'Aika', daily attendance book event

Data provided-Hanbit Soft

The long-lived MMORPG 'Aika' serviced by Hanbitsoft will hold the 'Connect to Aika every day' event until the maintenance on July 1, 2021.

Users can obtain a '2021 Attendance Book' through the 'Receive Attendance' button on the event page and use the 'Good job' stamp (stamp) to check attendance with daily rewards. The seal can be obtained probabilistically when defeating characters from other countries, or can be obtained definitively by killing the ancient boss of Rakia continent.

Daily attendance rewards include a bundle of useful stats for gameplay, potions of protection and destruction (1 day), pasion extract (1 day), reinforcement potion package, and 1 potion of the brave pioneer (1 day). do.

In addition, additional rewards are given when a cumulative attendance of 5, 10, 15, 25, or 30 days is achieved. In particular, the additional reward for achieving 30 days includes a 'title to achieve open work' that increases critical resistance and double attack resistance. .

Along with this, before the maintenance on the 10th of June, Aika will 'challenge stone synthesis!' Event unfolds. During the event period, when attempting to synthesize the accessory equipment 'Stone' through Regenshine's NPC 'Mark Capler', if you register the 'Mark's Synthesis Guarantee' as a material to prevent item loss due to synthesis failure, additional success rate this doubles

An official from Hanbitsoft said, "We have prepared a new event to express our gratitude to users who love Aika."

Aika celebrated the 12th anniversary of its service with a work that won three categories, including the 2009 Korea Game Awards. Unlike many MMORPGs that focus on character level-up, Aika differentiates the system so that users can focus only on large-scale battles.

Users create a'Legion' in the form of a guild, form an alliance with other regions, and then win the siege to secure the national sovereignty in the game and play the game as if they were actually operating the country.

Recently, through a large-scale update to commemorate the 12th anniversary, ▲ a new field (battlefield),'Valhalla,' ▲ a new PVP content,'Valkyrie Guardian', ▲ a new dungeon,'Abusos Gateway Hell Mode', etc.

More information about Eika can be found on the Hanbiton website .