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Business Ideas
Business Ideas

Starting your own business is not easy. And the difficulties begin from the very beginning. At the stage of choosing a concept. Most people who are thinking about the opportunity to start their own business, which will bring them a stable and high income, have difficulty in assessing opportunities on their own. We want to remedy this situation and help those who plan to go all the way into the business industry. Therefore, we have collected for you a huge number of very different ideas. From edible coffee cups to bad news service. 

A short list of business ideas will allow you to get a sea of ​​information about how the world lives, what ideas are in trend, how industries are developing and what new items in the business world can be found.

1. Cinema cafe

What if you combine your favorite entertainment in one place? What people love is to eat delicious food and see something interesting. For example - cinema. The concept of a cinema cafe is so that your customers can do these things without leaving the checkout.

2. Edible coffee cups

Did you know that such a business has long been popular in Europe? We don't either. Think about how many potential customers this idea has? How many coffee shops and food service outlets where coffee is sold are there in each city? Dark. And they all use paper or plastic cups. You won't have to look for the first clients for the delivery of such a miracle. After all, this is a great way to stand out from the competition. Moreover, the decision itself corresponds to the vector of ecological business promoted in our time.

3. Bossball

What people do not get up with balls, what kind of games have not been invented. And here it is again. But bossball is not just a game, it is a mixture of football, volleyball, trampolines and all this with great music! This incendiary idea comes from Spain. And by now it has already spread very widely. The essence of the business is to organize places for people who want to try themselves in this sports entertainment. And, believe me, there are many who wish. Because it looks amazing even from the outside.


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4. Table on the steering wheel of the car

Didn't know what you can earn on every little thing? Can! Even on such simple things as the manufacture of car tables. How many car owners never eat while driving? Less than 15%. And there are a lot of them. And such a wonderful device will not be superfluous to anyone. So it might be worth giving it to them?

5. Electric shops

Idea for the warm season. The benches equipped with wheels and able to move are like catamarans, they only work without water, and they look impressive, comfortable, and yet do not carry any extremeness, providing only comfortable sensations. The audience for such a business is any person walking in the park. And in good weather there are a lot of them, agree ?!

6. Virtual reality glasses for real estate sales

Virtual reality has become commonplace for a long time thanks to the development of the gaming industry. Then the entertainment business was also involved in the use of special glasses, opening islands in the shopping center, where visitors could enjoy small attractions. And now the turn has come to professional use in other areas. The use of virtual reality glasses turned out to be especially relevant for the real estate market. Now realtors will be able to demonstrate leased premises without leaving their own office or client's location. Very comfortably. It remains only to sell them such a service.

7. Phytowalls

The idea is actually not very new. But in Russia, entrepreneurs have not yet had time to get a taste of this type of business and you will not find much competition.

The essence of the project is that in any place, whether it is an apartment or an office space, special wall structures are installed on which plants with a specially thought out irrigation system are placed. It looks very nice and fresh and can play a key role in the design of the room.

8. Inspection with a thermal imager

What is it for? And for the fact that it actually solves a lot of problems. Due to the fact that the house is examined with a thermal imager, problem areas can be detected. For example, understand where the heat is leaking. The result will be excellent savings, because the client will not be able to spend money on additional constant heating, but simply to fix the problem.

9. Folding tables

Selling furniture is a hackneyed topic. Selling original folding furniture is already something interesting. The essence lies in the unusual. The table transforms and changes in size not like the Soviet folding tables with legs, but effectively twisting it out. It is convenient, ergonomic, effective and efficient. Moreover, folding tables are just one of the many options for designer furniture that can attract the attention of potential buyers with just one look.

10. Blinomats

That only now is not sold through vending machines. And coffee, and phones, and gum, and collectible coins, and lottery tickets. But what if such machines will quickly prepare pancakes for the customer right in front of his eyes? An interesting and effective idea for fast food and low-cost business. The only thing that needs to be done is to replenish the machine with fresh dough and fillings for every taste.

11. Bar with cocktails from visitors

Have you watched the bartenders skillfully mix cocktails? Would you like to try it yourself? The concept of such a bar implies the opportunity for each visitor to come up with his own cocktail recipe and mix it for himself. Moreover, if in the future someone orders a cocktail according to your recipe, you will receive royalties or points. An interesting and fresh business idea came to us from the land of the rising sun. Still, the Japanese love to surprise.

12. Tracked scooters

In more or less large cities, scooter rental has become commonplace. Especially where there are a lot of tourists. But what if you cross a scooter with an all-terrain vehicle and arrange races over rough terrain? After all, it is easier to find than straight long paths without pedestrians.

The idea is to provide people with entertainment based on a modernized self-propelled vehicle that looks spectacular and can add drive to a measured life.

13. Phyto-pots and eco-men

The idea is simple to the point of disgrace, but so amusing and interesting that one wonders how it was not thought of before. After all, drawing pictures and photographs on objects is already an old trend. And the T-shirts and the mugs took part in it. And now the fashion has reached the pots for flowers and figures of little men.

There is one nuance that adds not only interest to this idea, but also remarkable freshness. The photographs are transferred in such a way that the plants that are used in these objects appear in the form of the hair of the person in the photograph. For a gift - just an adorable option.

14. Women's shoes with removable tops

Women's shoes are a separate topic of conversation. Every fashionista loves to have a variety of options available. But what if this desire to turn into a profitable business idea? The core of the shoe with removable top design is that the customer does not have to buy a new shoe every time the soul asks for an update. You can simply purchase an add-on for an existing pair in the form of a removable top. Such shoes are unusual, practical and interesting. And it is quite possible to make money on this.

15. Fries vending machines

Vending machines can do everything. And even fries for you to cook. And even season with sauce. And this is actually the case, because there are already machines that do this, surprising customers with their uniqueness. And the potatoes that are made in them are cooked without vegetable oil, so they are considered less harmful in addition. Solid pluses.

16. Built-in vacuum cleaner

In fact, built-in vacuum cleaners are not new. But the problem is that they are used very rarely and more in industry. But the idea is good because it can be applied in everyday life. Such devices can be built, for example, into kitchen furniture and used not during major cleaning, but at any time necessary, removing crumbs and small debris that appears more often in the kitchen.

17. Self-service ice cream parlor with yoghurt

Firstly, yoghurt ice cream is appreciated as natural, tasty, and easy to make with the help of freezers. Secondly, the self-service format adds interest to visitors as well. With the help of a special ice cream vending machine, customers will make their own delicacies from various flavors, powders, and syrups. And all this happiness is paid for at one constant price per gram. Convenient, unusual, new, tasty and interesting.

18. Grape snail farm

What do we know about delicacies and unusual dishes? And meanwhile, what goodies are not found in gastronomic ideas. So snail meat is actually in demand. Moreover, it is considered healthy and clean. And the price tag for it is quite big. Moreover, they are hardly grown in Russia yet. But there is domestic demand. The essence of the business idea is to organize a special eco-farm where grape snails will be grown for sale.

19. 3D copies of people

3D printers have been around for a long time. And there are tons of ideas for using them. Here is another unusual one. To implement it, you will need a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. The bottom line is that with the help of these tools, miniature but accurate figurines of people are created. For what? For everything. Seriously, the figurines are suitable both as individual gifts and as a kind of modern kind of photo album, where figurines will be stored on the shelf instead of photos, this is the perfect way to decorate a wedding cake. You can create this way not only people, but also to capture pets, for example.

20. Potato hot dogs

Fast food, due to the fact that everyone goes there, suffers from a lot of competition for each type of goods and services. Therefore, new ideas appear all the time. And the better the idea, the more it is based on something known. For example, hot dogs are always popular anywhere. And what if we change this popular dish and make a potato hot dog. The bottom line is that such a dish is made from sausage wrapped in potatoes in corn flour. The Koreans shared such a delight with us. It looks delicious and tastes great.

21. Fitball chairs

This idea is based on the production of amazing chairs that are made from gymnastic balls. The bottom line is that a curved metal support is created for ordinary gymnastic balls. Together they form a very interesting, comfortable and, most importantly, useful seat. If you work while sitting on such a fitball chair, your muscles will always remain in good shape.

22. Floromats

Another idea from the world of vending machines. The bottom line is that flowers are sold through the machines. Naturally, a special machine must be equipped with a refrigerator. A handy thing when there is no time to look for a flower shop, but a beautiful gift is urgently needed. These can be installed not only in shopping centers, but also in train stations, airports, and in any crowded places.

23. Barbecue boats

In warm weather, people like to rent and hire a variety of floating facilities - from kayaks to catamarans. This idea goes even further, and offers customers not only fun, but also delicious food right on the water. Round boats are equipped with special barbecues. Whole companies can ride on them, and no one will go hungry.

24. Nano Ice Cream

Another adorable and unusual type of ice cream that will pleasantly surprise any customer. And ice cream has a lot of buyers. Such a delicacy has a nano prefix, and is also called granular, because it looks like small beads and is created using cryogenic freezing. An unusual view will not leave anyone without tremendous emotions.

25. Mini thermoplastic machine

Everyone can produce small size plastic products. They are in demand everywhere, in any industry - from medicine to furniture production. Made from plastic and many different polymers. All that is needed for production is the basis of the idea - a thermoplastic automatic machine. And the small size allows you to do without renting a large premises for a workshop.

26. Standing table

The basis of the idea is special functional furniture - tables on which you can work at a computer, tablet, laptop while standing. The potential audience for such a device is the huge number of freelancers who spend whole days sitting at work.

27. Small change recycler

Such devices are installed in airports, shopping and entertainment centers and other places where people gather. The devices themselves are simple and mechanically built without any electronics. The idea is also simple - a person throws a coin into a special hole, which then turns and rolls in a completely fascinating way in a circular motion until it disappears into the funnel. The fact is that today, when many people do not carry cash at all, little things annoy people. Such machines will allow you to entertain yourself and get rid of excess cargo.

