by Timothy Ferris , a renowned writer, speaker and investor, has sold millions of copies worldwide. In it, the author teaches how to live freely, not working "from call to call" and talks about how to become successful in life, looking at the world and available opportunities in a new way.

David Allen, "Getting Things Done"

David Allen , a time management and personal productivity consultant, explains in his book what time management is and how to properly organize the workflow. It is thanks to this system that you can clear your mind and focus on important goals.

Amoruso Sofia, "#Girlboss"

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and her book show how a successful woman became successful. At the beginning of her journey, Sofia rummaged through the garbage dumps, but in the end she managed to succeed. The author provides practical advice to inspire the reader to pursue their dreams.

John Diamond, "Hungry and Poor!"

The author of the book, a sought-after speaker at many prestigious conferences, began his career as a simple guy from a poor family, and eventually became the founder of an international fashion empire. In his work, John discovers the secrets of success and wealth, as well as shares ideas that will help you start a successful startup.

Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wilwright, Why the Rich Get Richer

Robert Kiyosaki , American entrepreneur, and Tom Wilwright , successful business consultant, talk about how people become rich and successful, and how they manage to stay afloat. In the book, the authors reveal the secrets of success and prosperity. Contrary to popular belief, success is achieved not by those who have certain character traits, but by those who are not afraid to take responsibility for their lives.

Psychological advice

If you are wondering how to become a wealthy and successful person, but are not confident in your abilities, pay attention to the following tips and advice from a psychologist. They will help you become more confident in your abilities on the way to your dream:

Never doubt yourself. Everything you do is right and everything you go to is right. Any mistake is an experience. Whatever happens, never give up. Even if they don't believe in you, still go and do your job.

Don't give in to despair. An important tip on how to become rich and successful: don't let yourself get discouraged and give up. Successful people look to the future with hope, looking for the true cause of failure, and do not despair and do not give up halfway.

Don't set yourself goals that are unrealistic. If the efforts do not justify themselves, chances are that you will quit and never return to it. You can go to the goal in small steps, but you will not stand still.

Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd. People who have figured out how to become a successful person in life rarely follow stereotypes. For example, a person does not want to change a job that is poorly paid, because "this is how everyone lives." This is the wrong approach.

Increase knowledge. Find what you can study for self-development in your free time and don't forget to nourish your mind. Learn new things throughout your life.

Get some rest. If you don't feel like doing something, chances are your body is tired. Forcing yourself to work hard, you make a mistake and go far back. Do not forget to rest, and this means not only sleep, but also walking in the fresh air, watching interesting films and listening to music.

Follow up any event. Do not give up the original goal, even if you had to interrupt the task. Your success depends on the full implementation of the tasks and ideas.


In this article, you've learned a lot about how people become successful and what you need to do to be successful on your own. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your business, be active and move forward, not dwelling on mistakes, but working them out.

As Napoleon Hill said , "a person can achieve everything that is able to comprehend and accept reason ", which means that for each of us nothing is impossible.