Just for the weekend! 'Little Nightmare' distributed for free on Steam

Little Nightmares, a puzzle platform game that depicts bizarre horror and bizarre stories in a cute yet creepy way, will be distributed free of charge on Steam this weekend.

'Little Nightmare', produced by Swedish Tycer Studios, is a work that deals with what happens in the throat of an unknown giant ship.

The main character, Six, who all explores a large throat, is portrayed as cute in a yellow raincoat. However, as the game is played along with the description of the world that has been stripped of colors, Six and the people around them, who show a creepy appearance, psychologically tighten the player.

'Berry Little Nightmare' is a mobile game about a girl wearing a yellow raincoat. In addition, the sequel'Little Nightmare 2', which deals with the adventures of Ai Mono wearing a paper mask, has also been released.

Meanwhile, the game can be added to your account for free until 2 am on May 31st. If the game is registered in the account, players can download and enjoy'Little Nightmare' through Steam at any time even after the free distribution ends.

You can add an account for the game through the 'Little Nightmare' official Steam page .