28. Pizza machines

The case when vending machines step on fast food. There are two main types of machines - those that prepare pizza from semi-finished products. And those made from separately pre-loaded ingredients. Moreover, everything takes place before the eyes of the buyer, which significantly increases interest in what is happening, and makes them come and come again.

29. Orthopedic belts

Orthopedics is an important part of the industry that overlaps with other segments. The bottom line is that such belts are able to maintain the correct posture during the working day, when a person is mostly in a sitting position. This is a demanded and necessary, useful product for which there will always be buyers.

30. Fuel briquettes from leaves

Nowadays, it is important that everything, if possible, be, firstly, environmentally friendly, and secondly, comply with the rules of waste-free production. For a long time already in the world, instead of ordinary firewood, fuel briquettes from different materials have been used. First of all, from the leftovers from different industries. Europeans came up with the idea of ​​making such useful things from fallen leaves. And it is really simple, convenient, safe and useful.

31. Installation for the manufacture of garages

The idea is both simple and a technological solution that simplifies the demanded business. A special mobile unit is able to create concrete garages on site. A unique solution that can be used in any city, because garages will not cease to be in demand.

32. Pocket Gyroboards

There are a lot of various electrical devices that allow people to ride on the streets. From segways to electric scooters. Gyroboards are the last word in the electric board industry. And since the entire industry is only growing, demand is increasing, this is especially noticeable in large cities, then this product also has tremendous prospects.

33. Portable horizontal bar

Alas, today it is not always possible to find good horizontal bars and bars on the street. There is a solution to this problem, designed for those who monitor their health, who love sports, fitness, who want to be able to follow the training regimen wherever he is. Such portable horizontal bars and bars can be attached both to the walls of the house and to trees and poles outside. The product has a huge potential.

34. Vacuum forming apparatus

Such devices make it possible to manufacture a huge variety of items - plastic parts for cars - bumpers, wheel arch liners. They can be used to make signs, molds for tiles, decorative stone used in interior design. Mannequins can be created. The range of applications is huge and the potential audience of buyers of all these products is very large.

35. Cases with socks

All and sundry are joking about socks. And that they are lost, and that you need to have a year's supply for every day so as not to experience problems. But jokes are not really created in vain. They indicate what people really need. The idea is to make one of the most practical mens gifts in the world in beautiful packaging. The bottom line is the formation of a stock of socks for a whole year. Stylish packaging will only enhance the effect and add value to the gift.

36. Heat blocks

With the help of special equipment, which consists of a vibrating press, it is possible to produce the so-called Euroblocks, which are characterized by increased thermal efficiency and have wide application possibilities. Such building materials consist of several layers - the base, insulation and finishing part.

37. Boat jacuzzi

You have seen how popular swimming facilities are in water during the warm season. We present to your attention another option - a jacuzzi boat. These are special boats with built-in stoves for heating water. You can take a pleasant warm bath even in the middle of a large lake. A great way to spend time, relax and unwind, both alone and in a company.

38. Dumplings

The vending industry never ceases to amaze. We have already seen machines that make pizzas and bake pancakes themselves. But the manufacturers of the devices did not stop there. How do you like the idea of ​​eating dumplings from the vending machine? The bottom line is that dumplings are stored in the apparatus in frozen form, and are prepared according to the same principle that works in a pressure cooker. Amazing and delicious.

39. Toilet for the toilet

How to train your cat to go to the toilet so that it does its job on the toilet? Long persistent training? A slipper on your tail? A special toilet for the toilet will help solve this problem once or twice. And as always, all ingenious is simple. Special plastic stands are used, which gradually decrease in size, giving the cat time to get used to the innovation in his life. A popular idea, because there are a lot of cat owners everywhere.

40. Fried ice cream

Another type of unusual delicacy in one of the most popular industries. And as we know, one of the ways to survive in a niche that is too popular with businessmen is to offer something new and interesting. Fried ice cream is just such an idea. It is prepared from natural products on a special device made of freezing tiles and tastes just magical.

41. Hot Dog Vending Machines

Another representative of the vending family. This time we are invited to see how hot dogs are prepared in the vending machine - a favorite delicacy of many people walking in shopping centers and parks. The idea of ​​installing such a machine in advance promises great demand and interest from buyers. Moreover, such a business does not require spending a lot of time.

42. Salad Constructor

The idea came to us from the West, where it received a fair share of popularity. The bottom line is to organize a so-called salad bar, where customers can choose what their salad will consist of. Selected herbs, meat additives, seafood, sauces and dressings. After the ingredients are selected, a professional chef chops all this right in front of the visitor. The salad is prepared in a matter of minutes, presenting a spectacle, taste, and involvement.

43. Furniture designer

Nowadays, it is fashionable to provide the opportunity for the client to choose what the product will consist of. So this idea took the principle of independence as a basis. The bottom line is that the furniture consists of square-shaped modules that can be combined, forming stylish shelves for various things, equipment, and they can also decorate an apartment, because it all looks very stylish.

44. Automatic key making machines

The demand for key manufacturing may seem dull, but in fact, it is a very demanded service. Many people use it every day. Therefore, an automaton was invented, which itself, without human intervention, can provide this service. A key is made in such a machine very quickly and the client leaves invariably satisfied. And with every satisfied client, the entrepreneur is also happy.

45. Sushimata

Another type of vending. Vending machines that offer customers ready-made sets of sushi and rolls. The bottom line is that the device is equipped with a refrigerator, where the product does not lose its appearance or taste, being there in a convenient container. And we already know how popular sushi and rolls are among people.

46. ​​Seat covers-shells

This idea is a special frame type covers that allow motorists to solve many problems. And the main one is the lack of your own garage. Such a cover can protect the car from dirt and dust that fall on it along with the rain.

47. Edible sugar glasses

An amazing idea that involves making glasses from sugar syrup. In appearance, such delicious glasses are practically indistinguishable from real ones. And the range of applications is very wide. You can use them both for various draws and for special filming, in bars, at events. It's fun and engaging to the audience.

48. Laser tag

An exciting game that is gaining momentum very quickly in large cities and is already conquering small ones. The basis of the idea is in its perfect safety. Because all the shooting is carried out with laser beams, and the hit is recorded by a special sensor, which is placed on the vest of each participant.

49. Foot hammock

There are a lot of people who spend their working time sitting. Therefore, such a simple and at the same time unique idea will certainly be in demand. Simplicity lies both in the design of the device itself and in the manufacturing process. You can even do this in your own garage.

50. Vending cafe

We went to this for a long time, describing different options for vending machines. And now we present to you an idea that combines everything in one. A whole space where customers can order their own food without the participation of people, simply using the various installed vending machines for preparing fresh food and drinks. Here you can place vending machines with french fries, and dumplings, and blinomat machines. Anything. A kind of technologically advanced cafe with almost robots.

51. Cheese tea

Cheese tea is a new global trend. As soon as they didn't drink tea. Now there is a new option. This tea is served cold. And from above rises an airy cheese foam. This delicacy came to us from Taiwan and quickly gained popularity in most major cities in the world. It is still unknown in Russia. But give me time. Better yet, use the idea.

52. Leisure retail space

An idea to popularize the process of leisurely expensive purchases in a pleasant environment. Originally from Shanghai. The bottom line is that the owners of retail space organize spaces where people will be comfortable and make purchases slowly and measuredly. The space may include a shop, bar, recreation room, and the interior is decorated in calm colors and minimalism.

53. AR technology for selling rings

AR is augmented reality technology (not to be confused with virtual). Helzberg Diamonds has figured out how it can be used to modernize the jewelry industry. In this case, customers can try on rings without wearing them. And any product can be viewed from all angles and the smallest details. The technology allows you to take pictures and send shows of fittings to friends so that they can help the client choose the right one.

54. Golden Coffee with Turmeric

Companies are experimenting not only with teas. So coffee has become the object of sampling. The Peet company has released a line of several types of coffee. Due to turmeric, coffee takes on a golden hue, turning into something expensive and elite. You can supplement such coffee with different ingredients, for example, add sweets using honey.

55. Pet shop in industrial premises

The essence of the idea is to move away from the standard representation of miniature shops, where animals huddle in tiny cages, and create a space where there will be a lot of space, and the store itself will rather resemble a mixture of a contemporary art exhibition complex with a pet store. For example, in Shanghai, the space of a former slaughterhouse was used for pet trade. But in fact, this idea can be implemented in any large room, the main thing is to make an interesting design. Customers will be interested in coming, and animals will love the large spaces. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, will not have to worry about a large lease, because such a room will not cost more than a small one in a shopping center.

56. Demo-store of equipment

The idea is not just to sell branded equipment in a standard way, but to provide customers with the opportunity to thoroughly test it right on the spot. This will make it much easier to make a purchase decision and generate a lot of interest. This is what Dyson did in Toronto, for example. Moreover, they have implemented an online registration system for a demo test.

57. Delivery of milk through the application

Such a mobile application would be an excellent option for companies that specialize in the delivery of dairy products. A necessary solution in our time that will help automate the process, both from the side of the entrepreneur and from the side of the client, providing convenience and reliability. In our reality, such a service can be launched not only with milk.

58. Remote test for infertility for men

Such a service was created by the Dadi Fertility Kit company and is a special kit that allows a man to undergo an infertility test without visiting the clinic. The set comes in the form of a box to the client's address. And the results have to wait no more than 24 hours.

59. Virtual tours of homes

We have already talked about virtual reality glasses that help realtors present premises to their clients. This option is similar, but it has a different shape. It was originally created in Spain for clients from other countries wishing to purchase real estate. However, the idea can also be used in ordinary cases. The bottom line is that the client is provided with a complete overview of the house, which the guide walks around and talks about how profitable and necessary to buy it. In this case, the client can be in the office of the agency.

