Scorned by her own children for eating, this grandmother cried continuously

Scorned by her own children for eating, this grandmother cried continuously

For decades, no one knew what his name was, people only called him 'Widow'. He said a boy can look after us and take care of us in old age, if he has one son, he will not be so miserable, unfortunately his three daughters. 

For the sake of her children, she worked hard all the time, raising them painstakingly until the three of them had families. Over time, he also got old. 

Her hair was white, her skin was wrinkled and saggy like crumpled paper. And also he started getting sick a lot. He began to think it was time to think about his funeral.

He is used to living independently and everything is always self-reliant, he doesn't want to go to his children's house which will only be like a ball being kicked here and there. 

He had decided that he would stay in his old house, live aging in silence until his death. He has one precious item which is a "hair clip" made of gold. 

Before he left this world, he would ask nothing of his children. He only wants one, bequeath this valuable item to one of his three children. He wanted to give it to his most devoted daughter, so that he could leave in peace. 

But, who is the most filial of the three daughters? Her three children after being married like broken kites, rarely come home to visit her, but fortunately the three daughters live in is not far from her house. He also decided to visit them.

In the morning, he went to the house of his eldest daughter, Rosa. 

Rosa married a fairly wealthy man in the village. Seeing her mother coming, Rosa prepared a bowl of porridge and salted vegetables for her. 

He just ate sparingly, then left. When he was about to leave his eldest daughter's house, he met his grandson. 

"Grandma, let's go into the house, we eat, Mama said today to cook beef," said her grandson. 

"Grandma has eaten, you just eat, yes," he replied, and in his heart was disappointed. 

Then he went to the house of his second daughter, Sely, Sely's husband was also quite good economically and his job was also smooth. 

However, it seems that Sely is not very happy to see her mother come to visit her. Sely gave her mother leftover vegetables, bread and warm water for her. 

He felt treated like a beggar. She only ate a few mouthfuls while shedding tears, but Sely even pretended not to look as she said, "Mom, it's already noon, you better come home soon, I'll be very busy as soon as my son and my husband come home."

He nodded and looked at the Sun in the scorching daytime, then left with a little wobbling footsteps. 

She shook her head and sighed, "It's hard to take care of these two girls, but now no one is willing to give her what she deserves."

Then he walked away, and without feeling his footsteps had led to the house of his youngest daughter, Vera. 

Vera is in the most difficult situation compared to her siblings. Unexpectedly at his youngest daughter's house, he got only a bowl of water. 

He thought, all my flesh and blood treats me like this. I better take these gold tongs into the coffin. Feeling disappointed and about to go home, his youngest daughter brought out beef rendang and fresh vegetables. 

"Mom, tonight you don't have to go home, let's eat," said her youngest daughter. He was stunned to see the food served by his youngest daughter. 

He knows exactly what his daughter's difficult condition cannot afford meat. At most during the New Year or certain holidays, you can just eat meat. "Where can Vera buy meat from the money?" He said to himself.

While eating, he accidentally saw his daughter's hair, the pin that was usually tucked into her son's hair was nowhere to be seen. 

He smiled and suddenly felt warmth, seemed to have tears in his eyes. era glanced at his mother and thought his mother was worried about him, then said, “Mom, my husband is nice to me. 

Even though my life is a bit difficult, Mother don't need to worry. My mother's son-in-law also said, if the economy is a bit bad, next year we will pick you up to live with us. 

" She smiled while shedding tears, then took out the golden hairpin, then tucked it into the hair of Vera, her youngest daughter. 

“Son, this is the last item I can give you. Mother was never willing to sell it even in the difficult conditions in her previous life. 

This item is something that reminds the mother to keep looking to the future, and difficult times will pass as long as there is effort, "he said

Vera nodded, she remembered the difficult times when she was with her two sisters and mother, and without feeling her tears flowed to remember all of that. 

And a few weeks later, the "widow" died peacefully, leaving behind her bitter life. Later, after her mother's death, Rosa and Sely have a big fight over who has the right to inherit her mother's house. 

Meanwhile, Vera did not interfere. He fills his days with happiness and peace. Until Vera had children, raised and married her off. 

Years later, Vera's hair gradually turns white, however, the golden hairpin that her mother gave her is still tucked into her hair, until it is passed on to her child from generation to generation, because Vera knows that with this hairpin, life will not be difficult anymore. . 

As a child, even though you have a family, you are still obliged to be devoted to your parents. Unfortunately, many people who are married have abandoned this obligation. 

It is the parents who raise us from infancy to adulthood. From those who can't walk until they graduate from school. Everything you enjoy now is a blessing from your parents' hard work. 

Without them you will never exist in this world, and no matter what your life journey is, whether it is difficult or happy, still respect them, love them with all your heart until the end of life.