Rain selected as a promotional model for'One Punch Man: The Strongest Man'

 Materials provided - GAMENOW

GAMENOW (GAMENOW TECHNOLOGY LIMITED), the strategic RPG 'One Punch Man: The Strongest Man' in service, selected singer Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) as an advertising model and pre-released it on the 31st prior to the official announcement.

'One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man', which is gaining popularity as it is approaching 2 million cumulative downloads in Korea, cited excellent self-management as the reason for choosing Rain as an advertising model. In the teaser video released along with the news of the advertisement model selection, you can see Rain's solid body and charisma, reminiscent of the hero's special training and powerful herbal punch.

Rain said, “I am greeted as the advertising model for One Punch Man: The Strongest Male Advertisement, a game where you can meet the strongest hero. As an advertising model, I will work with you to make the game known to more people.” Afterwards,'One Punch Man: The Strongest Man' will hold various promotions with Rain to communicate with users in various ways.

'One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man' has held an event that attracts users' interest, such as a silhouette quiz, ahead of the news of the advertisement model selection. to provide.

Users can enter the'RAINXOPM' redemption code to receive'SR Ringling','Elite Summon Tickets (10)','Star-Up Supply Tickets (10)', and'Parts Supply Tickets (10)'. In addition, you can check the reward coupon number through the official cafe .

A GAMENOW official said, “We selected singer Rain as the One-Punch Man: The Strongest Male Advertising Model.” It's going to lead, so look forward to it.