60. Skin Care Cafe

And you also did not think that it was possible to combine this way? In the meantime, such a store has opened in Singapore. It is a combination of a bakery format with a skin care center. The bottom line is that customers can taste delicious desserts and test out the best skin care products at the same time. Moreover, the space is specially designed so that customers (the audience of this format are women) can also take a beautiful photo for Instagram.

61. Jewelry vending machine

There is a vending machine for every item. The turn came to the jewelry industry. You can buy a piece of jewelry in such a vending machine for prices ranging from $ 125 to $ 1,500. The first option is presented by a jeweler from New York.

62. AR presentation of travel goods

Augmented reality continues to be implemented in various areas of business. This is how the technology was introduced into the tourism industry. Thanks to the development, customers can use a tablet to visualize the dimensions of, for example, tents in different conditions. This will allow you to make the right choice right away, cutting off options that are, for example, too large.

63. Online store of verified goods

The core of this idea is that the buyer can count on simplicity, speed and quality. Such a site operates without any advertising whatsoever. Moreover, there are no images there either. Only names and text descriptions, so as not to mislead the buyer with a beautiful view, made specially from favorable angles. Well, all products presented in the store are personally tested for availability and quality.

64. Online and offline clothing store in one

In such a space, clothes are presented not only in physical embodiment, but also in the format of stands with the possibility of choosing and trying on virtually. Stands allow you to take pictures of the user, and then try on clothes directly on his three-te model.

65. Coworking space for mothers combined with a children's room

Coworking spaces are far from a new idea. However, you can go further and create special spaces where women can work, and immediately a nanny will look after their children. In such places, the children's room can also act as a venue for events.

66. Personalized candy store

This idea was first implemented by M & M's, which organized its own brand store in Shanghai, where a huge number of dispensers with dragees of different colors are presented. They went further and gave customers the opportunity to take a test on a mood analyzer, which will tell them what color of dragees they need to buy, and also allow them to print personalized labels on goods on a printer.

67. Almond milk vending machine

The possibilities of vending are endless. There are already machines that offer their customers to quickly purchase a bottle of the freshest almond milk. The reason for the appearance of such machines is the trends in the world of food. The whole world is gradually switching from milk of animal origin to herbal counterparts. Therefore, the idea is actually ahead of its time.

68. Double Ice Cream

With what kind of fillings did ice cream not be made. But there is no limit to imagination. Here's a business idea that targets consumer interest and strangeness. Ice cream made for two. In fact, this is an ordinary ice cream (that is, any cone), two cups of which are intertwined with a pattern of chocolate filling. Ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere or highlighting friendship.

69. Making wall charts

A very unusual gift for lovers of geography and simply connoisseurs of beautiful things. The bottom line is that a map of the world, or a specific piece of land, is cut from a single piece of wood with a laser. Such maps are developed using special professional cartographic software. Such picture-cards are hung with an indent of a couple of centimeters from the wall, which gives them additional volume and beauty.

70. Sand Blinds

How many times we never get tired of being surprised at the genius of simple solutions. A company from Mexico presented a project of sand blinds. The bottom line is that you do not need to pull on the lace to lower them. Instead, you need to "flip" the window. So far, this is a trial solution, the purpose of which is to save from the sun's rays, and not from frost. But it looks amazing.

71. Chicken diapers

It is clear that the fashion to keep a chicken at home, and not a cat or a dog, has not yet reached Russia. But in the West, this trend has borne fruit. And the world was presented with chicken diapers that allow you to keep the apartment clean, even with such an unusual pet.

72. Shop in the style of "morgue"

The unique and original design of the denim store was presented by the LAB101 company. They decided that mannequins and hangers were from the past century, so they decorated the outlet in a style reminiscent of a morgue or a hospital ward. We do not call for copying someone else's idea. But the essence is clear - you can and should play with design in order to attract more attention to your company.

73. Bluetooth instead of a key

The idea is to use your smartphone to open the locks. The positive of the idea is not only that this is an unusual solution, but also that keys are lost much more often than phones. Custom application can be customized as you like. It even allows you to make the lock open automatically as soon as the owner of the phone comes within a certain distance to the lock.

74. Tattoo on teeth

The time has already passed when it was fashionable to put various rhinestones on the teeth. But a holy place is never empty. And now the teeth are decorated with tattoos. You need to understand that this is completely different from a tattoo on the body and is done in completely different ways. The fact is that the tattoo is done on the crown, which in turn can be installed in any dental office. That is, you can apply a drawing without the person himself, the main thing is to have a cast of his tooth.

75. Vase for negative emotions

All psychologists are confident that negative emotions need to be thrown out. The only problem is that it is difficult to do this, since there are other people around and this can harm them, or just banal inconvenience. In the meantime, the simplest way to get rid of such harmful emotions is to scream at the top of your voice. Craftsmen from Japan, where stress is given special attention, have invented a vase that adjusts to the lips of a person and is soundproof. And you can shout into it as much as you want without consequences for others. Simple and effective.

76. Talking Dolls as Celebrities

Simple toys - bears, dolls, etc. - are a thing of the past. And their Chinese counterparts, which spoke a couple of standard phrases, too. Talking dolls in the form of celebrities are in vogue now. A very popular thing in the West. And we are sure that soon the wave will reach Russia. Who doesn't want to have a talking favorite actor at home?

77. Original coffins

We must admit that the topic is sad. But there are already examples of companies that have decided that this industry can be diversified by adding uniqueness to such an item as a coffin. Each coffin is made individually for the customer and is designed the way the customer wants. You can even design in the style of an iPhone, guitar, car, etc.

78. Fake certificate that you have a child

Unusual. Original. Legal. It is also in demand in the West. The bottom line is that those who are parents always have an "excuse" why they need to leave work early (as an example). But for childless people - no. They are offended. The idea is based on the fact that the client is provided with a kit proving that he has a child. Photos are taken with the child, drawings made by the fake kid are provided, etc. Everything a parent can have. Who wouldn't believe this?

79. Cable, decorated under the plant

Wires and cables often spoil the look of a room. And there is not always a way to hide them in a wall or other interior items. But the idea to decorate them under ivy, or another climbing plant, is great, because it gives wide additional design possibilities. This solution can be applied not only at home, but also in any office.

80. The sound of a beer can being opened

Than only the Japanese are not surprising. Here is another idea from the land of the rising sun that boggles the imagination. They invented a funny accessory in the form of a small can keychain that can make the sound of a beer can being opened. The same "pshsh", which cannot be confused with anything. And we didn't say the word “funny” for nothing, because it has no practical function. But what is surprising (or maybe not), such a keychain is being sold out with a bang.

81. Shoes with a navigator

Unlike the previous idea, this one has a very important application - it helps people who are lost. These are special shoes equipped with a device in which you can enter the coordinates of a point. Once entered, the shoes will guide you to that point. This is realized with a vibration that starts in the right or left boot, depending on where you need to turn.

82. Selling garbage for money

We will not say that this idea is strange. We will not discuss how to apply it in our country, we will simply say that the creator of this idea was able to sell more than 4,000 installations in his homeland. The weirder it sounds, the more you learn about this idea. The fact is that the vending machines do not give out something useful for a small fee, but beautiful bags, where there may be paper clips, toy parts, broken buttons, pieces of newspaper and other literal garbage. However, the idea is there and it works.

83. Clothes that change color

The fashion industry is vast and ramified. One of the latest fashionable offshoots in it is the production of clothing that can change color. This effect is achieved through the use of photochromic, thermochromic or hydrochromic dyes. And as you already guessed, the color changes depending on what effect - solar, water, or whatever is on the fabric. An interesting idea that opens up great opportunities for designers.

84. Playing Yukigassen

An idea from the category of fun sports entertainment. But its advantages are that the game can be organized both in summer and in winter. The essence of the game is the capture of the flag of one team by the other participants, which is combined with a game of snowballs. This is during the cold season. In the summer, you can replace snowballs with sandbags. Gathering people for such a simple but very fun activity is not difficult at all. And the essence of the idea is the organization of special sites with obstacles.

85. Production of 3D sweets

The confectionery industry is in high demand, but also competitive. So you have to come up with various ideas in order to somehow stand out from other companies. The idea of ​​making sweets using a tri-de printer is great for achieving this goal. Moreover, it has not yet had time to take root in Russia. Meanwhile, such curly snacks will become an excellent feature of any establishment.

86. Stickershop

A separate, sometimes not everyone's noticeable industry - the production of accessories with fashionable youth symbols - from brand images to pop stars and superheroes. In general, all that is fashionable among adolescents. Therefore, the production of various kinds of paraphernalia such as stickers, stickers, translations, posters, posters is a great business. The main thing here is to know what your target audience requires.

87. Corn maze

So far, this idea is not popular in Russia, but we are sure that if someone takes up its implementation, it will go with a bang and will quickly become the subject of copying. Especially when you remember how many Hollywood (horror) films use corn as an atmosphere pump. Moreover, there are no problems with corn fields in Russia. An idea with great potential.

88. Tool sharpening

It would seem very simple. Meanwhile, there are very few services where it would be possible to sharpen the tools, although everyone uses the tools, including large firms, small entrepreneurs, and ordinary people. The idea is to open a point where such a service will be provided to everyone.

89. Products for allergy sufferers

The target audience of food products is a very important factor for success. Note that entire restaurants are opening up for vegans, for example. But for some reason they do not pay much attention to such a segment as allergy sufferers. Although there are a lot of them among our residents. And a properly constructed project in this segment will give a good profit. Moreover, it is not only products that can be sold to people with allergies.

90. Raccoa Cafe

Antikafe at one time won the recognition of people for their uniqueness and pleasant atmosphere. Then cafes with cats began to open. And now it’s the turn of the raccoons. Raccoons in small quantities are very cute and funny animals that can bring a lot of pleasure to cafe customers. It turns out that the idea combines a food court and a touching zoo.

91. Smart air flavors

While the know-how industry is promoting the idea of ​​smart homes and smart home appliances, you can start with the minimum. A great interesting and unchanged topic is smart flavors. Electronic diffusers are replacing conventional cans, which can be configured through the application to automatically spray the desired fragrances.

92. Biodegradable seaweed straws

Environmental friendliness is one of the tasks of all world production today. Therefore, ideas that involve replacing usually plastic things with something that will be produced in an environmentally friendly manner and decompose quickly and without harm to the outside world will perfectly enter the world market. Hence the conclusion that the production of algae tubes is a great modern idea that will be in demand.

93. Manufacture of clothes for church ministers

No matter what they say, the popularity of religion is growing again. And more and more people follow the rules of a particular denomination. Therefore, the idea to create a collection of clothes especially for this segment will be relevant. It is only necessary that it conforms to all the rules. And to be honest, there is no doubt about the solvency of the potential audience.

94. Production of transparent concrete

The construction industry is the largest of all, both in terms of the volume of goods produced and the number of various branches and divisions into segments. A separate role is allocated to novelties in the production of building materials. So, for example, now it is possible to produce transparent concrete, which is also called "illumikon". It is made on the basis of optical fiber, in which fine-grained concrete is added. Such material is perfect for partitions, for design solutions of the city plan, and is used in landscape design.

95. Flower Hostel

There are hostels for people. There are already hostels for animals. And now there are hostels for plants. In fact, the essence of the idea is to allow people who keep plants in their apartment to safely leave for long-term business (business trips and vacations), without worrying that someone would need to be allowed into the apartment to water the plants. Green pets are taken to the hotel, where they are professionally looked after.

96. Growing technical hemp

The fact is that hemp is a versatile plant that can be used not only where you thought, but also in the production of fabrics, biofuels, for oil and flour. You can even make gunpowder from it! And most importantly, the State Drug Control Service is not against the cultivation of technical hemp, you can be calm. Therefore, the idea is great, which opens up many directions and advantages.

97. Production of brand clouds

Idea for the event industry and marketing. Such clouds are made from a special mixture that includes a soap-helium solution. You can give them any shape - this is the basis of the idea - to do it the way the customer wants. And there are many customers, because such clouds are an impressive thing that can be used both at events and in marketing companies of any company.

98. Prayer Machine

We have already written that the number of religiously minded people is not diminishing in our time. And since they have to exist in cities where there is often no time even to sit down, such machines will come in handy. The essence of the idea is simple. The machine is a booth where a person can retire during prayer, so that no one interferes with anyone, and that no one interferes with him. A demanded thing.

99. Manufacture of transparent shoes

No matter how much the state cares about the condition of the roads, often after a heavy rain, puddles flood such that at the time the city was renamed Venice. Naturally, there is almost no chance that ordinary shoes will remain intact. The idea of ​​making transparent shoes is based on this problem. Transparent boots and galoshes boast an unusual attractive design and incredible practicality.

100. Cafe of giant desserts

Many cafes are not opening now. And everyone is trying to show their uniqueness. Well, how else to survive in such a competitive market? So this idea is designed to capture the imagination of potential customers. Desserts are served in this cafe. But not just sweets. And giant sweets made in the form of huge cups with various edible decorations. We are sure that it is in such a cafe that every child wants to spend his birthday.

101. Beautiful concrete products

We are used to building houses from concrete. But in reality, another application can be found for it. Including, which will also bring money. Coasters, flowerpots, sconces, even coffee tables. It is especially important if you find buyers among interior designers.

102. Products made of epoxy resin

The idea cannot be called new. Another thing is that the demand for various jewelry made from this material is not falling. Epoxy is a versatile tool for creating goods - from jewelry to coffee table coverings. The main thing here is to find high-quality material, because there are many options for epoxy on the market, but not all of them have the desired properties and retain their original appearance.

103. Anime Cafe

The stylistics of Japanese cartoons affects not only the industry of world culture. In the land of the rising sun, you can find many options for bars and cafes, which are stylized as one or another popular cartoon. And it's not just about the design of the establishment. The dishes are also stylized. Actually, this allows you to attract more visitors. Firstly, because there are fans, and secondly, because everyone else is interested in visiting a non-standard place. Yes, in Russia the culture of anime series is not well developed, but there are also well-known cartoons. For example, Pokémon.

104. Coffee trees

There are many coffee lovers in our country. But hardly everyone has seen a real tree, thanks to which we can enjoy the taste of a wonderful drink. Meanwhile, you can make money on this. A small business on original gifts that represent coffee tree bushes in original cups will be in demand. It's unusual. In such a gift, several ideas are combined that can be developed and achieved originality. A living plant that you rarely see, a vase in the form of a large coffee cup. The inscriptions on these cups. A lot of room for imagination and a field for variety.

105. Selling video on stocks

The idea is not new, but we are sure that more than half of our readers have not even heard of it. Stocks are sites where you can find paid photos and videos for your work. Naturally, payment goes not only to the site itself, but also to the author of these photos and videos. This means that you can make money on it. In fact, you only need a good camera or camera for this. But we recommend that you first read about each version of the popular drain. Because everyone has their own conditions, as well as the method of content selection.

106. Manufacturing of cases for phones

Do you think that only a factory can do this? But no. All you need to make a simple cover is a heat press, which can be ordered on the Chinese website. And then - a matter of technology and imagination. It doesn't take much effort to make a designer thing out of a simple case. And materials for drawing, decoration and additional molding can be found already with us. And the covers as a consumable, which are nice to constantly change, are popular.

107. Resale Domains

Internet addresses are also in demand. Because there are few convenient and suitable ones for the name or category of the business, while the business itself grows more and more every year. You can buy such addresses. And the more frequent a query in search engines reflects the name of the address, the more expensive it will cost. Therefore, people make money here too. Professionals monitor the vacated addresses, buy them, and then look for buyers, setting their own price.

108. Glowing sticks for cotton candy

Cotton candy will never lose popularity. A favorite delicacy at any festivities. But there is always so much competition there that entrepreneurs are trying to come up with something new. And they are not just trying, but invented. Use glow sticks (they are not new at all). This will make the cotton candy original and add mood, and with it the flow of customers. A simple but effective idea.

109. Vending machines with small toys

Surely we also have them somewhere already. This machine is an automatic machine for dispensing small toys in an egg according to the principle of a kinder surprise, only without chocolate. The more stylized the toys, the more popular the theme and the more serial (so that not one copy, but as in the past - the collection), the greater the demand. Such machines came to us from Japan (what is there to be surprised at) and are now popular in different countries.

110. Retro Games Store

You can also play with the feelings of buyers. Especially if these are fond memories of how fun it was to play as a child. The retro games store does just that. In general, first of all, we are talking about computer games and consoles such as "Dandy" and "Sega". Many people will want to remember the past. But the idea itself is easily scalable. After all, such a store can offer not only electronic entertainment, but for example, toys. All that remains is to find them (this can be done, since many keep them "for memory", but they will be able to part for money), or order production from the masters. There are people who do the same as they did then, in the non-existent past.

111. Toy printer

We take a new technology, make it inexpensive and massive. Profit. In fact, such 3D printers are already on sale, they are not so expensive, and they are also easy to master. Everything is controlled using the application on the phone. Another thing is that there are few places in our country that you can buy one, so the niche is free. And the prospects beckon. Few will give up the idea of ​​making a toy for themselves with the help of the "miracle of technology." And we're not talking about children now.

112. Sensor for plants

Interesting devices that can record the needs of indoor plants will become an indispensable assistant for those who like to keep flowers and greens at home, but constantly have problems with time. The device will help you keep track of when you need to water and what vitamins and minerals the flower lacks, relieves you of stress with a dead plant and, in general, will be an indispensable assistant for many. And it can also bring profit to those who will sell them correctly.

113. Cafe for Dating

Why can dating services only develop apps on the phone and various agencies? But what if you open a place that offers both delicious food and is positioned as a place to meet? The idea is not new, but it is still not actively presented in Russia. The essence is simple. In such a cafe, you can organize both "quick acquaintances" and maintain a database of those wishing to meet, inviting people to fill out a questionnaire. It is important that this is done openly. That is, the visitors imagined what and how to do. It's also useful to use the app.

114. Slippers with car parking

Slippers are like socks. They constantly strive to get away somewhere and get lost. But science does not stand still. She has already taught the vacuum cleaners to be independent. Now I got to the slippers. In fact, not a novelty, but in the domestic market you can hardly often find it. Meanwhile, a convenient device that makes your slippers "drive up" to a strictly defined place greatly simplifies home life. And you can make money on this if you sell the miracle of life in large quantities.

115. Selfie Mirror

We were waiting. We waited. Now, to take a bunch of pictures in the toilet or bathroom, you don't have to take your smartphone with you. In fact, for owners of cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers, it is a great device. Customers will appreciate it. An entrepreneur has several development paths with such a product. Can be sold to both individuals and other entrepreneurs.

116. Compact furniture

The so-called "smart furniture" or transformable furniture can significantly save space. It folds and unfolds like a Swiss knife. In general, the idea is specific, after all, many prefer standard household items. However, we recall that in the foreseeable future, it is possible that many will have housing of a minimum size of up to 15 square meters for the entire apartment (such are already being built in Moscow). For whom such a decision will be a salvation.

117. Rent of sex dolls

A little exotic in boring stuff. Sex shops have already taken root in our country. They still have to be careful though, because people are very shy. But, for example, in Japan this is normal. And everyone uses it. And that's okay. It was from there that the idea came to us to make money by renting sex dolls. By the way, Moscow already has such a service. The main thing here is to convey to people that this is normal, anonymous and in general no one will know, you can call and order. And also - legal for people over 18 years old.

118. Group travel

The essence of the idea is that you are the organizer of a group trip to a warm country. You take on the preparation of all documents, tickets, find a hotel and, most importantly, organize an interesting program on the spot. In return, you get a free vacation, because all these services are included in the price. And if the group is big, then you earn. At first glance, it looks like a "trick". But there is a lot of work here. And you need to get paid for it.

119. Glowing Stones

Here, first of all, the question “why?” Arises. And in the second, there is already an awareness that in some interiors this idea can look just amazing. The main thing is that the designer is competent. Well, the entrepreneur himself, who is concerned about the sale of such a product, should think about how to correctly present the idea. And among the buyers will be the owners of country houses and design bureaus, and specialists in the creation of aquariums.

120. Suitor for the Evening

Meet from the creators of "husband for an hour". But seriously, the idea is very interesting. The bottom line is that in a restaurant or cafe you can "order" for yourself such an interlocutor who will cost you nothing. And you don't have to pay for his food either. He'll just keep talking to you and have fun. What's the catch? And the fact that his task is also to keep you in the restaurant longer and to make sure that your restaurant bill is higher than it could be without him. That is, a direct benefit to the restaurant. He himself receives commissions from your check, so he is also interested in this. But, of course, no less than making you happy in the evening. This is such a beneficial collaboration for everyone.

121. Smart Film

Another know-how that aims to change the world along with selfie mirrors. Such a film is glued to the glass and allows you to adjust the transparency level and display various images on your "screen". There are a lot of spheres of application. From the automotive industry to the advertising business, you can sell to both private clients and companies. It is not yet freely available, but it is worth making inquiries right now. In our opinion, the future belongs to her.

122. Rent of cats and dogs

There are those who love cats. There are those who love dogs. And there are those who make money on the fact that it is not always convenient for people to keep a pet. The essence of the business is to keep cats and dogs of different breeds and rent them out for several hours or days to people who, for whatever reason, cannot afford to take an animal forever, but really want to.

123. Bed with climate control

Did you think there are only cars with this function? Everything about this idea is great. Because the bed is able to adjust the surface temperature at which you will feel comfortable. And she makes the blanket herself! The limit to perfection has been reached. True, the project has not yet been launched into mass production, but we will not have to wait long, but everyone will appreciate it everywhere, we are sure of this.

124. Self-cleaning pet tray

Cleaning up after your pets is a noble but tedious task. Therefore, the Chinese craftsmen decided that electronics should do this for a person and made such a roll-up tray. You can order it easily. And no one will bother selling it here. Since the thing is absolutely useful. There will be a profit from the margin, since it is not very expensive.

125. Renting a family

And you thought only dogs and cats can be rented? Such an idea may seem daunting to someone, but in Japan, for example, it gained popularity back in the 1990s. And as practice shows, it is aimed, among other things, at psychological assistance to people who are left alone. The actors play the relatives, having previously discussed with the customer the nuances of the behavior of the "originals". Thus, you can hire a "husband", "wife", "grandson", "son" or all at once. By the way, such services already exist in Russia, but they are found more as single ads, not a business.

126. Cockpit Simulator

This idea is at the junction of the other two. Firstly, it represents virtual reality glasses, or a screen on which an airplane flight is simulated. Secondly, it is made in the most natural style, imitating a real aircraft cockpit. Thus, the client gets the opportunity to "fly" for pleasure and take photos in the cockpit (yes, of course, for Instagram, for what else).

127. Restaurant touch table

What's wrong with the usual? Nothing, he's great. But touch allows you to place orders without a waiter. Like screens at McDonald's. From the point of view of the owners of cafes and restaurants, it is a great way to stand out in a number of competitors, attract the interest of visitors, and also automate the work of staff. From the point of view of an entrepreneur, it is a chance to make money on the sale of an electronic novelty.

128. Quest in a virtual reality helmet

The boom for regular quests of the "leave the room" format has passed. The audience cooled down, the business was closed. It's time to refresh the industry with more technological and less expensive means. VR helmets, as practice shows, are great for this. Here you also need to rent a room, but you do not need to equip it mechanically and stylistically. The main thing is to be safe.

129.3D-printing of embryos

Photos of newborn babies in the last century. Now it will be fashionable to make a tride-model of an unborn person. Using 3D printing technology combined with ultrasound. Do you think there are many clients for this format? It seems to us that very much, if it does not cost a lot of money.

130. Cafe with hedgehogs and owls

Do you know a cat cafe? (Don't say you don't know). So, now establishments with other animals are opening. Can be found with hedgehogs and even real owls. Naturally, no one in such a cafe will feed you. This is at least not hygienic. Rather, it is a time cafe format where you can relax and enjoy the company of animals.

131. Eco-friendly smart incubator

The future is getting closer. Soon, city dwellers will be able to grow vegetables and fruits at home with the help of such a device. The incubator does not need sunlight, it manages on its own. He water it himself. You can grow up to 90 items at the same time.

Great thing in case of a zombie apocalypse. It is a pity that it has not yet gone on sale, but we could not pass by. And there is every reason to believe that in a couple of years there will be a boom in such systems - autonomous eco-gardens right in your apartment.

132. Bowls for VR

Oh, this VR. An expensive pleasure, but what share of the entertainment market has already taken for itself. But in addition to the virtual reality glasses themselves, for comfortable games, you can also purchase additional devices that will make the game more exciting and more interesting. The bowl is a movable plastic seat with hinges, thanks to which it can be moved, creating the effect of movement. And it’s just really convenient, especially when you don’t see the real world. Interesting development.

133. Backpack with Emotions

An interesting novelty of 2019, which has already become a hit in some countries, are backpacks on which electronic emoticons are displayed. Mood backpacks that you can manage yourself. Stylish and unusual things attract attention and, as practice shows, are in demand, and word of mouth serves as advertising. They are sold as always in China, so nothing supernatural is required to order a batch. And you can sell it for more.

134. A booth for fitness classes

Introverts are jubilant. But seriously, such booths are starting to gain popularity. True, not in our country yet, but only in China, but you can think of how to transfer this idea to Russian reality. The bottom line is that you take a booth, a treadmill, an exercise bike, an air conditioner and a TV are installed there. Such booths are installed in parks and near office centers. And access to them is organized through a mobile application.

135. Biodegradable one night tent

I spent the night, woke up, but there was no tent. In fact, it does not decompose so quickly. But still. You can leave with peace of mind in the forest and not drag the "extra load" back with you. Leave heavy emotions. And a tent. These are made in the Netherlands. The main target audience is people who like to travel to various music festivals. But it is perfect for ordinary tourists as well.

136. Clever Walking Stick

And this project is a great solution for the elderly and the blind. The cane knows how not to fall, if you let go of it, it helps to keep balance on the steps and with the help of the gps-module, it can find the right direction. Not found in Russia yet, but it's only a matter of time. And considering how quickly our “convenient environment” for people with disabilities is developing, with the right advertising, such a smart stick can be liked by many.

137. Bar for three

A very interesting format. Found in Japan. In fact, this is a full-fledged bar with drinks, bar counter, bartender, chairs. But the room is so small that it can fit three people at most. The strange concept is nevertheless successful. Sitting in a bar with friends, but at the same time so that the whole bar works only for you, is expensive. I wonder if it is possible to successfully transfer the idea to our reality?

138. Graffiti for offices

Graffiti is not only vandalism. This is, first of all, a complex art that is already used in the urban environment to give exclusivity to the gray houses of the sleeping areas. But what if you go further and hire professionals to decorate the offices? As practice has shown in some countries, it turns out really unusual and modern. Having assembled a team (at least not even on a permanent basis, but on a contract basis) of such artists, you can offer design services.

139. Standing Cafe

This is how not new the idea is, just as it can be presented as a modern trend. We have long been accustomed to the fact that in some eateries (wine glasses, yeah), there are only tables, but no chairs. Because there is little space, because visitors do not stay there for a long time, and in general for everyone this is a common thing. And in some countries this is a new trend. Create a cafe with "standing places". Like, it's fashionable. As you present an idea, it will float. If you open not a drink room, but a full-fledged cafe, then we can say that it was not enough money for chairs, but a design solution, and generally fashionable and youthful.

140. Lego Caps

How simple an interesting idea can be. Caps with a Lego-like surface. This is not just a stylization, this is a real Lego constructor. That is, you, or your children (depending on who wears), can build anything on the cap from ordinary parts. By the way, children are just delighted with this. The parent, looking sideways at the wallet, is also portrayed with delight. You can order this whole thing as always in China.

141. Heating water from server centers

Your computer heats up like a boiler in a steamer, then we go to you. The idea of ​​using the heat generated by computers for something useful should have been realized long ago. Because okay, when it's one machine, can you imagine how much energy a large data center generates, where many powerful computers are running at the same time? Previously, this heat was "thrown away". Now we have finally figured out how to use it. Another thing is that the idea is not easy and expensive, but we could not pass it by.

142. Sports broadcasts through VR-helmets

Cyberpunk is getting closer. Now you can offer customers to watch a football or hockey match through virtual reality helmets. The idea is to create the feeling of being in a stadium with a 360-degree view. In short, full immersion. From such broadcasts, you can make entire bars or "coworking spaces" where people will come to enjoy the progress.

143. Cybersport camp for children

The idea of ​​combining a children's camp with computer clubs will make fans of computer games clutch their heads and exclaim “why am I not a child anymore !?”. In fact, the idea is great and modern. Especially if we focus on the fact that in such a camp children will not just sit for hours at computers and play shooters, but combine this with the usual camp disciplines, rest and getting computer literacy. Of course, the idea is not cheap, it will require large investments, but it is flexible. You can start small and expand endlessly.

144. Electronic coffee subscription

The idea is simple and beautiful in its simplicity. On the principle of universal discount cards, a subscription is created in the form of an application, which gives a discount on coffee in various coffee houses. The client receives a double benefit - discounts on his favorite drink and the opportunity to “not pay” for a cup. That is, you will have to pay, but not every time, because the money will be debited from the subscription. The owner of the coffee shop also benefits twice. Advertising of your establishment to the target audience and regular customers. Well, the implementer of the idea has his own five kopecks from all this. The difficulty here is to make this project large-scale and negotiate with coffee shops.

145. Wedding Gift Aggregator

What to give for a wedding? Of course money! Why are weddings still done? But if not money, then you are guaranteed a headache, because choosing a good and necessary gift is a difficult matter. But this idea is meant to solve the problem. The point is simple. The newlyweds indicate through the aggregator what they want. In fact, they choose from the possible options. And the guests, as far as possible, pay for this gift. Convenient, simple and no need to rack your brains.

146. Speaker Bags

The trend of “walking down the street with a portable speaker in hand” has a competitor. Why carry a speaker in your hand when you can carry a backpack or bag with a built-in Bluetooth speaker? And hands are free, and those around you will also enjoy your exquisite musical taste. But seriously, where there is demand, there will be supply. As the speakers were popular, so will similar backpacks be in demand. True, they will cost a little more.

147. Shop with a selection of products for recipes

This is brilliant! Imagine - you no longer need to keep in mind the list of products that are required to prepare an exquisite porridge with béchamel sauce. You just come to the store and choose a ready-made set, formed for a specific recipe. Everything in one place. In general, such stores have already begun to appear in different countries. And apparently, the concept was to the liking of the buyers. Of course, it will be necessary to somehow predict the demand not for individual products, but actually for whole dishes. But no one says to start right away with a big store.

148. Investing in eSports

Esports has long ceased to be just a game. This is a whole industry with gigantic sums. It's just that it's not very popular in Russia yet. More precisely, not popularized. Meanwhile, our teams also play in cybersport competitions at the world level. You can make money on all this if you know the audience and preferences. Starting from sponsoring teams, ending with the sale of merchandise and game equipment, themed goods and more.

149. Alcoholic second-hand

An interesting idea originally from Japan. The bottom line is to buy alcohol from people for cheap, which is "gathering dust" on the shelf unopened (this also happens) and sell it in the store for a higher price. But not as expensive as alcohol shops sell it. Actually, due to this and victory in the competition.

The concept itself is very interesting, but so far not for Russia. Because the problem will be in the legal registration of such a business. Alcohol is monitored very closely.

150. Cafe with a surprise

The surprise is that you can order a dish not only for yourself, but also for the one who will eat here after you. And in the same way, you can taste a dish carefully ordered by a previous guest. It is no longer an idea for starting a new business. Rather an interesting concept for implementation in an existing one. But in Russia it is still extremely rare.

151. Anti-brand shop

You have to pay extra for the brand. Sometimes even very strong. Therefore, the concept of a store where goods of little-known brands will be sold looks very interesting. In such a store, prices will be lower than in most others. But, of course, selling completely low-quality things is not worth it. Otherwise, nothing good will come of it, customers will scatter, not having time to get together. You can sell almost everything in this way - from cosmetics to food.

152. Inedible food

This idea is designed to be sold to restaurants and cafes. The point is to create realistic replicas of the dishes that the restaurant offers to its visitors. For what? It's simple. It is difficult for customers to order based only on the names in the menu. And even if there are pictures there, it doesn't really save the situation. And high-quality dummies that will be displayed in the window will create two advantages. First, the client will see what they are supposed to bring. Secondly, such things awaken the appetite, which is extremely important for a restaurant. And yet, as practice has shown, ordinary people also buy such dummies as a decoration for an apartment or as a gift.

153. Food delivery by parachute

We got this idea from an Australian cafe, which approached the idea very creatively. The cafe itself is located on the fourth floor of the building. It is clear that not everyone wants to climb the stairs for food (there is no elevator). Therefore, people can get their food with a parachute. The order is lowered to the client, released from the window on a small parachute. This was a solution to the problem of high location, as well as a great marketing ploy. People liked the way things worked and the cafe quickly gained popularity.

154. Sewing toys according to children's drawings

The idea is to use children's drawings to create toys. Imagine your child is drawing an elephant that looks more like a sausage with legs. And then he gets a stuffed toy that looks exactly like the child painted. An interesting concept will quickly attract the attention of parents and make each product unique.

155. Outsourcing of things

Don't be alarmed. The idea is simple. Even more. The point is for the client to subscribe to certain things. For example, socks! (no, but what). A courier will come to subscribers (for example, once a month, or once every two weeks). And bring these things. That is, every two weeks you will receive new socks, no longer fearing that you will not be able to find the second sock from a pair, or a sudden hole. You will always have new socks. The idea can be twisted and developed as the heart desires. The main thing is to provide a service and take money for it. Well, it’s right to serve.

156. Parting Agency

Do you think breaking up is so easy? Not at all. This is a difficult psychological step. Especially if you respect your partner. And how great it would be to relinquish some of the responsibility, or come up with something that would soften the situation when such news needs to be reported. The breakup agency is doing just that. For a certain fee, you can send a beautiful postcard and make it so that the sad news is not reported by you, but by the courier. I wonder how popular this idea can be in Russia?

157. Agency of Professional Waiting

The idea itself is not new even for Russia. It's about taking a queue for money. That is, you take a queue for someone, or for someone and defend there. And you get paid for that. But no one has yet made professional services out of it. Although the beginnings of such a business already exist. For example, whole groups can already be found on social networks.

By the way, in Spain this profession was given a name. Now, those taking the queue for another person are called "tramidators".

158. Mermaid Courses

You can make candy out of any ordinary idea, if you add a bit of fantasy and absurdity. Basically, mermaid courses are swimming courses. The most common courses that teach you how to swim. But everything is designed in such a way that there is no end of visitors. Well, it's cool to learn to swim and do it with a real mermaid tail? You can also do a photo session for Instagram.

159. Interactive urinal

Simply going to the toilet with a urinal is boring. It's much more fun if you can play a game. In Germany, they came up with a computer toy built into a urinal, which must be controlled with a jet. Well, you understand. In general, the idea, though strange, is logical. You can sell such devices to pubs and bars. The male part of the visitors will be delighted.

160. Wine for cats

Our smaller brothers are completely unfairly deprived of alcoholic beverages. So one American businessman thought and began to produce "wine for cats". In fact, the drink is made up of beets and catnip. The first one makes it look like wine. The second is for alcohol. Do you know how valerian affects cats? Interesting idea. But if you are going to implement it, remember - an alcoholic cat is a grief in the family.

161. Pouch for dogs

More for breeders, actually. We are talking about a special bag that is attached under the tail of the dog so that it does not leave its dog "gifts" on the street. Yes, many of our owners do not care about this at all, but we still hope that the situation will change over time. You can sell such "devices" both to the point of the owner of the dogs, and to pet shops and veterinary clinics.

162. Pet Stone

You never know how weird an idea must be to appeal to millions. We are not campaigning to implement it, but we could not pass by. Let's tell. One man decided to sell stones in the form of pets during a long-drawn-out joke. He bought a large ocean pebble, wrote a multi-page humorous guide to caring for this "calm" pet, and arranged everything in a beautiful, simple cardboard box. The success was overwhelming. The stones were bought.

163. Vegan Butcher Shop

A new offshoot of the vegetarian industry can be confusing with its name. But in fact, there is nothing criminal about it. The bottom line is that in such a store there are products on the shelves that can be mistaken for sausages, sausages and other meat products, but in fact they are made without the use of meat - from soy and other substitutes. As conceived, such a shop should help novice vegans deal with the stress that is inevitable when making a sudden transition from regular food. And the concept itself is interesting. It may be of interest not only to those who have given up part of the products.

164. Shopping Friends for Rent

We have already talked about rental relatives, it's time to move on. From China, we got the idea to hire special people who will stand in the shop window and wait for “their buyer”. People can pay for the time and the “shopping friend” will walk with them, carry bags, give advice, and pretend that they are having a great time. By the way, the rules say that you cannot "touch" them.

165. Luggage room for husbands

The Chinese are ahead of the rest. Shopping centers in this country are now equipping special rooms-booths for one person, where a woman can “hand over” her husband before going to the store. There he is provided with a chair and a retro console. The visitors are delighted. Especially men. Women have less enthusiasm, because then you can't get your husbands out of this room. Too good alternative to walking through the rows of clothes.

165. Drogerie

Our editors are confused. Because drogerie is a store format, the assortment of which consists of the most necessary things in everyday life, and it is always located next to sleeping areas. But what kind of new idea is this? These are hardware stores known to all Russian and Soviet residents!

Nevertheless, the idea deserves a mention, because any simple idea can be refined and presented in a new way. And if an ordinary household goods store is properly designed and created a service, it will sparkle in the eyes of customers with new colors. In such stores, everything is sold - from perfumery to gaskets on taps. And in the western versions, which are called "drogerie" (which is translated from French as a pharmacy), there are also medicines.

166. Selling videos about a beautiful life

An interesting idea that may seem strange to many. But in China, where she came from, everything is fine with popularity. The bottom line is that the firm shoots and sells short first-person videos. They show driving an expensive car, yacht, walks in villas. For what? And so that the person buying this video can overlay his audio track on the video and present the video as his own shooting. And so they really do. Especially many of them can be seen in the "moments" section of the WeChat application.

167. VR for buses

This idea comes from Europe, where it is already being tested on several routes. The point is to offer VR glasses as entertainment to passengers on long-distance flights. While the bus is traveling, you can play special games in them, or watch a video. And it looks like this idea will be very popular. I wonder if she will be able to take root in the vastness of our country, where the distance between cities is several times greater, and intercity buses can only offer a couple of TVs and films that everyone is "obliged" to watch?

168. Cafe for one client

Introverts, your way out. In fact, of course, such establishments are not for one visitor, but for many. But the tables there are specially made so that more than one client does not fit for them. There is a decent distance between the tables and even partitions, and the rules specifically say that you cannot sit down with another person. This idea is already being developed further. In Europe, not only cafes are opening, but also whole restaurants. And you know what? They are popular.

169. Snowball vending machine

And why, in fact, not ?! Especially if the winter was not snowy. In fact, the idea came from Minnesota, where such snowballs were sold in special beautiful packages for $ 1. How to use them is up to the buyer. You can buy a lot and play snowballs. Selling snow in a snowy state is, of course, an idea from ideas, but if it is profitable, then we cannot pass it by.

170. Bulletproof Tights

The essence of the idea is not to protect the legs of beautiful girls from bandit bullets. And the fact is that, created from the same material as body armor, such tights have increased strength and enable a woman not to spend a lot of money on buying new ones for a long time. After all, everyone knows how easy puffs are put on pantyhose.

171. Restaurant without hands

The idea was implemented in London. There, restaurant visitors are offered to eat without hands. More precisely, not by ourselves. The fact is that the waiters there not only bring food, but also spoon-feed you. I mean, off the sticks, because the restaurant offers Japanese cuisine. The concept is interesting, but how many people want to use it remains a question.

172. Capsules for office workers

We are talking about special modern single "booths" for office workers. The idea of ​​giving personal space is not new, it was promoted back in the 70s in Japan. However, right now, when many studies say that efficiency increases when a person is shielded from information noise, such projects are gaining popularity. Such booths, which can be equipped with a climate control system, may primarily be of interest to various open-space offices and coworking spaces, where they come to work, but at the same time they expect peace. By the way, these booths are called cubicles.

173. Virtual Vegetable Garden

No, these are not browser games like the famous "Farm". This is a real vegetable garden that you manage remotely. The bottom line is that the client "buys" such a vegetable garden, where people work and video cameras are installed. He can manage it and monitor online how his vegetables are growing. Especially for people living in the city, but dreaming of their own plantations. No, there are no slaves included. All workers are simply hired.

174. Delivery of food and water in traffic jams

Most likely, such ideas are already being fully implemented. You just have to look. But there are no services on hearing, so we are writing about it. Judge for yourself, how much and how often does the average resident of a large city get stuck in a traffic jam? Voooot. And how popular can a service be that offers to deliver water or food straight to the place where the car is "stuck"?

175. Doghouses for cafes and restaurants

This idea came to us from Europe. And in fact, it can solve many problems. After all, usually the entrance to catering establishments with pets is prohibited. And leaving the dogs tied at the entrance is simply dangerous (they can steal, not to mention that it interferes with other visitors). Special kennels for dogs act as parking for bicycles. Each dog has its own personal safe place. Convenient, inexpensive for a restaurant and booth manufacturer, and customers approve.

176. Promotions on rare cars

More like a hoax, but the idea has been implemented in Europe. The bottom line is that the owners of vintage cars can sell shares on them. The cost of such a car is growing every year, and the shares will grow accordingly. And the one who buys them should have "investments" in stock. In addition, those who buy for a large amount are given the right to ride such a car on a special track once a year, and those who pay less - to sit in the salon.

177. Beer Exchange

A great idea for a bar, although it requires some miscalculation. However, in the States it has already been implemented. The bottom line is that the price tag for beer is not stable, but is determined based on how many orders there were for this type of beer. The more orders, the more expensive the drink. Such a "playful" form can attract many visitors only due to its non-standard nature. Feel like a beer broker.

178. Segway Tours

There are many guides, few high-quality and interesting excursions. And if you diversify the process with the help of popular modes of transportation and entertainment? The idea needs to be implemented taking into account the fact that many will have to "teach" the art of owning a segway. But if you work on this, there will be no end to those who wish. It's fun and educational at the same time. And do not forget to plot the route where there are fewer people, no one wants to be crushed by a tourist on a two-wheeled stick.

179. Stress Relief Vending

There are a lot of psychologists in our time. Both good and not so good. Even in Russia. Because people speak from every angle that you need to take care of your psychological health. And the demand has increased. Therefore, the idea is very welcome. And you won't have to hire a single psychologist. The bottom line is a vending machine that dispenses ... dishes. And yes, these dishes must be broken. Excellent stress reliever. A special worker will remove the fragments after you.

180. Square Watermelons

What is square, green, under the table? Right! Watermelon. In fact, it has been known for a long time that such watermelons are grown in Japan. They are more expensive and are not sold for food, but for decoration. Mainly for stores so that they can attract the attention of customers. But in Russia, such extravagant ... berries are rarely found anywhere. Although you can make money on this. Indeed, business is built on exotic fruits. Why is it forbidden to use exotic watermelons?

181. Blinking glasses

Why? How? Where did this idea come from? And the thing is that a person spends a lot of time at a computer these days. Eyesight deteriorates from this. Including because looking at the monitor screen stops blinking normally. One Korean company decided to help people cope with this problem and released glasses that emit tiny electrical impulses, causing the wearer to blink. You don't notice the impulses themselves, they last less than a second, so don't think that the principle here is "blink, or I'll shock you." You can sell such glasses together with ophthalmological centers and optics salons.

182. Egg Flowers

No, it's not about regular bouquets of food. It's about real flowers. But they will grow from ... eggs. It is made of ceramics, and inside is hidden a nutritious substrate and a bag of seeds. In order to "activate" it, you need to break the top and pour a certain amount of water inside. After that, the reaction begins, the egg is placed on the windowsill, where the sun's rays fall, and after a week the result will be visible in the form of chrysanthemum, petunia, lavender, strawberry or other plant. Such eggs with flowers are great souvenirs, unusual and bright. They also come with a terracotta stand and a spare seed bag. You can buy for sale as always in China.

183. Online Games Assistant

Yes, this idea is not yet popular with us. In Russia, they are just learning to make money on online games. But in the same Korea, a similar service can be found. The bottom line is that most online games reward the player for the time spent in the game with all kinds of bonuses and rewards. And in order not to waste time (after all, it is also necessary to work), people hire assistants who, during their absence, are engaged in the "economy" of the game and perform simple actions, extracting resources and gaining experience, that is, developing the character. It is likely that such a service will soon be popular all over the world.

184. Anti-slip mat for the car

And this idea belongs to Russia. Even those who do not have a car understand how often a situation occurs when a car gets stuck. Pit, ice under the snow (especially in the yards) and so on. In order not to look for boards or other rubbish that could be put under the wheels to get the car out, take a special rug with you. This device allows the tires to grip and drive out of tight spots. The rug itself is conveniently folded so that you can always carry it with you. Delivery and sale of these rugs is a great option for difficult roads.

185. Chocolate Constructor

Not a new idea, but still rarely seen in our cities. The point is to enable the user to create their own chocolate using an online service. The client can choose the shape, color, filling, volume, additional ingredients and more. Unlike simple gift chocolate and sets of so-called "chocolate letters", the designer will be in great demand, because it gives room for imagination in terms of choosing a gift and is not yet so common in our stores.

186. Smell Destruction Underwear

We could not pass by this business idea. Too noticeable. The bottom line is that a Japanese company, in conjunction with an Australian firm, has begun to manufacture underwear using a technology that prevents ... the smell from coming out. And as practice has shown, such linen there began to disperse like hot cakes. The idea is strange, since it is still not the Middle Ages in the yard, and hot water is not turned off everywhere, but still. Why not, since people like it?

187. Pocket color printer

The idea was implemented by a startup called Princube. The company made a color printer the size of a computer mouse. At the same time, it can print on any surface, it is controlled using a smartphone, and it works so long that it can print 405 A4 pages without a single recharge. The device just goes on sale, so it makes sense to start distributing it. The novelty will be a success and will find many uses.

188. Glowing Popcorn

The idea of ​​things glowing in the dark has long haunted people. From floor tiles and car discs to backpacks, watches and more. And now the glowing popcorn has appeared. Let everyone in the theater know that you eat popcorn not only for its smell and crunch, but also for its glow. But seriously, the effect is interesting, and really attracts the attention of not only cinema goers. It is achieved with the help of special food colors that are not harmful to health.

189. Repair of electric vehicles

The idea is more likely for the future, because electric cars have not yet become widely used in our country. But there is no doubt that this will not last long. And if there are electric cars, then there will be services for their repair. The idea is already relevant for large cities, especially if it is built on the basis of an existing car repair center. And the further you go, the more clients there will be.

190. Smart Makeup Mirrors

The further, the more technological innovations appear for the implementation of the business. It’s the turn of those who do make-up. Both professionally and for yourself. The essence of this know-how is that the mirror provides illumination. That's just not simple, but in several modes. One simulates simple daylight, the other simulates evening lighting. In general, the mirror creates all the conditions so that you can apply makeup perfectly, and not so that it will look normal only in a studio or apartment. Such devices can be sold to both individuals and makeup salons and craftsmen.

191. Glasses for posture control

Another novelty in the world of technology. The essence of such glasses is that they connect to the child's smartphone or tablet and "follow" the position of the screen. If the child begins to tilt his head and back, the glasses send a signal. No, there will be no electric shocks. It's just that a warning is displayed on the device screen. And if it is ignored several times, the screen of the device will turn off. An actual thing in our time that will allow parents not to worry about the fact that they have no time to watch the straight back of their child. You can sell such devices both through your own website and by supplying them to various stores with children's goods and ophthalmological offices.

192. Beer for Sports

Such an ingenious thing began to be done in Canada. The bottom line is that the beer produced by Lean Machine Brands Inc contains a small proportion of alcohol and a large proportion of substances and minerals that promote recovery from workouts. Considering how many people we have like to relax after the gym, the idea seems very attractive. Although it may be just another marketing ploy. After all, ordinary beer also contains a lot. It's just that here people are given an “official” excuse for the question “why do you drink so much?”.

193. Tile from old tires

The idea is not new, but for some reason it is not widespread in Russia, although we also throw away a large number of old tires. In European countries, this "product" is accepted from the population and is processed. And later it turns into a material for the manufacture of, for example, rubber tiles. Such tiles can be sold for household use, non-slip paths are made of it, and landscaping is created. It has a very long term of use, it is easy to use, is not afraid of moisture, does not fade. You can sell it to both private clients and companies.

194. Jokes on Toilet Paper

Such a funky idea came to an entrepreneur in Frankfurt at a book fair. At first, everyone who heard about it only laughed. And then those who began to buy this paper from him laughed. And as you understand, there were many of them. The idea does not contain a gold mine, but it can bring a small income with the proper approach, because it will clearly arouse the interest of ordinary "users".

195. School of Magic and Wizardry

The influence on the masses of such works as Harry Potter is difficult to overestimate. And European entrepreneurs took advantage of this. In different cities, especially in those where it was possible to rent a small castle, they began to open just such schools. Naturally, no one will teach Quidditch there, but they create the atmosphere masterfully. Due to this, a large flow of "students" goes to such schools as attractions. And at the end of the course they even get a diploma of completion. And worth such a pleasure, by the way, is not cheap. The idea is wonderful, because it plays on the feelings and emotions inherent in a large number of people, and with the help of ingenuity and imagination, you can make a real candy out of it.

196. Ironing boards for men

British entrepreneurs drew attention to the fact that single men have to do all the household work themselves and wanted to dilute their gray everyday life, and along the way and make money. The idea is to sell ironing boards that feature bikini models. And the secret of success is that when heated, that part of the picture that depicts a bikini disappears. Everything, as always, is simple. And the men who iron themselves liked everything very much.

197. Baby Feeding Booths

There is a problem - babies need to be fed at regular intervals, what to do when not at home is not always convenient. Yes, this does not bother someone at all, but still it is not customary in society to do this. Therefore, the idea came up to make special places for feeding. If there are prayer booths, why not booths for mothers with babies? As a result, as practice has shown, they began to be in demand. The problem is solved, the business is up and running.

198. Bedtime Stories for Children on the Phone

Children love fairy tales and fall asleep well to them. Especially if the voice of the narrator disposes of it. Yes, on the one hand, there is YouTube in the modern world. I turned it on as a background in the nursery, so let him talk On the other hand, a lively human voice is perceived much better, even from a telephone receiver. The idea of ​​the service is based on this. A specially trained person voices a fairy tale over the phone with a set voice, so that the child can quickly fall asleep. It seems, well, what's the big deal? Parents can do it themselves. But no, the service has started to be in demand. Apparently not all parents are confident in their abilities as a storyteller.

199. Bad News Service

We have already written about an agency that takes on the task of informing your significant other about the breakup. This idea goes further and offers a service to deliver any bad news. There is a sense in this, and even rather big, because reporting sad news is a great stress for a person. And here it is done for you by a special person who knows how to present everything.

200. Rooms of Rage

What has not been invented so that people can relieve their stress. And a figurine for whipping in the form of your boss, and a vase that you can yell at. And so the creative minds went even further and made rooms in which you can throw out all your rage. By the way, in the usual way. Everything in this room can be shattered, broken and destroyed. Effectively. By the way, there are such rooms in Russia. In large cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Perm. But the niche is still empty, and there are many places where the idea will be new.

201. Production of protective masks

Protective masks have been used for a very long time, but only with the arrival of 2020 it became clear how much this will now be in demand. Not to mention speculation on prices, and the fact that even the Moscow government bought out several mini-factories for the production of these products, the idea can become really profitable. Because, firstly, the masks are disposable. It is clear that they are worn for months, but they become unusable quickly enough. Secondly, most likely, the coronavirus is not the last pandemic that all of humanity will face. Thirdly, now wearing a mask is not strange, but speaks of your prudence. So the trend will persist for a very long time. Fourthly, small production does not require large investments.

202. Sewing copyright protective masks

And immediately from the usual means of protection to what it turned into thanks to ingenuity and fashion. Stores began to produce their own reusable masks with drawings, Instagram stars began to sell branded masks for a lot of money. Therefore, the idea of ​​making such masks, but not for expensive and with different patterns, inscriptions, in different colors, looks very attractive. We now live in a world where the mask has become another accessory and allows not only to protect ourselves, but also to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, creativity here can be shown on a large scale, and if done efficiently and beautifully, then customers will be found right away.

203. Boat and helicopter tourism

It's simple. There are boat owners, there are helicopter schools and pilots. And there are people who would love to go on their own, or buy a certificate for family and friends on a tour of the water surface, or the air. In this case, you will not need anything other than enterprise and the ability to negotiate with people. No boats, no helicopters. The essence of the idea is to organize an "agency", find owners who could take people on boats and helicopters for a fee, and then organize excursions and tours.

204. Business Ideas Panoramic Photographer

The current technology, the capabilities of cameras and the needs of companies to present themselves have created a separate niche for photography. We are talking about taking 360-degree panoramic photos, when the end result is a photo that can be rotated 360 degrees and see everything that happens around the photographer. The skills of creating such a survey are more and more in demand in the market. These services are needed by companies for which it is important to show themselves beautifully in front of clients, companies that represent any places. That is far to go, an example is nearby. Real estate agencies, all the time exhibit photographs of apartments, houses, apartments and other objects. But only the most advanced are now starting to take advantage of the circular capabilities. The market is not yet saturated and the demand for these services will only grow.

205. Business Ideas Drone Shooting

A trend that is gaining momentum and is already entering our lives en masse. As with circular photography, professional drone photography is a highly demanded service. But not everyone knows how to control drones and shoot beautifully. Your task as an entrepreneur is to learn how to deliver quality services and find clients as easy as shelling pears. Again, from real estate agencies, hotels, inns, wedding planners to advertising agencies and private bookings.

206. Business Ideas Subscription for surprises

The format of subscription, not purchase, has become so firmly established in our lives that we no longer notice how everything is moving on to the rails of constant consumption with the help of a monthly fee. Online cinemas, computer games - all this has long been sold in the format of a monthly subscription. And now the trend has gone further. People began to subscribe to products, there is even a subscription to socks, when a client receives new socks for a certain fee every day and does not worry that one is lost and the other pair is torn. The essence of this idea is to supply people by subscription with boxes of surprises. It can be a very specific set - sweets of different formats. Or there may be a "mysterious" surprise when a person receives gifts, not knowing until the very last moment what is inside. In Russia, this concept almost does not exist, there are very few representatives.

207. Business Ideas Virtual consulting on interior design

In a world where one of the trends is distance (yes, now this is our world) and online, professions that previously meant close interaction are beginning to adapt for survival. One of these professions is interior design. Whereas designers used to spend a lot of time with their clients, discussing options on the spot that could make their home better, now remote consulting is becoming more and more popular. That is, you can become a consultant without leaving your home. All objects are viewed using modern methods of remote communication. And in fact, the services of such consulting will be cheaper, since this is not a full-fledged design project, but only consulting. The client does the rest himself. So if you understand interior design, there is a very good chance of starting your own small business.

208. Business Ideas Holographic Theater

Today we live in a world about which people only filmed science fiction fifty years ago. Driverless cars, 3D printers, artificial intelligence. But if you go down to simple areas that are already available to everyone, then you can also find a lot of interesting things among new technologies. And one of them is holograms. With the help of special devices that are available in the free market, it is possible to create real volumetric holograms. What does it mean? This means that a new niche is emerging in the entertainment sector. The applications for such devices are very different - from shows at a wedding or corporate party to cool advertising campaigns of numerous companies. The only question is who will provide these services to all potential clients. Aren't you a chance?

209. Business Ideas Agency for the Protection of Personal Data

Alas, the world is rolling not only towards new technologies, space travel and artificial intelligence. One of the consequences of all this global transition to online and digital has become a surprise for many "nakedness" in front of cybercrime. And we are talking not only about large companies, which are regularly targeted by cyber attacks every few days. Ordinary people who spend half their lives online also become the target of those who are not averse to profiting from personal information, stealing data, money from accounts and much more. And in many ways, their openness is dictated by banal ignorance. The ability to defend oneself virtually or at least to act safely is delayed, but the desire to use the benefits of the infosphere rushes forward. And that means one thing. A new business niche is emerging - the field of data protection of ordinary people, which also includes cybersecurity training services. Whether it is possible to make money on this is up to you, but we are sure that soon there will be a lot of clients here. You just need to correctly submit your services.

210. Business Ideas Nursing the Elderly

In fact, this area is absolutely not new. But we could not help but place it in this collection. Simply because it is not new for Western countries, where there have long been whole networks of specialized agencies that provide the opportunity for medical and private care and supervision of the elderly in boarding houses, dispensaries, nursing homes and at home. But for our country it is, for some unknown reason, a novelty. And it is very good that such an era is ending. Already now there are more and more proposals in our open spaces. And most importantly, as soon as offers began to appear, it became clear how big the potential demand for this niche is. It's easy to start here, the main thing is to provide quality services, and you can start small